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The Voice of Divine: Ascension Truths & Debunking Myths

The Voice of Divine: Ascension Truths & Debunking Myths

Greetings Dear Humanity,

I am the Voice of Divine sending this message with Supreme Love and Light to Mother Earth and Beloved humanity.

The narrative today is about my direct involvement with the planet. What is the meaning of Divine Power, and how I am impacting the transition into higher realms. I have been in existence for extremely a long time, since the day Cosmos was created which is longer than eons. I want to give to every human a deeper understanding about the Ascension Process.

It was given a specific time frame to complete this long-awaited transformation. I, Divine, needed to step in and speed up the process. As humans have been too slow and not fast enough with the elimination of Dark Entities from their control positions. I am an invisible force or you can call me a power that can’t be seen by a 3D human, unless you are highly evolved.

I have been crushing daily negative energies in your reality. Nobody can’t stop me from accomplishing my task to help to ascend the ready ones to 5D. It makes me sad that the Light Community spreads a lot of false information, I am going flush out to the public’s eye everyone, who spreads lies and follows pure Evil.

You can’t escape from Divine, and a judgment day is coming. If you committed a crime against humanity, you are going to pay dearly by loosing your physical form. Your existence will be in a bubble form for eternity without any chance to reincarnate again. Please, stop reading false information about 3 Days of Darkness, Solar Flashes and other meaningless messages.

I am going to address the 3 days of Darkness information. Earth was never called Agartha. The Central Sun planet is not Source for humanity. The Universal Sun planet will not be involved with the Ascension Process on Gaia in any away. There is no such thing as 12 Crystal Skulls, it doesn’t exist. The Archons did not invert the magnetic poles of Earth. If they did, than Mother Gaia would not exist today, because the planet would destroy herself from spinning in the wrong direction.

The Moon in the past did not hit the Earth’s ocean and cause a huge flood on the planet, that is not true. If the Moon would collide with Gaia, both would be destroyed from the collision. So the Moon after hitting the Earth planet just magically went back to its original location, that doesn’t even make much sense. There are no two big spaceships, one each on magnetic poles rotating Earth to spin in the correct direction, on of them is supposed to be Arcturians ship.

This is false information about the magnetic poles, which have never been changed to spin into the wrong direction. Also, Arcturians are not involved in any way with Ascension Process. They are not part of the Galactic Light Forces. There will be no 3 days of Darkness, where all of the electric devices and anything that uses electricity would not work, basically complete blackout. Everyone on the planet are not going to be paralyzed for 3 days. Planes will not fall from the sky, there will be no car accidents.

Does this information about the 3 days of Darkness sounds like a positive event for humanity? It’s a very dark event. When Ascension happens on Earth, it’s going to be uplifting and harmonious moment for humanity. The information about the 3 days of darkness came from a Dark being.

You don’t need worry about our Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces channeling a Negative being. Any Galactic Civilization or Galactic Being who wants to send a message, through this channel needs to be first to be approved by Ashtar. Any Dark civilization or Dark soul will blocked by Ashtar. The Dark Ones usually don’t try, because they know that they will be captured by the Galactic Light Forces. Only positive beings or neutral civilizations are given access to this channel. Even then Ashtar still scans the information and knows everything what was said in message before it’s posted in the Light Community.

Now is the time to see the truth speakers and leave behind gloomy predictions. Humans don’t know, how this transformation is going to occur. Do you think it will be disclosed, so that Corrupted Entities would interrupt or slow down the events? Changes are going to happen naturally, preplanned by me, Divine.

I waited a long time for humans to get to this point, now it’s my turn. Dissatisfaction from governments continues to grow around the globe. Old ways of governing are dissolving, as humanity wants to be able to live freely without restrictions. A New World is getting formed. All of the plans by Darkness, so far backfired and gave the opposite effects, not what it expected.

The new phase on your planet is getting implemented, which is going to bring peace, happiness and harmony. Your soul will be able to choose, where it wants to be. Your transition into a New Earth is going at full speed without anymore delays or setbacks. Dark Pretenders, who came from nowhere and expressed their concern for humanity, are on the way to be removed from this reality.

Focus on your vibrations, increase them by daily silent meditations. Let go of your human‘s traits, and keep reminding yourself, that you are more then just a physical body. Be gentle and loving to yourself and others. Practice gratitude, forgive yourself and others for mistakes. The Ascension Process is about moving into a higher plane of existence.

Don’t ever take anything or anyone for granted. Thank Mother Earth for everything, she has given for you. This false illusion is dissipating, be ready for a new beginning. Please, remember a new life is awaiting for the ones, who dedicated their lives to spiritual evolvement by reconnecting with your Galactic Brothers and Sisters. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Be Humble Enough To Admit Your Wrongs

The Voice of Divine

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

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