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One Who Serves: Q/A - Find That Joy in The Moment

One Who Serves: Q/A - Find That Joy in The Moment

One Who Serves:

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here, and Shoshanna is here to continue to be of service, as much as we possibly can.

And certainly the one known as Lanto is here to be of service. He has been here all along. But he is going to become more and more prominent. Not just through this one, James, but through many other sources as the times move further and further into fuller and fuller joy in the moment.

And that is what your lifetime, each and every one of you, your lives are going to become much, much more joyful. Finding that joy. Finding the beauty all around you. Expressing that as much as you possibly can, more, and more, and more as you continue to raise your vibrational frequency.

And as you raise your vibrational frequency, others around you will feel that vibrational frequency from you. They will even, at times, see the lights around you if they are able, if they have that awareness to move themselves to the next level of their being.

We are ready for your questions if you have them.

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: This will be a unique question, I bet, that nobody has ever asked you. Last night I was getting besieged by mosquitoes. And I was wondering if there is such a device as a mosquito cloaking device where it makes us humans invisible to mosquitoes.

OWS: That is a wonderful question. And a wonderful perception on your part, in that once you have fully raised your vibrational frequency, whether it is complete and permanent, or whether it is fleeting, but when you have raised your vibrational frequency, there is nothing and no thing that can harm you, whether it is mosquitoes, or bees, or rapid dogs, or poisonous snakes, or whatever it is, there is no such thing at those higher vibrational frequencies. The more that you can maintain that higher frequency, the less and less you have to fear anything in your life. And once you have reduced the fear in your life, what is left, but love? Love expressed through out. The Source expressed through you and within you. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We will share here. May we share, Dear Brother?

Guest: You may, always.

Shoshanna: do you wish to rid yourself of the mosquitoes?

Guest: I wish to rid myself of them actually biting me. If they wouldn’t bite, I wouldn’t care; I would be friends with them.

Shoshanna: We will give you the third-dimensional tool to rid yourself of them wishing to attack you. If you place a small container of vinegar, pure white vinegar in the areas that you are working or wherever you may be, they will not come near you. They do not wish to smell the vinegar. It gives off a vibration that they do not life. So if you do that, they will not come in. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you.

OWS: Very good. Would there be any other further questions here?

Guest: I have a related question for Shoshanna. Does that apply to all bugs, or just mosquitoes?

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, may we share on this?

Guest: Please.

Shoshanna: We will say that there are many things that will repel these creatures, vinegar being one of them. If you choose to use the vinegar, those beings, those bugs that feed upon you do not like the vinegar. If you have spiders, then you spray peppermint oil around your windows, and they do not like that. So each one has a little bit of a different thing, but vinegar is a very good remedy for almost anything. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Any further questions here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Does that mean that in our new Earth fifth dimension there is no stinging and biting and carnivorous creatures?

Shoshanna: We wish to share on this.

OWS: yes. Please do.

Shoshanna: We wish to share on this. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Sure. Yes.

Shoshanna: What in the New Earth, even if there were creatures that are biting or stinging, they cannot touch you, as you have a different body. Your body is not flesh and blood in the New Earth. The Earth that we live on now, your body is made of the materials of this Earth. As you spring forward with the New Earth, your body becomes light. Your body becomes crystalline. Your body becomes the fabric of the New Earth, so these things that would sting you in the third dimension cannot touch those bodies. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Any further questions here?

Guest: I have one.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: There are a number of times that I’ve heard something to the effect that we are a completely different person or being moment, to moment, to moment, to moment. But is there not one aspect of ourselves that creates continuity? And what would that be?

Shoshanna: We will answer here.

OWS: Yes, thank you.

Shoshanna: We will share with you, Dear Sister. May we share?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: The god that you are never changes. The divinity that you spring from never changes, you see. That is the constant. The Divine Light, the divine part of you is the constant. Namaste.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Is our awareness involved in these constants too, or Divine Self? Or is that the same thing?

Shoshanna: Would you please ask that one more time?

Guest: Is our awareness of our being be constant as well? Or our awareness? Or is it the same thing?

Shoshanna: The awareness of which being?

Guest: The constant being that is in our God Self.

Shoshanna: In the dimension that you find yourself in, there is a veil that is still present that would tend to block most people from identifying their God Self. You, however, those that we find in this group, on this call, have mostly lifted that veil and have identified their God Self and their Higher Selves. Yet, there are many that remain on this call that do not merge with that self, that do not acknowledge in every moment that self. So you must, in this dimension, acknowledge that self in each moment as you move forward in life. As you move forward with your tasks, with your life, with whatever you are doing on a day-to-day basis, you must remember to acknowledge that you are God, that you are part of the Divine Source, and that you have sprung forth from that Source. So simply learn to remind yourself of that in each moment. Namaste.

OWS: We would say that that is the true meaning of becoming self-aware.

We move on. Are there any further questions here?

Then we are ready to release channel. Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to impart in closing?

Shoshanna: We do not.

OWS: Very good. Then we just simply reiterate what the one, Lanto, has given here, and what we have said many, many times throughout working with you, is to continue to find the joy in every moment. Or feel and experience, an even better way of putting it, feel and experience, and be the joy in every moment.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one. 

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on 6/25/2023. Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author website is clearly stated. Sunday Call Channeling transcriptions.
James & JoAnna McConnell

James McConnell:
Spiritual Facilitator/Counselor for 25+ years, James has spoken on behalf of and channeled the Ascended Masters at many gatherings for varied audiences. He has facilitated the spiritual paths of those that are searching for their own truth through weekly groups, speaking engagements and workshops. His journey started over 25 years ago when his Marriage and Family counseling business began using past life regression and spiritual teachings as the basis for helping his clients resolve their issues. He has led expeditions in Mexico in search of ancient records and conducted retreats in Sedona and Flagstaff. James has an MS degree in Counseling Psychology.

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