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One Who Serves: Q/A - We Have Been Preparing You

One Who Serves: Q/A - We Have Been Preparing You

One Who Serves:

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here. And we are ready for your questions.

We think there might be questions here, as from that message from KaRa. It is a timely message that she brought here, one that has been followed up by the one known as Ashtar, and others that have been moving in this general direction for many different changes to come upon you. And coming from many different sources that are bringing this forward, even your various intel sources are leading to many various changes to come upon this planet as you move from the third-dimensional illusionary experience to the higher vibrational frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimension.

And that is all in process. It is part of your ascension process. And those of you that have been acclimating to these energies, preparing for this, will be the ones moving forward. You are the Way-showers, as you have heard many times.

So we would say continue in any respect that you can, any opportunity that you have to show the way.

We are ready for your questions now if you have them.

Guest: Yes. I have been mulling over this question for several days now. It was such as shock to my system what I heard on another message channeling from someone who reads channelers of the Light, Lightworker metaphysical types, if you read the messages, and they are always really wonderful, his name is Paul Butler. This one message, though, really jarred me. It said in the third dimension, we were working toward, or what was our job, if you will, as Lightworkers was to love everyone and nonjudgment of everyone and everything. But then coming into the fifth dimension, our job was not to love the evil ones because in so doing, we somehow kept them in existence. This was shocking to me, because I think many of us as Lightworkers think we are supposed to send the light to everybody, light, dark, evil, and not. Id like to have at least some elucidation on what was meant by that, or if that is, in fact, accurate.

Guest: When you send the light to anyone, they either receive it as light, or they receive it as nonlight. In other words, what you send out, reverberates, you see? And they feel the vibration. But they can feel it as a vibration of love, or they can feel the vibration of fear within it. For the opposite of love is fear, you see? So it behooves you at all times to send out love. However it is received is not up to you, you see? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna's Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We will add here our perspective. May we add our Perspective to this, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: The idea of sending light, the idea of sending love to those that are of the darkness is to elucidate them, is to light them up, is to start their transformation to the Light. That is the purpose of sending love and sending light is to hope for a transformation, is it not? So we are not in agreement that the higher dimensions do not use this technique. But we do know that the fifth dimension is laden with wisdom, is laden with understanding. The fifth dimension is far beyond, it's exponentially beyond what is present in the third dimension. So we say that in the process of becoming a fifth-dimensional being, the wisdom to know, the wisdom to understand is present in those beings, and whatever process occurs out of that wisdom is appropriate for that dimension. Namaste.

OWS: And we we would add here from one of your books, the one (book) that is called; The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. And in one of those series of five books, there was spoken of where Yeshua was there with the people gathered. And they were having festivities, but bandits were coming up the hill to rob, to rape, to murder, whatever was there intention. And Yeshua moved out on a hill top in front of them. And he sent light to those on horseback riding up. And as he sent the light to them, many were struck from their horses and immediately died on the spot. But others that accepted the light, accepted the love that he sent, rode forward and became a part of the festivities there in that town. That is just an example of what you are asking here.

Shoshanna: And thus transformed.

OWS: Yes.

Guest: So just to verify then, love does not in some way keep an evil one in existence. That is not the case. That is maybe some kind of a misunderstanding, not really on track, if I'm understanding what you are saying correctly.

Shoshanna: Yes.

OWS: That is correct, yes.

Guest: Okay, thank you. That's great. I appreciate that. Because that was so jarring to me.

OWS: Have we not said many times, and other sources have also said what you feel when you hear these messages from wherever they come from, how does it resonate to you within your feelings, within your heart, you see? That is discernment.

Guest: Yes, thank you. I appreciate that.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: I was just thinking about the ocean, and the connection that we were doing during the meditation. And I was just thinking that the ocean is the fifth dimension. Do you agree with that?

OWS: The ocean is what you would call in between the worlds here. There is the ocean you see with your physical eyes and your third-dimensional experience, but there is the ocean that is there that is interdimensional, we will say. It is a higher vibrational frequency. So when one walks into the ocean, how do you feel if you walk into that water? What does it make you feel, you see? The cleansing of the water, the energy of the water. And yes, the connection to the consciousness of the water. That is fifth-dimensional experience. Yes. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna: We will add something here. May we add here, Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, perhaps the feeling that you get that the ocean is fifth dimensional is because the ocean is laden with fifth-dimensional creatures. Those creatures that change the planet to assist, that came to the great planet Earth with the spirit of Gaia to assist in the ecological balance of this beautiful planet, and to assist man. Those particularly are that of the whale and that of the dolphin that are fifth-dimensional creatures that have lowered their vibration just enough to participate in the ecological system, you see. But these creatures are far beyond intelligent. There are far beyond mankind, but they came to assist. So when one feels that the ocean is fifth dimensional, that is the reason it is because it was laden, it was populated with fifth-dimensional features. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I recently have read a lot of different factors, and directly piggy-backing off what KaRa just said, I have kind of always known my place to be as an emissary. I have long envisioned that I might be essentially an emissary when our galactic brothers and sisters come to the planet, that we would not represent them, but, again, be emissaries as a go-between. I was reading last week that they are going to approach besides world leaders and people who have obvious, what I would call influence. They said they are also going to approach people who have influence over the population first, meaning people with an audience. So my question is, is that necessarily true as far as the pecking order and, if so, I might need to get cracking to get a public audience because I very much feel this is within my mission, both as in a group and as an individual I've known myself to be a galactic emissary. So my question is, is that how they are going to approach it?

OWS: You are speaking of the message from Ashtar, are you not?

Guest: Ashtar and KaRa, both.

OWS: Yes. But first it was Ashtar paving the way, we will say here. And those that are ready for this, have been preparing for this, have been preparing for this, came here for this reason coming into the Earth in terms of your volunteer mission here. You are coming to that point where you will be put in that position, if you wish, if you want to move forward with this. And whether or not you have a public presence or not does not necessarily matter, because in particular this group, although not a public presence that you would think of in terms of your various telecasts, or what you call podcasts and these types of things, you have an influence, a great influence going out from this group, each of your times coming together, and the messages that come through, and are transcribed, and also in an auditory fashion that one can listen to or read. So these messages are going far and wide. And as for individuals within this group, when you do your meditations, or just when you are yourself raising the vibrational frequency within yourself, you raise the vibrational frequency across the planet, you see? So even one individual can change a world just by being who they are, you see?

Guest: Yes.

OWS: Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Yes, we will share, here. We wish to share here, Dear Brother. May we share?

Guest: Absolutely.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, we find within you that you have often pondered the idea of being in the public limelight, in being part of the podcasts, in having a podcast, and making a name for yourself, you are among those that have the gift of articulation, that have the gift of putting things together in a way that is very understandable, you see. So you have that gift. But you have not proceeded forward in that, and we know why, do you?

Guest: I think so.

Shoshanna: Yes. So we will just blatantly say, get over yourself, Dear Brother, and move forward in that mission. You are meant to influence millions. You are meant to do that. And, you can play a huge part in this, or a small part in this. So we will ask you to stop hiding and be the magnificent light that you are and influence all that you can because, you see, the Galactic beings that have come to transform your planet will seek those that do have the biggest audience because they wish to influence the most beings that they can, you see.

And what One Who Serves has given is accurate, you do not have to do anything. You are influencer, but as a broad-spectrum influencer. You must take to the internet. You must find the platform. And we know that you will have a great following. You just must proceed in that direction, you see. If you are asking, you must proceed in that direction. That is what you are meant to do. Does this make sense, Dear Brother?

Guest: Absolutely. One hundred percent.

Shoshanna: Well, we will wait for the podcast then. Namaste.

OWS: We would add here that when this one we speak through, James, was determining or deciding whether or not to begin a group such as this, there was hesitation, of course. There was fear involved. But there was the overcoming of this. There was the following of the guidance coming, even to the name of Ancient Awakenings that came as a result of pondering and wondering how to proceed, and asking for help in this. And then the group was formed. And then the connection with that Inner Earth group brought many, many more into the fold here. Many more souls returning back together once again. So it is all part of overcoming the fear, moving beyond what you'd think are limitations within yourself, but they are not, you see?

Guest: Yes.

OWS: Very good.

Guest: Thank you very, very much.

OWS: Yes. Would there be any other questions here?

Guest: Yes, please. On the topic of water, and being a water element myself, it's come to my attention that water that flows into people's homes and businesses and travels through many angles through plumbing and essentially that disrupts the natural energetic frequency and vibrations of the water. That is true of my home as well, even though gratefully I live in a home where I have access to a community well. With that said, I look a shower this morning, and what came to mind on listening to KaRa about water is that there are many devices out there that can essentially correct that flow of the water before consuming and using it. So in my imagination I saw that I could take a copper wire and wrap it around my hand-held shower, wrap it around that little pipe and make it into a coil so it would be a spiral that would wrap around that. Now my question is, would that be as effective in making a beneficial correction for a flow of the water into my shower?

OWS: We would ask you, where do you think this information or this guidance came from?

Guest: It came from me.

OWS: Which me?

Guest: This me. My Higher Me, I guess.

OWS: Yes. Yes, there, that me. The I AM Presence within you. So if you receiving this, this is a connection that you have from long ago beyond this lifetime, beyond many lifetimes here on the Earth, and the connection to other systems, and knowing, a deeper knowing of various ways of increasing a vibrational frequency within the matter that you are working with here. And in this case, you are talking about water. So the raising of the vibrational frequency within the water, that is what is coming in terms of many changes that are coming to this planet in terms of vibrational frequency, working with vibrational frequencies, working with energies more and more, you see? So this isn’t just a small example of what is possible as you follow your guidance. Shoshanna, do you have something to add?

Shoshanna: We will add one part of this, if we may, Dear Sister.

Guest: Absolutely.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, as in all things, there are parts to the transformation. And you are asking about water, which is the ultimately transformation of beings here, as your body is mostly water. What we will tell you about this is that in the process of using a physical element to change the vibration of the water, the physical element will only work, such as this copper you are referring to, if you imbue it with your mental and emotional vibration as well. You must complete the process. You must bless the water. You must understand that the idea of water coming from a faucet or a system is phenomenal, as there are many on your planet that walk miles for water, that they do not have this luxury. So the process must be completed by blessing your good fortune and feeling the higher vibration of the water transformed as it comes from the faucet. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you. And one more thing I will share, it was said by KaRa, that we have been selected as one of the many (oh, that reminds me of Spock! [laughs] that us, the general us, will be blessed with their presence. And when I heard that, it was like, Okay! Grateful tears! This is our time! Thank you!

OWS: Very good. There was one more question, and then we release channel.

Guest: Yes, thank you. I was just wondering about this music that I had heard and I have been sharing with the group. Can you tell us of its origin, and what we connect to when we hear it, and what we are resonating to, and where it comes from, just in general. Thank you so much.

OWS: Exactly as you've used the term here, resonating, it resonates within you, does it not, as you utilize this sound?

Guest: Oh, absolutely.

OWS: Yes. And where do you think that came from?

Guest: Well, it comes from, of course, my God-Presence, and the beings that I am meditating upon and calling forth are many. But I believe it's either Lemurian or Pleiadian, or perhaps Lyran in origin.

Shoshanna: We will share here.

OWS: Yes, please do, yes.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, you are spot-on. May we share?

Guest: Yes, please. Go ahead.

Shoshanna: Yes. You are spot-on. It is a Lemurian chant. And it was first given to the instrument known as the flute, but it is an ancient flute, you see. And there is more. You have only given a portion of it. There is much more to this chant. The sounds that you are giving is to balance the elements. It is to bring balance around you and to those that are listening. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Yes.

Guest: Namaste. Thank you.

OWS: And we are done for the time. Shoshanna, do you have any parting message here?

Shoshanna: We wish to say this. This is the common thing that humans tend to do here is doubt themselves. This is common in the third dimension, and it is an insidious program that has been perpetrated by the dark ones. So we will say, stop it! Stop the doubt. Set it aside. Do not listen to it. Do not incorporate it, and move forward in your greatness in your divinity. Namaste.

OWS: Wonderful. And we would say prepare yourselves, for you are in the midst of the storm right now. The storm that you have been hearing about that was coming, you are right there in it. And just like any time when you are in a storm, you attempt to find the calm places within that storm so that you are not fully within it. And we would say to do that as you continue to move forward. Find the calmness within yourself.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on 3/12/2023. Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author website is clearly stated. Sunday Call Channeling transcriptions.
James & JoAnna McConnell

James McConnell:
Spiritual Facilitator/Counselor for 25+ years, James has spoken on behalf of and channeled the Ascended Masters at many gatherings for varied audiences. He has facilitated the spiritual paths of those that are searching for their own truth through weekly groups, speaking engagements and workshops. His journey started over 25 years ago when his Marriage and Family counseling business began using past life regression and spiritual teachings as the basis for helping his clients resolve their issues. He has led expeditions in Mexico in search of ancient records and conducted retreats in Sedona and Flagstaff. James has an MS degree in Counseling Psychology.

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