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Sananda: Powerful Love Energy Through The Emotional Intelligence

Sananda: Powerful Love Energy Through The Emotional Intelligence

Full Moon: Wavy Emotions.


The full moon of April moves forward strongly, spreading the energy in great waves over the earth. This is the higher light of emotional intelligence. These waves sometimes resonate very high and then less frequently in the emotional layer, which causes some unexpected movements in the emotional energy.

The force of manifestation moves through it at an accelerated rate and this sometimes gives some stutters. This major transformation causes some tension in the emotional body. The empathy becomes stronger and the empathic stimuli get a greater range.


Your balance will be tested, because special emotional waves will arise. Those connected to an old karma line notice an emotional shift in relationships. Letting go of karma is made difficult when thinking in an old way. The karma is an old way of experiencing that no longer fits into the new higher sense of unity. The accelerations of energy arise in the connection lines where the emotions intersect and dissolve when the change in your system increases emotional intelligence.

Maintain a Good Balance, When the Emotions Go Very Deep Panic Can Occur.


Those who live a lot from the head are washed clean by the many emotions that they are allowed to live through again, but in a deeper layer. In addition, those who work through the emotional intelligence are extra attuned. This attunement is necessary, because the emotional intelligence will be increased. You gain access to a wider range of emotional possibilities, for great gifts are hidden there. The knowledge that accompanies this comes from the unity energy: the Christ consciousness. The outside world forms the many 'mirrors' that will reflect your emotional energy, allowing you to make a super fast connection with the others around you. Especially with the one you have a deep connection with.


A fuzzy feeling can arise when the lines are reset between you and a loved one. These are very special connecting lines that have caused a lot and carry traumas in them. At that moment, rest and do not panic or call for help.

This switch eventually creates new loving connections, from which a wonderful experience can grow that sometimes seems a bit unreal. Help is sent from the Christ consciousness… the loving unity of God.


Mother Earth's cosmic intelligence is very active and she long ago created many kinds of life forms through her love energy and emotional intelligence. Her planetary consciousness is connected to the great Divine Light. This is a tremendous awareness of love that is always creating and manifests itself in every spark of light. Earth is an emotional being. The deployment of the emotional intelligence is now rising, as it raises in vibration new creations come to life.


From nature flows a soothing calm that can calm the emotions. This is not just a coincidence, here one makes the connection with the cosmic consciousness, which flows through mother earth. She can be present in everything with her loving energy, she is the mother who gives comfort. You feel this in nature and through the creative power within yourself, where the Christ energy helps to achieve all this.

When many emotions start flowing through you, some confusion can arise. Realize that these emotional waves are sent to you from a loving embrace, which creates a direct conversion in the emotional brain. In the connecting lines between you, your loved one or neighbor, a magnetic force of pure unity energy arises.

When the changes in the emotional system become too much for you, they can burn out, panic and despair can arise. Know that this is the inversion of the current system of money and property. Within you this will be turned. The emotional brain is aligned many octaves higher. The current emotional brain is barely developed and is mainly active in fear, but this is about to change. In the previous periods great preparations have been made to reset the mind to a higher sensitive human being.


The world is going to turn differently and this is now becoming clear, because everything will be turned upside down. The rational brain cannot handle this renewal and therefore a natural switch is made to the emotional brain. This switch is especially very unreal, but rest assured it will be fine.

Some who are connected to the legacy system are not always able to make this transition. They lose track, but in spite of everything, the great wave of love is moving and will free every human being in every difficult situation, so that the love energy is experienced in its depth at any time. Sometimes in the last hour of farewell, but much more often when one is in the fullness of life. This love power starts to resonate in man, getting stronger and stronger. Every minute of the day, every day of the month, but especially every solar year, this force increases.


From different layers, the universal human being is born with a wonderful range of gifts and talents. The emotional brain will become decisive and the rational brain will be subordinated to it first. Eventually man will be able to merge both parts into a beautiful wholeness consciousness. All this takes time, this is the year where emotional intelligence rises and slowly buds for many new ideas. The universal view is broadened and further developed. Narrow-mindedness is on its way back.

Above all, enjoy everything around you and try to get the sporadic panic under control. The fear blanket is thrown off and that can also cause some despair, the feelings to replace the old fear are not always easy.


Panic and fear cause the force of manifestation to block or take a completely different course. When you notice this, go in and see what it takes. Also, in terms of material, what do you really need? Which direction feels good and will it still be the same tomorrow? Nothing is fixed, everything is in motion and within every hour or even within a minute this can change again.


Use your feelers and listen carefully to who you are and what you need right now. Certain intense situations within the family, partner or colleagues can make a deep wound, but in this great emotional change you can recover faster through the love light, so positive thoughts immediately develop. Quarrels won't last long, even dissatisfaction can disappear in no time. Some material things you no longer need, they disappear. Don't worry because there will be another solution.


Move with this rapid change so you don't get stuck all the time. Don't be angry or disappointed either, because it's part of this time of transformation. Confusion and forgetfulness can ensue. Realize this and try to deal with it as calmly as possible. There are peak periods when this rises more strongly, but it decreases again when the balance is reached.

Deep emotions are touched and that also gives some commotion, go through it from a calmness.. You can't do more than what is possible now. Don't fight what can't be done any longer but wait patiently for the new opening. Look at what you can do, which door is already open?


Numerous choices can also be inhibiting, narrow down the choices that fall outside of your magnetic attraction and choose what clicks right now. Realize that tomorrow can be different again, don't be rigid in holding on. Live today and release yourself from an old burden and dream of magnetic revelations and manifest from flexibility.

Create from a higher emotional intelligence and then watch the numerous possibilities open up...

5 april 2023

Translation By CrystalWind.ca


Ashtar is a consciousness with a very intelligent ability, contactees include George van Tassel, Tuella and many others.
Ashtar is an ethereal light being, a loving intelligence and he consists of pure Light and works with the healing Rainbow colors. From a wave of love I have to meet Ashtar. This revelation of the Light opened my cosmic consciousness. When this happens  then he opens the veils. The true memory who you really are comes to above. Once man was a beautiful being with a lot of Light power and special talents. The memory of an Earthly Paradise is no fantasy and is hidden deep in the heart of everyone. A very intense desire now arises to reunite all of this into wholeness again. ©Arthura

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