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Master Philippe De Lyon: Your World Lacks Kindness

Master Philippe De Lyon: Your World Lacks Kindness

Speech and Questions and Answers with Master Philippe de Lyon

Souls of Light and Love, I greet you today. I greet you from this world, this other world of Light that you still sometimes call the Beyond, the Elsewhere. I am at your side this evening to discuss with you in a dialogue where I will listen to some of your questions, and also through which I would have liked to propose some principles. I am Maître Philippe as you liked to call me.

Today, in this world beyond, my mission is to help you, to ask for care for you, to intercede for Humanity. I have always wanted to help and serve this Absolute Power that Heaven represents, that the One, my Friend, my Brother represents.

To serve, to serve the One, to serve the Unity is a great work, a charitable work, a powerful work, a joyful work. In truth, there is undoubtedly no work more joyful than this, even if sometimes this joy turns into arduousness, into difficulty. Knowing how to be of service is important , because above all, it helps to move away from the idea of ​​serving yourself alone, of seeing yourself as unique.

Very young, very very young, I understood that the term ʺUnity of the Holy Spiritʺ was not only a religious aspect but also a reality transcending matter . I quickly understood that feeling, putting oneself in the service of Heaven, putting oneself in the service of the Divine was clearly the quickest path towards not the miracle, rather the demonstration of the Divine on this Earth, because each accomplishment, each miracle, to use this word again, is in fact only a message from the Divine to his children. It doesn't go beyond a 'I'm here, with you' and I never really asked for a miracle. I never actually said the words “I ask for a miracle”.

Inside me when I was working on certain cases, my inner or outer words were: “Lord, look at this man, look at this woman. Lord, show Your Presence, show Your Power and may this Power transform this being", because in truth, here too I say, the power of real transformation of the miracle is to place a being, a soul, a person, in divine order, change, redemption, forgiveness. You could say many words for this change, a change that I also asked for through the need to be kind.

God, when He heals you or when He wishes to heal you, and He has no other wish than to show Himself to you, will just ask you something simple: ʺDo as I do, what I give you, give back. THE. Thus, the divine Benevolence, the Benevolence of God operated through me in this form that you call healing, nevertheless it could have, it is there, operated in many other forms. I gave a lot of time, a lot of money, because Heaven gave me some too. This is why I repeat, what Heaven offers us, let us make sure to distribute it, to give it back. I understand that there is a financial aspect to this ʺgiving backʺ. I understand it for you, I understand it for your time, I understand it for many people. And when this is done without abuse, it does not shock because, you see, even when God works through you there is a price to pay, a debt, a karmic debt, an energetic debt, sometimes a debt of sensitivity. This price is not that expensive. It is reasonable when we are in this work, when we know that the one who gives is rich in His Power and His Love.

It is kindness that your world lacks. It is sorely lacking. Looking for an enemy, looking for a competitor is a mistake . This is often, almost always, a mistake. By excluding yourself from the one who is the other, the other who is not like you, by doing this, you deny the family, you deny being, like him, like her, a child of God. And when you disown a family member, you enter a sort of shadow revenge loop, because everything will be done to recreate that bond. And if this link is not recreated at the same time, it will be recreated in another time, in another life, in another space. Therefore, don't lose the link.

You can push people aside, but don't get completely angry, don't make them enemies, don't make them competitors. Simply make them people who do not have the same opinion as yours, however, do not deny that they are your brother or your sister, in a charitable, benevolent soul. This word charity meant so much to me.

Your difficult time is a time of necessary disruptions, certainly necessary for changes, necessary for the installation of a new society, of a new work. This era must still be included in a perpetual cycle of existences, not simply looked at from within a single existence but looked at through a cycle of existences.

So, friends, brothers, sisters, what did you come to do at this time? You have come to see another era revealed, to see another greater work revealed, because you are going to pass from the era of Evil – let's use this term because you see no other – to an era of Light, to an era of transcendence .

While Earthlings play with Earth, your galactic brethren are preparing for revelations greater than this, and sooner or later you will be the subject of these cosmic revelations. You came to see this. You have come to observe how a planet so dark will ultimately have to perhaps, without doubt, experience the violent shock of understanding its non-solitude of Space in order to evolve, because your wars are only childishness in a Paradise.

You came to see this. You have come to experience this, or prepare this for some who will leave before the advent of these events. It's wonderful to prepare this place. You know, clearly most of you will not see the advent of the New World, will not see the advent of this New Earth, of this new Consciousness for multiple reasons, however it is also beautiful to prepare for this path, to prepare consciences, to prepare hearts, to prepare bodies. I did it in my last incarnation. I was preparing the ground, the fertile soil of this Earth in order to receive you here and now.

I did not incarnate at the present time because I decided to work from Heaven, to watch from Heaven this film unfolding in the apparent time which is yours. I still see it as a future, even if my notion of the future is much more vague than for you. It's a bit as if I already knew the result of what is happening, that I wanted to see it, observe each stage with you, prepare the bodies, the thoughts, the hearts for this, so continue this work of service to the One, to you, to all of you, to all of you, to each being who makes this request to Heaven.

At times, some of you will hear me say: “Do you have an enemy? » and you will often answer me: “  Yes  ”. At that time I will say to you: “Drive this enemy out of your heart, not out of your life. Drive out the notion of the enemy from your heart. Find the brother, find the sister, then you will be healed.”

Some of you will eventually experience this as a kind of blackmail. That's not what it's about. Rather, it is the greatest gift I can give you, to show you who you really are, to show you the Unity that you sincerely represent, and I continue this care within you, even during that I speak.

Release your resentments, release your resentments. Release your fears, release your anxieties. They are there but leave them free, free to be there or to disappear, above all don't hang them up. You experience your fears as if you have to do something with them. No. They're there, that's all . We will do with it, or without it . They can be a motor or a brake, it's your decision. In any case, release them, that is, allow people to change, allow situations to change, allow your fears to disappear, just allow. I know, you will tell me: “  this person will not change — this situation will not change — this fear cannot evolve ", never mind. Don't listen to what says that inside you. Do not listen to what says this because this is whispered to you by the evil work, by this egregore of shadow created by humans, something that seeks to pull it down to put it at the service of the ego rather than in the service of the One, in the service of the Unity. Therefore, stop listening to those inner voices that tell you that it is not possible.

You are truly in an era where everything is still possible. This is going to be a difficult time, let's be clear, a time which will have for each and every one trials proportional to the power of their soul, to the experience of their soul. Some will decide to leave before the field of tests - tests that I do not have to situate for each and everyone because they will be different depending on the context, the country, the energy - on the other hand let me tell you this, more you will be in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, and the more these moments, these trials, these difficulties will pass in a simple way, like a cloud passing in front of the sun. By looking at this cloud, you will be certain that at one time or another the sun will reappear. Have this same certainty regarding trials, they are only temporary. And even if they last a lifetime, they are only fleeting. Keep this idea.

I repeat, think of your life, think of your existence as a cycle of existences, and not as a single existence putting enormous pressure on you to want to be exceptional in a single existence, as if a child wanted to have the same experience as a man who would have lived for millennia. This is not possible. Therefore, perhaps release this pressure, this demand that you have on yourself. Don't be presumptuous. Be humble .

You like me are, have been, will be, for many of you on a path, on an evolutionary path. So, take heart! Because I repeat, your world will enter the Light through certain shocks which have already begun, an understanding of the peoples, an awakening of the peoples.

Some of your African brothers or others were able to free themselves from those who constantly repeated the same words, the same messages, making a people believe that they were free when they were not, that they were under addiction. Well this awakening will happen to you too, it is longer, possibly more tired because in comfort, nevertheless the great awakening, great change in the universe promised for so many years is underway.

We can't even say that you are not there, you are already inside this great change. You simply imagined that it was going to happen overnight on a very specific date. Some thought of December 21, 2012, others thought of other dates, others speak of the equinox, the Sun, etc. The truth is even simpler than that. It is already there, however, the time it will take depends on the time when the person, the Unique being, the Earth, you, awaken to your Divine aspect. God doesn't push people around. It’s the work that can shake things up. And God has time since He Himself is time. He is Pure Love; He defined all time. In this way, it will take the time it needs for each of you.

Some will experience this awakening, this realization in the blink of an eye, for others it will take years, for others it will also take some time before they realize that they are already awake, and that simply, the fact of being awake will help you to have some duties towards your inner Spiritual Master, to feel yourself in service, and at the same time, to also feel the Power of the One, That, That, towards whom you have posed yourself as servant, servant. The Divine Works are great. It is a joy to observe them, only do not be fooled, these are His Works, not yours .

Also, in today's society, I sometimes hear this expression "  The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer  ." I don't like this expression. I do not really like. The expression reminds me of another, if you allow me, "dark beings are more and more dark and luminous beings are more and more luminous" whatever their wealth or poverty, that doesn't count, and so you are in this final battle of shadow and Light. This powerful contrast that is evolving will force you to position yourself, and the great news is that the majority of incarnated souls in this world are open to the Light. They are just waiting for this, to see this Light to immerse themselves in It, to become this Light, to associate this Light .

It will take a few guides, a few precursors and you are undoubtedly one of them, undoubtedly one of those who will help, spread news, the path, the Good News, the return of Christ in you, the return of your aspect Christic, understanding that you are at the service of the Great Whole.

Very often, I sat in this same position [1]in front of my window sitting on a small bench, small wooden chair, and I looked outside. I looked at everything that my Friend had done, everything that was done, everything that God, Jesus, whatever, had done, and I looked at it. Because every time I was disappointed by life, every time I didn't feel good, I looked at God's Creation, nature, not humanity, which is frequently disappointing, I looked at the other kingdoms to remind me that they were there to carry me, to help me, to assist me, that I was helped by every stone, every tree, every leaf, every branch, every animal that carried its own life, his own existence with so much more enthusiasm than humans. I said to myself: “Your Work is great. We are nothing compared to the blade of grass,

This seems ridiculous to you sometimes, I discussed it with friends from L ‘Amour de la weed, it made them laugh. So we would go to my countryside — not far from where I lived, there was a lot of countryside around one of the places I liked to go — and I would say to them, “Look. Look at the wheat below, this field of wheat. Each of these strands of wheat seems unique, but you see, when the wind blows, I'm able to tell where the wind is because I see all the strands of wheat that bend and those that don't, and that allows me to see the invisible. » I know where the wind is because I see some strands of wheat that bend and others that don't. Humans are the same, they are a field of wheat. And we can see the wind, the divine Power, looking at those who bend and those who do not bend in the multitude,

From then on, you see, in the same way that I looked at the wind in the wheat, I did not pity the blade or blades of wheat that bent in the wind. I knew that it was undoubtedly painful for this folded blade of wheat, moreover I also knew that the wind is there to strengthen the roots, to strengthen this ear of wheat by this test of the wind, on a general basis. So, looking at nature always gave me the lessons to really say: “there you go, the wind of God is blowing on such and such a country”, that’s what I sometimes said before saying: “this country is at war” . No, ʺthe wind of God blows on such a countryʺ to strengthen its roots, to strengthen the spirit of the people who live there because each country is like a field. And I looked at these fields.

I watched this to remind myself how humble I must remain in the face of the wind. And I remembered how each ear of corn stands up, how each blade of grass even when it is cut begins to grow again and again, trusting in the nature of the soil, in the nature of the air, in the nature of the Whole. Why would I feel superior to a blade of grass? That would have taken away my joy .

Understand, if in a corn field an ear of corn is much higher than the others, it is the first one that will fall in the wind, because when the wind hits these ears, all the others will protect themselves together. and prevent all the wind from hitting the groyne. And if one is too high, that one will be completely hit by the wind, it is the one who will lie down, who will fall by his pride. This is why I tell you; you are both powerful together and at the same time we are nothing before the wind. This humility is what allowed me to put things into perspective.

I told you about the wheat field and I'll tell you again, when I looked at the grass in front of my house, I looked at the trees, I remembered Who was the wind, Who is nature, Who is This powerful Being . This relative aspect really allowed me to find the strength to realize that I could command the wind. Yes, a phase of my story that you may not actually know. In this case I could change the weather, because I did not feel excluded, because I did not feel bigger than a single blade of wheat and because I knew that Heaven heard the humblest, and I was in service.

Ultimately, when you are not doing well, when your country is not doing well, look at the grass, look at a field of wheat. Look at the rain, every drop of water and all the drops of water, every snowflake and all the snowflakes, and remember. You are no more and no less than this snowflake , as fragile, as impermanent and as beautiful as a flake. Because it is by remembering this that you will develop compassion, that you will develop kindness. The more you are this, the more Heaven will become your collaborator , the more Heaven will come to help you in your work , your work of care, your relational work, your physical work, whatever. The Power of Heaven will be in you because you will not try to equal It, on the contrary because you will know that you are part of this Whole, of this Powerful Love, because you could replace the word 'wind' with Love.

This, dear souls, is the speech that I wanted to evoke with you in the preamble and on this day.

Here, now, I listen to you. Ask me a few questions and if I can help you, if I can answer them, I will do it, here, now and with great pleasure. I'm listening to you.

Before even answering the first questions that you will write, I would like to tell you that I now hear a lot of requests for care and I will tell you again, I will give you this sentence again: Do you have an enemy? Do you have a deep grudge against someone or a situation? Let go of that grudge. Let go of this situation and have faith, for I will come to the first step you take towards your Divinity. The first moment you decide to release the enemies, I will listen to you, I can deal with many of you. I will listen to you.

You say how to help children, and provide them with the protection they need  ?

To these I respond, by the most unique means possible, that of being an absolute example of what they must become. If you are at war, they will be at war. If you are angry, they will be angry. If you are unhappy, they will be unhappy. In fact for them, be the master. Be a real example, that is the greatest help you can give to your children. Do not try to protect and preserve them, the wheat will bend in the wind. Be the example. Let them grow alongside you in the same confidence, in the same faith and in the same patience, because it is a virtue that children no longer have.. Therefore, teach them this patience, teach them this faith, teach them this confidence, you will have done your work. You will have done your work.

When will medicine evolve to truly cure you  ?

What if I told you that medicine will never cure you. It will never cure who you are. Medicine heals who you are not, medicine heals the body. You are not entirely this body. Even though medicine will continually evolve, there will be no time in your history when all diseases will be eradicated . On the other hand, I will ask you the question differently: when will your soul evolve enough to no longer be sick  ? When will you have enough energy and faith to stop being sick  ? When will you stop giving your energy to no longer be sick  ? Because true healing is not being sick, right?

If I healed you while waiting for the next illness, who would I be? This is a little bit of what God is telling you. If I healed you while waiting for the next illness, who would I be? What message did you not understand? What is the evolution that you have not made and that you will have to redo anyway?

Obviously, yes, there will be medicines, there will be technologies in your future which will treat bodies of course, without any particular deadline, this will evolve constantly, however do everything not to be sick . I am not only talking about preventive medicine but about your body of Light, your emotional body, this character that I invite you to forge and strengthen so as not to let disturbing information enter into you which is most of the time inside you. origin of diseases .

This is what I am leading you towards if you will admit it, please.

Master Philippe, you express what Lady Kuan Yin says: “Thank you, Lord, for granting me the vision of Your presence in this event, in this work, in this person  ”.

There are indeed many of us who are currently telling you and expressing your place in the work . Of course.

Do you have any advice for reconnecting us with our hearts and with the Light  ? 

Oh ! Yes ! You will probably find this advice vague, that's how I say it, but it is faith  ! Reconnecting with the Light, it is in humility that you can reconnect with the Light .

See, when we feel small and know ourselves to be small, we see the Light everywhere . Conversely, when you believe you are the sun, nothing enlightens you! Therefore, be humble, you will see the Light, sure you will see it. Be humble. Be humble.

Being humble does not mean letting yourself be beaten by anything. Being humble means recognizing oneself in the multitude as an element of the multitude , not as an element that can let itself be defeated, above all as an element that knows its strength in humility because it will recognize itself as humble among the humble . This amount of humility is your strength, and that is serving the Light. In any case, through me this is what I want to express, through my character, this identity that I still have to help you.

Disclosures about extra-terrestrials should be made. Can you tell us about it  ?

I mentioned earlier the presence of your extra-terrestrial brothers and you ask me if disclosures should be made. I won't tell you about it.

I won't tell you about it because I don't want to thwart what's going to happen , by putting too much knowledge towards people who would use it so that it doesn't happen. I'll tell you it like this.

If at times we make precise predictions, it is because they are immutable. And if sometimes we don't specify, it's because it's still within the field of possibilities and it's not necessarily immutable, it's not necessarily going to happen, and possibly by telling you something, you escape an event that will cause what we are talking about. This is the case here.

If I had gone into too much detail about this story of galactic brothers, some who would listen, read, would know exactly where to place themselves to prevent the arrival of your galactic brothers. I don't want to prevent this by giving you too many details. I'm just going to tell you that in a relatively near future, not immediately, this certainty will arise on this Earth, and that this will actually bring humility to many people, many people. Moreover, it will help you understand that your wars are so futile, so futile. This is the paradox, yet when you understand that a single ship from one of your galactic brothers could destroy your planet, a single, tiny ship could destroy your planet—they won't—but this deterrent possibility still humbles you a little. It's necessary. It's necessary.

You know, your galactic brothers know very well how dangerous nuclear energy on your Earth is, for them and for you. Perhaps it is necessary for some of them to give a warning and for that warning to be heeded.

Is it necessary for everyone to hear this? I don't know. Some of you, I repeat, will die before seeing the arrival of these galactic brothers and sisters, it is clear, however it is on your path, it is mapped out. It's mapped out.

How to be self-confident and confident  ?

Trust is not something that can be decreed, it is something that is established over time, with patience. It's hard to trust by default. Everyone who has done this has realized that trust given by default has often led to betrayal, rejection, and abandonment. This is why true confidence is established over time, in seeing what your past is like, in realizing that you have always gotten through it or that something has always taken care of you. So trust in That which has always been present at your side.

Who did you trust the most on this Earth? You trust those who have never betrayed you. In this way, turn to the Lord and truly understand, and I emphasize truly , that He has never betrayed you and never will betray you, and that you have only been betrayed by yourself or towards those you have created as enemies . I also emphasize this word “created” as enemies.

Trust is built over time. There is no immediate method of trust. It's like you're asking me how to have faith. Faith is established over time, with experience, gently. It is the same here. It is the same here. It is the same here, I repeat again.

Isn't forgiveness the strongest approach of love towards the other and thus allows us to not necessarily find this other  ?

Indeed, forgiveness does not imply finding the other. Forgiveness is this wonderful act that helps you change the vision you have about one of your brothers, one of your sisters or an event.

Changing this vision and simply saying to yourself: “it is in its right place” is already carrying out a work of forgiveness. Even if you do not understand why this event took place, understanding, knowing, integrating that it is in its right place will help you implement forgiveness .

It's difficult sometimes. You know, I lost my daughter in my life, in my last life as Master Philippe. I lost this girl. I lost Victoire. I was sad, so sad. This sadness caused my death because it made me waver, it made me lack faith. This actually made me lose confidence from time to time. It's hard. To tell the truth, once I got to the other side, I really told myself that I should have trusted in God and known that this was in His Plan, in His Plan of Celestial Light, moreover I also understood that man cannot forgive everything, humans cannot forgive everything.

So, when you tell me forgiveness is the strongest process of love, I say yes. On the other hand, I also answer that sometimes you cannot forgive, and that sometimes you will have to continue your path simply by saying to yourself: "One day, I will understand", without understanding, just taking one more step in a daily life that can be difficult and tell yourself, with this certainty on the other hand , ʺone day, I will understandʺ . It's already a step, you know. It's already a difficult step, and I realized that I should have continued to move forward more than that.

ʺOne day, I will understandʺ, it is already a form of forgiveness . One day I will know why I experienced this, for what, for whom. One day I will know why God has bent me this way, because His view is right. He is right on the whole field, have no doubt about it. Don't doubt it.

Will prayer and the sending of Light be enough to dismantle human trafficking networks, especially children  ?

No. No, my children, no, my friends, no, my brothers, no, my sisters, prayer will not be enough to dismantle these networks. It will take people who act well. It will take people who are good at action and not just at prayer for this to happen. So we will need a lot more people who take action for change rather than asking for change. Understand that prayer is a request while action is an exercise . The action is the only modifier. Prayer will help, but no, it is not enough.

Imagine, when there are 2,000 prisoners in a prison, it is not enough for all 2,000 prisoners to pray to be released from the prison. There will have to be one smarter than the others who takes action to get the other prisoners out of this prison. This person will then have to make a key for the lock or find a way to pass through the walls, to pass through these walls, to pass through these bars. Truly action will be required.

There, I see a lot in prayer and I thank you for it. She is strong, she is powerful and she helps, do not doubt it, however action is also needed. In the same way that if you want my healing I will ask you for an action. I will ask you for a job, not just a prayer, really an action. And God also puts you into action, the Father also puts you into action.

So, prayer, yes, but above all action , because you are on Earth to experience who you are and not simply ask who you are before experiencing it. Experience it.

How do we know that we are progressing on our path to sovereignty  ?

The only answer to this question is joy . Do you feel happier, more joyful today than yesterday? If yes, you have progressed, if not, you have regressed. Indeed, joy is the trace of the Lord.

You will be happy when you are little, because you will trust in the fact that God does everything so that the wheat grows very high, as high as possible. Just don't confuse sovereignty with ego or independence, because you won't be able to find joy alone. You will find joy, together. Together.

You ask me what happened on the island of Maui in Hawaii .

I tell you, my friends, I do not know . I do not have access to this knowledge.

I almost want to tell you that it doesn't matter. It's part of a plan, I guess, although I don't know exactly in human terms.

You then ask me if the great Inca pyramid remains were established by your galactic brothers or advanced civilizations .

I answer yes, very clearly yes . Obviously galactic beings participated in these constructions. Many human beings helped them, but there is galactic participation, of course.

In any case, these vestiges must at some point have been freed from the galactic beings who inhabited them in order to allow this humanity to grow and evolve. Unfortunately, there were progressive phases and more difficult phases.

How can we accelerate the advent of the Age of Light  ?

Be the Light. I repeat again, be the example. Don't wait for Heaven, your galactic brothers, or your prayers to take care of everything. Be yourself in action, be the contemporary example around you of what you want. Don't just wait.

You are like a warrior otherwise, you are preparing for war, but if you never go there - I am talking about a war of Light here, not a physical war - so if you never go there, that There is no point in training. See, even a poorly trained warrior who goes into battle a little will always be more valiant than one who thinks about combat. Again, take action my friends. Be the Light. Spread the Light. Oh ! not proselytize, don't force people to become like you, please, rather make them understand that it is time to free themselves. In any case, your time is one of liberation and also of gentleness, of strong gentleness, of happy gentleness, that is important. It is important.

Allow me to thank each and every one of you for listening. Many will take my words as vague, overly general messages, but in truth they are not. Each of you received exactly what you were supposed to receive.

Let me leave you by saying this: be happy and make others happy. Free your enemies. Go see your friends. Regroup. Dance in the Light. Dance on this Earth. Don't let sadness take over you, or fear take over you. Don't let your leaders decide too much, be a little rebellious. And have faith, for the wind is blowing in your direction, dear humble souls. The wind always blows in the direction of the humble. The strongest will eventually fall, that’s an immutable rule. Finally my friends, stay upright and 'weak', in other words humble.

I honor your presence in this world. I remain by your side through my messages, through my energy, through my Consciousness. I will work again, again, and again to help you, my brothers and sisters, until the last of you is among us.

Be blessed.

Public channeling from 05.09.2023 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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The Fire Festival Of Lammas Celtic Symbol : The Unicorn And The Flaming Spe... Read more

Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian astrology was one of the earliest forms of astrology. The Egyptians... Read more



CANCER Jun 21 - Jul 22 Read more



Moonstone is one of the best stones for bringing emotional calm and stability,... Read more



Lammas Ritual Celebrated August 1st. Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh, La... Read more

Cancer Mythology

Cancer Mythology

The Hidden Myth Behind the Zodiac Sign Had the Scriptures of Delphi never b... Read more

Birth Totem - Woodpecker

Birth Totem - Woodpecker

Birth Totem Woodpecker Birth dates: June 21 - July 21 Read more



The Cleansing Stone Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.... Read more



The Stone Of Orators Chalcedony was very popular as a decorative stone in ant... Read more

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer

An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Cancer Read more

Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell

Echos Of The Ancestors Abalone strengthens the structure of the body and th... Read more

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

Wild Rose Fills your life with soft romance. Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus... Read more

Strong Sun Moon

Strong Sun Moon

Flicker – Carnelian Agate – Wild Rose – Pink June 21 – July 22 Read more

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