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The Collective: Embracing Grace and Letting Go

The Collective: Embracing Grace and Letting Go

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This message is an excerpt from the Abundant Living Podcast, Episode 15. The full podcast is available below.

COR: Hello, friends . . . I feel that as our vibrations continue to move upward, as we’re taking in all this beautiful Light from our Sun Sol, from the supernovas, and now from the Solar Event, now quite imminent—the White Knights of the Ashtar Command are saying— That that’s going to shift a lot, when that Sun releases a burst of Light onto the Earth!

And it’s not going to be injurious to us or our Earth, but it’s going to create even more changes than what we’ve already seen. So I guess today what we’re asking for, is more grace. More openness, and more grace. And just allowing the things that are coming now, instead of arguing with them, and saying on an ego level, “Well, I’m just not used to that, and I don’t know what to do with that.”

And it can be easy to think or feel that way!

It can be very, very easy to feel that what’s happening is kind of in opposition to us, because we’re not sure about it.

And that’s the old survival mechanism, hard at work. It’s going to feel like something’s being taken away that we’re not too sure about.

It’s easy to feel that way. Even a job or relationship, or a living situation that we’re not very happy about. It’s easy to feel like, “Oh, wait a minute! I don’t want that to leave!” even though you or I have been complaining about it for a while now. That can happen, definitely . . . So I’ll call in the Collective, and they’re going to speak to us about these changes . . .

THE COLLECTIVE: Well greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

And certainly, these are very relevant, very up-to-the minute questions that our writer is asking. Many of you are asking about it. Many of you are wanting to know—“What do I do with the fact that I still love this person?” Or “I reap good money from this job,” or “It’s what I know! I don’t need any new skills for it.”

Or, “This isn’t the best place, but what if the next place I choose to live in is worse?” Many, many questions! Now, we’re going to bring forward the higher selves, because something that has happened, is that the higher self of nearly everyone is nudging you to move forward in new ways, because this is exactly what you have been asking for as you are in the higher realms. In the etheric at night, or in Inner Earth, and visiting with all of these beautiful guides and soul family, and your twin flame—just joining with them, asking questions, and requesting more support in one area or another. And this is a huge one!

It is indeed, as our writer was saying, a kind of Grace that will guide you now.

All you have to do, is say to your beautiful Angelic guardians, higher self, Spirit guides, “I require that I be led beautifully, calmly, gracefully, even Joyfully through all of these changes. And I give thanks for them! And I give thanks for you.” “I give thanks for my Earth life. I give thanks for all the tremendous shifts occurring now, because of all the Light pouring in.” And when that Solar Flash occurs, it will be a great moment! Your heart will be filled with a Joy you have not known in a very, very long time.

So just take a moment for yourself where you go into your breathing . . . and you’re just very calm, very quiet.

If you wish, put out your hands as if you’re holding this issue, this thing you’re wanting to let go of.

It might be extra weight you’ve had for 30 years—it could be anything!

Just hold in your hands that issue that’s difficult, and we’re going to take a bit of a journey. So image that you are in a beautiful column of ruby gold Light.

We chose ruby gold, because it has to do not only with Transmutation, but creation of something new, on a new level.

So that when you’re letting go of something you’ve known, even if it’s sort of comforting to have that in your life, it’s only because your own soul has called you up to something higher.

We’re working with all of you now . . . Just send your inner self, your awareness, up that beautiful cosmic column of pure sparkling Light, up into the higher realms.

You’re going to come up into that sea of unmanifest energy from which all things are created.

You’re going to call forth two things, and they’re going to join.

Now, you can make this your own, dear ones. You can make this into whatever you feel will serve you best.

Call to you a beautiful sort of cloud, of sparkling pinpoints of Light.

And this energy you’ve just called to you, this unmanifest energy, has to do with two things: Healing the feeling of loss at letting go of whatever it is you wish to let go of—yes, this is true even of the things that trouble you—the clutter in your home, a car that doesn’t work very well, the extra weight, illness, a disorder—whatever it is. It’s a Letting Go manifestation, with Grace and Calm and Ease. Call that beautiful sparkling cloud of tiny pinpoints of Light—this is raw, unmanifest energy—call it toward you right now.

And then inside of that, is the second thing: Which is the way opening [for you] to receive something that is so much more Joyful, much more orientated toward the 5th dimension and your higher self, much more orientated toward understanding fully—remembering, reclaiming—why you’re here.

Now you’re going to create matching pinpoints of Light—just use your hands as if you were drawing this, if you’re not good at imaging.

Open your hands wide in front of you, as if you had this beautiful cloud of sparkling Light [before you], and then put your hand on your heart-space, to indicate, “Now I AM copying exactly that which is before me!” [Creating identical sparkling bits of Light throughout your being.]

And you’re only asking that this comes in a way that is for your higher good, and most joyful for you. You’re not asking to bump along, to feel bad about anything, to wonder, “Is it my fault I’m letting go of this person, even though clearly, this is not positive anymore, if it ever was?”

“Is it safe to let go of the extra weight?”

“Is it OK if I save money, rather than immediately sending it all out to a bill that’s due in three weeks? Is it OK if I put some money aside for myself?”

Whatever the issue, it’s not going to be painful to make this change!

You’re going to bless and release everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. You’re going to give thanks for it, whatever or whoever it is.

You’re going to be glad that your life is always calling you up to something even more beautiful than what you’ve already known!

And now move your hands again, if you’re not good at imaging, or just image those beautiful pinpoints of Light flowing into you.

And you have now perfectly matched the vibration of this.

You might imagine someone plucking a string of an instrument, and you vibrate at the same tonal level as this beautiful thing that you want to create. And the things you want to experience, in terms of releasing the old.

And draw in these beautiful pinpoints of Light—they’re going to match all of the tiny, sparkling bits of Light that are already in your own energies.

And have a feeling now of having it—both release of the old, and the introduction of the New.

Because you have made space now for something better to happen.

Give thanks to this beautiful sea of sparkling Light!

Give thanks that this Universe is never done giving you new creations! Never, ever done giving you beautiful new gifts, opportunities, wonderful emotion, wonderful realizations, a beautiful inner Knowing.

Just like this stream, and just like these logs that have fallen over. They’re not in pain; they simply let go one day. And this is all right.

They will feed the Earth, and then they will rise again. Nothing in this forest is in mourning for what has passed. It just naturally accepts, as do all the animals, this beautiful circle that is Life itself.

And so must you, and all persons, all beings, accept that circle, dear ones!

Now, as you go through your day, you might think of other things you would like to release. And it might be old clothing or objects that you don’t need any more.

It might be some old habit. It might be television viewing—at least not to the extent that you’ve been involved in it in the past.

It might be letting go of [watching] films for a while, and just playing a musical instrument in the evening.

Many, many millions of people are calling out for a quieter life now!

Fewer distractions. Less time online. Releasing social media, except for the time that is perhaps a requirement for one’s business, or to connect with an old friend.

But not a daily habit that would take at least an hour or two, unless that is one’s job, of course.

So just take a moment and allow your higher self to allow you a message in your heart-space, about what you could release that you have not released yet.

And the idea may not pop up in your mind immediately, but it will come up .

We see many people afraid, for instance, to release extra weight, because they feel it keeps them safe.

They feel it keeps them from being criticized by others.

In the case of many women, they’re criticized by other women if they are thin, because then those other women feel like, “Well, you betrayed us. You dropped weight!" Or "You’re always thin—that’s not fair! That makes us feel bad.”

Or maybe they don’t like the attention from men [after they drop weight]. There can be reasons to try to hold onto that which you do not want.

And this is why we encourage Tapping and meditation, and asking to come into a place of self-Love that is so powerful—requiring that of your guides—that so much changes naturally without you having to try.

Never mind the restrictive diets [at that point]—you just find yourself drinking those 8 or 10 glasses of pure water every day, and reaching for the fruits and vegetables, because that is genuinely what you want.

Releasing the comfort of being constantly “plugged in” as they say, on the internet. Or eating heavy foods, or sweet foods.

You’re just releasing it, because you feel, “Well, that’s all right. I’m not really drawn to that anymore.” And that is the point, dear ones, when the New has taken the place of that which no longer suits you. That which you no longer find comforting, or even relevant. And you do it without judgment, without self-criticism.

Without feeling you’ve betrayed anyone, including yourself.

You’ve spoken to that little child [within] who has reached for so many distractions in life, just to begin to feel better.

You’ve spent time with him or her, and you have reached out to them on many levels, and you have reassured that little one, “I am here for you. You don’t need all those old crutches or mollifiers—emotional cushions.”

Now, we will say that without the emotional cushions, you will be facing yourself.

If you’ve ever done a water fast, for instance, for even one or two days, you’ll find yourself facing that which the food was serving as a barrier from.

Then the cushion is gone, and then you have to face what is happening with you emotionally.

This is not a bad thing, dear ones! Write down how you feel. All is well! You know you are still a miracle. Even in those moments when you feel weak, you are still a powerful god or goddess. Nothing has changed.

And only the powerful will allow themselves to feel their weaknesses, and admit to them, and work through them.

Wonderful, dear ones! We cannot express our Joy fully enough at seeing all of you anchoring this powerful Light into the Earth, all day, every day, every night.

Regardless of how taxing the shifts and changes are in your own life.

Regardless of how strange the Ascension process feels some days, all of you are doing so beautifully!

And we ask that you open your heart-space to yourself . . . Go here to watch the remainder of the message (with close captioning for the hearing impaired):




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