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Ezekiel: Metamorphosis

Ezekiel: Metamorphosis

There are stages! And what am I speaking about?

I am Ezekiel and I am very old. But even if I am old I have transformed, through different stages, or if you prefer, through different forms of being, existing.

I am still the same, my soul is the same, but I had to move in different elements to understand things.

You as a human have to deal with all the elements of Earth.

You breathe air. You are an air-being. And in this lifetime many of you have already lived in different stages, lived through all the elements in previous lives.

But in this lifetime, what is so special with just this one?

You have signed in to be here! As almost like a special agent!

A special agent assigned to aid Mother Earth in her elevation into fifth dimension, and you as a highly trained soul, you know one thing for sure.

And that is that love will do the trick! Even if you have forgotten about the signing up, as you did before you entered this lifetime. 

You are really a special agent of love and the light as many say.

The light IS. Yes the light is also a wonderful bright light, but most of all it is the eternal knowledge about the Universe and the love energy.

When you know, you glow with light!

It is not an aspiration to understand. It is not a search. It IS.

It is the most simple truth there is. It is the most basic knowledge you can find. And yet it seems illusive? Like you really can´t catch it?

Well, you can´t!

It is NOT to catch! You have to know it! You have to be it! You have to feel it!

When you do this, you will go through your higher self metamorphosis!

And this makes you glow with your own unique light!

You really will beam out your light as you work in a team!

Your team consists of angels, old souls, and your guides that comes from different areas of the Universe.

So, this makes you an ambassador! You then become an ambassador of the Universe of Love. 

Earth is a place where you use your ears. Use your ear and hear, her, your Mother. She is actually your beloved Mother, but also in a way, your boss.

The connection to her, to all, is by being grounded. It is a state of being, in silence.

It is a knowing. And you find it in listening-in, to her. She only communicates through the love-channel. Think of it like a walkie-talkie. Just be silent, if you come into something that is not of total love, then you do not answer, just be in silence.

She is reaching out to you to say: I am alright, I am in the higher dimensions now, and I am so glad I am anchored here now.

You too are welcome, to visit, anytime you want. You have a seat that is yours here, by my side. You have worked all your life to be able to visit me and now the magic begins.

All the hard work is "paying" out. Just be in your most wonderful state of being and thrive in it. This most important state of being is the key! Make room for yourself. Make a place for you to blossom  and be happy and relaxed in.

When you love your breaths, when you love everyone of them and when being embraced by your loving angel spirit, you are in the core of your soul-realm and that is all that you need really. 

You are the most beautiful flower about to blossom and transform into the fifth dimension and that means you will shine in a special light.

What is down will come up.

What is up will come down.

This have actually happened now!

The ascension process of Mother Earth is complete and secure. And the metamorphosis is part two of it. And I am so proud of you!

I love you


(Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson April 10, 2023)

Archangel Faith ~ Angel letters for you!

(A channeling through Kerstin Eriksson www.archangelfaith.blogspot.com)
Since the year 2014 written 3 books. Channelings with God, Mary Magdalene and Thor the Archangel.

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