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Conversations with Kuthumi - Falling in Love & Full Moon Codes

Conversations with Kuthumi - Imagination & Intuition

Body-Brain VS Mind-Soul

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a profound blessing of exploration, dedication, light, and fun!

What a joyful fun way to come together beloveds! This is indeed what this life is all about, joy, fun and the celebration of life itself!

Beloved ones, too many times in life humanity restricts themselves because of set rules and regulations. This channel is very good at that (smirk), therefore when you create a space where you push your boundaries to do things differently, which I teach all the time, different things happen to you! Different energies are invited to enter, thus different opportunities stream forth.

When one gets stuck in your ways, you become stale. When that happens, the chances for opportunity to knock on your door to remove the veils of the illusion which keeps you within boundaries 24/7/12/365 remains just that, a stale illusion.

Beloved ones, the human brain-mind is probably one of the most complicated, intense, complexed wired apparatus of Creation known to man. In fact, I will go as far as saying that very little of the wirings of the brain has been fully discovered. There is a whole new world that is ready for humanity to awaken to, but not until time presents itself as correct. When you create situations of pushing boundaries and barriers, that is when you open the door to invite new discoveries to become known. This current time on your planet is a doorway such as this.

Surrender into the Expansion of it all!

Expand your mind, rewire your brain, surrender into the brain function of the heart, for the heart rules all. Things which restrict you within thinking can never restrict you within deep compassionate feeling, and therefore knowing. You can never ‘un-know’ things.

The heart will, when you allow yourself to go in search of the many gems and jewels contained within, reveal to you a very complexed life system of its own. Your scientists know this, they have tapped into it, and although they revealed some of this info, much will still be discovered. The heart can indeed overrule anything, absolutely anything.

It is when the brain wants to control the heart that things go a bit ‘haywire’ as you say, things go wrong.

When tapping into the higher essence of the brain you open up a spectrum of mind exploration and therewithin lies the true gem of higher thinking. This allows you to ultimately surrender into the eventual balance of the sacred heart/mind. Beloveds, when these two joins in a graceful dance of transformation, that is when change become, magic happens, and miracles manifest before your very eyes.

This too is what the pulse of any full moon brings to you, yet you needn’t be ‘under’ the full moon to tap into this energy to allow transformation. Listen to the essence and life-support system contained within and around your heart centre. There you will find the answer to each of your questions, from a heart not brain response.  

Brain →Mind→ Sacred Mind→ Soul Mind

Allow the mind to explore wider thinking. When you are able to finally fully let go and surrender into the essence of the scared heart/mind, that is when you ‘peddle on a bicycle without pedals’ as life takes you on a journey of its own. You can only experience and enjoy this once you surrender into ALLOWING yourself to do so!

Change the way you do things, break barriers, extend the thoughts that tends to curb you. Share emotions that you have never been able to. Allow yourself to open up and blossom into the most beautiful magical magnificent being that you are.

Clearly the brain is not all about confinement, yet enjoys playing games of confusion, which ultimately you create! At times it even finds pleasure or entertainment when trying to veer you off path. Confusion presents itself in many forms! The greater of this is either pleasure in form of humour, or misperception fuelled by the lower ego. Then there are the times when this displeasure to the mind happens purely because of the brain’s inability to ‘see’ clearly, which is complex.

The sole essence of man allows the brain to ‘drive’ your vehicle, on your insistence, for as long as you want. When the brain shows interest in learning all the markings or signs of the ‘road’ along your journey, the soul encourages it to take the free-willed driver seat for explorations. This is where the mind concept comes in, for the brain concept is the lowest, then you have the mind concept, then you have the sacred mind, or the higher mind, and then soul-mind.

I am presenting it in this way as this has created confusion amongst many when it comes to ‘separating’ these and the thought process functioning thereof.

The brain will tell you “not to do it” as you have never done it, the mind will say “I dare you to”, and the sacred mind will say “trust me let’s do it!”

Beloveds, the moon essence that oversees Mother Gaia anchors within a reminder of the sensitivity of self, stirring sensitivity within the male aspect of all to become more pertinent. This is when the sensitive aspect within the masculine guide in a beautiful and soft way.

The key is to be wary of over or under active emotions, this is when sensitivity within the feminine goes into power overdrive and within the masculine the opposite.  To bring this into balance, you need to bring the brain-mind functioning into balance so that the soul can express what it came to do. In so doing it can finally indicate to the body, thus the human (brain), what it means to truly explore the journey of your life.

Thus, instead of being too stubborn acting out a full brain-only function, tap into the soft gentle mind within the new masculine templates contained within all, which guides even the most stubborn to explore a more refined understanding of their map of life.

So instead of allowing the brain to drive where there are no roads, what this is saying is “Open yourself up by expanding your beingness” and you do so by integrating sensitivity and drive without force.  

Explore and express the sensitivity within the masculine and the power within the feminine.

This brings about balance by bridging the gap between lower dimensional brain thinking and the upper dimensional thought processes creating a balanced mind function for your soul experience to be ‘downloaded’ hence the ‘why am I here’ becomes clear. Then as the famous saying goes, you can ‘Take up your bed and walk!’

The key that unlocks this without fail, is to express yourself creatively. Explore different ways of doing so, thus do things differently. The more you ‘allow’ yourself to push previously set boundaries, the better you will come to know the self, with the result, the more you completely, utterly, and totally fall in love with the self!

Falling in love with each other

If humanity as a whole can bring forth the love aspect and awaken this within each other, this world will be transformed in a blink of an eye. Trust me, I understand that there is great sadness, aggravation, people have lost determination and feeling hopeless. This world seems tricky for the most part especially at this time. But trust me, form a conscious level, come on lean into me, this planet has never ever had so many awakened beings in ‘now’ consciousness. Ever.

We apologise ahead of time for saying this, as some are feeling exceptionally distraught and ‘done in by’ because of great suffering on many levels. But, with wonderful, magnificent, well trained and equipped lightworkers such as you, all we can say is, bring it on, bring it on!

Unfortunately, some may fall by the wayside, but trust me, even those that have left and those that will do so before a grand state of equilibrium has been achieved, will rejoice from on high! Right now, they rejoice and give thanks on every level of the heavenly spheres for the amazing transformation that is happening, which they are still a part of, on or off the planet, and so will you!   

It’s not a maybe or perhaps, it is a done deal.

It may not be within your lifetime, but you will be back for the sideshow!

You think your explosions of light at the end of each calendar year is great? You aint see nothing yet!

Beloved ones, the process of ascension and the ascending inner being, from human shell, to brain, to mind, to soul function, has been an ongoing theme for eons. It has taken eons to get here, thus if it takes that for the achieved end result to be manifest, then so shall it be!

Utilise the feminine energies of the moon to remind you of your inner softness no matter your gender or choice. Draw forth all you can to become inspired and to remain so. Inspiration, Inner Sight and Creativity (3rd eye) transcends lower thoughts into intermediate, then into higher mind perceptions which surrenders to the Sacred Mind, and it into your Soul Essence Mind.  

Trust the awakening of your sacred mind. Your sacred heart continually pulsates vibrational frequencies to transform the rest. Falling in love with the self is not without trials and tribulations, which can be overcome. Many face challenges beyond the average comprehension, yet much is of their own making, like distorted thought habits, as your earth is drenched with addictions.

The most difficult – The addiction of a negative mind.

The addiction of allowing the ‘empty’ brain to be in control of the vessel, the vehicle, prevents most from going through the golden doors, remaining trapped within what you term repetitive 3D.

They won’t allow themselves to transcend boarders, as they refuse to hand the controls to the soul even though they know very well that the soul knows best. Addictions to the controlling lower aspect of the ego which thrives on lack, desire, and fear, must be overcome! Trust me, if you have faced these or working on transcending these, thus working at opening the golden door just a fraction, then celebrations are in sight! Once stirred, the door of transcendence can only open wider, and the gift of falling in love with the self is revealed.  

Bathing under the moon rays opens this doorway for you to take a peek at, whilst exploring what this scared celestial being called your moon has to offer.  

As time reveals more, you will come to understand the greater energy at play. The days of thinking that humans can do as they please with whomever they wish are ending.

Recent failed activities on your moon have proven this. Like all planets, your moon is a celestial being, and you are, by invite, living on another celestial body, Gaia, how dare you not respect this?

These things the majority will continue to teach themselves until such time that they too enter into the doorway of ‘learning to fall in love with themselves’, and all else.  


In your mind’s eye integrate your personal codes extended from the moon into your sacral chakra. Then, feel these gentle codes move into the heart centre. Here the divine goddess feminine expression of your creative self now comes to dance with the inner compassionate one of the self, the one that dares you to fall in love with the self. Pause

Allow the sacral and heart moon codes of the divine feminine to join with the 3rd eye moon codes. Feel this as a tingling sensation in the 3rd eye. Pause.

Remind the self to aim at focusing on that which is of the gentlest expression of the self. Remind the self to express through the sensitivity of the male and the power of the female. Move this frequency into the 10th chakra above the head. pause.

Feel your angelic codes stirring an awakening in that area. Bring in the energy of Gold swivelling in the 10th chakra. Pause

Now shift the essence of the codes from the sacral, heart, 6th, and the 10th Angelic Chakra into the 12th Chakra, to amalgamate with the I AM Christ Consciousness Diamond Codes anchored within the 12th. Pause

Beloved ones, feel yourself standing in a field of diamond energy. Long pause.

Bathe in this Christed Light held within your 12th chakra. Pause.

All the ‘gems’ that you collect along your life’s journey are the ones that gifts you passage into the Light. Journey with creative compassion and excitement. Surrender into the Divine Flow of the unknown and claim this by integrating the ‘I AM’ Christ Consciousness Codes within. I truth, you already are that. Your life cord envelops you within this sacred frequency, urging you to awaken your full consciousness cord. Long pause.

In your mind’s eye see your beautiful moon in its fullest expression in the distance. See her magnificence as she shines her light reflected by your sun. Understand that there is always a light and dark side to your moon, which is also the natural flow of balance within humanity, the Yin and the Yang.

Awakening means, that the one learns from the other. When opposites grow together and support each another, falling in love with the self is inevitable.

When the body-brain, and soul-mind, can dance together and work as one, miracles happen, and lives are transformed! It may seem to be a tall order to some, but not impossible! The more you lean towards this, thus the further you venture towards opening the doorway of loving the self, the better you will understand the concept of balancing light-dark, negative-positive, Yin and Yang, and all the polarized rest at their best.

We invite you to open that doorway! Transcend consciousness beyond this plane by gravitating into the fullness of the moon, move your energy into and through her body, out the other side into the darkness of her balance. Pause.

The further you travel beyond the dark side of the moon, thus the deeper into space you flow, the darker it seems all round at first. Eventually you find yourself beyond dense darkness as light always prevails, your light. Pause.

Venture even further into the void, abyss, the darkness, be comfortable, go even further, breathe, relax, feel safe. Pause.

Now, in consciousness, turn around and look back at the dark side of the moon observing your sun and earth beyond that. Pause. No matter how dark you may think it to be, your consciousness responds according to your light frequency. Pause.

In embodiment, this is the light of your sacred soul mind beloveds, the light that you create from within, which guides you without. Pause.

Hang around here for a bit, feel what it feels like to be comfortable within darkness. When you are ready, bring your mind back through the dark side of the moon, out the other side where the sun shines brightly upon its surface creating a full reflection of that which is magnificent. Lastly anchor yourself back to earth, back to your space, chair, head, and brain.

I will leave you at this.

May the Light of the living Christ shine brightly upon you. May you go forth and rediscover all that is great, wonderful, and magnificent about you. May you be able to share this with all, also unto the untoward. May you know that not now or not ever can you be alone, for we are all one.

I am Kuthumi, I AM the lord and Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom, and I greet, bless, and gift unto thee a most magnificent blessing of discovering the love of self. Adonai.

Transmitted thru Chanel Lingenfelder Howick SA

Article Submitted to CrystalWind.ca via Email from Chanel Lingenfelder with Written Authorization to reblog on CrystalWind.ca.

Chanel Lingenfelder
Chanel Lingenfelder has been a transvoice channel for Kuthumi, Diana, the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings since 2006. She lives in Howick, South Africa. Apart from earning mega academic accolades, she’s a published author and travelled extensively. Her book “From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia” is available on all leading platforms. For more info www.visionoftheheart.co.za. Chanel’s dedication toward lightwork remains as unwavering as her wicked sense of humor!
Below is a link to Chanel's book. 

From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia 

Submitted to CrystalWind.ca by Chanel Lingenfelder and reprinted with written authorization.
Header image courtesy of CrystalWind.ca.

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