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Quan Yin: Embrace Silent Meditation for Spiritual Growth!

Quan Yin: Embrace Silent Meditation for Spiritual Growth!

Hello My Dear Ones,

I am Quan Yin, and I am so happy to be here to speak today to all of you. It has been over 3 years, since my last appearance through this channel.

I am going to bring to your attention a couple of concerns, which are extremely important to take them seriously and reflect on them in your heart. The predictions of the upcoming events in your reality, misleading information about advanced equipment and etc. are spread from false sources to mislead everyone. Light Beings said through this channel on many occasions that any event specified with a date and time will never happen, as it’s a false information stated by minions, who serve the Darkness.

For example, the Pleiadians are not going to do astral surgeries on June 7 on starseeds. The Galactic Pleaidian Civilization never said this. Light Community keeps ignoring our warnings about spreading these facts and continue to support a false narrative. The reason it occurs so often, because you are not doing the spiritual work, despite our constant suggestions, otherwise you would spot it right away the inaccurate facts. My Dear Ones, I am saying this for your sake, you can’t move forward as a civilization, unless you evolve spiritually.

You can end up another billion years being stuck in the same way, as you are today. The spiritual evolution requires sacrifices and hard work. You can’t expect to see results without putting the effort into your advancement to move into higher dimensions. Light Beings have been communicating through this channel for over 4 years now. It’s time to start doing the work. Did any of the predictions with specific dates ever came into reality? They didn’t, not even one.

Based on my personal experiences and all other Ascended Masters human’s lives living on Earth, there are no shortcuts, when it comes to the Ascension Process. Light Beings are assisting in your transformation, and the rest it’s up to your human race to make the necessary changes required in order to be able to move to a New 5D Earth. Everyone’s daily goal needs to become daily silent meditations without any exceptions.

You can’t kill your human ego and become free from being controlled by the 3D mind without meditating as much you can. Your mind needs to become your servant and not your master. We are always talking about doing daily silent meditations in our messages. Now, I am going to give you some guidance on how to do the silent meditations, and on what to expect.

First, you want to find a quiet room or an area in your home with no loud noise or strong smells, that would be distracting you from meditating silently. Then, you choose a comfortable position either to sit or lay. For example, sitting on a chair or a couch, laying on the couch or bed and etc. It doesn’t need to be that traditional meditation position of sitting on the floor with crossed legs.

This position is usually done by people from Asian countries, as it’s comfortable for them. The West just copies the East by doing this meditation position, they think that‘s on how it needs to be done, only in that position, what is not true. It needs to be a comfortable position, whatever it may be, otherwise if it’s not a relaxing position you won’t be able to silently meditate, because your body is going to distract you from being uncomfortable.

Also, you want to do the silent meditations privately, if you doing it to be seen by others, than your just feeding your ego and you won’t get any spiritual benefit. Unless, the person or people in the same room or area with you in your home are also meditating, then that’s fine. Once you pick your position, then close your eyes. You will mostly likely have thoughts going through your mind. Try not to get attached to or get consumed by them, just let the thoughts come and go.

When you stay in silence with your eyes closed try to feel the Universal Consciousness in and around your body. You do this as long as you can, once you feel you can’t do this anymore or it feels forced, you just stop and go to do, whatever you need to do for the day. You want to repeat this a few times throughout the day, when you have a free time.

Eventually, over time when your keep meditating in silence and trying to feel your Universal Consciousness in and around your body, it’s going to announce its presence to you by something, as simple like something touches you gently on your shoulder or anywhere on your body or a part of your body starts to itch.

Don’t scratch that spot, instead try to focus with your mind on that area of the body that itches. If eventually you can’t take the itching, you just scratch that spot. Once you start constantly having your body itch during silent meditations, then your Universal Consciousness will no longer just announce its presence to you. Now, it will try to heal parts of your body that’s needs healing, the itching will become more intense. Eventually, any part of your body that has pain, it will start to feel like those areas are being worked on by invisible energy.

Not only it will itch more, and it also will feel like the pain is being pulled from the problem areas. Anytime, you feel itching on your body during silent meditation, you should always try to focus on that area with your mind and try not scratch it. If you continuing to do this, the itching with overtime will stop, and you’re going to feel instead something else, which I can’t describe in words, because there is nothing in this human world you experience that matches it.

You’re going to start to feel lightness in and around your body. This will be the beginning stages of you feeling your 5th dimensional Light Body. The idea of doing daily silent meditations is to make it a habit, as a natural part of your day as breathing. After practicing this for long enough period of time, you will be in a meditative state all of the time regardless on what you are doing as your main focus will be on feeling the presence of your Light Body/Universal Consciousness. It’s a peaceful and a loving presence in and around your body.

After your devotion to the practice of daily silent meditations, your 3D human body will transform into a 5D Galactic Light Body. After that, when you will be walking, you won’t feel your feet at all or your whole body. Instead you’re going to feel the presence of your Universal Consciousness, which will be light and weightless, like a gentle breeze. You also will have no thoughts in your head, it will be silent. Instead of trying to think, you will be waiting for information to come to you. You won’t even have any idea on what words your going to say next, but it will be the right words or phrases at the right time.

By living in the 3D Matrix you absorbed all of the materialistic thinking and disconnected yourself completely from your soul and your Universal Consciousness. Before it becomes too late, start your spiritual path. In the spare time you have left share your Love with everyone around you. Love is the highest energy, you can ever experience. Also, please practice gratitude by being grateful for all of the blessings you receive from Mother Gaia. Silent meditation needs to become an essential part in your daily routine, it’s like water and bread. Please, accept my Supreme Love

Stay in Gratitude and in Light

Quan Yin

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

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