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El Morya's Urgent Message: Let Go of Struggle Now!

El Morya's Urgent Message: Let Go of Struggle Now!

I am El Morya, present and here! Beloved, do you recognize me?

Listen to my vibrations. Beyond words and images lies the Divine Reality, unmistakable and clear.

I have come to you from this Higher Reality to give the following Teaching.

When I was in embodiment the last time, and you have heard about this incarnation as El Morya, I came to give the Western disciples a part of secret knowledge, which was possessed by initiates since the times of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. Access to this knowledge was only open to very few initiates, who came into embodiment again and again to keep the flame of Truth burning in this physical octave.

The Fire of True Knowledge never died out, but it was accessible only for a very small circle of people, who carefully protected this knowledge from profanes and neophytes.

We, the three tsars - El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul – were embodied in the 19th century, and were able to give part of the secret knowledge possessed only by the highest initiates on this planet. We successfully created the organization, the Theosophical Society to spread this knowledge.

Because of the negative attitude of the West to everything coming from India and Tibet as inferior knowledge in comparison with the knowledge supposedly possessed by the best minds of that time, we were forced to use intermediaries possessing the ability to receive and transmit the images and knowledge contained in our physical minds. Such a receiver of information was H. P. B., our devoted disciple and follower. We also utilized used several people belonging to the aristocratic circles of England for the advancement of our ideas.

Under our dictation a series of books was written. We carefully verified all the information that was to be printed in order to convey the Truth as qualitatively as possible. And indeed, all the works released through Blavatsky contained the Truth, but the form of the material presented was intentionally confusing so that the Truth could be used only by those souls in embodiment who were given the necessary keys to recognize this Truth.

Our task was accomplished brilliantly. We left on Earth material evidence of the ancient Truth in the form of the printed works of Blavatsky.

Though, of course, the true authorship of these books remained with us.

And we achieved our goal. The creative thought of the best minds of the West took the right direction. And the seeds of knowledge sown by us sprouted in many esoteric teachings of the following 20th century.

We could not give our Teaching in Russia. This country was the most receptive to receiving this knowledge, yet precisely because of this fact, this knowledge was not available to Russians, as all attempts were made on the part of our opposition so that the dissemination of our Teaching in Russia was delayed for a whole century.

And when it, finally, came to Russia, this knowledge had already been diluted and clouded by many other Teachings born in the land of America.

And although the basis of these esoteric teachings lay in the knowledge set out by us in our writings, published through Blavatsky, nevertheless distortions, typical of American thinking, were present in these teachings to a significant extent.

And if we, when we gave knowledge, intentionally muddled the information so as not to expose the Truth to unprepared minds, then in the new Americanized teachings, the Truth was diluted by lies without our desire.

These Americanized surrogates finally reached Russia. And the benefit was at least that people turned to the works of Blavatsky, for the authenticity of which we are personally responsible since we ourselves participated in the creation of these books.

However, there was confusion in the minds of our sincere disciples associated with the fact that there were many contradictions between the new Americanized teachings, and the teachings that we had given.

Since, the new teachings were given in a simple and accessible language, preference was given to these new teachings.

However, the time has come when an urgent need has arisen to clarify the main and most important contradiction. And this concerns the question of the fall of the angels and the question of the fall of Lucifer.

Last year, we attempted through our Messenger Tatyana to give a more simple explanation of the fall of the angels and the fall of mankind, explaining and clarifying the account in The Secret Doctrine.

And now I have to return to this question because we see that this issue has come to the fore for our best disciples.

Therefore, we insist that you consider this topic more carefully, as it is given in The Secret Doctrine.

The moment has come when you must give up any manifestation of struggle in your consciousness, including the struggle against fallen angels.

In fact, two points of view clash on this issue, two approaches to looking at the history of mankind, and looking at the concept of development of the Universe. This is the approach, peculiar to Eastern philosophy, found in the religious systems of India and Tibet, and the approach peculiar to Western consciousness and borrowed from the worldview, inherent in Western Christian thought and these new Americanized teachings.

Russia, as a country, located between the East and the West by its geographical position, has the potential to accommodate and master both philosophical systems.

That is why we come again through the Russian Messenger to direct your thought.

The questions of the fall of the angels and the so-called rebellion of Lucifer are not presented better anywhere, than in the works written by us when we were in embodiment.

Therefore, the time has come to rethink the knowledge given in the past and raise your view of the Truth to a new level.

Whenever you have a desire to struggle against fallen angels, remember that each of you has this angel as the so-called fifth principle, or Christ Self. [1]

You cannot fight a part of yourself. Your task is precisely to help this fallen angel to return Home to God. But your four lower bodies, burdened with the karmic baggage accumulated by you during so many embodiments on Earth, prevent him from doing this.

Therefore, all efforts should be directed to giving up the unreal part of yourselves, your ego, your karmic accumulations, and to raising your consciousness to the level of your Christ Self, your Guardian Angel. This is the next stage of evolution, and it will happen, no matter how hard you resist and how strong you stick to any system, offered to you kindly, but always leading you to the path of struggle.

Remember the Teaching of Jesus, remember the Teaching of Buddha. Did they teach to fight with fallen angels?

Reread the Bible. Even in this source, though not absolutely pure from our point of view, one can find a true conception of the history of Earth’s development, if you read these quotations using the keys given in The Secret Doctrine.

We spent a lot of effort and a lot of energy to overcome the resistance of Tatyana’s external consciousness, to overcome any veneration of previous Messengers, and to overcome the concepts of fallen angels given through these Messengers from America.

Therefore, I speak while there is an opportunity to speak through this Messenger, and I say that the time has changed and it is necessary to ascend to a new level of awareness of the Divine Truth.

You can choose. You can think. However, do not forget that there are cosmic deadlines, and those who fail to meet these deadlines will swallow the road dust.

I AM El Morya Khan.

Submitted to CrystalWind.ca via Email.

In 2004 I was granted a Messenger’s Mantle of the Great White Brotherhood and received an opportunity to bring the Words of the Masters to people.
During the years 2005-2020 at certain periods of time I have been receiving Messages of the Ascended Masters in a special way.
I am very happy that with the help of many people the first Messages I received have been translated into English and the English-speaking readers can become familiar with them. The only thing the Ascended Masters want is to spread their Teaching throughout the world.
The Masters give their Messages with the feeling of great Love.
Love has no limits.
There are no boundaries between the hearts of people living in different countries, there are no boundaries between the worlds.
The boundaries exist only in the consciousness of people.
The Masters appeal through me to every man living on planet Earth
From Siberia with Love,
Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina

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