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Lady Nada: Love Is Not An Investment, It Is A Gift

Lady Nada: Love Is Not An Investment, It Is A Gift

Souls of Light and Love, I salute you. I am Lady Nada.

I could describe again, as others have done, the period you are currently going through. I could still spend time explaining to you how useful, necessary, important this period is, but I don't want to dwell on that. I want to linger at Consciousness, I want to linger at Presence, in each of you.

Of course, the brightest of you are under attack. Of course, the shadow and the Light look at each other, you would say that way, I will say it differently. There is no shade and there is no Light. There are energies of different colors, all of which try to take a place in this world.

Finally, you know, and it's an allegory, an image, neither of the two forces that seem to oppose that you call Good-Evil, shadow and Light, neither seems to find its place in your world. That's what you think, isn't it ? You don't see enough Light, you see too much shade, or sometimes you wonder if the shadow will win. But shadow has no place. Forward, she was used to being behind, and there she is put forward, subtle mix, right ?

Why are these energies which seem to you, and I insist, which seem negative to you, put forward ? To disappear better, to better create a New World. So this world will be created with wanderings again, with mistakes again, yes, on the other hand, in the minds of everyone and everyone now, the advent of this New World is immutable. Each of you knows from the bottom of your heart that we can no longer back down, that all shadows, precisely, must be put forward to light their position, their location. It is not a real fight. So, when we talk about Light Warriors, we are still in the picture here, in an image in contrast. You like it in a dual world, contrasts. Well, maybe my invitation today, will be more contrasting than you are.

Listen to me, children of Light, today for many of you everything is white or everything is black. This is why I invite you to the nuances, the shades of gray, the shades of color, the nuances of observations, not to be completely in rejection or completely in proselytism. Be open to new possibilities. Be open to change. Do not worry, even if in some countries of this world the apparent changes will seem negative, it will be to fall apart better then.

What is being done by desperate forces of control over this Earth is to mount what you call a house of cards very quickly, very fast floors. We want to scare you, compared to a climate that changes with or without you anyway. We want to scare you, by identifying you in a completely computer way. We want to scare you, making you sheep that we would keep in a park a few kilometers away. All of this remains strategies. You know that of ⁇ on wants to scare you. Now, dear souls of Light, the force that makes you up, the real force that composes you, is no longer afraid, is not afraid. Taken to the limit for some, you are ready to understand that your life is one life among others, and that the justness of your inner and external battles deserves that you are no longer afraid. You deserve too no longer be afraid. You deserve to no longer feel weak. You deserve to regain your personal power. Everything you think you have lost; you have not lost. You haven't lost it, you've sold it sometimes, you've put it aside a lot, but you haven't lost it, that force.

Humanity, Human, Man, Woman, all these beings are beings of evolution, of change, of transformation. It’s in your Nature. It’s in your nomadic nature, in a way, you’re beings who travel on this Earth and in this space. You believed that staying in one place in the same habits was a well-deserved rest. The only well-deserved rest is the one that the Hereafter will offer you, not here, not now, not in this time, not in this time, not on this Earth which is now evolving, which changes its vibrations, which modifies its energy center and even its magnetic center, to lean back on such high frequencies, that your body today may still have trouble adjusting to it. Nature is already doing it, adjusting to these new frequencies, to these new energies. When I say ⁇ news ⁇ , not that they have not already existed, however, for you and in this life it will seem new to you. They are elevation forces.

Your mother, your Mother-in-law, is leading by example. It is powerful, it will show you its power, it will continue to grow, of course. Of course. She may show the children that you are sometimes that you have been very presumptuous with her. It will not do so with the aim of destroying, on the contrary with the aim of building, with the aim of raising a humanity aware of who it is, in order to remove powers from those who thought they had them.

Powers are not an asset. They are a loan, a loan from the universe, a loan from the people, a loan from God, a loan from your Superior Consciousness, and you arrive in a time when, alone, one or those who work for the multitude, really and not in their own name, just for them, only these will continue to be able to keep these forces, these capacities without hindrance, these powers.

Do not try to work just for yourself, you would waste a lot of time, a lot of energy, everything is a multitude now, everything is fraternity now. This is already there. This is already present. It’s hard to accept. I repeat, you do not have the visibility for the moment, however it is already present, it is already installed in this plan.

You asked for Love, and while you receive it in somewhat unexpected forms sometimes, you would like to reject this because it is different, because this union sometimes is almost created by force; the strength of the constraint for some, financial constraints, physical constraints, the strength of compulsory assembly to fight against people who are just trying to balance their accounts. Despite everything, it's part of those forces that bring together, see. In the appearance of the opposition, you have forces here that bring together, which re-unite peoples, nations again.

I have important news for you. You are some times away from the arrival of your galactic brothers, your galactic sisters. This too is a significant change in value that will happen, which is already planned, which is part of your transformation. And while some will prepare you in fear, I invite you to prepare for it in love and benevolence. Don't give all your power to these beings either.

That said, understand that simply revealing their presence, in a while — take your time, it's not your time I'm talking about, but ours — this arrival which is now scheduled, not imminent in your own sense, actually imminent to our senses, is also planned to create an upheaval, a psychological shock would say some. Do you need aliens for you to understand that you are all human ? Are you all divine beings gathered on the same planet ?

A very small planet on the scale of the inhabited planets of this universe, of your manifested universe, you are as in a small village. You think you are eight billion, that's about right, however it's very small. The majority of inhabited planets, interior or exterior, have populations that approach the hundred and twenty, one hundred and thirty billion.

Actually, you are little brothers, you are beings from this human village, a magnificent village, a pearl in the universe, a place so full of life, a place to take care of, you will understand. It is this awareness that I wish to highlight once again today, the awareness of your Natural Nature, the awareness of your voluntary presence on this natural Earth, with so many spaces that deserve to be cultivated, protected, preserved.

Your agriculture is changing, too. It is moving towards the use of increasingly natural products, not currently completely, despite everything, do not worry, these equally effective natural products will start to come. In the meantime, you are in transition to do something that is a little less, all the same, it is important to preserve cultures.

Understand, what comes out of the earth is alive, it's your food. It is this life energy that is inside of you that is changing. Do not sacrifice gardeners or farmers for substances that are almost blended. Come back to the true nature of what feeds you, because it is a way like Earth adapts to adapt. Those who will find it most difficult to adapt to this new changing World are those who eat poorly, are those who feed on elements that have been produced too chemically. I hear that some of you think you have no choice. However, see how much life in a few sprouted seeds is already enough to strengthen you and does not cost that much. See how much eating some fruits, some raw vegetables this summer, when you pass through these wonderful fields that are your meadows, fields, cultures, this is already enough. Your food will determine what you are.

Technology is also evolving on your planet. As we have expected, some artificial intelligences are starting to take up space. Oh ! of course, many of you will say too much, without understanding, that in truth, they will be able to help you later free yourself, free yourself from time, free yourself from space, so that you can find yourself again with friends and groups, in a world which will not necessarily use only money to move forward, conversely, which will mainly use sharing, sharing of works, sharing of skills, sharing of love. It’s not for tomorrow morning what I’m telling you friends. Dear souls of Light, it's a vision that I offer you. Accept it in your heart. Accept it in your heart, because this is how this world will appear.

Sometimes you ask us: « Do you have regrets, remorse, dear Guides ? » We regret that many people want the world to go back to the way it was before, as you say.

Do you seriously think that this world before was a world of freedom already ? You have been imprisoned little by little, and your rulers continue to try to imprison you little by little. You have accepted so many unacceptable things. Our regret is there. The regret is to see gods who are manipulated like this, granting their power to all those who scare them rather than living a life of conqueror, a life of love, a life of joy, shared.

Fear exists when you are alone, when you feel abandoned. In truth, I tell you, none of you have ever been alone for a moment in your life. None of you were born without a guardian angel, without an accompanying prior or Guide. You can appeal to their Light, specify their Presence in your life. Oh ! of course you could say: « I know your presence, but do not see it, you are useless. » You can moan as much as you want, however, at least have this awareness that even if you don't see them, even if you can't hear them, there are beings in the Invisible who try like this, in small touches, to lead you to the path of life, the most wonderful path of existence for each of you. However, do you accept small changes ? Do you accept small compromises ?

Do not try to come back as before, I repeat. For some of you, we will ask to change places physically, whether by trade or even by dwelling. For others, we will ask you to have a good morale, if I may say so, and this is also something that I am announcing to you.

Many people will start to receive fear when they have given it so far. Some will try to repent, tell you that they have failed, tell you that they have been lost and manipulated themselves. Do not reject them, do not shoot them down, do not condemn them, on the contrary, listen to what they have to say to you and accept their change, their evolution too. Some of them, believing they were doing well, have followed ideas that they will understand to be totally wrong. They will realize that they have been deceived not only by their ego, also by powers that are trying to control this world. They are not only human powers contrary to what you believe, they are also invisible powers, strong powers and even extraterrestrial powers, who try and who have tried to control the world. Truly, all of these will have to give up their hands, give up their hands to unity, give up your hand to who you really are, give your hand to your wisdom, it’s back to Nature. You don't have to accept to be numbers. You don't have to accept this, you can live with it, however it's not your identity. Your identity is to be a child of the Earth, a child of a vibrant and loving Nature in a natural way.

It is difficult and I laugh because, when you understand this, dear souls of Light, you will want to take your brothers and sisters in your arms, an irresistible desire, a very need to take everyone, to console, to heal, to listen to — finally! — to listen to those who want to speak to you on Earth and in Heaven.

We are not moralizers. We have all the time in the world for this development. We are just trying, telling you to accept change, just to create circumstances conducive to this development, just to speed up that time. We could give you the means to put this in place immediately, however, it would imply that you receive orders from us and it is obviously unacceptable. You have no orders to receive from us or anyone else. We act only as big brothers, big sisters of Light, we try to bring more joy, more peace, more unity into your life.

So, dear friends, in this moment, dive inside of yourself.

Try to observe what creates resistance in you, creates fears.

Try to capture some resistance, some fears.

When you touch this inside of you, when you have touched these energy points, pronounce this internal demand :

« I ask God to observe these fears.

I ask God to observe these oppositions to change, these resistances. »

Not you, because you are not your Consciousness, but your divinity, The One You Call God, Your Superior Consciousness, ask him, ask him to look at this from His Love, just watch it.

― It's nothing, my child. There is nothing here that deserves as much attention from you. You can release this.

And, you see, when the Holy Spirit tells you « you can release that », in you, there is something that would like to do something with it, who would like to believe that this has been useful, or who is even afraid of wasting time, release this energy.

Look, you live with your fears like an ex-companion or an ex-companion. One day, a companion can decide to leave you, and inside you will say for some, some : « I can't release it — I can't release it. I will have wasted too much time. I have dedicated so many years to her, and now I have to release her ». It was the real lesson. The couple is the greatest lesson in love, even when they separate, even when they leave, it is a great lesson in love. Release him, set her free, and don't believe for a second, a single moment, that you've wasted time. This is hardly ever true. You opened your heart, your mind, your house, you shared. Why having regret done this ? Love is not an investment; it is a gift.

Often you blame the people you call wealthy for playing on stock market quotes. In truth, for many of you, you have invested a value called love in the hope that it will grow again and again, that it will never fall. And when it falls, do you regret your investment ?

Observe, there is an error here. Love is not an investment, it is a gift, an equal gift. What does mean an equal gift is that all the love you have given, the Holy Spirit in you, gives it back to you. If you are in the investment, the love you have given, you will invariably expect it from the other, you will expect it from the human, and you will refuse it from the Divine who is ready to give it to you, to try to steal it from another human punctually.

No, my brothers, no, my sisters, love is a gift, not an investment. Do not regret any moment, none of these gifts. Each of them was pure Light, pure love. Each of them watered the garden of consciousness of the one who received it, human, animal, plant, mineralEach piece of your love is a wonderful gift, a divine recycling of which God offers you the equivalent systematically.

None of you lack love, that's not true. Some of you may say that there is a lack of human love, but again you are wrong. True love is Divine. The majority of your religions, more or less accepted or acceptable, understand this, that true love comes from Heaven and not from Earth. Some even lock themselves up to receive this love. Only you don't have to lock yourself up, just to understand that it's already there, just to understand that it's simple, and then, as you have invested in love, imagine yourself as a source of investment. And that's where the thought of unworthiness comes from. « Oh ! I am not worthy of this Love. After all, I haven't returned enough, I haven't done enough. » This too is false. The gift of God, the gift of this Love is due to you permanently, at all times, whatever you do, whatever you say. Whether or not you are sinners, this Love reaches you.

The only real question is: « Do I accept this Love ? I am worthy of it, now », because every time you receive the Love of God, you are in forgiveness. You can start again. You can give back again, not reinvest again, give back again, return to self-giving, in the gift of this magical Presence that is love.

Children of Light and Love, it's time to water yourself at this unique Source that is God, which is deity. It's time to accept to receive, to accept to change, to agree to mutate.

The mutation is the term that is sometimes used for a species that passes to another species. This is your case. Your body adapts to new energies, you receive new frequencies, you become new beings. What you become is wonderful. You become humans aware of the deep nature of relationships between you.

So here we can thank what you call shade because, in truth, I tell you, there is not a single shadow that does not work for Light in a certain way, in your existence or in the sum of your lives because, sometimes, this is not understood in a single existence, rather in several.

None of you deserve the harm or deserve the shadow — I use this term because it is often used. None of you deserve this, however when this comes to you, again, you are not alone. Do not fight in solitude. Look at this world with confidence and not with distrust or mistrust. Look at this world with conscience, confidence.

« Because I know who I am, because I know the deep nature that makes me up, I know that every event here, connotated negative, actually works for Light. Even if I don't perceive it, even if I don't understand it, even if I don't even accept it, I can be aware that the transformation of shadow into Light is the alchemical process that brings me to the truth of who I really am. So, I bless everything. I bless every moment, every circumstance. I bless the whole work of God. »

The key is to love. And to love is to give and receive.

Do you agree to give ?

Do you accept to receive ?

Do you agree to enter into a new understanding of the Being that you are ?

This precious time that is an existence, this precious time that is life, is there to demonstrate to you by the practice inside a single body, the Force of Love in this world. His presence is strong.

Love gives itself. Love shows up, too. It does not show, you have nothing to demonstrate, just to show, to show who you really are, to show your true Nature, to gradually drop the theater masks that make you think you are stronger or more powerful. No, you are as strong and as powerful as each of your brothers and sisters. It’s a big assembly that begins, a new Jerusalem. You are at the door. There are still some pitfalls on this path, some contradictions, some departures, some arrivals too. Be ready in the confidence that each of you will find your solutions together.

We will still be there to reassure you. Some people think we are useless, some even listen to this speech by saying to themselves: « what good is it ? Always the same with Guides. » You know, if we repeat these words, it is patiently, it is because they have not been integrated, they have not been understood. You expect techniques, in reality the truth is not a technique but a revelation.

The truth will set you free. Is the truth something to know or recognize ? Is the truth a knowledge or a conscience, a real, lively awareness, incorporated into you as a certainty of who you are ?

So yes, we will repeat our words. So yes, we will continue to reassure you. So, yes, we will explain to you that the passage is difficult, but it is so that you understand that everything is planned, that everything is here much more perfect than you imagine, that everything is used, good as bad, to your vision of course.

Feel the strength I try to give to my words. Feel the strength I am trying to give to this time. It is a Force of Love. I'm not trying to convince you, I'm trying to ask you to allow yourself to feel that when reading my words. Feel our Presence by your side.

We have offered you many messages, many channels on this Earth, to relay our intention of love. Each of you can hear us in your head. Each of you receives us. Despite this, how many resist this first ⁇ I love you that we often state, this ⁇ God loves you ⁇ that you hear so often, and which you think is not deserved or comes from your ego. Perhaps the first step is to accept this, to accept this love, because it is a door in you, a deep door, a powerful, powerful door.

May the Human now accept this love.

May the Human be in compassion, before he has no choice.

Choose today the way of love, the way of exchange, the way of Humanity.

Understand that there is no country, no borders, all of this is created by humans, created by division.

Yes, there are cultures, of course. Obviously, there are cultures, and each of them is respectable. Each of them can enrich another culture. Furthermore, a culture, you see, it is not a border, it is on the contrary an opening towards another possible, towards another understanding, towards another definition perhaps, both community life and also inner life.

Then your Earth, later, will have no borders. It will still have its cultures, it will still have its regional specificities, and it's wonderful. It’s wonderful because it’s a field of flowers, with so many different flowers. No flower is more beautiful than another, no plant is more beautiful than another in truth. Each of them has its place in the great wealth of existence, in this great harmonious cycle that was created for you, to generate this human experience.

One of the first mistakes of Man is to have created the border, the property. This was necessary in its evolution for a time, and finally so little. Unfortunately, he got a taste for it, so he decided that now it was immutable and that we should not change anymore.

Just as you got a taste for the agent as the only means of exchange, so you can't change anymore. You don't even see what can be done otherwise sometimes. It will come. It is first of all your human qualities, your qualities of love and openness that we wish to extend for each of you.

Dear souls, your birth is divine. Your body is an entire universe, a universe that seeks, like other universes, coherence, integrity and love.

I am Lady Nada, love is my strength, my passion, my mission would say some. I knew your Earth a long time ago, in many forms. One of these forms was the one you call Mary Magdalene, this embodiment as the wife of Jesus. We were a much more normal couple than you can imagine, but in a freedom and a love, powerful. This did not prevent us from finding small faults to each other, however, we also had this freedom between us, this space which does not imprison, so present.

Our love was so great that we spent the whole end of our existence educating it to all the children who came to us, because, yes, I tell you, Jesus did not die on the cross. We have continued on our way around the world. We have gone a little exiled from this country of origin to discover other places, other cultures.

We have helped everyone to understand how much the love of what it was could lead them to communicate with this great Kingdom of Heaven which was already present in everyone. By removing rivalries, territories, we have created a kind of temporary Eden. Then, when this Eden became more difficult to live with, we left again. We took back our pilgrim's staff and continued our way to a new land, to a new freedom. And each time, we taught children, these pure beings, these beings to whom we could explain what love is, make them live before they have any prejudice about what is due and what is not.

We have come a long way. We lived, in particular, for several decades in France today, then we continued on our way to what you call Italy. We crossed the seas again. Oh ! we have traveled so much in fact; however, everything was simple, everything was harmonious. We felt when we had to stay in a place to leave. Nothing belonging to us, we had no desire for property, so we were free, free to continue our path with confidence in our brothers, in our sisters, with whom we simply exchanged the power of God, simply the power of the Kingdom.

By explaining what love is, we have been able to reveal many beings to themselves. We have created many apostles. Each of them, for him and for his descendants, generated peace and love. As many other prophets have done before him, Jesus wanted to teach again, and again, and sometimes even, even to the point of wasting away from it. The teaching is deep and fair, many have taught it in one form or another. Each of his teachings led to love. Each of his teachings led to this simple message: « Don't do to others what you wouldn't want to be done to you » because there are no others. There is a unity of love, a unity which can be very harmonious if it is not offered territories or too long differences between them. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, the man and the woman, are useless oppositions. Everyone has an exact place, in their exact time, and everyone is loved for the work they offer to this world.

Enter this spirit, and you will enter a Kingdom larger than any of the kingdoms you know. Enter this energy, and you will know what Love is. You will stop talking about it because you will know. You will be invested with this love and with a single desire, give it again and again, and again, and again, and again, because you will receive so much, that you will never be able to give more than what you receive.

Receive this Love, children of Light. Listen to my message or not, read it or not, understand it or not, I tried to pass a sample of your existence, a sample of your passage on Earth.

I will come back to ask other messages in the other time. My brothers and sisters will continue to spread this, will continue to repeat things that you have already heard, and if you tell yourself that you have already heard them, is that you did not understand them, not really understood. So, open your heart to understanding what has been said, and also to understanding what has not been said but what has been received.

You are blessed with Light. You are blessed by your Nature, by your birth.

May each of you continue on your way in this same Light.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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The Cleansing Stone Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.... Read more

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer

An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Cancer Read more



The Stone Of Orators Chalcedony was very popular as a decorative stone in ant... Read more

Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian astrology was one of the earliest forms of astrology. The Egyptians... Read more

Birth Totem - Woodpecker

Birth Totem - Woodpecker

Birth Totem Woodpecker Birth dates: June 21 - July 21 Read more

The Holly Tree: July 8th - August 4th

The Holly Tree: July 8th - August 4th

The Fire Festival Of Lammas Celtic Symbol : The Unicorn And The Flaming Spe... Read more

Strong Sun Moon

Strong Sun Moon

Flicker – Carnelian Agate – Wild Rose – Pink June 21 – July 22 Read more

Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell

Echos Of The Ancestors Abalone strengthens the structure of the body and th... Read more



CANCER Jun 21 - Jul 22 Read more



Lammas Ritual Celebrated August 1st. Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh, La... Read more

Lammas by The Hedgewitch

Lammas by The Hedgewitch

Although in the heat of a Mid-western summer it might be difficult to discer... Read more



Moonstone is one of the best stones for bringing emotional calm and stability,... Read more

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