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Jesus - Why Everyone Cannot Follow The Path

Jesus - Why Everyone Cannot Follow The Path

I AM Jesus.

I have come to you. You work hard in your world. You are constantly residing in an environment that is not dignified for mankind.

You have gotten used to the stench. Now after a long wait, the time is coming when a new consciousness must appear amidst all your chaos and hustle and bustle. The advent of this consciousness is unobservable, but the new consciousness must inevitably come to your world. And there are enough volunteers who have expressed a desire to go along my Path and to undergo a crucifixion in the material world as a reward for their devotion and service.

Yes, in your world there is no reward and there cannot be any reward for your service or for the spiritual feat that you are bearing, which is similar to the cross that I carried to Calvary. And those of you who wish to receive fame, recognition, honors, or money and who are ready to do the necessary work for the Masters for the sake of getting all this — your hour has not yet come. You will not be able to go along my Path.

For you to be able to step onto the Path of Christ, you need to make this decision within your hearts. And I will render my assistance and lend my support to each of you who wants to follow my Path sincerely within your heart. But you need to realize that there is no way back from this Path. You must realize the entire responsibility for going on the Path of Christ. You cannot wish to follow the Path of Christ today and then tomorrow leave your cross in the attic and continue enjoying the pleasures of your world.

You make the choice inside yourself. And you must weigh thoroughly how strong your aspiration is. Many people decide to follow the Path in the first flush of enthusiasm and under the influence of their mood. But after a day or two, their determination evaporates. New pleasures overtake their being and they forget about the decision they made. However, for you it means a big step back. Every time the Ascended Hosts hear your sincere call, a mechanism is activated that makes you return onto the Path. You forget in the hustle and bustle of your everyday life that you made a commitment to follow the Path of Christ. However, all the conditions around you intensify and you enter a period of temptations and tests. And as you forget about your decision, every new test engenders discontent and fear within you. You start making appeals to God asking Him to lend you a helping hand in passing this dark period of your life.

Now imagine yourselves in the place of the Ascended Masters. How would you react if today you were asked for one thing, but tomorrow for something completely opposite?

Inconsistency, mood swings, and dependence on the surrounding environment are literally the scourge of your time.

You should develop in yourselves the basic qualities of a disciple: consistency, discipline, devotion, humility.

If you do not develop these qualities in yourselves, then you will not be able to progress on the Path of discipleship, and you will drop out of sight of the Ascended Teachers of humanity because we will not be able to trace you amidst the chaotic flashes that we observe among mankind from our ascended state of consciousness.

Imagine a lighthouse that works today and does not work tomorrow. We focus on the burning fire of your hearts. When the fire on the altar of your heart keeps burning day and night without interruption and its brightness is smooth despite all the obstacles and ills of life then angels can always distinguish you in the twilight of your world and give you help and support.

The main and basic obstacle that we encounter among embodied humanity is volatility and the inability to be consistent in everything. Therefore, instead of feeling discontent and expressing displeasure to the Ascended Hosts, try to develop the basic qualities necessary for you on the Path.

At all times, the qualities of constancy and persistence in achieving objectives have been highly recognized.

You need to maintain your aspiration, and then the burning flame on the altar of your heart will be uniform, and we will know that now this individual is ready for us to begin our work with him.

We consider not only the present moment; we are also perusing the Akashic records.[1] And we can judge how many times this individual decided to go on the Path of Initiations and how many times he swerved from the Path. That is why each of you has your own waiting period for a Teacher who will come and get in touch with you. We see at a glance when you manifest the smooth burning flames in your hearts, but at times the Akashic records show that you started to follow the Path a few dozen times but went off course. And then we are not allowed to work with you until the end of the current embodiment. However, this does not mean that you do not need to show readiness to follow the Path, because your aspiration and constancy will undoubtedly generate the momentum that will be needed in your next embodiment. This explains why some people can easily master our Teaching, being light on their feet and ready to gather and go where we point at our first call. Yet, other people read the Teaching and listen to the Dictations, but at the next moment they are already fascinated by something else, and they thrust aside the books of our Teaching and run toward another trinket or nonsense of their world.

Each of you is at your own level of consciousness. Since you live at the time of Kali Yuga,[2] very few individuals who have certain spiritual achievements are left in embodiment at your time. Others are given a chance to go through re-education. And many of you go through this re-education for many embodiments. An opportunity is given to you again and again before the passage of the Divine opportunity closes. And when you pass away and appear before the Karmic Board, you see your mistakes in horror and beg for one more opportunity and for one more embodiment. The mercy of Heaven truly knows no bounds. And each of those who plead is given a new chance. But with every new embodiment, the conditions become more complicated. Your karma becomes denser and it is more and more difficult for you to get out of the viscous treacle of imperfect thoughts and feelings in which the physical world lives for the most part.

Therefore, before complaining about your unhappy lot and asking to be released from your karmic burden or to make it less burdensome, remember that you yourselves have earned in your previous lives everything around you and everything happening to you now. That is why sincere repentance and confession sometimes ease your karmic burden by half. God does not want you to suffer; it is you who devote yourselves to misery. The understanding of your mistakes and the penitence give almost an immediate alleviation of your condition, and the burden lying on your shoulders lightens.

Today I have given you a Teaching on the Path and on why not everyone among you can follow this Path in this life.

I AM Jesus.


[1] Akashic Records are the information field of the universe, in which all the events of the past, present, and conceivable future are fixed.

[2] Yuga in Hinduism denotes a world period or cycle. One cycle is Maha Yuga (4,320,000 years), which consists of four smaller Yugas: Satya Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Treta Yuga, and Kali Yuga. The ratio of their duration is 4:3:2:1. The first one is Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age. It is characterized by righteousness, abundance, and widespread spiritual culture. People living during this age have the most elevated qualities, supernatural abilities, great strength and intellect, and they are very tall and beautiful. The second age is Dwapara Yuga. During this time, the piety of people is reduced, and the first signs of degradation in the society appear. During Treta Yuga, piety is reduced even more, although people still have a very elevated nature and they are very strong. The last age, Kali Yuga, is called the Iron Age, or the Age of machinery. It is the shortest one (432,000 years), and is the darkest of all four. This epoch is characterized by the widespread fall of morality. General economic and spiritual degradation develops. Kali Yuga is the age in which we live. However, it will eventually come to an end with the coming of the Golden Age. (From the Encyclopedia of Esotericism.)

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Dictations of Jesus in the book "JESUS"
This book contains selected Messages from Jesus, a Great Divine Being. In the chaos that exists in the world now, the only regulator and guarantor of stability is the inner governor, the human conscience, or God, who resides in every human being. We come to you in the hope that many of you can understand the truths being given by us at this stage of human development. We sincerely hope that these truths will germinate in your hearts and you will become one with the Teaching that we are giving. (Jesus).

In 2004 I was granted a Messenger’s Mantle of the Great White Brotherhood and received an opportunity to bring the Words of the Masters to people.
During the years 2005-2020 at certain periods of time I have been receiving Messages of the Ascended Masters in a special way.
I am very happy that with the help of many people the first Messages I received have been translated into English and the English-speaking readers can become familiar with them. The only thing the Ascended Masters want is to spread their Teaching throughout the world.
The Masters give their Messages with the feeling of great Love.
Love has no limits.
There are no boundaries between the hearts of people living in different countries, there are no boundaries between the worlds.
The boundaries exist only in the consciousness of people.
The Masters appeal through me to every man living on planet Earth
From Siberia with Love,
Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina

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