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Message from Sananda: The Truth About My Mothership and Spiritual Journey

Message from Sananda: The Truth About My Mothership and Spiritual Journey

Dear Ones,

I am Sananda, and I am grateful to speak to my Brothers and Sisters today on Mother Earth.

I want to clarify some misconceptions about the name of my mothership, where I am stationed right now.

It’s not actually called New Jerusalem. I went along for a while with humans regarding this matter, because humankind has a hard time with hearing the truth. This is being revealed now, as it’s time to do so. When I was living on Earth, I as Jesus the city of Jerusalem did not exist, so I never was in Jerusalem. I don’t have any connection to the city. There is nothing special or holy about the name New Jerusalem. Jerusalem is just a Jewish city in Israel, it’s not a holy land. There is no such thing in your world as a holy land or a holy building like a monastery, church, mosque, synagogue, monument, statue, etc.

For example, if you have monks in a monastery, a priest in a church, imam in a mosque and rabbi in a synagogue, it doesn’t automatically make the religious building a house of God. If there is not a person in that building, who does daily silent meditations and that person is not connected to their soul and Universal Consciousness, then there will be not light or the presence of God in that religious center.

You will not receive any spiritual benefit or healing for going inside that place of worship. You will get as much spiritual blessing, as you would be going inside a shopping store, which is none. Religions were created by the Dark Ones to divide and control humanity. Most, if not all of the religions actually take you to the opposite direction from enlightenment and hide the Universal Truth from you, that was the whole purpose of the religion. How many religions tell you to do daily silent meditations, a very few, if any at all. Praying is not the same thing as meditations.

Silent meditations are your key to Ascension, without it you will make no spiritual progress at all. It would be like trying to drive a car, which has no gasoline in it, you’re not going to go anywhere. Also, why do you think there are so many countries on your planet. This was done on purpose by the Negative Ones to divide humanity, so they would be constantly fighting among each other over their differences. It doesn’t matter what nationality you have or what is your skin color, you are all one big family of Brothers and Sisters

Now, back to the inaccurate name of my mothership of New Jerusalem, I had nothing to do with creating the Christian or Jewish religion. When I was Jesus, I did not teach a religion, my teachings were based on spiritual principles and the Universal Truth, which I taught to any truth seeker. None from the Ascended Masters wanted to be worshipped or to a have religion created after them.

The religions usually don’t have any spiritual teachings in them that was originally taught by the Spiritual Masters. All of the Ascended Masters wanted for you to find the God’s presence of your being inside yourself. All of the Spiritual Masters on Earth were teaching their students or followers not to depend on or to worship their spiritual guru, but instead to find their spiritual power inside themselves and become a spiritual master.

Now, I am living a Galactic life as Sananda, so why would I name my spaceship after a Jewish city in Israel, which I never visited or have zero connection to. We have been reminding humans to be aware of lies and false information, and it seems we need to continue to explain and bring to your attention the false facts portrayed by servants of the Darkness. Most of them don’t even realize, that they are serving the Dark Side.

Your whole history has been written based on false and untrue stories, there is very little truth recorded about your history. In addition, religions were created to keep humans under control and preventing the human population from a spiritual advancement. Only now, some humans are starting to realize that religions portray a fear of being punished, because of your sins. The actual name of my mothership is Starlight, which means a ship of light representing light shining through the darkness.

We, Light Beings, use simple and clear terms, we are not interested in complexity. This starship actually is a floating city. It has everything on what is required for a long-term Galactic trip. It’s like living on a planet, it has nature, forests, oceans, exotic birds and animals, that you have never seen before. Over 5 million Galactic and Light Beings are living on this floating space city. You can teleport to different locations from Starlight, whatever you desire or needed to obtain an intelligence report.

Some of you were describing my ship being full of gemstones, gold and etc. Sorry, I need to correct this description and explain to everyone. We, Light Beings, are not interested in materialistic objects. We have very advanced technology, and it can replicate or provide, anything we need. We don’t surround ourselves with things. Our mission is to continue to maintain high vibrations and don’t let for anything to jeopardize our advancement. We focus only on harmony, beauty and peace and not on acquiring things. The mothership is staying around your planet to observe your progress in the Ascension Process.

Also, if it needed to step in to prevent any catastrophic event on Mother Gaia, the ship is ready to do this. Another correction, Ashtar and Ashtar Command are not on my spaceship. Why would he be on my mothership, he is a military commander. My spaceship is a civilian ship, which does only humanitarian missions. It has a space fleet to protect it, but it’s only for defensive purposes.

Ashtar has his on own huge military spaceship, which is a commander center/military airport, that has many type and size of spaceships for different military operations. Ashtar Command is a Galactic Force, which is a space fleet controlled by Ashtar.

If you choose a spiritual path, it means you are on the way without doubt to Ascension. Final destination can be 5D on a New Earth or even higher somewhere else in the Cosmos. It’s not necessary to be stuck again on this planet. Unfortunately, some humans are going to stay in 3D or lower, unless they start doing daily meditations in silence. You can’t expect rewards without dedication and a practice of spiritual principles.

None of the civilizations jumped in one day into a multidimensional high vibrational reality, it was a gradual process of spiritual evolution. You are very blessed, as millions of Light Beings everyday are meditating on your behalf. Divine got involved with the process by removing obstacles, Dark Entities, Outworlders and etc. from Mother Earth. The holographic reality is only real, if you accept the illusion of its existence.

The truth flows from the truth speakers. Everything vibrates including planets, stars and even objects, that are solid. The changes are happening in your 3D reality, and time continues to accelerate to a more faster speed each day. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please, accept my Supreme Love.

The truth is going to set you free


Channeled by Erena Velazquez

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