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Message from Hannelore: Other Spheres

Message from Hannelore: Other Spheres

Take care of yourself! Love yourself for being who you are now. Live according to your intuition, live according to your conscience! And if you're wrong? Who will judge you, who will judge you or condemn you – who, but yourself?!

How deep have you already dived?

JJK: The days and weeks fly by! Today it's been over 2 months since you returned to the light. Here on earth, everything goes its way, everything takes its course. How far away are you from your last life today and how deeply have you already immersed yourself in the world of light?

H: Be embraced, dearest Jahn! I am with you now and I am with you now, who are counting your days on earth until upheaval, ascension or change. I am close to you, very close to you, and I am doing my ministry in my spheres – in heaven as well as on earth.

There is no time on my level, so I do not look back on my last earthly life, but I see it as one life among many. It has a quality and reality unimaginable for a human being to be able to experience and experience oneself in all earthly existences at the same time. The closeness to my life as Hannelore exists through you, exists in that many angels of our spiritual family are still in service on earth, exposed to time and submitted to space.

This is an eternal and indestructible bond that is preserved in the hereafter as well as in this world, no matter from which side one looks at the hereafter and this world. Only when we, as beings of light, return completely to the source and experience the last of all embraces from God, do these intimate bonds also dissolve.

So I have dived deep into the world of my spheres beyond what is visible to you. At the same time, however, I am with you and with you, protecting, caring and promoting your lives and our project. The Light World Project was breathed into life from heaven and it is the heavenly family that helps to shape and collaborate on it on earth and in heaven.

JJK: From your current perspective, how do you view the fact that quite a lot of people don't really want to do any real transformation work? Immerse yourself in your own topics? Then, when it really matters, many people prefer to put it off. Does this have an influence on the developments that are now pending – or are things going well, no matter how many people still get the "curve" now?

H: With love – with love everything is looked at, my perception is that of love. Quite contrary to what I sometimes felt as Hannelore. Now there is an absolute inner peace in looking at all the worlds and the conditions on these worlds.

Of judging and condemning!

For me as a human being, it was impossible to be free from judgment or free from condemnation. It's just as hard for you. Why?

Because you live in this energetic environment of judgment and condemnation. To always be aware of this and to be aware of it, to take the overarching perspective, requires great awareness. No matter how hard a person tries, the closer a situation is to you, the closer a person is to you, the more likely it is that he will take sides at certain moments, that he will judge and condemn. My good advice:

Do not judge yourself when you judge or condemn certain acts. There are moments and events that evoke this human behavior – and you should not and cannot do anything about it.

JJK: But an enlightened person stands above it – doesn't he?

H: As long as an enlightened person is on earth, he also has to deal with it. It's a rare art that hardly anyone can do – not to get wet from the water that surrounds you.

Even enlightened people always retain a remnant of qualities that are not usually attributed to an enlightened person. This is done so that such people can exist on Earth at all. This creates the necessary grounding or entanglement. Judging and condemning could indicate an inclination in this regard.

From my current perspective, healthy judgement is essential for a successful human life. Discernment and discernment are mutually dependent.

JJK: In very many messages it is pointed out that we should not "condemn". How is this to be understood?


H: The solution is: do not condemn man, but condemn an act that is evil and breeds evil.

Forgiveness happens after an in-depth confrontation with the circumstances. To do this, it is important to look at what was and is. Forgiveness means confrontation – many people want to avoid this and forgive into the void.

As far as the imminent revelations on earth are concerned, no human being can and will approve of the deeds of a group sworn to Satan, which will become known to the world public in the near future. The road to forgiveness will be a long one.

People will condemn this and speak their judgments about those who have committed it. This must be acknowledged. Love of one's enemies is only possible at the end of a process of cognition. First of all, it is necessary to take the emotional stages and overcome the mental hurdles.

Love is not a feeling, but a state of consciousness that is conveyed as grace at the end of all experiences.

JJK: Indeed, there are some indications of major revelations. How will people react?

Revelations like a bomb!

H: Shaken at first, relieved and liberated as a result – accompanied and carried by beings of light who, like you, are incarnated as human beings, everything has a good ending.

The revelations must and will hit like a bomb! For this is the only way to release the collective energy of liberation from humanity.

This is the igniting energy that is needed now for the earth to be turned and humanity to be brought back into balance.

JJK: So dress warmly and go through!?

H: From my perspective – to look forward to what is coming, because there is no reason for fears or worries. Now it becomes clear who has done his homework – and many, very many people will remember and erase the abysmal in sublimity.

JJK: ... and don't be afraid to "judge".

H: Be calm when you are confronted with deeply human emotions. Do not be ashamed if you are overcome by feelings of anger or hatred.

With what is now evident on Earth, it is impossible to always radiate the serenity of a yogi who does not leave his meditation cushion.

You are in conflict, struggles are forced upon you, and you are confronted with situations that do not even exist in their imagination for most beings in the universe. The unique service that people perform and the powers we are surrounded by throughout our lives is deferential from my perception today.

Give yourself love, especially when you are not "perfect" or do not live up to your own spiritual standards. What is possible on earth is unimaginable on my level, what is possible here is unthinkable on earth.

It is important to recognize the different "levels of being" and to align oneself with the respective conditions.

The Army of Reconciliation

The ascension into the higher dimension is taking place now. That's why everything is brought to the surface. The lie is defeated with the truth and the light penetrates into the darkness. The people, first paralyzed, then angry and finally peaceful, form the army of reconciliation.

People who have been spiritually and energetically prepared for decades for the cascade of planetary revelations that have now been unleashed are leading the way. They keep track of things and nerves – stand in the light and remain at peace. One thing is certain: We come out of this storm safely, we are guided by our light and are accompanied by God.

As a farewell for today: Take care of yourself! Love yourself for being who you are now.

Live according to your intuition, live according to your conscience! And if you're wrong? Who will judge you, who will judge you or condemn you – who, but yourself?!

The journey goes to other spheres – to be loved because you are!

I bless you with all my love.

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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