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Developing Your Intuition - Goddess of Creation

Developing Your Intuition - Goddess of Creation

The more that we live in the higher vibration, or higher frequency, or higher dimensions, the more you need to be aware of your intuition.

So many people just take it for granted, which is fine as long as they are paying attention.  However, I have found that so many people will receive insights, and then not pay attention. Or perhaps people will talk themselves out of whatever the insight was about. 

During this channel, the Goddess worked with us in many different ways to understand how we receive insights. While we are still grounded, she takes us through taking a deep breath, then opening to receive whatever may come through.  From there we take the usual pathway until we reach the All That Is.  When we are in the All That Is, she again, asks us to take a deep breath in and see what insights come through.

She will then go through all the senses so each person can understand which senses work more easily for them.  This includes inner knowing, inner seeing, feeling, and more.  What was really interesting was that after that, she had us walk through a door.  As if we were going to a completely different place energetically,  we could then again see how our senses were working.  Sometimes people anticipate a certain response, which is why it is important to learn how to truly be open to receive. In this way, you strengthen your alignment with your divinity. PLUS this becomes a very important tool you can use all the

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to everyone that is present, whether this is at the time of the recording or any other time that you may listen to these words. I speak from my heart to yours.

I speak and align with you in such a way that whether you’re in the All That Is or in your everyday reality, you always have that potential to open up to the light of your divinity, to open up to I, the Goddess, or God energies, so that you may grow in your own personal expansion of who you are. For the last couple of sessions, we’ve talked about the frequency as the energies change in what is here on top of the earth, what Gaia is emanating, and what is becoming present for everyone to work with.

For this evening, I would like to focus upon each one of you. Many of you are very well aware of the ways in which you receive energy and how to interpret what comes through. However, in this now moment, I invite you to close your eyes for a minute, breathe down within, and as you do so, just ask the question, ‘what is the strongest way that I receive information’? Okay. Some of the things I heard were intuition, knowing, visual, and feeling. There are, of course, many, many other ways that you receive information.

But as you are here in your everyday life, you get busy, and then you get distracted, and then you’re just going about your day forgetting to pay attention to your intuition and how you are constantly receiving information. So, close your eyes again, take another deep breath in, and this time ask the same question, What is the best way for me to receive information? Excellent.

This time, I heard things like synchronicity. I also heard things like my environment. And what I intuited from that was when you might see birds outside your house, or a dragonfly, or sometimes a particular car; but in other words, if you’re thinking about someone or you’re thinking about a situation, then just look around you because there may be something in your environment that can also help you.

So, consider whatever that is, just tuck it in the back of your consciousness, and let us create that ball of energy. As you breathe into your heart once more, just kind of almost as if you were pulling the energy out from your heart, create a ball. You can literally pull the energy apart, and then you can feel it as it’s here within your hands. You can pull it even bigger if you would like to, and feel the resistance as you create this ball.

We were just talking about your intuition or the ways in which you receive messages. Put that into this ball, that you would like to know more about that, or that you want to anchor within you that which is the strongest way that you receive information. Now, some of you that can see energy, you may sense that the ball changes in color. For some, it may seem like it gets denser, for others, it may seem the same.

So, you let that ball of energy merge back within your heart center. It literally feels warm as it goes back into your heart, and then it goes down through your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center, and it goes all the way down through your root center and into the earth.

As you feel this alignment with earth, let it go to that which is nurturing and supporting you in the higher frequency. Let it go to the aspect of Gaia that you work with on a more continuous basis. From there, you bring that energy back up.

It comes up through your energy bodies, and it circulates once more in your heart center. It goes through your throat, your third eye, your crystalline energy body, and your head center, and it all moves upward. Moving out from you as your physical self.

Look around at your higher self. This is sometimes where you come as you want to process something happening in your life. This is where you have trial and error for what you seek to manifest, but it can get very cluttered.  So, take in a deep breath and just breathe out a ball of energy. Whew~~ And let it go through your whole entire self and just clear it out for the moment. And then, as you breathe gently and easily, those things that are most important to you at this moment will come back within this space. However, in most cases, you now can perceive with greater clarity. Just observe what this is to you.

You continue to follow that stream of energy, that stream of light as it moves further up.  It goes all the way until you merge with your soul essence. It is very interesting, the perception that each one of you have of your divinity. Sometimes, it is as if you are seeing your soul as if in the shape of a human.  Sometimes, you may see like a stream of different lifetimes that you’ve experienced. Sometimes, it’s just this massive ball of energy, an ever-changing light. I invite you to ask in this now moment to become aware of your divinity or your soul at that highest level or frequency that you may understand or see or perceive.

As you create this connection, then merge your energies, and as you do so, your own consciousness expands out. The spiritual ascension is about exactly this, connecting with your divinity in a very conscious manner. The spiritual ascension is knowing that you are so much more than just this lifetime. Let that open up for you. The spiritual ascension is about recognizing that you can now live with more of your own divinity in your everyday life. The majority of the time, it is a very unconscious experience, although as you are here present in this now moment, you’re asking to move it into your conscious, into your focus, into your awareness, so that you can understand what your soul is to you.  Be open to receive.

I, the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you. As our energies merge, we move over into the All That Is. Sometimes, the place in which your soul resides is called the soul plane. Other people might consider it just your corner of the All That Is. They might just consider it a place of limbo. Throughout the years, the All That Is, as it is known with this meditation, is a place that’s been created that gives everyone access to much higher vibrations. It gives you access to the universe. It gives you access to a greater knowledge and awareness of your own divinity. Be in this flow.

As you look around the All That Is, ask to make known to you those things you are seeking to manifest in your life that just seem elusive, as if it’s not done, you can’t quite reach it, it’s there, but it’s not there. For many of you, the All That Is has become very cluttered. For others of you, it remains open and clear. Howsoever it works best for you, ask to have come up, as if within your consciousness or as if it’s right in front of you, that which you seek to manifest.

Oh, I understand many of you want a stream of different things.  I’m asking for that number one thing that is most important for you that you seek again and again and again. As you brought to your mind, whatever that may be, you immediately started creating how it looks to have this in your life or how it feels. So, going back to when you were still present, once again, close your eyes, take in a deep breath, and ask to receive what information do you most need to know so as to manifest what you seek.

For those that didn’t have anything particular in front of them, as you tapped into that intuitive aspect of yourself, suddenly things did populate. For others of you, what you were seeking to manifest changed as you opened up to your intuition. And then still others, it was as if you couldn’t hear your intuition or feel or sense because there was so much clutter that was right there.

So, we’re going to just send a gentle wave through this space and let’s clear it out again. And this time, as you just close your eyes, as you just focus within, invite your intuition to make itself known to you. Some of you have a perception of your intuition as if it’s you coming to talk to you, others feel their senses opening up. And then others are just patiently waiting to receive that information. So, let me work with them for a moment.

We are here in the All That Is, which is a very high light vibration and frequency. You are here as your consciousness and as your soul. Take a moment and let that just sink down within you.  So, you are already connected. You are already receiving information. I would therefore tap into your consciousness and ask, what is the best way that I personally can receive intuition? And then everyone felt a wash go through them.

If by chance you did not, then lovingly speak as if to your ego and just ask your ego to relax and just kind of back off. And then ask again, what does my intuition have to share with me at this now moment? Excellent. Even those people that were stuck in their ego analyzing things and perhaps putting up a block, you now are able to receive information.

It makes me smile because I can still hear you in your everyday life say it didn’t work, but it is working in this now moment. So, we’re going to circle back around. For those of you that have already been receiving information, let us try it in another way.

As you close your eyes and you breathe in and out gently and easily, then ask to know in this now moment whatever is most important to know regardless of any other messages or any other moments. In this now moment, what is most important for me to know? Ask your inner knowing, was there something that just came into you? Perhaps a word, perhaps a phrase, or perhaps an image, and you just know it. Did you sense that there was something else in and around you? Maybe it was just a feeling, and as you tap into that feeling, what more information are you able to receive? And that opened another doorway.

As you are still connected in this manner, is there a particular image that you can see? That image may be just colors, it may be a word or phrase, it may be a picture, and it may be there for a split second and then gone. But as you are in this expanded state and you’re tapping into what kind of visual you may receive, just be open.

As you tapped into whatever intuition was being given to you, this time have a sense as if you are opening up a door and you walk through that door and look around.  Immediately, you may know, you may sense, you may see, you may feel. Everything is just there in front of you. And as you walk into this space, have a sense of just letting it absorb within you.

I do sense there may be one or two that opened up that door and it was a blank space. This is telling you that through your intuition, you have a blank canvas. You can do whatever you would like.  So as if that canvas is in front of you, begin to create maybe as if you are drawing a picture or writing words. This is not about being logical that you can’t draw. This is about in this now moment in the All That Is, if there’s a blank canvas in front of you, then just begin to create upon that canvas.  Oof! There was a whole other surge that went through with that.

My sense is that by walking through the door, whether you create on a blank slate or you walk into something, it is now there. And it’s not just that you sense it in one or two senses. It’s as if you can feel it through your entire body, through your entire consciousness. This is what is allowing you to move deeper and deeper into understanding of whatever it may be that your soul would like you to know.

As I said those words, what your soul would like you to know, some of what people were receiving for information changed or shifted. So as if we’re going on another direction, knowing that you just received all sorts of information, it will come to you in downloads, then let’s just clear that out and now as if the space around you is just open, ask to know what your soul would like for you to know. Everyone was receiving all sorts of information. If it was too much or overwhelming, open up that door and walk through that door. Use that as a filter that helps you to remove any chatter or clutter that you may have around your consciousness. Continue to receive information.

When you specifically ask, what does my soul want me to know? You may also see that it’s giving you another perspective of what you were seeking to manifest.  This may be opening a doorway to something you have no idea what it’s about. It’s completely new to you. Simply be open to receive.

This is also another way in which to reach out to loved ones. I just heard too much so we’re going to let that message go away and then once again we clear out and we move the energy around you until once more, through your soul connection, can you receive information from perhaps a loved one that has crossed over, or a message that is important for you to receive at this now moment.

For some of you, it is as if you shift and you see yourself where you lived in life with this individual.  For others, it’s as if you are walking along together talking. For others, you just receive those intuitive messages. You may not see them per se, but you can feel the love and presence of this loved one. It all just filters through your consciousness. For some, you stay in any of these places for a while longer.

But in this now moment, we’re going to once more clear out this space and once again as if you see yourself standing, walking, being fully present in the All That Is, let’s talk about your intuition again. With your intuition, as you take a deep breath in, down into your heart center, and you ask to know ‘what do I intuitively need to know in this now moment.’ Wow, for many of you it was like this explosion, as if this burst of energy was filled with colors, sound, images, and feelings and every single one of you are in that flow and receiving messages that important for you to know.

What is interesting is that I have this perception of some of you just walking along and you can see different ways that your intuition comes into you so that now you may understand it and therefore you strengthen how you receive that information.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you are here within this space and it’s as if all these different ways that you receive information are open around you, ask to perhaps have an image, a word, a sound, a feeling; ask to have something that will trigger all of this in your everyday life. I can hear some of you saying, ‘Oh I’m already aware of that, I’ve already received that type of a trigger.’ So, therefore, you are already listening to your intuition and receiving those downloads. It all is just sinking into you in this now moment.

Come back together as a group. If you are in the midst of something and want to stay in this space feel free to do so. But the rest of you, as you come back, you can see everybody as their LightBody, you no longer see their human self, but you now see their beautiful colors that are now reflected as each one of you. As you create this circle, you see coming up within the circle a hologram of the earth. This hologram comes up within you. You can see that it is a LightBody energy of the hologram because it, itself also has that light that emanates from it.

I invite you to infuse into this hologram the new and different ways that you are receiving intuition and also that which you are already well aware. You send it into this hologram of the earth. There are many people that are here that might also be the angels and guides that are also supporting the earth. They too are sending in potentials that will help humanity. 

The hologram takes on even more definition.  It is now filled with light and there is a sense of it sending out sparks. There’s an aspect that goes out into the universe. It is anchoring with those that are working with you from the universe.  The remainder of that hologram goes down. It moves back onto the Earth plane itself.  It connects as it surrounds the earth and that core energy goes within the center. It anchors within the crystals, within that space. It is working and integrating with the higher frequencies that are already here.  It then expands outward; it comes up through the many different levels of the earth. It comes up through the grass, it comes up through that cord that you anchored into Gaia. Everything comes up within and around you. It goes into every human giving them a potential to tap into if they so choose.

As all of that is anchoring, you reach up and the remainder of your consciousness comes back through the soul plane, through your higher self and as it comes down, it is probably more expansive than you in your human self. So stretch out your energy field. Feel that as it comes in, you are anchoring it within the earth, you are bringing it down from the universe, and it is all merging and blending within you.

Let’s come back to that same question. In this now moment as you are grounding again, back onto the earth, as you are picking up and receiving where you are in this now moment, ask what is most important for you to know in this moment and let it wash through your intuition. And then use all your senses and see what it may be. For some, it is exactly what you just worked with. For others, there may be a subtle change because now you are back on the earth plane. Be open to receive.

Think again of any perception of knowing, anything you may see. Is there anything you feel like you can touch or smell? No matter how it may come to you, let that information within you. Your intuition is one of the primary ways in which you will live your life in the higher frequencies. Everybody is way more open and receiving information than what they think they are.  So, my intention is that after this journey or this meditation, this evening is that each one of you can a much more specific understanding of not only who you are, but how you are receiving information and not only its impact for you, but the way in which you can into and out of that space with much greater ease.

When you listen to your intuition, you are listening to your true heart’s desire. Your heart’s alignment with your divinity is that which most fully supports you in your everyday life.  Be open to receive. 

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out. 

Know that I am ever with you,


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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