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Prepare Your Energy for Individual and Collective Freedom with Lady Kuan Yin

Prepare Your Energy for Individual and Collective Freedom with Lady Kuan Yin

Dear children of Light, dear souls, I am indeed Lady Kuan Yin. I am present with you, I should say almost since Eternity, from a zone of time which is accessible to you all the same, accessible because your memory is great, much greater than you believe or imagine.

For some time now, your memory has begun to receive influxes, influences from the past and the future. Time itself becomes something of a variable for many of you. This is part of this era, this moment that you are experiencing now and for a few years to come.

This passage is difficult. This end of the year, end of the year you would say, this end of the year is complicated. This end of the year 2023 will ask you for stability, emotional stability, physical stability, mental stability. You will not be able to have this stability if you remain under the influence, under the influence of what this world – I am talking about the media world with your words – tries to pass on to you as information. I invite you, I deeply invite you at the end of the year to observe nature, to observe this change of season which brings you to winter. Winter is a time of introspection, a time of withdrawal, a time of preparation for a new conquest, that of spring, for a new energy.

But you have been living, for many of you, in fear for far too long, a few weeks for some, a few months, a few years for others, under a kind of latent fear, the fear of losing love, health, losing your home, losing your friends, losing your job. Of course I hear and understand that. How can you not hear it? How can we not understand it?

My role, one of my roles, is to agree to take your sadness and your fears too, and convert them into a neutral zone of choice, to a moment where you can again choose to experience things in a way or on the other, to feel them in one way or another, which is yours. So, you see, I am there when called. I am here to take you out of the emotional whirlwinds, to settle down, to rest .

Dear souls, this moment that you are receiving, now, this energy that you are receiving — no matter the means, the media — this moment is important. My role is important. I'm not trying to value myself in relation to others obviously, that's not my goal, when I say, 'my role is important', it means centering yourself is important, centering your energy, keeping your energy, accumulating your energy, not letting it evaporate by a whole bunch of little fears, little anxieties, confrontations, it's important and I can help you, so call me. Call Lady Kuan Yin, I will help you. I will place on you this energy of calm, peace, tranquility, an energy capable of making you make new choices, coherent choices.

Understand, fear is like a leak in the immense balloon of your consciousness. The air escapes and you lose altitude. You are losing altitude in relation to your spiritual elevation. You become, and you are no doubt compelled by fears, you become more and more down to earth. You begin to ask yourself questions of a very basic, very simple, very understandable nature, everything is designed for that. How to eat, how to drink, where to shelter, what to do? I hear these questions; I understand them and so do your guides. You have determined a path. Determining a path is what it means, trusting too, trusting in this path that you yourself have traced. However, to trust, once again, we must leave fear behind. We must leave fear behind.

Look at the animals around you in this season. If they were like you, I think half of them would have died of heart attacks by now. No, they trust nature. They trust that if they have to leave, they will leave. So, they take care of their children, they take care of preparing for this winter, this period of calm, of tranquility. In this case, I tell you again, prepare for your winter, by calming the body, calming the mind, calming the mind, calming the emotions. Sit down. Ignore what people are trying to convey to you. Please ignore all of this. Keep your energy up.

Save your energy for the struggles and battles that are necessary, soon, that will be necessary. I initially expressed myself in the present tense since in certain places on the planet, these battles to regain power, to regain peace are important. And I am not saying to choose a side in a war, I am expressing the fact that you must in your own country in fact, each of you, put down words of peace, in your own country, not choosing a side on the other side of the world . Every time an energy, a person chooses a side, they will continue the war. The war will continue.

This is why I tell you,

  • focus your energy,
  • remain in a neutral state,
  • try not to impose your opinion,
  • try not to be too easily influenced,
  • all this is a happy medium, a movement of energy within you, an important and right movement.

Therefore, take some time for yourself. Take this time, you have it, it's winter. What are you going to do this winter?

You know, often for many Europeans, spring is the period of spring cleaning, the time when we take out old things to put in new ones, the time when we get rid of several types of things or habits even. It's time for good resolutions for some, changes for others. So why wait until spring? Winter will also allow you to cleanse yourself with the cold, to calm your mind, to cleanse your spirit. Do your spring cleaning in your head now, in winter, your winter cleaning.

  • What idea do I no longer need? What idea do I still need?
  • What am I prepared to defend? What do I plan to observe?
  • How can I reunite with my Higher Consciousness? With my personal plan?
  • How can I find Joy again? What made me lose it?

Sit down. Ask yourself, and agree to ask yourself these questions, here, now, in these specific times .

You're going to need energy, a lot of energy. So don't waste it. Don't waste who you are.

Don't waste what you are, yes, that's the sentence I said, so that you understand that no person or authority has the right to take away your conscious humanity. Be yourself, it's a good way to not lose your energy.

Finding your plan of Light and Love means above all taking breaks, taking breaks, taking the time, even if it is a few minutes, to return to these essential questions:

For what ? Why am I here?

Oh ! don't respond with a sort of "  I don't want to be here anymore." I never asked to be here  ” or all those usual answers, but really, really, come on! Take back courage, awareness and confidence in the fact that you have deliberately chosen this time, this era, your situation, physical, emotional, the place where you are, the circumstances of this time. Take courage!

And ask yourself this question: What am I doing here?

Because by calling me or finding a way to be centered and at peace yourself, you will remember again: “I have come to learn to love. I have come to learn how to unite with all that is. I came here to find the sample of who I really am. » Remember this, “I have come to learn to love. » Integrate this deeply within yourself, because it involves asking yourself this question regularly.

“How did you like it?” What have you done for your neighbor? » These questions will be asked of you as you leave, as you transition into the higher dimension, and I tell you again, you should ask yourself these questions every day.

How did you like today? What have you done for your neighbor?

Let yourself be overwhelmed by your answer, without judging it, without criticizing it, without giving a good or bad mark. Just let yourself observe your answer to this question, to these questions, how did you like? What have you done for your neighbor? The improvement will come by itself. The changes will come on their own, and remembering who you really are will help you do so.

To do this, I repeat, you must put aside your fears and your tears. Crying is liquid fear, it is also a way of letting your fears escape. Your tears are magnificent, immensely beautiful. I am not asking that you cry every day, but that in many of them you recognize the evacuation of your fear, of your anxieties. Really, yes, my role is to take back these fears, to take back these anxieties and to free you. How ? Use this technique if necessary, simply say:

“Lady Kuan Yin, I invite you to my side.

This is the sadness that I have touched with my heart, take it and transform it. »

You can then thank me or not, this is up to you, however, when you tell me to take this, I will take this, I will take your tears, I will take this energy. I will leave you with what is yours and free you from what is not yours. I will free you from the powers you don't have, this pressure you put on yourself to be able to, to have to, to know. I'm going to take all of that away from you to just see, see who you really are. You are children full of Love, full of Light, full of compassion, much more than you imagine.

Loving is a natural thing. What prevents you from loving, I repeat, are all these fears that you have come to fight, all the emotions that you have come to fight, all these wounds that you have come to fight. And I use, yes, consciously the word ʺfightʺ. I know that some Guides will avoid this word, will not even want to say it. On the other hand, I wish to pronounce it here, to the extent that it is a fight in the noble sense of the term, a battle, a conquest of oneself .

Fight for your freedom, first of all with yourself, with your own thoughts, since you are often prisoners or slaves of your own thought patterns. This is what you need to free yourself from. You have many techniques for this of course, many techniques in many books.

Becoming free to love again simply means freeing those spaces where you refused to love out of fear, out of constraint of what the other would say about an appearance, about a word, about a formula, about a life situation. You will learn to let go of that, to let go of what the other would say because there is no other, you face your own judgments. Here too, this has been prophesied in many texts.

In many texts, you are told: “you will be treated as you treat others. » Some of you still call this Karmic Law. It's deeper than that, it's the Law of Balance. There is no other, there is only you. So the way you act and react with those you call others can only cause an echo in your senses. If you curse every situation, every person, you will have many opportunities to curse situations and curse people.

From then on, settle down. Recognize that there are a lot of fears behind these judgments. Admitting this is already a huge step. Just, sometimes, moreover, some people come to see me, call me and say: “  Lady Kuan Yin, I admit that I have this fear – for example – that our leaders are going crazy.  » I'm not telling you that I'm going to give them back their mental health, I'm telling you that recognizing it is already putting yourself in a situation of power, and not a victim . In a situation you will understand what role you can play, for the reason that this power that you take back, you take it from your fears, in fact. You therefore free yourself here from the fear of having a bad leader, towards your ability to lead your world better, your little daily life, your little family, possibly your adventure on this Earth. Leading it does not mean being a despot or being a manipulator. Leading it means taking the reins again and stopping enduring situations. You know, these are the situations, these famous words “  I have no choice  ”.

Other Guides in other channels will start to talk to you about responsibility, to explain to you that you always have a choice, since you have this choice, only you do not accept the responsibilities that your choice will impose, very often, out of fear there too. “  If I leave this, if I leave that, if I leave the place, the person, the situation, it's going to be difficult . " Yes. Yes Yes Yes yes Yes. I agree with you so much, it's going to be difficult, however this new adventure is about finding yourself again. It's always difficult to find yourself because, in a way, it's the very meaning of your life to find yourself, as God dancing in the clay of a body that seems to live a temporary experience that you call incarnation. This is living an adventure, rediscovering the taste for adventure.

An adventurer can have fears, but he cannot have fears, because if he has fears, his adventure stops. He will be blocked, or he will decide so much about what is going to happen that he will no longer experience the adventure, no longer the joy. You're going to lose it. Joy, you will lose it. To make someone lose joy is relatively simple. Just put him in a daily routine, every day, make him do the same thing, make him say the same words, make him have the same understanding. Very quickly, the joy will disappear. Because joy, and I invite you to look it in the face, has always come from the moment when you have overcome your fear. Joy has always come from moments that you hadn't necessarily anticipated but where a decision was made within you, a mark was made, the mark of who you really are.

The world is difficult. Times are difficult, despite everything accept the situation. Don't judge her, don't condemn her. Do not judge yourself, do not condemn yourself, come back to the center and say this to yourself: “I now place myself in the possibility of choosing my life again. I now place myself in the possibility of choosing my life again. » In truth, you will choose one timeline rather than another, first of all position yourself.

These words are not empty of meaning. I place myself now - in the present moment, in the possibility - it remains a choice, to change my life - to choose my life, with the implication that, yes, these words, this sentence will necessarily provoke a movement of energy around you, consequently a movement of events. And again, repeat my first words, let these events pass. Don't see all this as a hindrance, let the energy within you find its solution.

At the end of this year, there will perhaps be — and I say perhaps wisely here, given that we are in this hope of the conquest of Humanity by itself, of a return of a conscious humanity - at the end of the year there will perhaps be many departures towards the Other World, difficult moments, disturbing moments, moments of questioning. Here again, refocus, don't forget your Guides. Of course, I am here to refocus you, as are your Guides too. These are these invisible Beings at your side. These are these Beings who are ready to advance towards you, to slip you a few clues, a few scraps of your personal plan, never directly, never, I know, as strongly as you would like, but always with accuracy and justice, in simplicity. and in love of who you are, where you are.

So, trust yourself, and trust us too. Trust and awareness are words that are always stuck together in our minds, ultimately they are so close. Call on me, call on your Guides and trust yourself. You are the one who goes into this field, I repeat, to fight fear. We will not do the work for you, we will give you hints of the best way, the best path, a bit like an assistant, an assistant of good advice.

Trust also in your ability to hear, to receive words from us. Often you doubt. Yet you have a compass inside which is very powerful. Inside your body, there is this feeling of joy, of satisfaction which is the indicator that the information you have been given is going in the right direction. This does not mean that what we discuss with you, what is said to you, will appear or disappear in the minute, depending on what that may be. This means that on one of the paths, on your path this is possible. And you find joy again since you know that, after all, you did not place yourself on Earth to fail, contrary to what many say: “Ah  ! I failed in my profession - I failed in my relationship - I failed in my practice - I failed in my relationships.  » You have never failed. You have learned something. You learned hard what was necessary to learn.

In this case, if you make sure that you no longer “reproduce” this learning or help, even better, other people not to experience the same thing as you, your mission is wonderful. How did you like it? What have you done for your neighbor? For your neighbor, you must give him what you did not receive. This is a bit like how I could evoke this plan of 'what have you done for your neighbor'. Beyond ʺdo to him what you would like someone to do to youʺ which still seems to me the minimum, I will go further in love by doing for him or her what I would have liked the someone does for me, and I haven't had it, sometimes. You have had painful experiences, do not wish them on others. Do everything so that they do not experience them to the extent that, perhaps, you have even posed these experiences for this and for this very specific purpose of being able to help your neighbor not to experience this same situation.

The great work of what you call 'evil' is to ensure that it is everywhere. The great work of 'Good' is the same, to ensure that we are everywhere. Replace the word ʺGoodʺ with love, replace the word ʺbadʺ with fear, and you will have a beautiful idea of ​​everything that is at stake here in your plane of matter, in your plane of experiences.

At this point in my speech, I would like to answer some of your questions, your questions. I'll let my channel read your questions. I will read some of them in your conscience, in your heart and do my best to answer you.

The first question that I perceive first in the heart and not in the words of what is spoken or written, is will the extraterrestrials help us?

My friends, brothers and sisters of Light of Love, dear souls, they are already helping you. You would like them to help you in a visible, totally living, vibrant way, that is in the plan. This is entirely expected, for another winter probably, not this one directly.

This winter should help you, once again, to refocus, to keep your energy, to prepare you for what we could call a righteous battle, a righteous conquest of yourself. Keep your energy up. Above all, don't let other people or other events make you lose your energy . Keep it. Indeed, your galactic brothers are present. They are already helping you, and I emphasize they are already helping you.

What I say today will take on a completely different meaning when you understand exactly what this Plan is behind, however it does not have to be stated this plan. See, it's a bit like revealing a magician's secret, you would lose all the magic. I don't want you and no one wants you to lose the magic of your experience.

Understanding that it is totally programmed in many aspects is already difficult, let's not take the opportunity to reveal to you these wonderful moments that await you, because, yes, yes, and yes again, wonderful moments await you in the future. future. Much simpler times await you.

This how long you often ask, and we will always repeat the same thing, depends on the level of consciousness of all Humanity. This level is evolving , yes. We are certainly afraid of some revolts because often, when a level of consciousness evolves the level of knowledge of the truth evolves, and therefore the level of knowledge of lies too. However, we know that the evolution of consciousness is already present and will transform your world. We tell you; I tell you today, in this month of November 2023, which is yours, keep your energy . You're going to need it. Keep your energy up, and your brothers are here to help you.

I was asked if I could be called to help someone grieve?

Of course. I repeat, each time I invite you, each time you have a fear or a sorrow which is heavy and which you cannot overcome after a few hours, a few days, due to the fact that you also have a work to do on this energy that passes through you, call me, call me. Call for my help, whether it's me, alone, me and my dragon, it doesn't matter, call me and ask me to help you release this pain, release this mourning that you don't have. In this case, I will not shorten a period of mourning which sometimes is quite long, however I will help you to release this energy which weighs you down.

It is normal to be sad when a being returns to the Afterlife. It's normal to be sad about the lack this causes in your life. It is not normal, however, to be sad because this person has joined the Light and full Love. You must not be selfish when grieving. For this, I will bring you to this average understanding of the normality of lack - yes, it is perhaps in a human experience, I know - at the same time, to tell you not to be too angry with this person who left on the other side and to understand that his path was made, traced, that will help you. Yes, of course I can help you with that.

Some people ask me if we can expect a financial crisis?

This is not yet very, very clear in the history of the Earth. We know and we can tell you that there is going to be a major financial transformation, yes. This financial transformation, this arrival of things that could be minimum wages at the same time as a transformation of international monetary values, all of this is already underway, yes.

Is this going to cause what you call a financial crisis? I admit that I am not at all an expert on this. I just know that this transformation of financial energy, as it is an energy, is underway, yes. Yes. Some will actually lose a lot of that money they held on to out of fear. The way in which this happens, the speed with which it happens , once again, will depend on a great movement of consciousness . I insist on this notion of a great movement of consciousness, a planetary movement, not a movement that comes from a single country, a planetary movement of awareness .

If we are more and more afraid, how can we be sure that it is our Guides who are speaking to us and not something from the lower astral?

You are completely right. Your Guides help you, on the contrary, the entities of what you call the astral, the shadow, the non-light - whatever, feed on your fears. The indicator that these are your Guides is in the joy you feel in the response, and it is a response that is in line with full conscious humanity. The Guides' response will never be a selfish response. It will never be a ʺtuʺ, ʺyou aloneʺ, above all ʺtuʺ, ʺyou togetherʺ. There will of course be something that will address you personally, moreover, there will also be, from your Guides, always something that addresses all of Humanity .

The astral always manages to transform one fear with another fear, very often, forgetting that we are frequently afraid alone, conversely as soon as there are several of us, we are no longer in fear. So, the astral always manages to make you believe that you are the one, the only, the unique, the possible, while we, in our guidance, we will always invite you to join a group, join consciousnesses, you unite in prayer, in any case, be united and not divided. In this case, these few clues will help you understand that it is the lower astral. Is there joy or is there ultimately a fear leading to another fear, or something that will make me win by making the other lose? This is the astral, conversely, if I find a win-win agreement in my head, if I find a gathering position, that is the Light, of course. The lower astral has no interest in uniting incarnate consciousnesses, none, absolutely none.

How can you accept moving into the next dimension while being separated from your unawakened family?

Understand that if beings in your family or others are considered unawakened by you, it is because you yourself are not yet fully awakened. And I tell you, dear friend, if you were fully awake, you would know that not being awake was part of the plan of those who are not awake , that this order is right. The awakening of Humanity is programmed for all of Humanity, or for at least 80% of the population, however the speed that this takes, the speed of this awakening is more or less programmed by each person in their life circumstances. So your family is not unawakened, they are in a much slower, much more potentially difficult awakening than for you. Perhaps the impacts of this awakening are more important for them, which is why I invite you to enter into compassion, and to understand, in this story of passage into the next dimension, that in truth you are already in the next dimension and you are already awake in the next dimension.

If you think that it still takes many, many awakenings of consciousness, realizations on the part of many beings on this Earth to be in the next dimension, let me tell you, you are making a serious error, because you are already in the next dimension, and therefore you can already apply the rules that apply in the next dimension .

Making you believe that something is missing to go to the next dimension is also an astral game. Making you believe that you have not yet arrived when the decor is already changing around you, evolving, is also a way of the non-light to attack you. Please don't — generally, not you personally — be fooled by this. You are already where you want to go, in truth.

Can I welcome my fears, let them regulate themselves within me and thus help the fears of our Humanity?

Do what you can, dear friend. Do what you can, but if the job is too big, call us. It is the same in your daily life when, for example, if you have a window in your house to change, perhaps you will be able to do it alone, on the other hand if you have 14 windows to change, you will need help. other people. It's the same here. Fighting all your fears alone is useless . Go one part of the way, let us help you go the other end . This is a conscious Humanity, it is a Humanity which is capable of saying: “I do part of the work, alone, and I do another part of the work with other people, with visible aids and invisible” by finding a balance here, a fair balance. This is my invitation.

Don't overdo it. You are not a final construction site. What I mean is, there is not a single person who is going to be able to do this work so strongly. Don't forget to get help with certain parts too, of course. Of course.

You have seen the appearance of the red aurora borealis on your Earth and you are wondering if this corresponds to a changeover date .

Yes. Yes, this corresponds precisely to this moment that I am stating now, moreover that we had already planned and warned for several years, of energy conservation. I've been saying this since the beginning of this message.

Yes, it’s a tipping point. Yes, these are things that are still unknown today to the mass of your population, but yes, yes, this is a kind of moment in the clock of Humanity saying that the Earth the whole Earth is going to move up a notch in its energy , and I am not talking about human events but divine events. It’s clear, it’s important. It's already started in the energy; you are already making this change. It's already happening, of course.

Are earthquakes or other disasters attacks from the shadows?

Earthquakes are not attacks from the shadows. These are changes in the energy on Earth. Hurricanes are also changes in energy. Don't see the shadow behind it all. Don't just see the mark of Human. Humans are capable of effectively modifying the climatic aspects of your Earth, only the Earth knows how to compensate, shall we say. It is a thousand times more powerful than any of your inventions. So the change in climate on this Earth is the Earth itself, which is experiencing it, which is going through it. You are not the cause. You are not the primary cause, be sure. You are a secondary cause, certainly not a primary cause, absolutely not. Don't feel guilty about this.

The Earth marks its own Ascension, its own desire to modify its vibration. I repeat to you, you are already in a new dimension, therefore, the Earth adapts its costume. She is already changing her habits. She is already changing her behavior in relation to the new vibration that is already there, in place. She does it so that you can follow behind. She has always been a few steps ahead of you, your planet . This Earth which carries you is a human being, a living being - not human, but a living being, a fantastic Mother. Therefore, you are already being prepared for this, and this is what all these events indicate, all these changes which will last for a few more years. Yes of course.

How to spread Peace on a daily basis?

I have outlined a lot of ways here, a lot, which consist , I repeat, of refocusing yourself . Yes, everything is important, but yes, nothing is important. Yes, everything is real and yes, everything is illusion, see, according to the body, according to the mind.

According to the physical body, everything is real. According to the spiritual body, everything is illusion. Both are right. Everyone experiences their own reality in these different bodies that you are, and finding a balance between all of this, I don't know if we would have the right to say in your language, that you are experiencing a real illusion. The terms seem contradictory, even opposed, despite everything being the case, you are experiencing a real illusion. That is to say, you are experiencing a simulation, in intensity, duration, the possibility of escape is very low and therefore, all of this seems real to you. Yet it is not, it is only a path, a way, I repeat, I have already said it, to find yourself as a divine being, as God incarnate on Earth and answer this question “how have you loved, what have you done for your neighbor?” » Become aware of this. Move forward in this.

Each of you is linked to the others by the breath, by the energy that passes through you. You are all on Earth. You all , all, all without exception , by changing your mindset of what is , the possibility of influencing a drop here, a drop there, a change here, a change there , to influence your entire world . Don't think that you can't do anything alone, that's so false . Because when you say: “  alone, I can do nothing  ”, you forget that in fact you are united with the ALL.

You may feel like your voice isn't carrying through, that it's weak, or that it's not being heard by the universe, in some way. I want to hear that, actually, know that it's not true. Each of your words, each of your actions, has a consequence in one place or another in the universe, a resonance in one place or another in the universe. It cannot be otherwise. And the more you trust in the fact that your ray, your radiation is strong, the more — do this without being full of yourself — the more you will begin to master what is happening around you. It's just a question of the quality of love, I can't say it any other way.

One of you asked me how to forgive yourself when you think you've done something horrible .

The answer is in self-love. Obviously, not a love of one's ego, just in the understanding that you have programmed choices that seem positive to you today, but that you have also programmed choices that seem negative to you today. You have in fact prepared, scheduled — to use a word that you understand well — your tests. Even, the majority of your behaviors are often of an order that seems involuntary to you, in truth, however, totally voluntary and programmed.

So, I will ask you this question, dear friend, how will what you have done help you to love other people, other circumstances, other places? Perhaps you have had an attitude that is discordant with a place, with a person, with a situation; however, place more love in another. We cannot repair a broken glass, but we can begin to love the next one, to ensure that the next one does not break. There is already an order of reparation there, if I may say so, an order of reparation of consciousness.

You won't be able to fix every mistake you make, dear friends. You will simply be able to look at yourself and recognize that the test is difficult, that you have possibly posed, yes, a difficult test to yourself, however, that all this has been done in order, then, to pose even more love. You are innocent. I know you love feeling guilty. I insist by saying these words, you love feeling guilty. Being guilty makes you feel like you're the one who created the circumstances, in fact it's almost too much, too prideful. It's the sin of pride here.

In truth, you did not create these circumstances. You manifested them, yes, but you drew them into a Plan much greater than what is happening to you, and you will understand it in time. And understanding it over time is what will bring forgiveness to you. Trusting time will make you forgive yourself . You would no doubt as a human, as a physical and mental body, wish that it happened differently of course, however you will see that a part of you wished that what happened anyway would have happened. pass. So, don't blame the form, it doesn't exist and understand that everything is just experienced. This, dear friend, should help you.

Trust your Guides, those who are at your side. Ask them these questions. Accept to receive fairly short, fairly simple answers, deeper than you imagine.

To counter low vibrations, and here we are asked how to overcome these low vibrations , position in your life what vibrates high . You know, gestures of love, gestures of peace, gestures of sharing, gestures of compassion, gestures of well-being for yourself, gestures of well-being for others. If you can't raise your vibration, try to raise the vibration of those close to you. If you can't get yourself out of low vibrations, make the vibrations close to you higher. Don't do it on yourself, do it for others.

What have you done for your neighbor? Always this question lingering in mind. “  I can’t do it for myself  ”, but what is stopping you from doing for others? What is stopping you from making others happy, even if you feel unhappy? I will tell you why, because in any case, dear souls, what you do for others, you do for yourself. So, if you help people to be in a higher vibration, this will necessarily have an echo on you , an indirect echo but, very often, this indirect echo will be more powerful than a direct echo, since you are never alone . Never.

Can entities from the lower astral manifest in your world?

Physically, almost, but not in a human body , apart from a true case of possession, which is extremely rare. They will instead act in a ghostly form, and rarely through possession, dear soul. Fortunately, the plan here too is perfect.

The rules of the next dimension that we can apply, what are they?

The rules of the next dimension that we mentioned will be given to you, don't worry about them. We have already given some in other pipes. For the moment, we must wait with you until the Earth has finished this little transition before stating these rules more clearly , above all, they all stem from the fact that love is your greatest weapon. They all stem from the fact that you can make changes to your consciousness, your life and your circumstances much more quickly than before. All this will undoubtedly be repeated to you again, even though many of these rules, many of these possibilities are already known.

How can we understand that the entities of Light and darkness are part of a WHOLE?

I understand this question. It is difficult for me in terms of earthly response. It is very easy in terms of divine response. God is EVERYTHING. I will simply answer this, God is EVERYTHING. It is shadow and Light, simply, this contrast, this duality, it is you who choose it by incarnating yourself in a dual world. It is part of a Whole because the shadow in fact is there to bring Light . You think that the shadow works for the shadow, the error is there. The shadow , of course, tries to keep itself alive, however, understand that it is always used for the Light .

On your roads, sorry, on your roads now, you sometimes have well-placed speed cameras, which are designed to help you slow down. This is why you often say that these radars work behind the scenes. In fact, if this radar is well placed, if this shadow is placed in the right place, if it helps you slow down and it saves you from an accident in the next corner, for example, then this shadow is perfectly placed, don't is this not. This is the case here.

The greatest error of the shadow is to believe that in truth it works for itself, when in truth it works for the Light. This is how I invite you to understand it. If there was only Light, if there was only Light here, you would not be in such a great evolutionary phase , the one that the Earth offers you. You would be in a much, much, much slower evolutionary phase, which exists, it is that of the Beyond. There are many, many fewer shadows here, they still exist but much, much less.

The progression of the soul is all the greater as it deals with the shadow and as it lives its battles by choice of the Light , but in any case, and I repeat to you, in any case, the shadow works for the Light. Sooner or later the work of the shadow turns against itself. This is an immutable rule since it is the rule of progression towards divinity, which certainly resembles the Light more than what you call the shadow. We completely agree.

How can we love more and more when we love being surrounded by other humans less and less?

If you like being around other humans less and less, I fear that a trap will close on you here. You are not asked to be surrounded by thousands of human beings, only ten, but you are invited to love Humanity because it is what you are.

When you close yourself off, you close off the world too. Everything is done to separate human beings. Everything is done to divide them today, everything, in every direction: men and women, religions, professions, studies, financial levels, hair colors, everything, everything is done to separate humans. Do not enter into this game, since this is a game of non-light, enter into a game of unification. If you can't stand them anymore, no one is forcing you to talk to everyone, but look, observe them, they are all children of God. Perhaps in what you think is wandering, all the same, they are children of God. Don't forget this and you will see that you will want this contact, only you will eventually have less desire to debate, less desire for this fight which is not a fair fight.

So I'm going to end this exchange I'm having with you by repeating my original message from today. Save your energy and please prepare yourself for times when this energy will be needed, for your individual and collective freedom.

We are here. This moment is planned, this moment is right. This brotherhood that we represent tonight is the sample of what the Earth will produce and is producing.

Be aware of this assembly of Light that we form together, either in writing or in reading. This assembly of Light is not defeated by the shadow. The shadow does not like this, it would like to separate us ourselves, but it cannot because we are united by that which cannot be disunited.

Dear souls of Light, I leave you to your work. Keep your energy up. Take your time. Refocus. Call us and be happy, because these moments are the ones that will reveal the most to yourself and to all of Humanity.

Image and Translation By CrystalWind.ca

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.

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