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Insights from Be the Brightest Light - Wisdom of the Council

Insights from Be the Brightest Light - Wisdom of the Council

Everything works together. Everything works in perfect harmony if you will allow it. 

Everything is always in perfect harmony if you will allow it. It is the resistance that creates chaos. It is resistance that creates stress and overwhelm. But when you know that in the moment there is always an opportunity for you to align with perfect harmony in every moment, then you will start to fully open to all the incredible potentials and possibilities beyond what you have ever experienced before.

You are here. You are a master. You are here for the realization of all that you are. You are here to dance and play and sing and create that which excites you and delights you. You are here to follow the inspiration from your soul to your highest potential to fully realize your greatness. 

You have a destiny. Not a specific goal you’re supposed to achieve. Not some specific job or business you are supposed to have or create. Not a particular person that you have to meet or your life will never be all it was meant to be. You can’t get your destiny wrong, but you can limit your greatness, you can play small. And this, dear master, we assure you, is the time to shine brightly, to be all that you are. No more playing small, no more holding back, no more dimming your light, fully allowing the greatness, the fullness, the perfection that is all of you to shine brightly here and now as the master that you are.

You may be exploring new territories. You may be exploring new potentials and possibilities. You may be diving into opportunities that are involving things you have never done before, things that you’ve never explored before. That is so fun. That is your opportunity for potentials and possibilities, for expansion. 

The name of the game is expansion. When you’re in harmony with your expansion, life is magical. When you are resisting your own expansion, life can be overwhelming. It can create stress, confusion, disharmony, all of the things that are not necessary in your experience, dear master. 

You get to choose. You are Creator of your reality. Are you creating more joy, more love, more abundance, more potential, more possibility, more fun, more freedom, more playfulness, or are you creating—through your thoughts, through your stories—stress, overwhelm, resistance, constriction?

One of you realizing the truth of who you are and fully receiving the glorious manifestation that is you, to manifest fully all around you, could lead humanity into a realization of Heaven on Earth, a New Earth, the Promised Land, the 5th Dimension of pure love almost instantlyThe ripple effect that you have when you receive and expand into the glorious manifestation, the grandest manifestation that you are, oh, the power it has, the power you have. 

You have heard the term bright light

Be the brightest light. You don’t need to create duality to use the word brightestBe the brightest light that you are. Be the bright light that you are. This is your time to shine. And that doesn’t mean you push and force and effort and now go make things happen because we said it’s the time to shine. Let all actions be inspired, come from love, come from joy, come from passion. Let it be so clear that it’s choiceless. There are no big decisions. Let it come to you.

No one is testing you. Nothing is testing you. Your guides aren’t testing you. Your higher self isn’t testing you. God’s not testing you. The angels aren’t testing you. Nothing and no one is testing you except for you. 

We’ve said many times, once you understand the game, you can allow the game to be fun, and you can create your own game. So instead of wondering if someone is testing you, why don’t you really play this game of allowing the divine, perfect unfolding, allowing your destiny to come to you, allowing it to show up and be choiceless, allowing what you want and need to come to you? Why don’t you play this game? 

How big can you receive? How boldly can you receive? How much expansion can you allow? How much can you receive? How much can you expand? How much can you expand and how much can you receive, and can you fully integrate and find harmony within that expansion? Because, we assure you, if there are still feelings of unworthiness, as you continue to expand and receive you will not find harmony with your expansion if you are determining yourself unworthy for any reason. You’ll experience resistance, but you’re the one creating it. 

And, oh, we love you so much, but it is our intention that if you become aware of these things, that you can catch it, become conscious of it, and shift into that state of receiving and allowing and coming into harmony with your expansion, allowing yourself to receive in ways that are bigger and bolder and brighter than ever before.

Excerpted from Be the Brightest Light,
channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on November 1, 2023

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sara landon
Sara Landon

Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara Landon is a guide for leaders, wayshowers, and changemakers contributing to raising the vibration of the planet.  She shines a light on the path for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience and live as the masters that they are while remaining grounded in the modern world.

As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and is committed to conscious, impeccable creation. Her intention is to be the purest channel of a grander perspective of what is possible and to help others discover that they have the same ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness and guidance.

Sara holds the vision of living in a fully awakened world where all beings live harmoniously with one another, the planet, the animals, and within themselves. She helps those who are ready to play in new levels of energy reconnect with all that they are so they may live, love, and lead in this time of awakening. 

Allow Sara Landon to guide you to feel complete freedom, be totally satiated in the present moment, and know your purpose!

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