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Sananda: The Power of Love (Part 2)

Sananda: The Power Of Love (part 2)

Love has nothing to do with submission. Rather, you should learn to make this powerful decision and live through it. Submissiveness is not an expression consistent with the power of love.

It is advisable to free yourself from all subservience and show your powerlessness the door. No, you should not expose either your right or your left cheek to abuse! Rise up and respond with love, and stand tall!

Love your enemies!

Good evening, Sananda.

This conversation ends the book for me. And as we wrote and discussed the two final revelations over the previous days, this 11th revelation continued to flourish within me in the silence of my soul.

“Love your enemies!”

What a thing! What a task for us!

In the time leading up to our conversation today, I became more aware of this need, and as I looked at my life, I became certain that it was precisely what was missing. The “enemies” in particular received the smallest share of my love.

I recoiled from that. Not hating them, and I did, is one thing, but actively LOVING them is something entirely different. This statement also shows me how ignored and underestimated this has been so far.

I don't know how the reader feels about it, but for me this requirement burst into my life like new news I heard for the first time. Because this love is different, requires different qualities and requires a completely different attention to life.

SANANDA: You are honored and blessed, and everyone who follows these lines is honored with you.

Have a nice good evening. I am where you hardly expect me to be, and again today in the middle of you. Now with you, Jahn, and with all the people who will soon be attending this service.

(I have been in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna for over an hour. It is November 2nd and the Catholic Church remembers all souls today. The church is starting to fill up and Mozart's Requiem begins at 6 p.m. Author's note)

My kingdom extends to all who have good will, because my kingdom knows no barriers. Where love is allowed, there is my kingdom, and where it is longed for, there it unfolds.

That's why I'm with you now, beloved human being. Months after this conversation, you hold the completed book in your hands and now let these revelations touch you deep down.

I am in the midst of you, wherever you are. Now relax your mind and let the conversation begin.

JJK: In summary, “love of enemies” seems to me to be the key to all of our interpersonal problems and at the same time the solution to all global disproportionality?

SANANDA: A universal key that brings with it everything that sustainably heals a society and that leads people into unity. Yes, this key locks every lock and opens every door to the fulfilling aspects of existence.

JJK: Humanity seems all the further away from that, and I don't want to offend any reader. Because: Who loves their enemies, and unconditionally?

SANANDA: Indeed. This is not yet a widespread trait among humans. Only a few have achieved this mastery so far. And that is exactly the reason why it is explicitly, thoroughly and conspicuously pointed out here.

You ask yourself, why doesn't the world change? You ask when the kingdom of heaven will arise on earth? Are you asking about the love in the world that you have to do without everywhere? You ask about all states of being that fulfill you; for peace, joy, harmony, happiness and gentleness, but the answer to that seems to persistently elude you.

Why, beloved children of God?

So I tell you and proclaim this message, which has been valid since my days in Jerusalem. The one eternally valid formula, eternal and valid on all levels of being is:

Love unconditionally!

Everything and every consciousness in God's infinite creation.

And your earthly enemies are included and meant above all!

Don't get confused! Only then will you act according to your nature. Your being, which is love, in every fiber, in every cell of your existence.

Every withholding of this love creates incomplete states of being, and as a result the earth has degenerated into a place that no longer seems worth living for you.

Where infamy and hatred have risen to unusual heights. Where fear and anxiety are so widespread that many of you can no longer imagine another world. So address this need to love all enemies and recognize the consequences.

This, beloved ones, will change the earth as you have now extended your loving intentions to all people. Without this profound transformation of your hearts and the actions that come from it, the world will not change, nor will one stone roll from another.

Without a significant change in your ability to love, the earth cannot find peace and humanity cannot become unity!

JJK: That's obvious and very clear the way you say it. But how do we do this in practice when we have to endure hostilities? Just put up with everything and “send love” in silence?

SANANDA: No, that's not the point of the matter, and it shouldn't be handled that way. Where you find hostility, try to leave that situation and then bring yourself into a loving state.

No matter what has been done to you, every event requires an energetic balance. This means that as soon as hate hits you, react to it appropriately. Clear and according to your truth. Don't shy away from anything or anyone, but say everything out of a feeling of love.

And if a situation “slips away” from you, it brings you back into balance.

Love is the safe anchor to respond appropriately to every imposition.

If you are tied to a situation like this for a longer period of time, in which you are confronted with hostility and hatred, it is all the more necessary that you realign your personal energies after an argument; to the love that you are. Do not dwell in conflict, anger or hatred.

After such a day, free and cleanse yourself of it and you will become balanced. The new day begins strengthened, and you can once again test how far you have grown in your ability to love.

Finally, that moment arrives that cannot produce anything other than loving thoughts, words and actions. This requires your absolute attention. Day after day and in every life situation.

As soon as you respond with love to those people who treat you with hostility, their perception changes.

Not immediately, but if you persist, you will see miraculous changes in your environment. This is how the power of love becomes visible to you, as it reacts to your life situations, influences them and thereby changes your everyday life. The light penetrates the darkness – instantly!

Be this light of love in every place you are placed, among all the people you meet and with whom you have to connect in the most diverse ways.

In summary, it should be said: distance yourself from those who are ready to pour out their hatred on you, but then bring yourself back into a loving state towards this situation. Do this daily! Don't go to bed until you have made a deep peace with all the situations of everyday life. Don't let anything discourage you! The same applies here:

Calls the light!

And love will emerge. Love for all beings in God's infinity. Does this answer your question, Jahn?

JJK: Yes, Sananda. You just have to try with all your might and grow into this attitude to life. Day after day. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

SANANDA: A lot of attention to your life. So every everyday situation will be your teacher until you grow into masters. To masters who are not blinded by hatred, hostility and anger. To masters who remain permanently in the perception of love. To masters who know that they themselves are love and cannot express their lives in any other way.

This is the work of people at this time. This promotes the growth of society and the planet. Waiting for healing and perfection makes little sense if you shy away from your own power, which is given to you by love.

JJK: And don't put it off any longer. Today, start now.

SANANDA: Now! Make that decision. Now! And align your future life accordingly.













JJK: Will people be able to do it? Will they choose this? And will there be enough to give the planet as much healing as is needed for it to heal?

SANANDA: Yes. That's for sure! Don't be afraid! Please remember: the light wins!

But the more people decide to take the path into the light through the life of unconditional love, the more harmonious this transition will be. So this revelation is given with the necessary urgency.

But be assured, your dwellings in heaven are ready, and you will return after you have reached heaven on earth. You can be assured of that. That is what is proclaimed here, and that is being fulfilled in these last days of humanity, which is striving towards rebirth without extinguishing itself.

Fill your life with this elixir of life that love can provide. So everything will happen without the dramas that are now looming and that you expect.

JJK: It means that we can achieve a very “peaceful” transition. Without war, suffering and pain?

SANANDA: Yes, that is possible! And indeed, you have it in your hands. Your decisions directly impact this process . Yes.

JJK: Thank you, that gives a lot of strength and drives away fears, at least for me.

SANANDA: Not only your fears should pass through this knowledge, but all people's fears. Fear is not appropriate! Be without fear, because you have every reason to be. Yes, remain at peace, for peace is with you.

JJK: Should we now turn the right cheek after the left cheek?

SANANDA: Absolutely not, you angels of light! Love has nothing to do with submission. Rather, you should learn to make this powerful decision and live through it. Submissiveness is not an expression consistent with the power of love. It is advisable to free yourself from all subservience and show your powerlessness the door. No, you should not expose either your right or your left cheek to abuse! Rise up and respond with love, and stand tall!

Respond to the hatred that comes your way with love. The enmities with gentleness and the anger with understanding, since people's dramas do not remain hidden from you. Act like this and you will be Master and God, blessed and holy, beloved and loving. Make a firm decision to transform your life in this way. No more compromises, especially if your love is diminished by it.

The declaration summarizes your decision and takes your life to a new level. Once you have given birth to this decision, you truly begin to draw from being and feed yourself from God's table of gifts. Without this love you are lost and through this love you are saved.

Begins to become unconditional and love unconditionally. The first and greatest of all commandments is now being fulfilled. And you are the son, the daughter, who is now bringing this to earth as you anchor it in your life as an everyday quality.

Make up your mind, loved one. The salvation of the earth underlies this decision.

If you knew how powerful you are and how exalted you are? If you knew how expanded you are through your consciousness? If you knew how far your love spreads throughout the universe?

Once you've made your decision, you'll know! All that and more.

Yes, so it is announced, and love takes over the reign on earth. Now and forever.

JJK: I am completely fulfilled and full of love, Sananda. And while I attend Mozart's Requiem in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna on All Souls' Day, you dictate to me and bless the people. How wonderful this all is and how fulfilling it is for me.

SANANDA: Yes, it is very fulfilling. For me too, Jahn. I love being with you people so much and I love you so much. We are going together through this time . Always be aware of this: We are one and I am with you always.

Love each other as I love you. Love each other unconditionally and act like me. You can do it, yes, and you know it. Please decide for it.

I thank you for following my call, because unity with God can only be experienced in this way.

How much you are loved and how much I love you.

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