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Meet Ashtar Sheran and the Ashtar Command: A Galactic Revelation!

Meet Ashtar Sheran and the Ashtar Command: A Galactic Revelation!

“Greetings in the light of love and peace: I am Ashtar.” That’s how the Commandant for the extraterrestrial Ashtar Command started one of his channeled transmissions to George Van Tassel in the early 1950s.

The Lord Commander would communicate many insightful statements and dire warnings to Van Tassel and other contactees during the decades that followed.

Since the Commander prophesied cataclysmic events for Earth and its inhabitants, let’s decloak this UFO phenomenon to take a closer look at an alien governing body and its benevolent leader.

What Is the Ashtar Command’s Purpose and Message?

Establish a secure transmission with the mothership of the Ashtar Galactic Command’s space fleet! This group of spacecraft remains on the edge of our detection capabilities, watching and waiting for critical moments in our spiritual progression. But what is the purpose of their visit, and what is their message?


The stated purpose of the Ashtar Command involves monitoring, protecting, and guiding the human race to a future beyond Planet Earth.

The space fleet intends to intervene any time the use of thermonuclear weapons appears imminent.

Ashtar Sheran and his closest confidants wish to communicate with channelers so that their messages of peace get forwarded to world leaders.


The message of the Command is a statement of their guardianship over us and a warning against the splitting of the hydrogen atom.

The Ashtar Command wishes to aid us in our spiritual evolution toward 5D consciousness so we can achieve ascension and connect with our higher selves.

The Ashtar Command’s message centers around love, peace, and unity. It stresses the interconnectedness of all things and implores us to become better stewards of Earth.

Authority: Great Central Sun Government

Ashtar Command Revealed: Meet Ashtar Sheran!

Under the authority of the Galactic Federation and the Great Central Sun Government, the Ashtar Command has established three substations on our planet for global communications during its Earth assignment.

The Great Central Sun Government acts as the governing body for the entire universe. This political system operates from the Great Sun in the middle of our universe and sends out space commands to collect vital data and protect the Federation of Free Worlds.

The beings who hold office in the Great Central Sun Government possess advanced knowledge, bottomless wisdom, and immense spiritual awareness.

Ashtar Command Members

Human members of the Ashtar Command communicate with or acknowledge the authority of Ashtar Sheran, Lord Michael, or other Ascended Masters.

Some members undergo a liftoff experience, whereby their souls board the Light ships of the Galactic Fifth Fleet. Then, they access the Ashtar Network to communicate their experiences to the rest of us.

Who Is Lord Commander Ashtar Sheran?

Ashtar Sheran is the Commandant of the eponymous Ashtar Command and leader of the Galactic Federation of Light.

He is also our Intergalactic Spiritual Leader, tasked with raising our planetary vibrations, protecting our solar system, and spreading peace to other planets throughout the entire omniverse.


Ashtar harbors unconditional love for humanity, regardless of whether they stand in the Light at the present moment.

He also possesses a highly evolved consciousness that pierces the fifth dimension and beyond.

People describe the Commander's energy as warm, supportive, and steady.


Ashtar Sheran carries several titles but remains the most well-known for his role as Commander of the Galactic Federation's Fifth Fleet.

His position is one of the highest seats in the Galactic Federation of Light; so, he bears the responsibility of looking after much of the universe.


The Commandant's mission is to help us see our true nature and accept the oneness of everything in the multiverse.

When he accomplishes his mission, humanity will evolve spiritually and begin the ascension process.

In the meantime, the Commander continues to push mankind toward peace and togetherness.

Ashtar Communications to George Van Tassel

Ashtar Command Revealed: Meet Ashtar Sheran!

In 1952, Van Tassel received the first of many personal messages from Lord Commander Ashtar.

These channeled messages came from the Command's colossal starship, which acted as a communications space station for several decades.

Early Ashtar Command Messages

This is when Van Tassel first heard the name, "Ashtar," and experienced the Commandant's philosophical approach to dealing with global problems.

On July 18th, 1952, Van Tassel received one of several specific messages about the hydrogen bomb and its use by evil world conspirators.

On August 3rd, 1952, the Lord Commander also warned world leaders against attempts to decloak his flagship or any flying saucer in the Brotherhood of Light's Airborne Division.

On March 13th, 1953, other early messages instructed the Command's three substations to intervene in the ongoing war in Korea. The war would end four months later on July 27th.

Giant Rock Space Conventions

Ashtar's popularity soared during Van Tassel's space conventions of the 50s.
Van Tassel founded a UFO center in Giant Rock, California in 1947, and would host weekly UFO channeling circles. Members would ask questions and receive the most recent information from Space Commander Ashtar Sheran.

Although Van Tassel served as the primary channel during these sessions, other members began to receive the universal wisdom of the Commandant.

They would also receive communications from other Light beings, including Commander Lady Athena, Lord Michael, and the beloved Jesus-Sananda.

integraton Machine

When communicating with the soul of Nikola Tesla, Van Tassel received the plans for an integraton Machine.

The machine allows the user to access the Universal Mind of God and gain knowledge about the past, present, and future.

The integraton can also lengthen the life expectancy of human beings.

Project World Evacuation

Prepare for the Great Exodus by tuning your soul to the Collective Christ Vibration.

In light of the natural and manmade disasters that continue to plague our planet, the Ashtar Command intends to evacuate the Chosen on massive City Ships and bring them to the New World.

Some examples of coming world events that may spark the Great Exodus include:

  • Nuclear winter
  • Famine
  • Flood
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Asteroid impact
  • Plague

Ashtar Command Revealed: Meet Ashtar Sheran!
Galactic Federation of Light

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