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Jesus Christ Reveals the Essence of Love!

Jesus Christ Reveals the Essence of Love!

Awakening describes the process of moving away from suffering and pouring into divinity.

It is a process that begins as soon as man begins to feel the chains that have been placed on him life after life on this space-time plane, sees them as inappropriate and breaks them in an act of self-empowerment.

I know you!

JJK: Today I found the following touching story online: An 80-year-old man brings his wife breakfast to the nursing home every morning. The woman has Alzheimer's and can no longer be cared for at home. A nurse at the retirement home asked him: "Does your wife worry if one day you don't come to bring her breakfast?" He said: "She doesn't remember, she has forgotten everything, she doesn't even know anymore. who I am. She hasn't recognized me for years." The nurse was surprised and touched at the same time: "That's very nice! Even though her wife doesn't recognize her, they bring her breakfast in bed every morning!?" The man smiled, looked her in the eyes and shook her hand. Then he said, “She doesn’t know who I am, but I know who she is.“ (Net find)


Later I got tired, I lay down for a nap and I dreamed:

I'm at an event and something musical is being performed. The mood is relaxed and happy. A 14-year-old boy with Down syndrome sits on my right knee. He has a very large head, impressively prominent eyes and short red hair. His head is so big that, despite some effort, I can't look at the stage. But I look at the boy's face from the side and it's beaming from ear to ear. He clearly feels comfortable and definitely doesn't want to give up his place on my thigh anymore. A slightly younger, handicapped girl then sits on my right thigh and enjoys the performance from this position. The fact that I now only act as a bench doesn't bother me at all, considering the joy that the two of them have.“ (Dream ending)

My first thought after waking up is: “Do whatever you want, I love you!” Because that’s exactly how GOD looks at us humans!

No matter what we do, how we appear on the outside, GOD simply knows who we really are - and that's all that counts.

Just as I knew that these two children are soulful and divine creatures, no matter what limitations they face as human beings, GOD knows who we really are despite our self-limitations. That's all that matters in the end. “Do whatever you want, I love you because I know who you really are!” That is the message of the Alzheimer's story and the dream that follows. GOD is like the old man who brings his wife breakfast every day even though she no longer remembers him.

Do we remember GOD and does GOD let us fall despite our amnesia? Unconditional love is vividly conveyed and made understandable in these two scenes.

JESUS ​​CHRIST: You go through life like a somnambulist. Some people dream evil, dark dreams, some rise above this world full of light.

Whatever a person does, it is a dream in this reality, for reality is beyond it. That's why everything is given to you, that's why GOD loves you so much and that's why you can never be lost forever.

How could GOD not love you??

How could the Creator blame you for not remembering yourself or HIM? How could the Creator punish you for something that eludes you? You are the ones who have descended of your own free will to live this experience of separation! Why should the Creator rebuke you if you forget yourselves and indulge in ungodly deeds? How could the Creator penalize you if you make errors or cause harm, as only a consciousness separated from GOD can?

How could the Creator withdraw his love from you if you serve creation most by having renounced the love of GOD for the duration of your earthly existence.

You have forgotten who you are, a collective Alzheimer's disease has struck humanity and what is GOD doing? GOD loves you even more. Just as the love between two people remains untouched by external circumstances, and just as you took the two children into your heart in a dream, so is GOD when he spreads his love over people. Everything external fades, what matters is what a person really is.

JJK: Then even the greatest criminals on earth could expect mercy from GOD?

JESUS ​​CHRIST: People who have completely surrendered to the darkness often provide the greatest service. Because man can only recognize himself as light in the darkness.

This contrast is needed so that the blind become sighted.

JJK: Years ago I decided that I didn't want any more suffering! Spiritual growth can take place without pain. I am deeply convinced of this.

Since I explained this to myself and to heaven, I have experienced much less suffering or pain within myself and those around me. It really works - or from another perspective: I no longer care so much when things don't go well - more serenity, lightness and permeability to the divine, that's how I would describe it. Changing your perspective doesn't make the suffering disappear, but it does make it more bearable. In summary: What you choose happens. What matters is how you look at the world - and that needs to be constantly examined and adjusted. To experience small difficulties as great suffering or to see great suffering as small difficulties, we have the choice - or?

Love without suffering

JESUS ​​CHRIST: Everything is a matter of development and spiritual maturity. At a certain level, the path is no longer a joyful one, rather than a painful one. For many people, however, it is the experience of suffering that forges and ultimately awakens them.

Only when the person finally buys the return ticket to unity through the completion of the incarnation cycle does suffering end and memory occurs.

Awakening describes the process of moving away from suffering and pouring into divinity. It is a process that begins as soon as man begins to feel the chains that have been placed on him life after life on this space-time plane, sees them as inappropriate and breaks them in an act of “self-empowerment”..

JJK: This means that as long as a person wants to stay in this Alzheimer's game, in which the memory of GOD is simply missing, he will have the experiences associated with it - and GOD loves the person unconditionally and unchangeably, no matter what act someone allows himself to be carried away to do?

JESUS ​​CHRIST: Creation is based on these experiences, because only when gods perceive themselves as godless can unique experiences that benefit the entire universe be created. This enriches creation, expands consciousness and makes clear why the human species is honored beyond measure by all species.

JJK: However, what we humans do on earth is often very worrying and deserves to be disciplined?

Responsibility requires awareness

JESUS ​​CHRIST: Anyone who has forgotten who they are cannot act as who they are. Acting independently requires awareness. This is not always the case and so people create negative karma until one day they can no longer bear the burden, they start to ask the right questions and change their behavior.

Meanwhile, GOD remains at your side, GOD judges but does not condemn, GOD creates potential but does not judge, GOD knows that you have forgotten and knows when you will remember again.

GOD loves you every day and every moment. HIS love is of this nature.

JJK: Do whatever you want, I love you!” So ​​this insight can really be applied to all people?

That's all it's about!

JESUS ​​CHRIST: This is the essence of love - on all levels of being. You don't have to approve of someone blocking your view of the stage, you don't have to like the fact that your wife doesn't remember you anymore - looking at it with wisdom and love is the way. That's what it's all about when the end of your incarnations approaches - remembering who you are, remembering who your neighbor is. What is man really? Flesh and blood or spirit and divinity? To look at each individual person with these eyes is to truly see them.

So go and love people! Love what man is and not what man pretends to be.

Penetrate the deception, see beyond the masks into people's hearts and your gift will be heartfelt love.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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