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Embracing Unity and Light: Adama's Message for Humanity

Embracing Unity and Light: Adama's Message for Humanity

Dear brothers! AM ADAMA!

Let's continue our journey with Chapter 3 of Book II of Telos.

Many wonder why so much difference between the regions of your planet? Each place, each country, each region has a story; many stories of pain, of wars, which can bring a lot of suffering to the minds of many. Much will be brought to your knowledge soon. We can say that it will be the truth of truths, which were totally manipulated to become false truths.

But going back to the chapter in the book, we talked there about an energy union between 3 countries: Canada, Brazil and France. Planet Earth is divided into many energy points, points that are essential to the entire energy balance of the planet. Notice that these 3 points form an inverted triangle. This triangle has an important action to 3 countries that join those I mentioned: Argentina, United States and Germany.

I am not going to remind you of the history that you yourselves created here, but all these countries have a very large share of negative energy to be transmuted, and precisely the proximity to these energy points means that all of this has been worked on for a long time to reach the point current, to the point of the ascension of the planet.

Many of you create negative feelings towards some type of race or people. I would say that this was all very well manipulated and implanted in their minds. There is no better or worse people on the planet; all are children of Father/Mother God, all are Divine Sparks. Now each soul chooses the path they want, each soul chooses which side to fight: the Light or the shadow. There is no country on this planet where all the inhabitants are Light, nor where all the inhabitants are shadows, although many people think so.

So you generalize and look at some countries with anger, with hatred, and many times you even think about destroying them, crossing them off the map because they only bring pain and suffering. I would say that these feelings are no longer applicable. There is no need for discrimination or separation. I would say that very soon you will be able (by the way, today many already have this ability), you will be able to look at a person and see his soul, see what he vibrates: Light or shadow. And what will you do? Ah, if the person is one of us, you will run to hug him, without asking yourself, or rather without asking him, if he wanted that hug or if you see a person from the shadows, you will take justice into your own hands, why would you be angry? with all that you will know?

I would say that you are not entitled to anything. You need to love unconditionally. You need to look at a brother whether light or shadow, the same way. This is the great teaching. So the points of this energetic triangle attract high vibration souls, they attract souls that are capable, as a whole, of changing the vibration of those around them. But it's like I said none of these countries are entirely Light. Everyone has a percentage of each. Of course, I'm not going to say how much here.

So it's not about looking at these countries that I mentioned with anger or with some kind of judgment. It is necessary that you learn to forgive, to understand that you as souls also made a lot of mistakes in the past. Today you can consider yourselves to be almost perfect beings of Light; watch out for the ego, because there is no perfection in any of you. You are on the path of reaching the proper vibration for the Fifth Dimension, but there is no perfection in that. None of you got there yet. So how to judge a brother?

I would say that if you are a Being of Light today, your soul has learned its lesson and has brought you into this incarnation as an evolved being, a being that has consciousness and is seeking to ascend. Not all souls have achieved this; some remained what they always were and are incarnated today in the same way. So you're going to feel superior to them, you're going to boast that your soul was able to find the way and they couldn't? So because of that they deserve to be destroyed.

My brothers, as long as there are these thoughts of judgment, discrimination, superiority and power on the surface of this planet, you will achieve nothing; you will succeed singly, not as a people, not as a country. So what will happen in the future, probably, that some souls from each people, from each country, will ascend, not as a homeland, not as a race, not as a people, because you cannot see each other as equals. You judge each other, you separate, and in what you separate you lose strength.

So we are not here talking about countries so that you now look at them in the wrong way, with a grudge in your heart. We are talking here about souls who need help, who need to see the Light. The role of every Pillar of Light on this planet, incarnated at this time, is to draw souls that are in the shadows to the Light; and it's not pulling by the hand, it's not imposing, it's simply being Light. Being Light is very difficult, because there is still a lot of ego in each of you. So each one thinks they are doing better than the other, that their way of emanating Light is more perfect than the other's.

The emanation of Light only exists in one way, it comes from the heart. Is there intensity? Of course, you are pillars, and the pillars are not fully enlightened; you are pillars with illuminated bases and with each step you take towards the Light you fill this Pillar with Light. The more enlightened you are, the more you attract those who need Light on their path. So don't want to be superior to anyone because you are not. That's exactly why nothing happened until this moment; nothing that you can say, “Oh, you see, it happened,” because we have done everything to save humanity, not just a few.

We are not focused only on those who emanate Light, on the contrary, we are focused on those who have not yet found the Light, because the great will of Father/Mother God would be for this entire planet to ascend, every soul present here. And this is our job, to work with the souls that still haven't found the path and the souls that are in the shadows, because those who have already found the path to the Light don't need help, they already know what has to be done.

So, my brothers, don't think you're superior, don't think you're better than anyone else, because each people has its own story. Every point on this planet has a lot of negative history to be fought, to be transmuted, and Gaia is playing that role, transmuting many energies so that the people who remain can find the Light. Then many may ask: “But finding the Light through suffering?” This is one way; it's the way you stop and think, it's the way we found to draw attention, because otherwise you don't see it. You need to go through very difficult situations so that you stop and think, and from there choose a path.

So my brothers, you who live or live in these countries that are points of this triangle, you are not superior to anyone. I would say that there is a greater concentration of souls of Light, of evolved souls in these countries, but who are still not able to avoid much injustice, to avoid hunger, to avoid violence. So where would your superiority be? You see, you are not even capable of keeping your countries fully within the Light. So don't feel superior. You have a role, of course you do, a very important role, but don't think of yourself as superior because of it.

Each one is treading his own path, each soul; of the shadows or the Light, it doesn't matter, each one is making a choice and it will be based on the choice of each soul that the planet and those on it will ascend.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


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