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Goddess of Creation: Tap Into Your Intuition for Divine Creation

Goddess of Creation: Tap Into Your Intuition for Divine Creation

The Goddess has given us a series of meditations that take us deeper and deeper into our intuition. 

She has told us for months that moving forward the best way to be in our life is to be our spiritual self.  For many the question then arises, what is our spiritual self? 

From time to time the Goddess will talk about the phrase Nam Sika, Venia Benya.  This is a phrase that she uses at the beginning of each teleconference as a way of helping each person to open up and then the group to connect.  Nama Sika — I AM the One; Venia Benya — I AM the Whole.  This can be used for more times than just these channels.  If you feel lonely, alone, or separate, by saying this phrase, you will connect with others in a state of being. 

This meditation strengthened our alignment with source and then while in the All That Is, we looked forward 4 months, one year, and two years.  This is a way to create, to be open to potential, and find clarity.  We also stood as if in front of the central sun and received a continuous influx of energy to for clarity and support. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out and invite everyone to take this opportunity to be present here within this space.

Nama Sika — I am the one. Venia Benya — I am the whole.

I like to take a time to reconnect with the meaning behind those phrases because it allows this group to come together. No matter where you may live in the world, no matter when you may be listening to this, by saying those phrases, Nama Sika I am the one. I am me, myself, I am the expression of my soul. Venia Benya, I am also the whole. Each one of you comes together and it creates an all-encompassing energy which is the whole of all of you. So, when you say, Venia Benya, you are each connecting to the others so that it creates this cohesive energy that is moving through all.

You will recall that we made what they call the Nama Sika Room as a place where people could go in their meditations and a place where people can go and feel the presence of one another.  You are not alone. You are ever present. So, take in a deep breath and breathe all the way down inside of you, Nama Sika, I am the one. And then as you breathe out, send out an intention that you connect with everybody else, Venia Benya, I am the whole.

Can you imagine in your life, be it your personal relationships, your work relationships, that everyone could come to that space with that sense of awareness, that sense of self, that sense of acknowledging who you are? It empowers you, and it empowers everyone else that is around you. Take a deep breath in and allow those words and energy to move through you, and then breathe out.

Even though you have many people that may live their life alone, or many people that may feel isolated from others, the intention when you were born into this life on earth was that people would work with one another.  You would interact with each other, you would learn from one another, you would help and support one another. And then for those times when it’s necessary, let that person go, or group, or job, or whatever it may be.

Everything finds its own frequency. I would therefore invite you to find that which is in alignment with your highest frequency. I could feel a shift in the energy as I said those last words.

As you breathe in and out, imagine, if you will, that you are creating a ball of light within your heart center. This ball of light is connecting within your own heart, and you send it down through your energy bodies. It goes all the way down into the earth.  As it aligns with the earth, it spreads out in different directions. This allows you to anchor, and it is also sending Gaia energy that’s coming from your own heart. You allow that anchored energy to come back up through you.

It comes back up through that stream of energy you sent into the earth. It connects once more within your heart, and you send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center, your light body center. And as it moves up above you, it aligns with your higher self.

When you feel this energy of your higher self, you may notice that there are certain things that represent what is happening in your life. It may be that this is here for you to practice. It may be that this is here for you to receive information.  But as we are consciously sending that energy up from your physical reality, you align with your higher self.

You send that same stream of energy. There is a thread that links you directly into your soul, and you follow that thread of light as it moves up.  As you follow this into the essence of who you are as your divine, some of you may envision that it looks like a human figure. For some, it may be a big ball of energy. For others, just a massive place of consciousness.

This is your soul. This is what is directly linked into God source energy. Let wave upon wave just flow within your consciousness as you feel this alignment.

I, the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you as I reach out to embrace our energies merged together, and as we are blending, as we do so, we shift into the place of the All That Is. Take a moment to look around. For some, this is just a wide-open space. For others, you may see relationships, projects that you have, and different things that are happening.

Your world continues to be in a place of transition. There is information coming out that may be different than what you have believed in the past.  You yourself are moving through a transition as a result of that information. As a result of the planet moving into a higher frequency, and as a result of the relationship between the other planets in your Milky Way galaxy and the Earth. As you are here in the All That Is, this is a vibration or a place of consciousness.

So, take this moment and put forth the question to yourself. ‘What is most important for me to know about my life right now’? For some, you may get a feeling, you may see images, you may hear things. It may be blank.

Have a sense of walking into this space, and take a moment to just consider whatever may be here. Are you perhaps looking at things that have been going on in your life that you’re tired of? Are you perhaps looking at opportunities available to you and you’re unsure which may work best? Are you perhaps standing here with nothing in your perception? In this place of creation, you can try anything. Take in a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment, and allow yourself to simply feel the vibration that is here.

Pay attention to any sound or tones that may also be here. As you open to sound, it may be that you begin to hear words or phrases or maybe even advice. As you continue to just be present in this moment as if you are just throwing out a net, throw out whatever it is that you would like in your life.

Is there anything that needs to be healed within your physical body? Is there any healing emotionally or perhaps with your thoughts? Have you been struggling with a chronic situation? Here within this space, I invite you to create that which is your reality. Perhaps your body is completely healthy and balanced.  Perhaps your emotions are also emanating a balance.

As you stand here within this space, turn around, look around, really open up all of your senses to understand who you are and what you truly wish to have within your life. As you consider whatever this may be, you now simply allow your divinity to flow through. Pay attention to anything that becomes enhanced.

When your divinity moves within whatever it is you create and it is in your best interest, it fully supports you, you see how that all expands. So too, as you’re taking in everything within this space, is there something that you’ve been seeking or perhaps experiencing and it’s not in your best interest? If you find yourself looking and saying, where is it, I would like whatever and if it is no longer here, then it is important for you to either let it go or make adjustments so that it is in your highest and best interest.

As I said that, I noticed that many of you were letting go past burdens. You were letting go sometimes the idea of what you think you should have, and instead you simply allow the vibration and the essence of your divinity to move in and around you.

During the last meditation, we spoke of intuition. Everything that you experience here in this now moment is coming directly into your intuition. In other words, your intuition is linked here within the soul, within the All That Is, within your higher self, as it helps you.

We’ve spoken many different times about solar flares, about impulses of light that come through the central sun, about ways in which your own divinity is creating clarity for you. I invite you to as if you are walking deeper within this space, as if it is you, the entire human, walking within, hold your arms out to the side, and there, coming up in front of you, is the central sun. There is a tone and a vibration and a frequency that is different.

Allow for that all to just pulsate into you. As you do so, this is going to clear out anything that no longer serves you. It will help you to strengthen that inner awareness. Most of all, simply feel the unconditional love, the blessing, the light, that you are you with all your gifts, with all that you bring not only to yourself but to those around you.  Feel that pulsation as it’s moving into you.

Look at your life four months down the road. Some of you have no idea what may be coming up for you. Some of you have a particular intention. So, if you just count the months and look out four months down the road, here within this space, what insights are here for you? What does your life look like in four months? Now, as if you’re looking further down the timeline, look at your life in one year.

For some, you may have that sense of being exactly where you are right now.  For others, you may have that sense that what you’ve been seeking to manifest has manifested. Maybe it’s in the way you anticipated. Maybe it’s different. Be open to receive.

Look two years down the road. Where are you living? What relationships are around you? Where are you working? Look around at the world. What do you notice may be different than what it is today?

Breathe in and breathe out.

Here is your chance to put forth an intention for perhaps one month, four months, six months, a year, or even longer. Sometimes you have to lay a foundation. Sometimes you still need those building blocks to take you from one point to another. Breathe in and out this space of your creation that you may be open to receive.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

If you need to, you may stay here as long as you like. For those that are ready to do so, you gather together in a circle. In certain instances, you are seeing the highest potential and that is what you put forth, not only for yourself but for others to step into. So, there is a column of light that is created by all of you. You see that hologram of the earth that comes up.

Already, you may notice many changes that have taken place with this hologram. Each one of you infuses into the hologram that potential, that balance, that clarity that comes from the flow of the central sun. And as all of that goes into this hologram, it begins to spin and rotate.  It may transform, becoming translucent, but yet filled with colors and light.

An aspect of that energy goes out into the universe, linking and aligning where it may need to do so. The remainder of that hologram goes back down.  It moves through the collective consciousness of the earth. You may see that it is clearing out anything that is of the lower vibration or frequency.

It goes into the center of the earth. As it does so, it anchors. It then reverses and comes back out. It comes through all the many layers of the earth.  And through that own alignment that you have, that which is yours comes back up within you, anchoring within you.

That which is there to help all of humanity comes up through the water, the grass, the trees. It is there and available for any that would like to align with it.

As you are anchoring yourself, you bring back the remainder of your consciousness. As it flows back down through that stream of light, it goes through your higher self. It anchors back down within you.

And as you breathe gently and easily, understand that you have received greater clarity for whatever may be needed in your life. As you continue to anchor these energies, give yourself a moment where you can adjust your vibration. Open to these new potentials that you may have seen for yourself.

And you look around. Look around, seeing your world through the higher vibration and frequencies, knowing that everything you tapped into is always available to you.

During your experience this evening, you had an opportunity to look forward down your timeline. Everybody has their own timeline, however, there is a large piece of that that is in alignment with everybody else on the planet and those people that are around you. When you take the time to step into this space or experience this energy, be open that you may receive new insights, any changes, anything at all that is going to support you as you move forward.

Be flexible in your thinking. Be open to opportunities and know that all is within you and that all is well.

Beloved, I am ever with you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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