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Master Lanto: The Omens Of 2023, A Year Of Justice

Master Lanto: The Omens Of 2023, A Year Of Justice

Hello to you. I salute each soul, each spirit, each presence, on this day. I am Master Lanto, and it is I, now, who will speak to you through this body, but also express what your era reveals, what your era offers.

While I stabilize these energies around you and around me, so that your body and your mind are listening to the energies that cross us, I will start with this notion of energy.

Your body, your planet, matter, is made up of Light and energy, active information. In this year, in this presentation, energy will continue to progress inside of you, inside this world, inside the planetary body, but also inside human bodies.

So, energy inside the planetary body will cause movement, movements of this planet, tectonic movements to be clear with you, therefore the increase in phenomena linked to earthquakes. Maybe tidal waves could be caused by this, it is very likely. Nothing I say today has happened before, but indeed it would be a consequence to the increasing energy.

This is a year when your governments will continue to make you feel guilty about this climate change that is yours. Know it and let's repeat it, you are experiencing climate change cyclic, which has existed and will still exist regularly on your planet.

I am not saying that Human has nothing to do with it. I'm just saying that Humanity has little to do with it, that is to say that obviously you can harmonize better with Nature, and you will see that this year 2023 will help, but don't feel responsible for what's going on.

This global energy increase is normal. It corresponds to a time when energy diffuses from mental bodies to spiritual bodies. It is therefore an interesting moment to see human beings moving into a more spiritual, more collaborative vision of existence. But as you were in the mind, in this mental energy for 200, 300 years, it will not necessarily be very easy to move from a majority mental body to a majority spiritual body, in an idea of mutual aid, in an idea of evolution, in an idea of spirituality. Because, yes, the century you are entering will be spiritual, but you are only at the door, and the passage is not yet finished, that’s why Earth’s already starting to prepare for energy. She will be ready before you agree to receive this energy, this spiritual plan too.

Your Earth is done with some international collective trials and you will know, of course, events that will have the scale of the planet, however, more often, events that will have smaller, more local amps, but in many places at the same time. This is the surprise, in a way, of seeing the same local events happen in a lot of places at the same time. This may give an impression of generalization, but it is not. It’s a bit like energy is going to target places, places, countries. Energy is there to develop these places, these places, these countries.

If the risk of war still exists in your world, and this is real, be aware that your galactic brothers are watching over you, not to prevent a war, but to prevent the worst, to prevent any nuclear event that could have an impact, not only planetary, but interplanetary. So, your brothers are watching.

At the same time, the speech you would call extraterrestrial at the moment is to wonder whether or not it would be wise to intervene, to appear. Everyone has agreed on the appearances, everyone has agreed, their number must increase. Their number will increase. On a real declaration of presence, it is something else. Why chat with changing people ? Debates continue. You know, it's like trying to have a frank and whole conversation with a teenager or a teenager, someone who isn't finished in his psyche, who is not really finished in his body either, who does not really know who he is still, but who believes he knows.

And this is what Humanity is going through, a time when it thinks it knows who it is, without really knowing what will become of it. So, it creates a field of uncertainty, a field of inconsistencies, a field of questions, the impression that many things are no longer stable or change overnight.

Faced with this, Humanity will try to hang on, will continue to let old power games appear, personal, transpersonal and even planetary power games too, but that will not last. This cannot last, your evolution is written in the stars. Your evolution is written in your time, it has already started.

You know, when a child comes to be born, you don't give up childbirth when your shoulders are already gone, do you ? Well, it is your case. This new conscious, loving Humanity is already there. She is already ready, not entirely in her capacity, not yet understanding what this openness to spirituality, to embodied spirituality, to dense spirituality implies.

At first, your Earth, your countries must live from events that will make it possible to root them, to remember why you chose this Earth and this country in which you are.

It is necessary to remember that you are Earthlings, but also occupants of certain countries which have their stories. Standardizing the world is useless and useless. If standardization were useful, you would be alike, you would all be identical and this is not the case on this earth, in this dual world where you have embodied yourself. You are all different, your faces, your words, your voices are different, your languages too are different, and that is respectable.

Creating planetary uniformity is useless at the moment. It will be useful when you are all more connected by the heart, but for the moment, you are connected by the mind so, for the moment, it is useless. We must not seek to standardize, but really precisely to recognize the difference of each. We must not try to conquer, but to settle where you are, to trust, to trust in this divine plan which aims to bring out your energies, which aims to increase your own humanity.

So, in this year, some of your leaders will have to give way to others for new energy to set in. It's necessary.

In your questions I hear a notion of revolution. Will people revolt ? I have no specific answer to that, my friends. Some, yes, others, no.

Is revolt useful ? Yes, but not common. Let’s explain. The time for big meetings to moan together is probably over, but the time of meetings which serve to change this world, to put other principles in place, to create community bodies, to pool, several tens, several hundred people to create something, to create a common work, a work of sharing, a work which begins to emancipate from any monetary financial form that is too hard, will begin to see the light of day in this year. And because it will start to see the light of day and your governments will be able to do nothing, checks and balances will try to settle, trying to impose more traceable currencies on you, even more traceable means of exchange. But, to trace you is to lock you up. True freedom is outside traceability. The real freedom is that you are where you want without anyone knowing. What interest ?

Do birds fly with GPS on their shoulders ? The birds are free. They are together in a community, and this community, although chatting with the mind with other communities, does not need to know where they are. Everything is harmony here.

Harmony is something that is natural. It is not something that is pronounced, that is decreed. It’s not something you give quotas to, saying that harmony is so many people like this and so many people like that, it’s not that.

I repeat, you are entering a time when you will understand that the community, each community, each country, each country, each continent is different in its mode of operation, different in attitudes, different in its products, not only for climatic or geological reasons, but also because the energy of the soil is different.

So, let's talk about this changing energy. I started my speech by explaining probably tectonic problems and I would also like to express important geomagnetic problems to you.

The magnetism of your Earth is changing, evolving. Does this mean a reversal of the poles ? It’s a high probability, my friends, probability. But before this, this will cause a mutation in the planetary energy grids, the old geomagnetic networks will move. This is very rare; this happens even more rarely than these warming and cooling cycles. So, your grid will change, it will tighten.

The old internal networks of the Earth will tighten, create a denser mesh. Why ? Because this network is not content to transfer planetary energy, but also, it's a network that connects you between humans and in different plans, because, as I told you, you are entering the spiritual plan. But, to properly enter this spiritual plan, your anchoring to the earth is necessary, that is to say that your physicality remains full and whole.

Some of you have known and may still experience quite a bit of damage in your physicality, due to these planetary injections which will have changed your anchoring, which will have changed your mental bodies, your emotional bodies. Simply, Earth will recover you, it will correct that for you.

So, again, you can express total gratitude for your earthly plan because it adapts to the Human. The animal kingdom has given its agreement, the plant kingdom will lose a little, but has also given its agreement, as for the mineral kingdom, you will see it appear even more.

So, the corrections are already underway. The energy corrections are also there to correct the wanderings that have been put in place, because your physical bodies have a strong need to go even deeper into resonance with the planetary field, with Nature.

Dear souls, the nature that surrounds you is deep. The nature that surrounds you is a time hook in your existence. It is difficult to express in words that are not scientific, but the other reigns that human reign manage a stable temporality. So, paradoxically, this change in terrestrial magnetic grid will cause temporary instabilities. In other words, your notion of time will fluctuate, will change and that both collectively and individually.

This will give very specific impressions of speeding up or decreasing time for each of you. For some the hours will pass very very quickly, for others, very slowly, but with a measurable deviation from before. So, you see that you are in a year when the Earth takes back its rights, or the Earth takes its energy.

And then, you are in a year when you are going to have more interactions with us, where we will read the questions in you to answer them, no longer be in the simple speech, but in the exchange. It is important to listen to and answer your questions.

Therefore, I invite you, because we are not out of technology, ask your questions. We will not answer everything, but I agree here to answer some, not those I have chosen, but those whose questions we feel in the human heart.

One question that arises is the financial question, I hear, a question about banks. What should we do with our money ? I hear that.

Your financial systems will be clearly turned upside down, clearly upset, and you are entering an era — an era that will last a year or two — which will generate a lot, a lot of poverty. Many people will be sidelined. Many people will lose their jobs or their societies in many countries, not the majority, but in many countries.

Obviously, here I will answer only collective questions and not individual questions, because there are always individual cases, telling you this :

If you can use your money for the multitude, do it, my friends, do it. If you have a lot, use it for the multitude, use it to prepare this multitude, because I repeat, your world is going to need solidarity. Your world is going to need human help, human mutual aid in a strong and important way, and the pressure that you will exert as humans on your ⁇ politics ⁇ will also act. So your policies will learn to stop leaving a human aside, and they will gradually recognize important, more important human rights, life rights and not survival rights. It’s important to life rights. And for those who understand what I am saying, life rights are starting to be implemented on this Earth, little by little.

So, let's go back to that money. Understand that your accounts will not be emptied entirely, to use terms that you understand. Your accounts will not be emptied entirely, but many of you who have played too much with money or speculated, these, in these markets that you call stock exchanges, will have great difficulties in the coming years, because the potential — not a crash — of a bank wandering is strong, very strong this potential.

Your world, you will see it, lives the beginnings of a major financial change, and right now, he's not ready to react to it, because, you know, banking, money is like an egregore, it's like a human being, it's a soul too. On the other hand, there, it is still a in its infancy soul, a soul that will not be able to adapt to the presence of a new big brother or a new little sister, because, yes, you will see parallel financial systems coming.

So, I say, don't worry about losing some money. You will see that a human system will compensate for this loss, a divine system will compensate for this, but I repeat, for those who are extremely wealthy, listen to me, use your money for the multitude. Prepare land for them, prepare houses for them, prepare places where these people can live, please. Use your heart as much as you can.

And for those who do not own a lot, and I have no idea what a lot means, we will say those who are not able to buy a house there, now, snapping your fingers, for all of them, don't worry, you don't risk anything.

This is what I could say to average my answer, that all those who already have the money that would buy a good house, those, indeed, may be worried this year and, I insist on perhaps, because if human qualities enter the heart of your policies, and it is not at all impossible contrary to what you believe, at that time, there will be an evolution and not a need to completely collapse the system, just transform it, just transform it.

Furthermore, this year 2023 is going to be a year of big trials for your leaders, not all, but overall justice sets in, and if there is a word that 2023 will retain, perhaps not immediately, in its environment, it is the word of justice. It is necessary, and it is vital that those who seek to maintain the old system can no longer cling to it. No new system can appear if the old one is not broken, cut. No baby can survive for years by keeping an umbilical cord with his mother.

In fact, here, New Humanity is like a new baby who has to cut the umbilical cord of his past. You have to imagine different systems in the past 500 years. Of course you will be helped and you will be inspired, because that is also a spiritual era, to be helped and to be assisted. We have started and we will continue to put techniques, methods and books allowing you to co-create with us, allowing you to get our help, however you will be the actors of change, we will only be your assistants.

Always remember this : you are the actors of change. You can ask for our help, yes, but if you wait for Heaven — whatever you call Heaven —, solve your problems, they will not be resolved by Heaven. You are going to solve them, you in action, you in humans coming to the surface, not trying to find out who they could be, but knowing who they are already today, in their physicality.

You see, your era is trying to change the physical, trying to change the mind, trying to pretend to be what you are not, or to tell yourself that you could become what you are not. Look at what you are, already. Understand that Heaven has equipped you exactly as you should be.

If some have to change, they will change because something deep has settled in them, but not because they have been suggested to change. What I'm trying to tell you here is to be attentive to your heart, to the depth of your being, not to the superficiality of speeches, even mine, but to ’enter deeply inside your physicality, because the program, because what you are, is already there, already present in you, in you deeply.

I'm going to ask Sylvain to relay a few questions to me.

Will there be a lot of suffering and departures on this Earth ? Yes. The number of departures will increase. It is part of the trials; it is part of this justice. That said, between those who will leave for planetary causes and those who will leave for medical causes, all of them, as souls, have already made this choice to stay or leave.

If justice will make its place, don't forget also that your souls have chosen their departure, and there will be a lot of symbolic departures in this year. This is perhaps how I wish to call them, symbolic departures, people whose death will allow those who have remained to wake up, to understand, and stop accepting the yoke of powers that no longer exist, because they are powers that I would dare to call infernal and that no longer need to be.

So yes, there will be a lot of departures, more than in the average of previous years for various reasons, but there will also be no huge waves.

The other question you ask us is to know if the change of network will cause, purify, qualities of care in certain places.

Here, this is good news after the somewhat hustling news that I have been able to tell you. Thus, these networks will change so much that it will be very very rare to find a place that is not connected to an energy center. What I mean by that is that you will no longer need to go to a sacred place to find energy that heals, to find energy that heals.

You will no longer need to travel hundreds, thousands of kilometers to find this energy, but simply, if you find a fairly strong point of energy around you, from then on this fairly strong energy point will be connected to all the other energy points on the planet, and you will only have to call the energy of the sacred places, to call the energy of the places that heal, to even call healing energies of your guides, your angels or the White Brotherhood, and thus, you will receive this energy.

Even if some will continue to symbolically use specific places to do this care, you will no longer need to be in a specific place. You will no longer need to travel tens, hundreds of kilometers, since in each square kilometer there will be at least one energy center powerful enough to receive you.

Only geobiologists or mediums may be able to find these places at the start. In fact, they will settle in and they will be recognizable because the vegetation will not be the same, the energy will not be the same. These earthly points, which can make and manufacture as spheres of practically one meter fifty to two meters on the ground, will be visible. So, this modification of the planetary grid is positive because once again, it will diffuse positive energies.

In this, dear souls, allow me a parenthesis. As planetary energy will increase sharply in 2023 and 2024, as planetary energy will increase, the beings you call from the bottom astral will find it much more difficult to capture your energy, so their attacks are going to be stronger because they are desperate in some way.

These astral entities will do everything, everything, so that you escape the Light, so that you believe that everything we say is a lie, so that you believe that the Light that awaits you after death is an ordeal or a difficulty, or an obligation of reincarnation.

These beings, let's be clear, will no longer be able to capture your energy as easily as today, but they can take energy from people who will be in between two shots, to people who would be trapped in the abyss of inter-Earth, what you would call purgatory, because these beings would have refused to go to the other world, thus believing to save their souls, thus believing to keep their — their, what? — their sovereignty ? Selfishness is not sovereignty. It is unity that is sovereign, all, all. When you go to a set, when you join the Light, you join the lights, your brothers, your sisters and you are together.

So please don't listen to everyone who is led by the shadows and make you believe that everything that is Light is a lie. What they are looking for is food for the future. They seek to feed shadows, to feed beings who will however grant them a little power. See, this is where I say : beware of powers and abilities. They can be given by Light, but they can also be given by shade, non-light.

Be convinced that Light and Energy are always the proof of the positive, are always the proof of what can make you evolve, so do not be fooled. Stay anchored, but do not stay anchored in fear or belief.

Do not be afraid of your reincarnation cycle. It is not a punishment; it is a blessing that Heaven offers you to constantly experiment with new experiences through a body. And each of you is aware of it from the other world, the worlds of Light, from the worlds of the Hereafter, from Paradise, as some call it.

Don't be fooled, dear souls, many will try to make you believe anything, but in fact, these souls don't work for Light. They work, once again, to feed the non-light because in the fight, the Armageddon in progress, these forces of Light and these forces of non-light are in full combat, you know it and it's not just an allegory or a children's tale, but the Light always wins, that's clear.

Let's be precise, you are the Light. It’s when you think you’re in the shadows, when you think your prisoners, when you think you have no power that you start serving non-light, because you allow him to take up far too much space in you and you expect saviors. That’s why, I repeat, we’ll help you. You will be helped, however, you are the saviors. Pay attention.

Pay attention to those who say that Light is actually a trap, because they are the ones who trap you. The speech being new, it will certainly grow. Is novelty true ? This is what must be asked as a real question. Is novelty the truth ? Not necessarily, not necessarily.

Trust what's already inside of you, dear souls. It seems essential to me. Trust yourself. You are already the Light, so don't tell yourself that this Light traps you, please. We will try to help each person lost, but do not increase the number by nonsense, do not increase the number by this nonsense.

Regarding care technologies, they will evolve, however, again, concepts that you call Med-bed, etc., are for the moment very hypothetical and illusory. The real healing technologies will be brought to you by your galactic brothers in a few years. For the moment, techniques that can change your consciousness revolve around vibration, precisely light too. Luminotherapy is very far from having revealed to you the entire spectrum of ability to heal you. Consequently, I invite all those who are already in this practice, to make it evolve, to take a closer look, to watch how certain organs react to composite lights to which these organs did not react before. So we’ll talk about technologies that look at the existing, the vibration. However, imagining that you may one day sit on a bed and be cured of cancer in 12 seconds is not possible before the year 2035. Therefore, please do not immediately wait for this progress.

Despite this, be aware that you can greatly improve your health by getting closer to Nature, by getting closer to the light, by getting closer to the just vibration, please.

Your health system in general has to evolve. Not to evolve in a technological sense, but in a preventive sense, not necessarily in exams to see if you are sick or not, just taking care, to monitor your shortcomings, to fill them before the disease appears, as well as also monitor your mental state before the disease appears, monitor your sentimental conditions before illnesses appear. See, the care is before healing.

Taking care of yourself is before you heal yourself. And so, it is important that there are techniques, technologies, supplements, which serve to take care of you by knowing your shortcomings to fill them, I repeat, before an illness settles in your body, because when the disease is in your body, it can always be removed with your current technologies whatever they are, whether natural or not, but the ideal, dear souls, is that you don't get sick.

I'm talking about getting sick because if you stand up and know who you are, if you respect who you are, you won't get sick, you cannot get sick, and you will stay healthy.

These techniques, which allow you to stay healthy rather than restore health, will be and should be favored now in your living space. Bring life into you and not death. Bring in germinated seeds and not industrially prepared meals too much ... you know what I mean, how you eat in terms of vitamins is important. How you observe and stay in the sun is important, that's what I'm trying to say.

Your current care system could be quite sufficient if there weren't so many people who were physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally. These are the shortcomings, so there is something to put into the pre-hospitalization. This is what will happen, which will already come in some countries and which will settle gradually after the advent, the events and the events of 2025. So here and now, be sure of that.

Can we help Earth with our common energies ? Yes. Yes you can by accepting that it changes. Do not tell him not to move, not to tremble, not to take his place. Accept the change, accept the evolution.

See, we don't prevent a mother from having contractions, we accompany her. So come with her. Tell her that you are with her and not against her and take action that shows that you are with Nature. You know, helping little birds is already helping Nature.

You are not asked to help the Earth. Believe me, the Earth is big and a big mother. In addition, this Mother-Earth also carries animals that need you, and when you help them, in a way you relieve Nature a little bit in general, and therefore you generally support the Earth. Consequently, aid to the animal people is aid to the Earth, be convinced.

We will have other speeches this year. My channel takes over questions concerning the education of children, but we will have a speech which will be specific to this, in a few months. This is planned, understand it.

You ask us if the dictatorships of your world will fall apart. We will answer no. And I know it's hard to hear this no, because in truth it is not absolute. What I'm trying to say is that there are a lot of places where people are aware of being in a dictatorship, and in these countries there are going to be developments.

And there are many countries that are not at all aware of being in a dictatorship, but which are, a gentle dictatorship, some would say. They will find it more difficult to change because they will be convinced that they are in whole and benevolent democratic countries, and for these, it will be a little more difficult.

That said, understand that there will be a balancing. People will balance around the world. Where there are too many power contests, this power will lose strength. Conversely, in places where powers will pretend to be soft, but will be strong, they too will weaken. There are very few countries where power is very heavy. It exists, it exists, but there are few.

In fact, in general, humanity is still quite oppressed today by its leaders and it will stop. Not only by pressure from the people, I repeat, this will exist in certain countries, but above all because new models will be implemented by these peoples themselves, who will organize themselves and find solutions themselves, without waiting for their leaders to find them, but finding them themselves. These will always be collaborative solutions. These will always be self-help solutions. These will always be exchange solutions, because the rule is there, exchange, unity.

So don't expect much from your powers. And that's why I said no, because change will not come from these powers themselves, but from the way you, you will live within these countries, within these constraints. You are going to bring about change, but these regimes in themselves will not change immediately, not all this year anyway. Be aware of this too.

Will your children, your young people be put forward in this world ? Yes. And here too I have very good news. They are all equipped with this little pearl of wisdom, this little crystal pearl which makes them connected to each other in a natural way. Even if certain powers have tried to separate them from early childhood by trying to hide them, to separate them, it will not be, and I insist on this, your children are equipped with what I will call the pearl of light. They are almost equipped with this organ, which connects them to each other, which fraternizes them in a completely natural and sensitive way. So even if there has been damage, it will be repaired and your children are still your future.

Obviously, they will be put forward. Obviously, it is up to you to protect them, not to be afraid for them, but to protect them. Do not be afraid for them, it is useless, and fear makes many things, many things, do.

So, dear souls, I finish my speech. I finish this first diagram where I tried to work with you, but also to work with my channel, to allow it to be present in order to be able to read your questions, and at the same time, teach him how to leave me room and let me answer it. Because he too, like you, will have to evolve in his practice and in his energies.

This type of exchange where I will not be able to answer everything, where we will not be able to answer everything, but where we can help you, we will multiply them. And if we always start with a speech, we want to engage more interactively with you, with some channels capable of receiving questions and still giving us room, without trying to take theirs right away, even if they have this place.

So, we salute the correctness, the justice of this year. We salute your presence in this evolving humanity, which walks forward, which will still experience some obstacles, some very surprising. But I will tell you, you will always get out, the Light does not lose because it has already won. Remember that, the Light does not lose because it has already won.

Be blessed in form. Hello be your presence.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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    Dear ones, as you enter through the portal of the Life-Giving Force Field kicking and screaming (as it is very traumatic to be birthed here) you take on an intended divine imprint of authenticity which is programmed by several sub-templates.

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  • Conversations with Kuthumi: Get Inspired & BE the New You! Open or Close
    Conversations with Kuthumi: Get Inspired & BE the New You!

    Conversations with Kuthumi – Inspiration & The New You!

    I AM Kuthumi, greetings dear ones. Inspiration is a wonderful gift, which you need to get you going!

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  • Exclusive Insights: Kuthumi's Guide to Integration! Open or Close
    Exclusive Insights: Kuthumi's Guide to Integration!

    Conversations with Kuthumi: Permission for Integration

    I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of integration.

    Read More
  • Conversations with Kuthumi: Unveiling the Essence of Love Open or Close
    Conversations with Kuthumi: Unveiling the Essence of Love

    Conversations with Kuthumi – The Essence of Love
    Ascended Master Kuthumi & Celestial Companions

    I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of insight.

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  • Conversations with Kuthumi: Coming into Full Circle Open or Close
    Conversations with Kuthumi: Coming into Full Circle

    Ascended Master Kuthumi & Celestial Companions

    I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a profound blessing of LOVE.

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