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Jesus: You are ALL Love and only Love

Jesus: You are ALL Love and only Love

There is much anger i.e. fear, flowing freely through the human collective at present, mostly to be recognized, forgiven, and released, and you are all helping to release it with thanks when you practice just being. 

As I and others keep reminding you, JUST BEING is an extremely effective and powerful way to allow Love to flow through you to assist mightily in the awakening process.  You did choose this path before incarnating, and you are following it extremely well.  Hang in there, you are doing very important work, and you are mightily supported by us here in the non-physical realms.  ALL IS WELL for you and for humanity.  Continue to trust in God’s Love for you all.  These extremely unsettling times will pass!  And you will awaken.

Creating Heaven on Earth is humanity’s increasingly powerful intent as more and more examples of the world-wide chaos, conflict, confusion, corruption, and generally criminal activities are released into the public domain.  People are naturally shocked by these seemingly endless news items and feature articles which are laying out for all to see the ongoing lack of integrity and the endemic dishonesty of so many governments and large multinational organizations along with those who control or dominate them.  People are demanding major changes and they will be delivered.  What is occurring now is a major part of your awakening process – disclosure and release – so that people allow Love to fill their hearts which encourages them to dispense with the need to condemn and punish those seen to be responsible, the kind of fearful overreaction that has been humanity’s insane and ineffective modus operandi for eons.

Love is ALL that exists, anything not in alignment with Love will just fall away as more and more of you embrace your true nature, which as you all know is Love.  Heaven on Earth is Love expressed.  For eons people have lived in fear and blocked Love from their conscious awareness, as their individual egos and the collective ego assured them that life on Earth was very dangerous, and that they needed to be constantly on the alert as disaster could strike at any moment.  As a direct result those beliefs were brought into being and acted upon.  Now, people everywhere are finally realizing that that is no way to live.  In fact for the last few decades many have been forming or moving into loving and cooperative communities, and the high energy influence of these communities, which is enormous, is being felt and experienced all across the world, and is greatly assisting in humanity’s awakening process.

Remember that you are never alone!  To be alone is impossible because you are each, in every moment of your eternal existence, inseparably One with Mother/Father/God.  There is only Mother/Father/God, the One, Love, and each sentient being is one with that divine, infinitely wise, and loving Source.  “I and my Father are One” is a true statement that each and everyone should make at least once daily to remind themselves most powerfully of the Truth of who they really and truly are, eternally.  To repeat: Separation from Source is impossible because there is nowhere else that anyone could be.  You are all the divine children of God, held eternally in His infinitely loving embrace, however, while in human form, you are experiencing the total unreality of an existence seemingly utterly separated from Him.  This unreality will dissolve and you will awaken into – in human terms – unimaginable bliss.

You are all very much aware that the lives you are leading as humans are lives that you planned with great wisdom before you incarnated, so that you could massively assist in this magnificent awakening process.  And I assure you that this is precisely what you are doing, even if you get very little sense of it, or none at all.  Remember that this environment, as you experience it with your human bodily senses and feelings, is unreal.  And as you remind yourselves of this divine Truth, set or reset the intent to open your hearts to Mother/Father/God, and in that moment very positively invite Her in to comfort you.  Without your free will invitation She cannot do so.  When you do, you will feel the Love with which She enfolds and embraces you, dissolving your doubts about Her existence, and also any doubts you may be holding about your worthiness to receive Her or be in Her Presence.

She longs for you to invite Her into your hearts because She longs to embrace you. A mother always wants to embrace her children because they are forever a part of her, they grew within her, totally dependent on her for life, and even after birth they remain one with her, even as they become adult and have their own families.  You are all One, you are all interconnected, and this game of separation that you have been playing is and has been extremely divisive due to your felt need to judge other cultures, ethnicities, skin color, and religious or political beliefs, from your own individual and very narrow perspectives.  These present you with an endless list of contentious and disruptive reasons to see yourselves as separate, as right while others are wrong, and encourage you to engage in conflict with those you know are wrong!  Now is the moment to recognize your Oneness with one another.

You all seek love outside yourselves, and so you are always disappointed because when you look outside yourselves for what is within you see division.  Love is what and who you are and It is within you, waiting for you to become aware that you have never been separated from It.  Once you can come to full self-acceptance this realization will dawn on you, and as you then start to honor yourselves as God does, you will find a deep sense of peace within you as the intensely felt need to seek what you are outside yourselves just falls away. You are Love, every single one of you, and in Its most intimate form It is there within you awaiting your realization and acceptance.  If you do not love yourselves you cannot possibly love others.  When you do fully and unconditionally accept yourselves you will feel the Love within instead of blocking your awareness of It, and then your whole energy field expands embracing all with whom you interact.  This is how you awaken.  And this is how you mightily assist others to awaken.  Just think about it:

You are ALL Love and only Love, and Love is the infinite field of divine energy in which all that exists is eternally enfolded.  You are EVERYTHING and therefore all your needs are constantly fulfilled.

So be kind and loving to yourselves, taking joy in your daily quiet time alone as you invite Mother/Father/God to fill your hearts with the Love that She is.  You are ALL completely and utterly worthy of God’s love for you, and completely and utterly worthy to rest in Her Presence.  All you need to do is to fully accept yourselves just as you are.  God does, so why would you not?

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jesus through John
Guidance from an elder brother
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