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El Morya: In The Name Of The Divine Within Me

El Morya: In The Name Of The Divine Within Me

Souls of Light, good evening to all. I am El Morya, present at your side currently to continue this path, this teaching.

At the beginning of my speech, I would like to mention, to tell you that I know that many of you expect very deep, very concrete, very specific lessons from us. But I would like you to know something: sometimes when we give techniques, they may be suitable for the majority, but may not be suitable for some in particular. In certain people, certain techniques that we could disseminate would even cause quite dangerous things, attacks, unnecessary harm. This is why when we give you an exercise in a conference and a public speech like this, we will give you exercises that are suitable for the greatest majority. We could give very specific exercises allowing you to access much more powerful dimensional fields, yet in some people, once again, this would cause damage, and generally these fragile people are the first to want to test these techniques.

So, we will never put you in danger in a public speech, however we will still give you exercises or techniques allowing you to increase your energy field, to protect yourself. So, this will be a bit my role this evening, however I repeat, I will not go into depth with some of these exercises. Some of you will find this depth when you begin to practice them, and others will experience it more lightly, however, you will see, in a beautiful energy.

First, to give the context of my words, of this speech, yes, indeed, the current energies, the energies of this month require a great openness of mind, require moving towards Peace . It is a month that invites souls to benevolence, to reconciliation, to openness of heart, not only because you are approaching this period that you call Christmas, but also because your future will push you to be in this benevolence, to hear you, to understand you to avoid being directed, controlled, manipulated by various energies, whether they are totally physical, I would even say governmental, or energies which are non-physical and which are of a other order, which are of a more cosmic order at times or even more spiritual, when it comes to what you call non-light or the astral.

Before taking you to an exercise allowing you to feel more joy within yourself, I will do an exercise with you, offer you an exercise which is an exercise of protection, protection.

To understand this, know that when you have sent yourself into an incarnation, when you have decided to incarnate yourself in a body, in a city, in a function, a mission — there are so many words for the same thing — when you chose this, you knew that you were going into terrain that is ʺminedʺ, terrain undermined by heavy, dense, dual energies, that's for sure.

These energies can sometimes prevent you from being attracted to what you are , attracted to what you need , because when your body, your bodies are aligned with the energy of Light, you are truly attracted to the energy , the future — call it what you want — the events that correspond most to you. And when you are a little lost, when your consciousness no longer knows exactly where it is or what it is doing, at that moment you are no longer attracted by anything at all and you are in manual piloting should we say , in any case, not so attracted anymore.

This attraction to what is necessary is not a simple attraction. It is a complex attraction, particularly because it corresponds to little words whispered in the ear by your Guides, your angels, your spiritual companions. You also chose these companions before coming to this world, before coming to this Earth. They will have as much ease in communicating with you as you will in being in an energy, in a movement of mood ready to receive them. And you actually have this attack of duality, this mental imprisonment, these various and varied addictions which can prevent you from perceiving this well. Therefore, to begin, let's do this liberation exercise.

This exercise of liberation, of protection, will start from a relatively simple teaching principle. Truly, know this, when you ask for something in the name of the Divine within you , you are heard, not necessarily executed if it is not entirely in your plan, however you are heard. This means that, particularly in the principle of this exercise this evening, you will be heard and you will be listened to. It's a bit like asking the universe to open its biggest doors for you.

Therefore, concretely, we will begin this exercise by pronouncing the words:

In the name of the Divine in me ― In the name of the Divine in me.

These words, once again, are in fact a call and a request to enter into communication with your Higher Consciousness. From this moment, your higher Consciousness which never loses you will then open a field of energy, open a sort of tunnel of communication with you, and what you will say next will allow you to find alongside those that you have chosen on Earth to be your Guides, your guardians, your protectors. In addition, you need it, I repeat, you experience and undergo many attacks that are more or less difficult, depending on many circumstances. So, place yourself in a sort of army of Light - even if I don't really like this warrior term - let's say a team of Light, as this is indeed a sort of battle against this which can slow down your destiny. It can't stop it, nothing can stop your destiny, however many things can slow down your destiny, certainly not stop it. Have faith and trust in this already, if you will listen to me.

To begin, I invite you to position your energy by uncrossing your feet, your legs, leaving your physical body as straight as possible. For some it will be very straight, for others it will be a little more tilted with some rheumatism, this is understandable and rest assured, no rheumatism prevents the energy from passing through you. And in this attitude, I invite you to repeat the following words after me:

  • In the name of the Divine within me,
  • I appeal to divine protection.
  • I ask for help and assistance
  • Guides, angels and Masters who accompany me in this life.
  • Free me from my mental imprisonments.
  • Free me from my physical imprisonments.
  • Free me from my emotional imprisonments.
  • And free me from all spiritual harm.
  • Free me and protect me, now, in my divine Name.

Having said these words, I invite you to feel alongside you, the Presence, the Energy, the Light of your angels, of your Guides and your Masters, of your teachers in fact, these are the ones we call Masters here.

Position your mind in a wide openness. It is about succeeding, possibly by closing your eyes, in feeling these invisible Presences alongside you. In the same way you feel when someone is close to you behind you and your physical eyes have not yet seen them, yet you feel this energy beside you, in the same way, feel your Guides, Masters and angels at your side.

Feel their protection and perhaps feel their work, because they are there to help you. They are there to free you, to rid you, to give you a psychic shower – call it what you want.

Breathe slowly, and for a minute or two, let the work happen through you.

Let yourself feel and let your angels, Guides and Masters do what they have to do in this work of protection and liberation in the name of the Divine within you.

Now set yourself free. Feel this release.

Feel this release within you and say the following words after me:

  • I only accept Pure Joy.
  • I only accept Pure Love.
  • I accept the Peace of Christ.

Christ here is not personified by Jesus but by your own Christ aspect, by all your bodies linked together. Perhaps some of you will perceive all these bodies as aligned when you say this.

And feel Joy. Accept it within yourself.

I am here this evening to answer your questions, however, I first want to truly free you, let Joy pass and for you to understand that this state is necessary before doing an exercise , before meditating, some would say.

Place yourself in this state and in this awareness of accepting only Pure Joy, Pure Love and Christic Peace within you. Because you have said it in your divine Name, it is done.

Stay preserved and protected for as long as is necessary.

This formulation that I gave you can be done every day, for as long as necessary. Not ten times a day, you know, when you call your guardians to your side, they will remain present until you fall asleep and make other choices in Sleep Consciousness.

Dear souls, here and now, I am ready to answer your questions, your questions. Put them here on this screen. I allow my channel enough interaction so that you can, through this body and through this technology, ask me your questions.

Even before reading them, I hear one that is very, very strong from one of you. This question is: Master El Morya, what will happen next year?

We will undoubtedly talk about this next month, all the same, I would eventually just like to tell you that what you call the first half of next year has a very very strong potential for revolution, has a potential for rebellion of the peoples who is very very strong . You are going to enter a difficult phase, because while certain peoples will be put to sleep by people who try to make them move from one idea to another, from one problem to another problem to forget how much they have been handled previously, everything comes to the surface . And the beginning of your next solar year will be, and already is now, a moment of necessary revelation for many, a moment of shock because earthly manipulation will have been very, very far away. And the consequences will go very, very far too.

We just want to tell you not to worry . Those we call the Righteous, that is to say those who keep the idea of ​​fraternity, will not really be worried. But I pity the selfish during this period. Don't be, think of others. We repeat, this will be a necessary period .

The Earth in 2024 will experience an event that none of you can really predict , with precision in any case , despite everything it is necessary, once again. There will already be a lot of celestial energies on your world, and when we talk about celestial energies, I am talking about an energy from the sky, an energy outside of your planet. All this will create the need for your planet to evolve according to this immense energy field which will cross the planet. Once again, whatever events are to come, dear souls, these events will be an accelerator, an accelerator of your consciousness . So let everything be fair.

In your questioning, you ask us how to get good sleep.

Don't go to sleep stressed will be our answer. You know, what you call stress on your Earth is going to sleep with a lot of questions. Don't fall asleep with questions, fall asleep with answers, with deeply good feelings. And then, take the time to align your bodies before falling asleep  : emotional, spiritual, mental, atmic, buddhic, etheric, astral. All these bodies need to be aligned and to align them, we did it a little with you, take the time to breathe.

Sit down. Lie on your back and breathe very slowly. Exhale slowly. Do this exercise for 4.5 minutes, this will align your bodies. Then your night will undoubtedly be more peaceful. In this way, take the time to consciously align your energies. Falling asleep with your bodies out of alignment is the best way to have nightmares or a difficult night's sleep. Understand it.

How can we understand the messages that animals send us?

There are a lot of techniques for understanding the messages animals send you. Generally speaking, understand this, when you talk to an animal, you are talking to its Higher Consciousness first and foremost.

Of course, on a daily basis, the interactions you have are aimed at the animal itself, however when you want to do what you call animal communication, or when you want to try to understand something telepathically with your animal, truly understand that you are speaking to the higher Consciousness of the animal. So this means that you need to be in a higher vibrational state on a daily basis, and take the time to be aligned with the best aspect of yourself. In these circumstances, you will often receive his messages through intuition, through sensations potentially in your own body. You know, we repeat, in truth with your animals there are multiple techniques, above all understanding that you are addressing the higher Consciousness of the animal is important, given that this higher Consciousness governs a large part of the daily conversation that exists between the animal, its Higher Consciousness and you, if they are wild animals, between nature, the Higher Consciousness and the animal.

You ask me Master El Morya, when will all this violence stop?

Dear friend, I would just like to tell you something, I have the exact same question. The idea you have that we know everything, the idea you have that we see everything is false, totally false. God knows everything, yes. Energies from planes very, very higher than mine know exactly and truly everything that is going to happen. Personally, from what you would call the Beyond, the higher dimension, what I see are probabilities, what I see are movements of planetary energies, not necessarily individual rather movements of planetary energies which belong to certain peoples sometimes, to certain nations sometimes, in a closer manner indeed.

To tell the truth, I ask myself the same question, since in truth, I ask myself differently: When will Humans awaken to their humanity? Because it's the same question and only Humans have the answer. Only Humans have the answer.

I can quite easily tell you that in around thirty years, 80% of the violence you experience today will no longer exist  ; in around thirty years, only 80% and not 100% . Of course, I would like this to speed up enormously, because to tell you that what is happening at the moment will stop next year is false, the year after that is false, the following year, it is false, to the extent that the heart of Man must change, his humanity must move for that.

Therefore be brave, dear friends, because it is up to you to answer this question for me. When will this violence stop? Are you asking the right person? Think carefully about what I just said. This question should be asked of your leaders. It’s up to you to ask yourself this question .

We know that the heart of Man, the heart of the Human is open to the end of violence, nevertheless at the same time, we see that humans accept division: the division between peoples, the division between religions, the division between the ages, the division between the personal practices of each. If you accept this division, you accept violence, you accept separation.

How can we pray effectively for those who are suffering?

I offer you this prayer: Lord, bring your Light and your Grace, here and now, to all those who are in transformation. May each and everyone receive your Light, your Love, your Strength and your Consciousness. Reveals to everyone the pure Truth of the Love that composes them. May this Truth set them free.

Indeed, behind this word Love hides the perfect body, perfect health, the perfect situation. It's a key that has been repeated to you so often that it seems outdated. Some people perform extremely complicated rituals to finally touch what was already in them, this grain of love, this seed of victory over the world that is Love.

The true prayer is that of the heart, that is to say the one which spreads this seed in the world, the one which is not attacked. Don't let your love be attacked, that is, don't constantly put yourself in absolute protection either. It's about being valiant, that is to say accepting the fairness, the justice of certain fights. Move forward. Do not be afraid. Don't be afraid of illness, get through it. Don't be afraid of death, go through it. Don't be afraid of losing, go through that feeling, that idea, that loss. Cross. Move forward. Continue in love never giving up on love, because the key is there, of course. This is what will help the greatest number of people.

Why are some anxieties so strong in us now?

I repeat, you are experiencing two types of attack right now . There is a visible attack, you see it on this Earth. I have just spoken of divisions, of behaviors which are difficult humanly speaking, moreover, you are also concretely experiencing bombardments which I will call extraterrestrials. Indeed, it exists — how can you talk about it in your own words? — extraterrestrial mind control technologies and they are in use today. It's hard to hear the moment you're thinking "so the aliens would harm us." Without a doubt, this is where you make a little mistake.

The mental control that is being exercised at the moment does not really intend to target the entire population, even if unfortunately this is the case through a collateral effect . The idea is to prevent humanity from self-destructing. The idea is to prevent this humanity from going as far as nuclear escape routes , to use that word. From then on, a mental control system is put in place to prevent you from rebelling, I would say, but even Christ-like beings are in discussion with these beings also to explain to them currently that humanity must rebel, that it will not rebel if - the people do not have the atomic bomb, let's be clear, this is what I want to tell you, the people do not have the atomic bomb - the people have the heart and the courage to move, to move forward things.

So this external mental control will soon disappear and it is happening, yes. It happens from time to time. Yet it is not aimed at you very often, not directly, not entirely, despite everything in part, yes. As a result, for those who are most receptive and most fragile to this type of reception, it can indeed be difficult to experience.

Furthermore, once again, it is nothing compared to these unconscious projections that your media exert on you, for example, these projections of fear. Because see, fear is something that creeps into your consciousness . Unconscious at first, it is placed inside you. You go through this, "it's nothing - it's not very serious - it will pass - let's forget", only your body, heart forget nothing at all. Nothing, absolutely nothing is forgotten. Absolutely nothing.

Now put these fears in front of you . Position these fears: I am afraid of war – I am afraid of dying – I am afraid of not having enough money – I am afraid of not being able to feed myself – I have afraid of not being able to find housing – I'm afraid of losing my friends – I'm afraid of losing my family – I'm afraid of losing my health – I'm afraid of losing my joy – I'm afraid of lose love. Position this in front of you. Accept it. Accept it, that is, don't deny this fear. Don't live it entirely, but don't deny it . And then you will do the opposite: I choose my family – I choose health – I choose Joy – I choose Peace – I choose Love, and you will even say: I choose death; not with the idea of ​​going towards death, with the idea of ​​choosing, of accepting that. You will not go around saying this, and you will understand that this here means becoming valiant again . Because in our days, in your days, no one wants to fight ʺwhile losing their livesʺ, that is to say, by accepting that their cause is more just than the ultimately short time spent on Earth.

I'm not telling you, listen to me carefully , I'm not telling you to die for a cause, only to be with this intention, that is to say to bring back courage around you and to tell yourself: “  whatever happens, whatever happens, I will not give up. I will be there for the Light every moment, every moment, no matter what . »

These mental controls that come to you from everywhere only aim to suppress all of your courage, your audacity, your initiatives . The first to take an initiative will be beaten, the first to be courageous too, especially since it is fair. What I mean by 'it's right' is, keep going , because when one gets up, another will come to pick him up. When two lie down, three will come to raise them, when three lie down, four will come to raise them. You are brothers and sisters. Stand up, courageously, accept, yes, to experience difficult times, above all do not go against your values. Do not enter a sub-mission. Highlight your mission. Put what you are , your Light forward, this planetary brotherhood forward. This is the fight, dear souls, in quotes. Once again, this word is not right, although it is towards this, towards this test that you are going.

How do we position ourselves in the face of so much external violence?

Your position in relation to violence and fear must not be violence against violence. At the origin of this violence, there are people who were pushed, who were pushed back, who were rejected, who were pushed aside, who were ghettoized as you say, from time to time, it's that is to say ostracized, put aside.

If populations were once again able to get along with each other, to form a society together, to learn to know each other, to reveal themselves together, this violence would not exist . And we only show you the extreme, without showing you what's actually happening.

Remember that in the face of violence, the only reaction is tolerance , not tolerating violence but tolerating each person , not being afraid of them, incorporating them like a brother and a sister. I know, it's difficult. Some will reject you, yet do it anyway. Do it anyway. Do you think that I as a Master, or that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed as Masters were not rejected? Of course we were, but did we say to ourselves: “Come on, let's stop teaching, let's move on, I can rest easy”?

You know, in my time I could have easily pursued a job as a fisherman, even in the remote place where I was. On the contrary, no, I played this role of teacher, because it was my path, because it was what I felt like doing , because each time a look lit up, every time a smile appeared, something inside me said “there you go, there you go. There, it's done. There, I liked it” and that was my only goal. I didn't want to survive, I wanted to live . It's important, it's so important.

I am asked here what does it teach animals to live a life of sacrifice?

I understand that you see it like that. The idea is not so much what this teaches animals, the idea is to slow down, in any case to reduce their time on Earth . You see, the sacrifice of some of your animals corresponds to the time they have decided to spend on Earth. If they decided to spend 3 years there, they will spend 3 years there. If they decided to spend 5 years there, they will spend 5 years there. Afterwards, you worry about how they die and indeed, you should be kind at that moment, and pray for the animal who potentially will give its life for you, which is very rarely done. Be aware, however, that what you see as a sacrifice is in fact an end that has been decided by the animal and its lifespan.

Look, if you yourself decide to live 62 years, then at 62, an accident will happen to you which will cause you to leave this world at 62. On the other hand, this will not be an accident, it will be exactly the plan you planned. It is the same for animals, many of them do not decide to live an entire life on Earth. Many of them come simply to seek the experience, to touch duality sometimes for just one day since touching duality is such a powerful exercise of love. Every day, in fact, you pour out love so powerful that you don't even see it.

The simple fact that you agree to stay on this Earth develops a love of great power. At the same time, at the same time, this duality is difficult, it is hard, it is not simple, that is why you decide on a time on Earth, an accepted or acceptable time. Animals do the same. Plants and minerals do the same, they decide their lifespan and this is where you should perhaps show some kindness. I repeat, no animal should be 'sacrificed' without prayers, let's be clear, simply their time on Earth, I tell you, is like yours counted to the minute, the week or the month, clearly, yes, and that helps them meet their scheduled time.

I understand that this pains you though. And I have total compassion with this, because perhaps the time has come for these beings to participate more in earthly evolution through a longer-standing consciousness. No doubt this time is coming, and your relationship with animals will of course change and evolve in the future. So, they will indeed agree to stay longer.

How can we help those who will have difficulty coping with the shock?

As you can, dear friend, with all your kindness and kindness. If you have too many possessions, dispossess yourself. If you have too much time, give some time. If you have too much money, give money. What you have in excess, give to those who do not have in excess. This is what will help.

Can we extend our protection to those in our family and those who come to us  ?

You are talking about the protection that I have just mentioned, dear soul, then I answer you no, because there is a rule which is that of the connection of the Superior Consciousness which is unique . In anyone over the age of 7, you do not have this power of extending energy without that person being in tune with it. It is up to the person to do this, or to agree to be included in your prayer, as it is not an automatic system.

Before the age of 7, a child's Higher Consciousness is fully capable of communicating with you and agreeing or not to receive protection, energy. Once this age has passed, everyone has their own free will, their own possibility of deciding whether or not to consciously accept being protected and preserved.

Someone asks me if guidance stones have been destroyed by aliens .

No. Informed stones or crystals , such as what you might also call crystal skulls sometimes, absolutely cannot be destroyed , because they have holographic technology inside them that if a single shard still exists, in less than a year the entire object will reappear. I know that this probably won't speak to many people, yet know this: There are information technologies, advanced technologies which make that quite specific crystals, specific and informative crystals, are quite capable of reproducing from 'only one chip, and no one can remove all the chips from certain stones; no one, neither on this Earth nor elsewhere. This is a very interesting subject, however it can be difficult for many to hear, and our channel does not yet know anything about this, so we will inform it, we will tell it.

Are the doors of Ascension open to our deceased?

I don't know what you mean, dear friend, like Ascension, I don't understand this term probably like you. For us, what we call Ascension is the phenomenon of becoming aware from the matter of your illusory state , that is to say of being inside an experience as someone 'one who would wake up inside a dream. In this, the beings who are your deceased are in the Beyond and do not have access to this Ascension. The beings who are in the Beyond are already in an ascended state, they are already aware of this virtuality of your world, that is why I do not understand your question.

In fact, it is you who forget that you are ascended beings when you are on Earth . And finally, an earth being who becomes an Ascension Master, we just take it as "he's just someone who remembers who he really is ." » Behind this term there are a lot of things that have been positioned, that said, for us, Ascension is the awakening to the Consciousness of who you really are and nothing else . It's that simple and complicated.

Here in fact, you ask, following without chance, this question of how to remember or know precisely what you are incarnated for?

Dear friend, you wish you didn't know . You wished when you incarnated not to know why you were incarnating. You wanted to find out , so don't cheat. There's no point in cheating. You're wasting time, and what's more, this experience wouldn't have the same value, believe me, as finding out why you're there. The indicator is very clear and I gave it to you, it consists of a feeling of peace and joy at the idea of ​​doing or in the exercise of doing. At that point, you are where you belong.

At that moment you are in your place at the precise moment, because in truth you have not come, in your case for example, to exercise a single function all your life, but several. In this way you will have this joy and then you will lose this joy, then you will have this joy again and you will lose this joy. The moment you lose it, it's time to simply change, and when necessary, change location. Everything is planned. Everything is fair.

We are warned about the astral but we do not learn to protect ourselves from it. Just with our attitude and our beliefs because communicating with Heaven is part of our skills?

This is why I gave you a prayer. And I have repeated, there are techniques much superior to the one I have stated, only which cannot be used or exercised by everyone. There, you are mistaken if you believe that everyone can access certain practices which could in fact, to paint an image, melt their physical body. In any case, it is true that you are your main protection . Your main protection is simply — once again, I put quotation marks on this quite simply — not to be afraid. This is the main protection, do not get angry, frustrated, do not be afraid and you will be protected at all times .

Fear, doubt, anxiety, anger are the doors that let these energies enter into you which slow down, I repeat, will not prevent but slow down your progress and planetary progression. So.

How do you find a fraternal community when you have been isolated for years?

Your solitude is obviously not that of the Invisible, we accompany you, dear friend. In this case, to find a community, you must be ready to leave the character, the ego, the one who knows' aside and replace it with the one who serves , in the sense of service. I invite you to do this work, and I think that then you will find the service that is most pleasant to you.

You ask us if there are things you can do to save a soul in distress.

I was going to say don't worry it's our job, above all pray for these souls . We will try what we can to put everyone back on their strongest foundations.

Can attacks come from pets?

Listen carefully to my answer, very rarely yes , but generally no . Very rarely, yes, but generally, no.

You have very specific questions, is 432 Hz sound therapy still useful in these very tiring times?

Listen to my answer there too. You are the one who receives the vibrations, who can modify them through your body, through your listening. 432 Hz, 440 Hz, today, this no longer influences many people. What I mean by this is that you are all capable of retuning, getting back on the right frequency and shifting 8 Hz. Your body is perfectly capable of understanding a frequency within 20 Hz. , and here, I am very precise in telling you this. Within 20 Hz, your body understands the frequency. Obviously, when you believe that it is at the right, complete frequency, you are ignoring the intelligence of the body.

So, if the body is very sick, yes, it will need very precise frequencies. However, if your body is only in the process of changing energy, we will say, a less precise frequency will have the same effect. You must be all the more precise as the organ, or the energy that you want to touch with these frequencies, needs care. Generally speaking, when we talk about for example listening to music as a preventative energy for anything, at that moment it is prevention, your body will know how to align the frequencies within. Don't worry about it.

I understand some who say you are warning us for the year 2024, but why not have warned us about covid in 2020?

We have warned you . We wrote in particular through this channel in 2019 that new viruses would appear , and we even spoke at that time of planetary upheavals which were going to take place . You have already been warned.

The truth is that we now know this humanity perfectly. Even if we explained an event to you to the nearest comma, to the nearest word, to the nearest person, you would not move, because we have already done it with many prophets and this has never prevented an event . So, today, we are putting in place protections, we are helping you 'to withstand a shock', for the reason that we have also understood that humanity has progressed a lot of thanks to this.

So what you already perceive is false. I repeat, earlier, we told you that we do not know the whole future. We know many omens. Omens are a preparation for a time, and although these omens are very accurate, again, most of the time they are of no use. Many of your clairvoyants and mediums have perceived, for example, that this boat called the Titanic was going to sink, but no one took it into account. Many, even among you, knew that the Twin Towers were going to collapse, but no one took it into account. This is how humanity is made.

That’s how it is, don’t blame us. We don't blame you anyway. We move forward with you and we will always move forward with you.

Is there a brighter people who particularly observe what is happening on Earth?

Of course, obviously , there are many very luminous people observing the Earth. Of course, of course.

For today, dear souls, we have posed some answers in your path. All these answers point in the same direction. You can ask Heaven for help, this must be done consciously, in your divine Name. You can change your energy. You can stop being afraid. You can get up.

This gesture is up to you to do, you are in the exercise of the material. This is not an exercise that you undergo, again, it is an exercise that you choose . This is why you still have to choose and I think, we all think here, that the worst mistake you can make, the worst of all, is to say these words: “I-don’t-have-the- choice. » You always have a choice, but it is the consequences of this choice that often make you say this. However, you always have a choice. In these circumstances rise up, dear souls of Light, because you have come to make these choices precisely, even those which were sometimes difficult.

Don't leave Earth space, now is not the time. This Earth, this Earth experience needs you. You need this Earth experience to evolve in your capacity to love, and the Earth needs you to continue its path, its evolution towards a much greater transcendence.

You are blessed by the Light, whether you believe it or not. Your path will end up being full Light and full Consciousness, but you need these so-called apocalypse periods for it to move forward. So let it be. Let it be, however once again, don't worry, if you are in the fraternity you risk nothing.

Above all, understand this. Sometimes some of you tell us: “  You tell us not to be afraid but you have told us about events that are scary.  » We hear that. On the other hand, if we repeat all day long: everything is fine, everything is fine, everything is fine, while in reality you see that things are not going well for you ʺin your negativityʺ, you will resent us much more deeply and you might have -be right. Because know that we are preparing you for things that will not possibly exist, on the other hand, you see, we prefer that to lying to you, because it would be lying to you to say that everything is going to be fine.

Everything will be fine in the end , and I repeat, we know very well that in the end everything will be fine . We know that all this path that you are traveling is leading you to your greatest Light , I can tell you this in a total and absolute way. However, the current period requires a renewed energy on your part , which is why, in these moments, our role is to wake you up by saying: “We made you lose your power, we made you lose consciousness of who you really were , from then on, wake up soul of Light, because you are also a warrior of Light", once again sorry for this word, I don't see any other. So it's our role, not to scare you but to tell you to face the fear and choose something else .

Therefore, yes, we will put you in front of your demons sometimes - it is unfortunately a generic term even if the real ones really exist - above all, we will put you in front of your dark sides in order to help you and wake you up. This is also the role of guardians and Guides from time to time, it is to say to you “wake up, my friend. Remember, this is what we came for, don't let circumstances, places, time get you down. Be yourself now! "And the good news is that if we do it, we know you can do it, otherwise we would just say it's okay. Clearly, from your plan, this is not the case. Seen from ours, everything is fine.

In this case, we know, because we have been incarnated, that on Earth a year or ten years is not the same thing. For us, it's the same thing. It doesn't matter, we can wait 10 years for things to change. However, our advice aims to help you progress a little faster if you can, if it is possible, in conscience , and we bless you.

You don't have to listen to us, don't worry. We will love you and support you whatever happens and what happens.

I leave you in our Love and our Grace, and our protection.

May you all be blessed in the Light.

Note from Sylvain  : This question-and-answer exercise is difficult for me and I sometimes make errors translating from myself to the guides. This is the case here, where I mentally translated "Guidestone" by sending a crystal skull image to the guides, because I couldn't understand the question about Guidestones. As a result, the answer deals more with the crystal skulls than with the question asked by the listener ( Were the Giorgia Guidestones destroyed by the ETs? ). Sorry, your channel is doing its best and is still learning.

Translation By CrystalWind.ca

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.

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