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Activating Your Crystalline Chakra & Pineal Gland - Goddess of Creation

Activating Your Crystalline Chakra & Pineal Gland - Goddess of Creation

At the beginning of this meditation, the Goddess speaks at length about Ansaluia. 

This greeting can be used at the beginning or end of correspondence or conversations.  She helps you to connect within yourself and tap into your spirituality.  From there, you flow the energy of love and light to another person, group, or situation.  We are all aware of sensing the energy of people around us, particularly if it is something discordant with our own.  This is a way for us to become aware of what we send out and what we receive. 

We all have energy bodies, called chakras, within our physical bodies.  These are what connect us to our spirituality.  They are also linked to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.  They can become congested or blocked due to problems you have in your life. They can be over-expanded which can also lead to imbalances.  We, therefore, had an opportunity to clear out each one, then infuse it with light from the All That Is.  Once done, the Goddess had energy flow from the head center down through the root, then around the outside and back to the head.  After a short time, she reverses the flow to the other direction.  This cleared and balanced everything within each person. 

While balancing your chakras is very important to help you in life, the most important aspect of this meditation is the activation of your crystalline chakra which is your link to the crystalline light body.  In addition to that, activating the pineal gland is what opens the door to intuition and all your expanded abilities.  During this time of ascension, many people have already activated these parts in an unconscious manner.  When you connect with the pineal gland and crystalline chakra with fully conscious intention, it can advance your abilities even more.  

I hope this helps you to move forward in your life in a balanced, more expanded way. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out from my third eye to yours. I reach out from all the energy bodies within me to each of the responding energy bodies within you.

As we take this opportunity while here present on the Earth plane, consider what that may mean.  As you are in touch with each of your energy bodies within you, and then you’re sending that out to whomever it is that you may be in conversation with, that you may be thinking about; you send that energy and light from energy bodies to energy bodies so that everything lines up and is in place.

As you do so, understand that you are first and foremost aligning within yourself so that you may have that open flow and balance. You then are sending that into whomever you are speaking with so as to create a relationship or a moment of communication that goes beyond the words and begins with the energy flow and movement. This is in essence, Ansaluia.  You may use that at the beginning or at the end of communication.

You are over and over and over affirming within yourself I AM in Balance, I AM open to the flow of love and light, and I send that into you as we communicate deeper than the words that may be spoken.

Breathe in and breathe out, just considering that for a moment.

From within, create that ball of energy. You can do it with your imagination, you can do it with pulling through the energies, but create that ball of energy that starts within your heart center.  Then you send a stream of light, it moves down through your energy bodies. Consider your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center, and then all the way down into the Earth.

As this moves into the Earth, it spreads out in every different direction.  This is your way of communicating with Gaia. This is your way of anchoring these energies. Feel what that means to you.  Take a moment and open your Consciousness so that you may feel the heartbeat of Gaia. You are just quietly in this presence, allowing that energy to move back and forth, you will know that you are connected and that you can feel the pulsation that is Gaia.

Allow for that to come back up within you moving up through your energy bodies and as it swirls through your heart center. You then send it up. It goes through your throat, your third eye, and out through the top of your head.  From there, it moves all the way up into your higher self.

As we arrive within this space, some of you may feel pressure on your third eye. As you begin to take in whatever may be there for your perception. Others of you may feel movement around your solar plexus or even any of your energy bodies. 

As you consider your higher self, what comes to mind?  Are there certain activities? Are there certain things here within your higher self that you would like to focus upon even if only for the moment?  It then moves.  Do you see things that are perhaps out a step or two?  You can now let them go.  Clear them out.  You no longer need to have them around you.

For some, it is as if you have lifted a burden and you expand your energy. You then continue to send that thread of energy that goes from your higher self all the way up into the space of your divinity.

Look around at what this is.  As you look at your soul, you are looking at your I AM presence. This is your alignment with God and with source.  This is you living in the multitudes of different experiences.  So consider all that is here and what that may mean for you.

I, the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I align with you, we merge our energies which in turn moves everything into the All That Is.  Look around.  You may see some of the projects you have. Just as you notice them in your higher self, some of them may be here, perhaps it’s something that you needed to work with on a higher level. Sometimes you may have alignments with others where you have a karmic agreement to experience something in this lifetime.  There are many, many different reasons why people utilize this space.

Consider how we aligned with those primary chakras, while you were still present on Earth.  I invite you to have a sense of just stepping forth. We are here as your consciousness. However, we are still aligned with your physicality. So allow that to become present.

What I mean by that is that I want you to consider yourself as if you are physically here, not just your Consciousness, and for some, I’m feeling it’s pulling you back down. So disconnect as I wish for you to stay here at this higher frequency.

As you are aware, you have thousands of energy bodies within your physical body and around your physical body. When people speak of the chakras, they frequently mean just those seven primary chakras.  However, there’s another major one outside your body between you and Gaia that fully supports you remaining present on the planet.  There’s another fairly significant chakra above your head that works to balance to balance the other one, but this one is a filter for anything that comes down from your soul.

Now frequently considered in the back of your head is the crystalline energy body.  It is as if it’s in a plane that moves around you. It moves through the pineal gland, and it moves at different angles.  But the very basis of being alive is through the base of your skull into that medulla oblongata, as it is called.  This is where the crystalline Energies are incorporating within you.

You are here in the All That Is.  Take a moment to consider your root Center. I’m going to just stay with those primary, but everything you do with the root is also connecting the one below it. Everything you do with your head Center is also connecting the one above it.

So as we begin with your root Center, take a moment as you look at it. Does it have clarity? does it seem overly big or very tiny? Is it not even red but perhaps very murky from other colors from other stuck energy?

I’m not going to go into what each chakra represents because that would end up taking such a long time. But we’re just going to tap into the chakra it’s as if you take a snapshot.  So as you look at it, consider whatever it is that is coming to your perception. And then you can pull out anything that may be stuck.  Then send into that energy body just an impulsive light that comes from here within the All That Is your own consciousness is gathering that energy and sending it into your root Center. In all of you, I can see things clearing out, and the Natural Balance is coming into place

We next step up into your sacral Center.  Frequently this one is orange again is it too big too small a totally different color barely moving.  We are going to go inside of it and again if there’s anything at all that is stuck we’re just going to pull it out. Whew~ Then your Consciousness sends a little impulsive light into it and then you take a moment to let it rebalance.  You can see this natural rhythm of how these two respond to one another as they are cleared out and balanced.

Your sacral Center is yellow that gut reaction that you may have that gut instinct, that part of you that just knows and that you sometimes try to talk yourself out of.  I know I wasn’t going to go into a lot but this one I need to is it murky? Is it shut down?  Is it overly open? We are going to go in and we’re just going to clear out anything at all that is in there.  Phew, clear that out. 

As you clear that out, you let go all that old tension and stress you let go anything that was keeping it out of balance. And then poof you send in that clarifying pulse from your own Consciousness. And it begins to move with the brilliant clarity. Now as you see the three they are all moving synchronistic to one another.

Your heart Center is what merges your lower energy bodies and your higher. It’s connected to self-love, to your divinity, and to that expression to others. Is it murky now? For this one it may look pink, it may look green and other people are calling it kind of a turquoise color.  But if it’s murky, not moving, or overly inflated, we’re just going to connect with it, ~whew~  clear that out. For whatever reason, I didn’t feel the clearing that time. So come back into your heart center and as you’re looking at this essence of you, you’re going to just tap into everything that your heart center represents to you. ~whew~ There we go, clear it all out.

You send in that impulse of light so that it rebalances. Many of you may be feeling palpitations. You might be feeling a change in your heart rhythm. Just temporarily be aware that this rebalancing will strengthen you and balance you.

You go to your throat. As you look at that energy body that represents your throat, it should be blue, a light blue. If it’s murky, if it’s too small, if it’s too big, we want to just tap into it, clear it out.  Oh, I can see this one needs to be cleared a second time also as you tap into your throat, that communication that can be communication inward or outward. So you want to tap into that energy body and if there’s anything at all that’s keeping it from working in a balanced way ~whew~ there we go, much better. You send in that ball of light

Now let us go to your third eye; that deep purple, indigo. Sometimes people will feel the pressure on their forehead. It may be too big, too small, murky; but we’re just gonna tap into that, and as we do so if there’s anything to be cleared; ~whew~ clear it out.

For some, for some reason, I can feel this wave of nausea going through. So this is your intuition, this is your gut instinct, so there may be a connection between those within you. We’re going to go back again to your third eye tap into that energy, and if we need to clear your solar plexus, also we’ll do both of them together.  There we go, poof you send that dab of light, the white light.

That Violet Flame that comes in that represents your soul, it comes in through the top of your head. Everything that happens in your higher self, what comes through from your own divinity, comes through from the top of your head. Your head sometimes may feel hot to the touch and that’s the running of that energy coming through.

So as we tap into your head Center, once again if it’s too big, too small, if it’s blocked, ~whew~ That didn’t work right, so we want to perhaps you see it as a halo such as what Yeshua had. Perhaps you see it vertical, but we’re just going to tap into that energy body, and if there’s anything that’s stuck, we’re just going to pull it out. ~whew~   There we go.

We’re now going to go to the back of your head where you have that crystalline energy body. Some of you have been working with this for years, for others of you this may be your first time connecting with it. This is what is becoming activated in every person as the Earth ascends to the higher level. So as we tap into that back of your head this crystalline energy body is literally that.

When you consider the colors of the purest Crystal, there’s like a clear, it’s like a white light, it’s like um maybe a touch of golden, um some say magenta there’s many different colors that it may come across to an individual. So you may and it may be a blend of them. We are activating, okay let me change that. If there’s anyone that as yet has not activated their crystalline energy body, we’re going to tap into it right now and we’re going to again clear out if there’s anything that’s keeping it from working.

As we do so, we send in that little pulse of light and that energy center begins to grow foreign.  If you’re looking at an individual and their crystalline body is activated, you’ll see a lot of light over their shoulders and around here. It’s as if it encases their whole head, it connects the third eye the crystalline and the head center, as if it’s a triangle and in the middle of that is your pineal gland.

Let’s take a moment and send just an Impulse of light that starts at the top. It goes through the crystalline, the head Center, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral, the root and out through the bottom.  As you can feel that essence of who you are, the energy is flowing downward. It circles around the sides and comes up and goes down once more.

Then you take a moment to reverse that energy so that it starts at your root center and comes up and goes out the top of your head and circles around.  You can feel the difference, and you can feel how it shifts the energies for you.  Clear out if it gets too much, clear out and expand your energy bodies if it feels too much to you.

If that energy is flowing through, I invite you to make a direct link from your third eye straight into your pineal gland. As you do so, we’re going to just send that little ball of light and it’s going to go into your pineal gland and it’s going to just open it up.  Many of you will feel pressure in your head and you need to expand your energy field so that you no longer feel pressure.

You take a moment, and you let that integrate within you. With the expansion and the opening up of your pineal gland, you can also feel that the crystalline energy body is now working more directly within you.

I also invite you to feel that direct link as if that crystalline energy body goes straight to your head center, your third eye, your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, your sacral, and your root so that the crystalline energy body is literally linking and balancing all that is within you.  Feel how expanded you are. 

As you activate and balance these major energy bodies within you, your physical body will feel it and react differently. It may be exactly the same as it has always been, but the potential is there that it may change.  You may begin to feel pressure on your forehead, and if you do so, just pull the energy open.

You may notice the movement around your other energy bodies. You may notice that you keep getting insights and hits; trust it.  Don’t question, just trust. Questioning comes through your ego, and it frequently will talk you out of what your instinct is telling you to do or your intuition is telling you to do. 

So believe in yourself believe in your direct link to your soul and the ways in which it is activated throughout your entire body so that it supports you.

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out.

You have created a hologram of you as your physical essence and the Hologram contains these energy bodies. I invite you to just take this hologram and, as if you are embracing it, let it flow down to that alignment that you have and let it flow all the way down within you in your physical essence.

You’ll feel it as it comes down through your head. It is also going to be wider than your energy fields, so it’s going to come around you and within you.  Feel as every single impulse is moving through you. 

Let your focus and your consciousness come back up once more into the All That Is.  Take a moment to let your awareness just be within this space.  That hologram is still there in front of you.  You can work with your energy bodies either within your physical body or up within this space, whichever is easier for you.

I sense that many of you are still working still with your energy bodies. You may choose to sit here and have a conversation with yourself.  You may choose to sit here and feel how your intuition is expanding and opening.  You may choose to focus on more energy going into your pineal gland so as to expand it.  But for whoever is ready, come back together as a group.

Look for a moment at each one of you. You are all lit up with your energy bodies balanced, and moving and the aura around you is huge.  If it gets to be too big and you feel like you’re just overwhelmed, just breathe in and bring your energy down within you and that’ll bring your aura back within you.

You see coming up within this group that hologram of the Earth.  As it’s here in front of you, you send within it your experience of the day.  It takes on the activation of the crystalline energy bodies, the activation of the pineal gland, and the balancing of all your energy bodies.  There’s an aspect that goes out into the universe, and the remainder goes down coming back down into the Earth.

As it moves through that magnetic energy, it’ll go through the collective consciousness.  It then anchors within the center of the Earth.  From there, it expands outward. It comes up through every level. Your own through your link with Gaia, you bring in and anchor in another way your own experience this evening.

This is available to every single person living upon the planet.  Many will automatically tap into that, and others, it will be there for when they are ready. 

Allow the remainder of your Consciousness to flow back down within you.  Take a moment to once again feel as you bring that energy back down through your head Center. Feel it as it moves through every energy body within you.

Balancing,  clearing out, activating and then it moves out horizontally, so there’s that flow that goes up and down and that flow that goes in and out.  It is almost as if I can feel some of you wanting to levitate with this completely balanced essence!

Each day as you wake up, you have an opportunity to create your intention for the day. You have an opportunity to rebalance yourself whether you do it at the beginning, ten times a day, or you totally forget about it. This is a process that you can set up so that it is constantly renewing your own energy, rebalancing everything within you, and then expanding your crystalline light body.

You have arrived! You are here in the ascended space. Allow for this to integrate and support you in everything that you do.

Beloved, know that I am ever with you!


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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