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El Morya - Our World Today

El Morya - Our World Today

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I'M EL MORYA!

Today I address you with great joy. I always bring good news, but many cannot see that it is good news. They prefer to cling to problems, to conflicts, to what their media exposes. 

I can tell you that many minds are unbalanced, because the vast majority of people on this planet have a very active, very strong ego, which does not allow them to look at their own faults with Love. So, these people observe their mistakes, but they do not try to improve. , they rebel and often manage to be worse than they already were.

This is happening all over your planet, people going towards the Light and people going in the opposite direction. To think that it is no longer worth being a good being, to be a being who loves his neighbor, to think that subterfuges, shortcuts, dishonest or even violent, become the source of his joy, of his life. The human mind has always been manipulated and dominated, to see things through the eyes of the Matrix. Many, never questioned, accepted as true everything they lived and everything they are living. They do not believe in changes, they do not believe in a New World, in a New Time. This is unacceptable, inconceivable for them. And they understand, from the look they are exposed to, that evil is winning, that evil is around every corner, causing accidents, causing deaths, causing violence.

Then you start to realize that joining this side is the best solution, since they are winning, joining them is good practice. So, I ask him: are they winning? Are they really taking over your world? Or is it done to make you believe it? The news is very smart: it causes pain, it causes fear, it causes fear, it causes hopelessness. And this has always been the objective of the media in general, to lead humanity prey to fear, prey to inefficiency, to lack of will.

Those who look at what is being said and see that it is a desperate attempt to involve more and more weak minds hear and understand all this. Because you know that the planet is still beautiful, that there are people with a pure heart, that there are people who love their neighbor. Your world is not as ugly as they paint it, it is not as lost as they paint it. Is your world out of balance? Yes but why? Because the masks have been removed, that rosy world in which many believe does not really exist, and you will still discover many more things.

Not even a thousandth part of what is to be revealed has reached you. And if at this moment when it is shown much earlier, much less than the thousandth, you already despair, what will become of you when the greater truths are told? You will lose faith, confidence, balance... and what will you do? Will you run away, screaming, screaming? Truths are hard, we understand that they are hard, because you have been deceived for too long. And the Light that is reaching all the consciousnesses of this planet is causing many to begin to see things in a different way. Because there are no longer veils, there are no longer masks, everything is now what it is and what it has always been, nothing has gotten worse. Everything is being revealed, your world has always been like this, it's not getting worse, it's being true, you just didn't know how far the tentacles of evil had reached.

Don't be surprised at anything, this has always happened, strange and disgusting as it is. These things have always happened, only they were not shown, they were not exhibited, because they could not show such an ugly world. But today the tactic is different, the tactic is to show everything that really exists, because they can no longer hide it. So, they are using another tactic, they are showing everything to bring despair and fear. Nothing is new, everything is very old and very old, these practices are not new, they are from thousands of years ago.

So what each one of you should do, when you are afraid of the outside world: look at the sky, it is still blue, at night the stars continue to shine, the birds continue to sing, nothing is extinct, nothing is over. You are at the beginning of a New Age, in which everything will gradually change. But the important thing is that you look at everything with the eyes of Love. Do not see evil at work, do not look at it, look at nature, look how beautiful the growth of a flower is, how beautiful the flow of a river is, the sea licking its shores. I can say that nature is also unbalanced, for what reason? For what has been done for so long, but resist, survive, continue every day, every day more flowers are born, more animals are born, the perfection of life continues.

So, if each one of you looks at yourself and your surroundings with the eyes of Love, nothing that happens outside will bother you, nothing will attract your attention. You will even be able to see but you will understand that everything that happens has a purpose, it is not the work of evil as they make you believe. The lessons are being applied, the harvests are being made, of what you planted centuries and millennia ago. So, nothing happens, it's just consequences. But you have to look with the eyes of Love, learn the lessons, collaborate so that more beneficial actions are produced, collaborate so that everything turns out in the best possible way.

Forget what's outside. The brothers suffer, yes, be as supportive as possible, but don't suffer for them, they are reaping what they have sown. Each one goes through what they have to go through and each one of you can help them on this path by being supportive, nothing more. Trying to change the path of someone who suffers is to take him away from the realization of his lessons. You can show him a path and let him decide if he wants to change to that path that you are presenting to him. If he doesn't want to, don't insist, it's part of his nature.

It is important that every being on this planet does not allow a brother to go hungry, you cannot judge someone who is hungry, you can and should help them to feed themselves. May this act be from the heart, not an exchange with the universe. You can help him as long as you don't interfere in his way, you can always let him choose, it's not imposing that you help anyone.

Not everyone is willing to receive help, there is too much ego. In the same way that many are helped and become complacent, they think that the other has an obligation to take care of them. Nobody is forced to do anything, everyone has to do it from the heart, not out of obligation. So those who demand help go astray, help cannot be demanded of anyone. People donate if they want to, because when you demand help, you're taking a step back from your path, there's something in there that you don't want to see for help.

It is a very complex subject, but with time you will understand that you can and should help, but with your heart, without judging. And the ideal is that you never help just one, but several. Because when you start to help, you always create a bond that is often difficult to break. Because the one who donates thinks how the other will be and the one who receives, he thinks why I don't receive more, and he feels anger because he doesn't receive more. So, this is a dangerous, very dangerous link.

It is necessary to help people who need it, yes, but help cannot have a face, help cannot have a face, so that this link is not created. It doesn't matter who, you can help many brothers, but without a face, don't create a bond with the people you help, this is not good for you or for those who receive. It is as if prosperity were linked to both, because if you help only one, you have forgotten the rest and the one who receives becomes complacent, he does not seek to improve because he knows that he is going to receive.

So the donation, I repeat it again; shouldn't have a face, shouldn't have a face. There are many ways to help, without faces. This is the easiest and simplest way to give, not bond, because this is dangerous for both parties. Surprised, surprised by what I say? No, don't be, giving is a very noble feeling, but it can take other forms. Giving really has to come from the heart. You can even make donations to your acquaintances, but deep down you will judge, deep down you will say: "Why is he in this situation? Why is he going through this? Why doesn't he know how to go after him? Why not Do you want to go for him?" Deep down you wonder.

Therefore, understand that there is no heart there, there is that feeling, 'I am going to donate because it is good to donate', without a heart it is not good. Learn this: the donation has to be faceless. If you want to donate to someone, make a surprise, donate without naming the sender, don't create links, links are the worst form of donation that exists, because both are tied, one tied to the other. And everything that is tied is a weight in your path, it slows down the speed of your abundance.

So those who think they are donating and are nurturing their path, if there is a bond, it is not, because deep down, the feeling is not from the heart. I can say that rare are the exceptions, those who help from the heart and who do not question anything, the cases are rare. Because most donate and question. So, it's not good for the giver and it's not good for the receiver. Try to cut these ties, because not only the one who gives is tied, the one who receives too. Because the simple fact of knowing that you will receive it every month also has that question: why not more? Gratitude goes a long way, don't create bonds, you can help many, but without faces. Unfortunately, human beings are like that, those who win always want more and those who give, always question.

Learn this lesson, at this moment on your planet, many brothers need donations, for their own journey. But it's not up to you to judge them, put them in a big basket and who will each one receive from? You don't know, it's inside the basket.

So, you help from the heart and you don't know who that donation will fall to. Do you understand? This is how you need to donate, without ties, without faces, so that there is no judgment and there is no ingratitude. It may be that many do not agree with what I am saying, but rest assured, donation bonds are not good for either side. Rest assured, it's not good for either side.

So don't want to know who the faces are, they just hurt. There are many serious people, many serious organizations, who know how to get their donations across. So, this is how each of you must place yourself from now on. Break the bonds, this is essential for both of you, you have no obligation to carry anyone and everyone needs to walk with their own legs, not hanging on to anyone.

This is a lesson, complex, but easy to solve. Break any and all bonds you have with people in donation. Think about it a lot and let your heart always speak. The moment is for solidarity, the moment is to look at the brothers and sisters in need, but don't create bonds.

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Vania Rodrigues

Founder and Owner of Canal Anjos Luz e Terapias, Projeto LACAM and Um Toque Colibri, totaling more than 110,000 subscribers to my Youtube Channels, in which I share Channels and Messages received from various Beings of Light.
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