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Jeshua: The World As We Know it - And Beyond!

Jeshua: The World As We Know it - And Beyond!

Beloved, and holy, and only Child of the one source, Child of Light, divine. That is who and what you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Forever ongoing.

Yes, you have broken it into segments and said, “This is a lifetime. This is where and I have been. This is who I have been.” And you have played over and over with the segments. But in truth, you are All. In truth, you are beyond all of the individuation. You are in a moment, the cloud of knowing. You are the cloud of a reality. You are the Isness going forth having what you call the human experience.

Now beloved ones, if you will go deeply within what you term the human experience, you will see that in truth you put together things such as crucifixion upon the cross and you say, “Oh how bad that has been.” But in truth, it is your holiness that allows it to come forth. It is your holiness that feels sometimes in your interpersonal relationships, that you are being crucified. Sometimes in your work experiences, you have felt you are being crucified by the ones who seemingly power. And you have then taken the deep breath and you have said, “That is okay. I AM.” Full stop, period. And you go forth with a happy heart because you feel, you know, you resonate, that you are the one energy of the Christ going forward.

Allow yourself to revel, to be happy in the freedom of the Christ. For truly in my lifetime, as you would see me to be one Jeshua, I knew humanhood. I knew being the small boy who ran and played, climbed the tree. And, yes, fell out of the tree -- did a bounce. Said, “Oh that doesn't feel good.”

I knew how to play as the human. And then as I became more questioning, I wanted to know what more is there to a human life? And I had already been imagining (as you have been), how would it feel to be beyond human? How would it feel to be the cat and to curl up on the sofa? How would it feel to be the giraffe, the long neck that could look out on vast expanse because the neck allowed the, the outward sight and also the inward sight? How would it feel to be the very small flea upon the dog? Or upon the bear?

How would it feel because you have been there and you have tested it out. So, when you ask of yourself how would it feel, there is knowing deep within you that you can even visualize. How would it feel to look through the eyes of the giraffe? How would it feel to look through the eyes of the mouse? How would the terrain look to you?

You have experienced all because you were wanted to know all. Because you are All. And so therefore, in what you term Holy Mother Earth experience, you have been everything that you can imagine in form and outside of form. Have you been the space traveler? Yes, you have. In your imagination (which you call it now) you know how it feels to go beyond the confines of gravity. You know how it feels to be free in even the physical terms -- free of the gravity. And your space explorers in this day and time are working with the experiences that set them free so that they can understand the expression of being beyond the body. This they can do for a short time. And this you do for a short time in which you call the imagination. And you go places and you say, “Oh, this I didn't know existed.” And it does. Everything that you can imagine, exists. And more.

So, I say unto you that which you have already experienced, make it pleasant, make it fun. Allow yourself to know the goodness of the being that imagines and then goes forth. Because you are free to imagine every relationship, every adventure, every circumstance that might pose a problem, and how to solve it -- How to go forth.

You are a most creative being of the essence of the one Creator. You are creative to experience all. So, make the experiences fun. I see you doing this, I see you playing with the other human beings and the ones you term the animals. I see you coming forth to play, to be, to ask.

I did this as what you would call the teenage years. I did this when I was three years old and found in my experience of walking down the dirt road (as you would call it) the caterpillar. And I said to the caterpillar, “How does it look from your vantage point?” A lot of dust. Oh. Okay. And so, you have done this as well. You have played with the imagination. You have played with what seems to be other form of reality.

When I was a certain age, I wanted to know more. Why am I here? Why do I play with this form of two legs, two feet, two hands, two eyes? Why two of everything? I want to see more. I want to know more. And so, there was the most wonderful ability that you have called imagination. And I played with how would it feel to be the X, Y and Z.

And there were certain years of my experience that were outside the realm of the usual human because I knew there had to be more. That is why you have a saying that you resonate with in this day and time –"and there is more” -- because you know that there is. And so, I had what were termed the years in the wilderness where I went and took the physical body to see what more it could do, what more could be experienced. And out of that, I realized that I am the one that is creating the reality -- lowercase “r” -- of the drama that I would be experiencing. And I understood that I could be in the middle of that, or I could be the observer outside of it. And there were times when I knew the observer had a much better experience than the one who was right in the middle of it having perhaps the nails in the hands upon the cross..

I remind you of this because you have been there and done that. You have been the, for instance, the witch that was burned at the stake to get rid of this (as it was called) “evil influence.” It was not evil. It was imaginative, creative if you will. And you were able to tap into more than what some of the other of your playmates were doing. I call them playmates but they were already quite tall. Okay.

You have played. There is a point where you can relate to whatever is brought up to speak about or to read about. Some of your what is called science fiction gets you very excited because, “Wow, could that be?” And yes, it could be and is and has been, because you have wanted to know. You have wanted that rush of energy that says, “I am alive.” And you have brought forth experiences within the human realm to test for you that which you thought could be, wanted to really know and take within your consciousness. And so, you have played as I did.

The years in the wilderness where I played as being the gorilla, the monkey that would swing from the branches. I needed to know how does it look from the worm’s viewpoint. Oh, big world. Oh, here comes a bird. Uh oh. And how does it feel to go down the bird gullet and be within the enzymes? Okay, you have imagined you have played with, “How would it be” etc.

The mind, the imagination is a great tool. It is in truth remembrance. “Oh no Jeshua, you mean, I've been there done that. I've really gone through being in someone's gullet. Ah, I don't think I like that.” Well, where are you now? “Hmm, well I'm okay now.” Okay.

You have a great tool called the imagination. And it comes from having been where you are imagining. It as a gift of truth where you have already known that truth. And played with it. And been able to be outside of it enough that you did not feel you were going to be swallowed up by it. This has been the great fear. “Oh, will I be swallowed up and be forgotten. And I won't know how to find myself again?” No. You always come back to finding your Self -- and I mean by that the capital “S” that is creative.

You play. You imagine. You go as far as feels comfortable. And then you say, “Oh, enough. I want to rest.” And you imagine the cloud and you are upon the cloud resting. It is a most wondrous experience, to realize (to make real in your knowing) that you can create and you do -- your reality. And therefore, you can change it. If you don't like what you are doing, seeing, experiencing, you can change it.

“Oh no. Jeshua I have to suffer.” Only if you want to. “Why would I want to?” For the fun of it. “You mean there's fun in suffering?” Oh yes. You have seen ones who had much fun in suffering. Oh, how they suffer. Okay. You’ve been there, done that yourself. And you have watched others as they have played it to the hilt. “Oh my God!” And God said, “Yes, it is your experience.” Very good.

So, this evening, I wish to speak with you what goes beyond what you know to be reality, 3D reality. I want to speak with you about something that you have been questioning. Is there life beyond Holy Mother Earth? And as I ask that question. You know the answer. The answer is yes.

You have stories of angels that are not earthbound, that have experience that goes beyond human. You have experience now with ones who have done some space travel. You have pictures that have been sent back (as it were) from the moon, from another holy body. And you have the explorers who have said, “I want to know more. I want to know and feel and experience more actually physically. And you have ones who have gone beyond the confines of the edge of the Earth. Okay.

And there will be more. Because you are wanting to know, who am I? Why am I? What more can I be? And experience?” Not only imagination, it starts there. And I want to know it. I want to slip into another being, as it were, and experience the space travel.

“Oh wow, Jeshua, will I get to do this?” Not only will you, but you have. How do you think you got to Holy Mother Earth in the first place? Truly by thought, by imagination, and by acceptance because you said, “Well, that would be fun, that would be something. Oh, that's scary. I don't know if I want to go there.”

And then you have experienced and you felt yourself to know, you are the creative one who is creating every experience, every truth -- lowercase “t” -- that you put into your reality -- lowercase “r” -- coming from the uppercase R. You are most advanced.

“Oh, well, they didn't tell me that in school. They told me I was a bit slow, retarded; I might even have to repeat a grade. And I thought that would be, that'd be fun in a way, because I already had been there, done that. But then I could embellish it a bit.”

And so for some of you, you did repeat a grade just for the fun of it. You said in your own way, “I am actually smarter than the teacher, because I can fool her into thinking that I need to repeat this.” And so, you have gone ahead. And you have come before the ones who seemingly had power over you to make decisions for you and you have said, “I'm gonna play the dumb part. I don't want to really study and read all these books.” And so, you played.

You have been everywhere, done everything. And you can relate to all of it because there is nothing that is held back from the creative one of you.

So, in this evening, we're going to speak of what you would term to be your future -- or the future of mankind, womankind. There is a question; ones want to know what more is there? And there is more. That is why that saying appeals to you so, so greatly. Because you know there is more.

Will you be doing the space travel? Yes. Is Holy Mother Earth the only planetary body to live upon? No. Will you in your understanding of Being -- capital “B” -- go to other planetary bodies? Yes. Will you know space travel? Yes. Will you know instantaneous travel where you do not even have to put on the space suit? Yes.

“Oh, Jeshua. You mean that just because there's a bit of gravity holding me to Holy Mother Earth, I'm not going to live forever and ever on Holy Mother Earth?” You can answer that question. There's a feeling rising up within you that I want to know more. I want to be free to experience all that I can imagine -- and more. And the reason that you have asked to do this is because you have already in the past done it. You have already said, “I want to go to the farthest star and see if there are any planetary bodies around that star. And I want to know.”

“Oh, you mean, I have already done that. I've already been within the gravity field of that star. I've already been a space traveler?” Of course. Why would you be able to relate to it if you have not already been there, done that? Think upon that for a moment.

This is where your science fiction (as it is called fiction) comes from -- the place that says, “I think I know how life would be on the farthest star from here. I think I can write what would be a novel story. And I can write in the first person as if I had been there, done that.” Well, yes, because you have been there, done that.

And you have said, “There is more. I want to know the essence of my being. I want in truth to know my God Self, the universal Self, that goes beyond all definition of human, all definition of animal, even mineral.” You are all that you can imagine. And more.

When you feel that you are being encased in the dimensions of humanhood, what do you do if you want to know more? You take the deep breath. And you play. You imagine. How would it feel to be able to fly? “I think there would be a freedom in that. Oh, I have to watch out for that barn. I just ran into the barn. Oh, no.” Well, you have to be careful where you'll fly. That's why you have given to yourself some of the instruments of sight to see the barn coming up very soon and be able to turn away. Right. “Oh, okay. I see this can be the advanced course.” Yes, definitely the advanced course -- and even more.

You know, in what you call your imagination, how to do space travel, how to be free of gravity (it does not hold you to a heavenly body or otherwise) that allows you to know I AM. Full stop, period. I am anything that I can imagine. I am the angel. I am that angel that comes with good tidings -- make them good. Always. You are the one who is creating. The essence of you is of the Creator -- capital “C” -- as to what you see to be beyond the human. And yet the human is very creative.

You have ones who in their quiet times, or maybe even busy times, imagine something that is new, supposedly. Now in truth, there is nothing new. It has already been created and experienced, et cetera. Which is why it comes back to you and says, “Hey, let's play with this for a while.” You've already been there. But you want to do it again and it feels new to you. And you get very excited about it because, ”Hey, this feels different. I like this feeling. I like to be free to create.”

And you are. You are creating this evening in your timing. And you are creating the words that you hear and the ideas and the illustrations of the ideas. You are creating out of what you hear the tones to relate to. And in truth, if you will receive it, each and every one of you is receiving it differently, slightly differently. Because you de-sire, (of the Father) -- you desire to have the experience that is beyond human, beyond the limitations as you see them to be of the human experience. And you are free to do that.

Why do you think you get so excited about the science fiction movies? And you get, “Oh, gosh, are they going to be okay? They're out in space. They're lost in space. Oh, they just had an idea how to get back to what they call the base and their friends. Oh, okay. They're going to be okay.”

Of course. You are creating the experience, the story as it would be, as you go along. You are creating this evening right now. You are creating the questions that you have -- wondering, “Is this true? Can this really be? Would I be that creative that I can think of something?” Well, of course. If not in what you see to be the present time, you have been or will be in what you term yet to be future, you will be the creative one. Different aspects.

When you find a problem, as it is called, posing itself to you and perhaps it does not record properly, perhaps there is not the right sound level, perhaps there is not the graphic detail that you would desire to have -- what aspect of you comes into play? Questioning. Previous experience (and you have all of previous experience that you can imagine to call upon) because in Truth -- capital “T” -- you have been there, done that.

All of the human limitations that you accept as normal do not apply. You can go beyond and you do go beyond. You imagine how would it feel to be the angel that comes and gives to one peace? How does it feel when you drink in that peace? You've been there, done that. You know what that feels like. It feels like the essence of you.

You are in control, charge, manifesting that which you call into your understanding, your experience.

“I want to know Jeshua, now I really want to know how does it feel to be the angel? How does it feel to be able to be free of gravity and yet to take advantage of it from time to time and allow that feeling of knowing that you are in the essence of being. How does that feel?” I have done this you say and you have.

You have gone to ones who have been suffering because there was limitation of understanding, the limitation that said, there's only this much reality. And you have come and with the essence of peace (expansive, angelic as others call it) you have suggested, “Perhaps there is more.” Where do you think your advertising comes from? It comes from “more.” Because you are creative, because you are creating as you go along.

So, I say to you one more time, create happy experiences. Create the experiences of light that know possibility that goes beyond the human limitation. You can do it. You have done it. You have done it in reverse sometimes and you have suffered. And you have said, “Now I've suffered enough, I'm worthy to know heaven.” Well, I have news for you. You didn't have to do the preliminary. You can go just like that to heaven. You are the essence of heaven. And when you look upon another one and you feel the oneness of love, that is heaven. And you can do that and you do from time to time -- as easily as breathing, in fact, easier than breathing.

You say but that's just imagination. Okay, where does imagination come from? Why can you, can you imagine? Because you are more than just this human experience. You think, you've been taught that this is all there is to me and it stops right here. Only if you've said so. Because in truth, you are the essence of energy, a field of energy. And you can form that any way you want to. You don't have to suffer.

“Jeshua, I don't have to suffer? No. In one moment you take the deep breath. You look upon something of beauty and there is a freedom of being. You’ve done this. You have gone there. You have said, “I am this and more.” And you are. It is called Heaven. It is called being the angel.

Know you that even as you activate form and you say, “well it is human form that I’m doing right now,” there is an angelic part of you that is free, that is an essence around what seems to be solidified energy of human. You are more. And when you say, “And there is more,” yes, it is because you are more.

You are the essence of being. No definition that says you have to be a certain way -- limitation. Breathe. In the demonstration of human, one of the most wonderful gifts you have built in is the breath. Anytime you want to allow space to experience something better, easier, breathe. Stop. Take that deep breath. Feel every cell of the body. You have the body to work with but it is not “working” because you are the essence of that being. Breathe -- that allows you to feel the energy, not the form but the energy. And to go with the energy of being.

You are going to (even in this lifetime) you are going to go beyond the confines of Holy Mother Earth. In human terms? Yes. You will have opportunity to go as what you see to be upon the spaceship.

“What? But Jeshua, you know, I have garnered to myself 66 years and I don’t think I've got time.” Who is the creator of time? You. Therefore, whatever you want to imagine... “But imagination, it isn't real Jeshua. I mean, it's just fictionalized energy.” And where does that come from? From the essence of you. Therefore, if you want to know space travel, if you want to be beyond the confines of Holy Mother Earth, and you want to do the space travel, go for it. You are free to know.

The years that I spent in the wilderness what did I do? I played with being a stone. I played with the tree, the branch of the tree. I played with being the bird that sat upon the branch. I played with the cloud. Could I be the cloud? And yes, did I sit upon the cloud? Well, yes of course. Did I go beyond the cloud? Yes. You imagine that there is something beyond the cloud, in the air.

“But how could I do that?” How could you not do that? You have the power of imagination. You have the power to dream. Anything that you desire to experience, you can dream. You can be. You can know. You are of the Creator and you are the creative one. So, this is why I say to you anything that you can imagine you can experience. Anything in this lifetime that you want to imagine, you can be, do, and know. Truly know.

I will share with you a secret. And in truth it is not a secret. It is well known by other ones. Before the crucifixion, I played with how would it feel to be crucified? How would it feel to have lifeless body? You can do this. You don't have to. But it is something that you can play with and you can experience to know that you are more than just what you are putting together momently as the body -- to know that you are the one creating the experience. So, I said to myself, I said, “Self, how would it feel to allow the energy of the body to be dissipated and still keep consciousness?”

“Oh, you mean there have been other ones who have done this?” Of course. Anything that you can imagine you have been. Anything you can imagine, others have been. Therefore, there is nothing beyond your ken, you’re knowing. There's nothing beyond that cannot be brought into wholeness and known. Not to suffer but to feel the demonstration of being.

Right now, there is a feeling of the feet. Where are the feet? Right. Can you wiggle the toes? Of course, you are having the human experience. And it is a very good, easy experience. You look around and you see ones who are smiling and they must be happy. Maybe they're contemplating the next meal or dessert. Oh, especially the dessert of the next meal. What’s that going to be? Cherries. Will you have cherries in your next dessert? With chocolate, of course. And maybe some of that cool stuff that has sweet taste to it. Yes, definitely. And that will follow after you have had the essence of pudding which is heavier.

You get very creative, you see. And you bring to yourself experiences that are hopefully pleasant. And if they are not, you say, “But I am the one creating even if I am having the huge spike put through the palm of my hand.” Huh? How's that feel? You know. Doesn't feel like really like – it kind of tickles.

“Jeshua, you mean when they put those heavy spikes through your hands, through your feet, it tickled?” Yes, beloved one.

You can imagine. Anything you can imagine you can experience. You for instance -- you have been crucified several times and you have taken off like the angel that you wanted to be. You have said, “Okay do with the body which you want to do. I’m out of here.” And you did. You took off as the essence of angelic being.

It is true for all of you. That which you want to experience bring it into a place where you know it, you grasp it, your own it, you are in it. Because you are the one creating. Now there is one in our midst here in this evening, who is an especially great creator. I speak of you. I speak of you. I speak of you, and you, and you, and you. But I especially speak of this one straight ahead. This one creates the most wonderous opportunities for “how do I get this to work? Oh no, we running out of time. I have to have this together. How about if I throw this switch?” Oh, magic. It works. Yes.

And all of you are drama queens and kings. All of you play to the hilt because why not? Exactly. Go for it.

You are the creative one. Be the essence of the creator you are -- have to be. Even by definition, creative. It is your greatest quality. It is the most fun quality.

When I was upon the cross, did I have fun? Yes, I did. I had fun watching the parade that was coming by. There was at that time a create of -- a parade creating itself. I love a parade. Okay.

You do not have to be in the midst of pain and sorrow. “Oh, Jeshua but the, the human life it is full of pain -- emotional pain, physical pain.” If you say so. Doesn’t have to be. You look upon how creative that is. “Oh my, that huge spike! What are you going to do with that? Oh yeah that’s right. Whatever.”

Look at it from the place of Godhood. You are the God having an experience. Make for yourself a sign that you put up in your room, your individual room – “I am the creative one having a God experience.”

And you are -- even when you are the most frustrated point of, “I can't get this thing to work.” Have you said that? Have you ever had that energy? Of course, you have. “I can’t get this thing to work.” Oh. A deep breath. Okay. And now it fits together? Okay. Have patience. I do recommend patience. Think there is a song -- one of you is humming a song. Very good.

Allow yourself to be happy with your creations even if the creation looks like it is made of excrement. It is very good. Yes, that will allow me growing very good fertilizer. So, allow yourself to know like, “Woops, I did it again. Oh my. But you know it is fertilizer.” And you will be happy knowing that you are the creative one because you are.

You are creating this evening. You are creating the ideas that you are taking in. You are creating and it is not I who is creating the ideas. You, as you hear the sounds, the vibration, vibrational tone that equate to an idea within your mind. This is not from here, not from me. It is what you are receiving. And you are saying, last time I heard this vibration it meant such and such. Okay. You can play with it. Or go with it as they say.

Beloved ones, I want to say unto you this evening, take from this evening the knowing that “I am the creative one. I am creating my experience and I will call it good even if it seems to be fertilizer.” Fertilizer has a good use. Sometimes it is necessary to allow yourself to know the quality and the goodness of fertilizer. And in that space, know the creative one that you are. And celebrate how creative you can be and have been.

You have what are called the advanced directives. After your name sometimes you have certain letters that say you have been somewhere, done something. Yes. Allow yourself to know, “I am the creative One” – capital “O” –so it stands out for you. And I join you in celebrating the one that we are.

Onward. To space and beyond.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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    I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a profound blessing of LOVE.

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