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Message from Hannelore: The Most Beautiful Thing About Dying

Message from Hannelore: The Most Beautiful Thing About Dying

God longs for us so much! And when we return to God after an earthly adventure, this floodgate of memory and happiness opens.

It is indescribable with what love and longing we are awaited. That's the most beautiful thing about dying.

Did you leave too soon?

JJK: Since yesterday afternoon, I have been feeling your presence, a closeness that feels very different from that of the Ascended Masters or Archangels – it is so familiar, even closer and intimate.

H: I am with you, dearest Jahn, by day and also by night. I watch over the Lichtwelt Verlag and over all the people who are connected to this project from the bottom of their hearts and in love. Now I can finally do what I lacked the means, means and consciousness to do on earth. When I had fulfilled the part that I could accomplish on earth, I was withdrawn from the earth and, after releasing everything, I ascended to heaven.

JJK: So you've been "pulled off" from Earth? According to the Soul Plan, should you have stayed with us any longer? Did you leave too soon?

H: There were two options for me. It is true that I could no longer carry out any spiritual development on earth and did not want to. The amount of beautiful and painful experiences was exhausted.

In the case, if I had opened myself to my spiritual transformation in the past life, I would have had 6 more years left and given. I decided differently and it was the right decision. Because in this way earthly things come to you and I can support you from my present position far more effectively and comprehensively than I ever could as a human being. In this way, what has been striving for fulfillment since the emergence of our soul family is fulfilled.

The Lichtwelt project is growing and growing. Each of you now has the opportunity to grow with you, which is also necessary with all the new tasks that are now coming your way. It begins the expansion of our project – not only in the ether, but above all on earth – and the spread far beyond what you can imagine. You have been prepared for this and those who are not yet able to deal with it are now being trained and inwardly freed.

JJK: Will everyone go along with it?

H: All those who are affected have received this invitation, but not all will be able or willing to accept it. This is a completely natural process, because not everyone who climbs a mountain gets to the summit. Everything is getting bigger. You have already begun to think bigger. The circle of the soul family is also expanding on Earth. There are many changes and new things here, which have a very positive effect.

JJK: Yes, I already feel how everything is changing and getting bigger ...

What interests me is, what are you entrusted with now, what is it that you are dealing with now when you are not "taking care" of us?

My new responsibilities

H: Two tasks have been given to me and they fulfill me completely: the creation of stars and the development of life forms on newly created stars.

In doing so, I will be guided by my masters until I achieve mastery in it myself. It is the level of creating life.

This is done by condensing my mind, by manifestation impulses that I release and direct into certain paths.

As a second and equally important task, I work in the COUNCIL OF THE EARTH for the well-being of the earth. I have been given guardianship of the Earth as a consciousness of 12. This is where it will be decided which learning curve humanity will take in the coming years and which challenges will have to be overcome. We oversee what is happening and intervene where things would get out of hand. Because one thing is certain: the dark entities are no longer allowed to cross certain boundaries.

JJK: Will it be thick for the people?

H: There is painful and painless learning and it is as it is expressed in many messages: everyone chooses his own destiny.

As human beings, we are true masters of our lives, even if we are usually not even aware of this on earth.

Urn burial – what then?

JJK: On Saturday, 22.10.2022, the urn burial will take place on your earthly estate. What does this mean for you from your current point of view? What happens after that?

H: This has the meaning that an earthly circle is completely closed on the earthly plane. With this gesture I withdraw ALL energies of the earthly Hannelore from the earth. After that, I remain a memory for all the people who knew me – a memory from which I myself am completely disconnected. The earthly-material goes, the divine spirit remains.

Thus, for the people who perceive me beyond this memory, I appear as a pure divine consciousness – pure vibration of love, which we ALL are and whose core is now exposed in me.

The burial of the urn is the last act before this life is added to the Akashic files as Dr. Hannelore Beckh-Widmanstetter.

Have you settled in heaven yet?

JJK: Today is exactly one month since you went into the light. Have you settled in heaven yet?

H: It is astonishing how quickly the change from man to divine being of light takes place, measured in earthly time – in the blink of an eye.

And so today we end our intimate togetherness.

You know, Jahn,

God longs for us so much! And when we return to God after an earthly adventure, this floodgate of memory and happiness opens. It is indescribable with what love and longing we are awaited. That's the most beautiful thing about dying.

My love for my loved ones on earth.

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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