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Illuminating Your Unconsciousness - Goddess of Creation

Illuminating Your Unconsciousness - Goddess of Creation

I know that the Goddess has channeled about our Unconscious minds in the past. 

This meditation is different in that it came at a perfect time for making changes.  This was during the Full Moon and we were able to access the energies of the moon to assist with change. 

This began with each of us looking toward our choices and what we seek to manifest.  Just about everyone has had trouble in the past with manifesting exactly what they seek every time.  As this came up for everyone, there were multiple reasons why things have not always worked out. It was interesting to see these many different manifestations.  

The Goddess then creates a space where we could connect with our unconsciousness as if side by side with our consciousness.  It was interesting to see how some people easily accessed their unconscious, whereas for others it was like trying to slide a massive metal door!! However, once each person tapped into this area, they were able to receive all sorts of information.  Some were not able to be changed, some were able to be shifted through healing or focused intention. We were also able to use the full moon to create even more change than what we were aware of. 

As each person continued to create their intention, clearing the energy, clearing what was stuck; there was an immediate transition in the conscious awareness. When you allow for transition to take place in the unconscious aspect of your reality, you are allowing a change that will continue to have an impact on all aspects of your life. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out in this now moment to embrace you in all that you may have within your life.

There is so much happening on the Earth right now. There is so much that each one of you are tapping into, sometimes you may be conscious about it sometimes you may not. But this is the now moment where I invite you to just let go of anything and everything that may be a distraction; that may keep you from being in this now moment.

As Shelly is speaking these words, she’s really beginning to feel a lot of emotions that are coming up. Perhaps it is that this is a very wide-open time for the flow of energy on Earth and it is perhaps a time in which you can understand more so about who you are, what you are doing, what your purpose may be, and all that is happening.

We are in a time in which a gateway is opening up. The Solstice will be here in another couple of weeks and that is going to be a massive portal that will bring in a great deal of this energy for change. You are right now in the midst of a full moon and this full moon is illuminating everything that may be going on within your life, and creating an opportunity for you to find clarity, so that as you step into this Solstice energy you will be in a place that will more fully support you.

Take a deep breath in breathing all the way down within you and send that energy down into the Earth. You are accustomed to creating a ball of light within your heart center this evening I wish to give you another opportunity with which to connect. Simply allowing your breath to be what takes your focus within and then imagining those energy bodies you allow that breath to literally link into each energy body and then send a column of light, or a column of energy, that connects you with Gaia.

As you feel that energy of alignment it spreads out in different directions. Allow your presence to simply absorb the energy helping you to feel the resonance with Gaia, helping you to feel yourself as you anchor into this space. It is almost as if I can feel many of you just simply sinking into the Earth.

Allow that to come back up within you. You feel that stream of energy coming up through your energy bodies and then it goes up through your throat, your third eye your head center, out through your light body center and it goes all the way up until you feel yourself connect with your Higher Self.

As you connect, what does this feel like to you? As you look around can you perhaps sense, or see, or feel the energy or the essence of things that may be happening around you? It may be some issues that you have going on in your life. It may be various things that you are attempting to manifest. But your Higher Self is here as a means of expanding your consciousness so you may feel your Divinity. However, it is directly linked into you in your everyday life. You easily flow up and down within this space.

You send your energy even further. It just naturally follows that stream of your alignment to your Soul or your Divinity and as it follows this up it comes directly into you as you as your Soul.

I just had this beautiful vision that some of you as you hit this alignment. It was like you came through a doorway and just burst into these many different particles of energy and light. As if you were a starburst that just expanded in every direction as you connected with your source. Your Soul is your source. It is your alignment with God. It is you in the highest light frequency available to your human self, right here. Take a minute and consider what this may feel like, look like, or make sense to you. Open up your unconscious energies and feel that flow that moves coming forward into your consciousness.

I the Goddess walk it in amongst each one of you. I merge our energies together as I embrace you. I embrace you as a human you are in this lifetime. I embrace you as I see you as your Divinity. Our merging expands and we shift so that we are moving into the All That Is.

I invite you to take a moment and feel what this place of the All That Is, is to you. We come here all the time. Just as your Higher Self can sometimes become cluttered so too can your space here within the All That Is.

I invite you to open up in front of you all of what is here. As if you are consciously opening up the curtains that may keep you from seeing what is important for you to see. And for many of you as I say that I have a perception that you are able to perceive even more about what is here.

I invite you to consider your life in this now moment. I spoke at the beginning about shifting things that are in your unconscious forward into your consciousness. With that in mind consider something that you have wanted to manifest that simply has not happened as yet. When you consider what you seek to manifest some of you it’s like you have it all laid out in front of you; for some of you it’s like I see a list of things; for others I feel this pulsating energy that is somewhat unformed as if you know you want change but you don’t know what it looks like. Of course, your perception of what you seek may be completely different than any of those. It is as if you have in front of you say on your left-hand side what you seek to have, then at least you are opening the door to your unconsciousness crack that door open and ask why hasn’t this manifested? What is it that I need to know?

My goodness, the answers that I was hearing are so very different. I would therefore invite you just move along the pathway if you were able to hear or know what that is. Some of the things that were most common was ‘it’s not the right time.’ If you seek to manifest something and it’s not the right time resonates with you take a deep breath in and as if you were merging together, ‘it’s not the right time’ and what you seek to have shift the energy, phew, clear them out.

Others of you I could hear very practical things like you have to finish steps A B & C, perhaps it’s education, perhaps you need to move to a new location, perhaps you just haven’t met the people that are going to help you accomplish this next step. So, if there are just too many steps that need to happen before you can manifest what you seek to have, take this moment and take what is in your unconscious and your conscious, merge it together, phew, and let that energy shift. As you breathe in, breathe in the essence of what you seek to have.

Let us come back around and All That Is once more. Perhaps there is something else you seek to manifest. Perhaps you’re going to say the same thing again. So once more breathe down into your heart and then put forth what you have been seeking to manifest and open up your heart.

I still see many of you with a specific manifestation so as if we are pulling back a curtain – I have to smile because for some it’s as if it’s a heavy metal door that you have to slide back meaning that there’s something really solid keeping you from your unconscious thoughts at the beliefs. So, this time, let’s look at that. When you wish to align with your unconsciousness; meaning the emotions, the thoughts, the beliefs, the patterns of energy that are there hidden from you and your everyday life let us open up the door, open up the pathway, and have an intention that you have access to whatever’s there.

For some it’s as if you are suddenly in this densely populated library where there is multiple different opportunities for you but it’s unknown what you are looking at. For others, it was just blank. For others, they had a perception of waves of energy without that knowledge to interpret what is there. I would therefore invite you to once again breathe down within yourself and as everything is here in front of you from within your unconsciousness breathe forth an impulse of light asking for this to be made clear to you what it is that you see.

For many of you, it is as if things that were blurry come into shape. Things that were hidden are now being shown and there are still others that have that sense that there’s something there but they have no idea. Breathe in deeply and put forth a clear intention that you understand what this is.

Excellent. For the majority of you ideal this sense of walking amongst potentials, real experiences that you’ve had in this lifetime and other lifetimes. And for some, it is as if there are just these pillars that camouflage whatever it is so that you have no idea what is there.

I invite you to go deep within your heart which is another way of going deep within your Soul and allow your consciousness to touch on whatever is here so that you may understand perhaps why your life is as it is. Perhaps why you have certain personality traits. Perhaps why those things you seek to manifest have remained in limbo. I feel in many of you this brings up a great deal of emotion. Within your unconscious, I invite you to receive whatever messages or in your highest and best interest. It may be downloaded and you actually get the messages at a later time.

I invite you to have a sense of acceptance. Acceptance that whatever this unconscious programming may be related to can be cleared out so that you yourself can be in this higher light frequency.

Some of you may choose to remain within this space of your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts that are here within your unconscious. You may come back at any time that you so choose. Allow for everything to just move so that you are once again detached from whatever that is.

As you are once again here within the All That Is after walking amongst the energies, the vibrations, the frequency of your unconscious look again at what you seek to manifest. What I noticed for many of you that there is the manifestation that you have been seeking and yet around it even bigger or more vibrant are alternatives to you that are perhaps in your best interest to consider. Let that go within you. Be open to consider anything that that may be for you. As you are here in the All That Is send any healing energies from your consciousness into your unconsciousness so that it may transition and clear out anything that may be holding you back, phew, send that out.

As you consider your life allow for perceptions and potentials to come forward and as you do so merge back together that which is of your consciousness and that which is of your unconsciousness. Sometimes you don’t really want your life to change and that may be an unconscious reality. Sometimes you may desire things that are different but your current known pathway to achieve that keeps you from getting there.

We are here in the alignment with your planet to the full moon. I am opening up the energies of the All That Is so that it is as if the full moon is coming within this space. The moon has a pulsation and a vibration and the frequency that has an impact on Earth. As you were here within the All That Is specifically working with your unconsciousness allow that vibration and the energy of the full moon to illuminate and just let it heal or transform anything that you already don’t know about that is creating blockages and you don’t need to know about them in the end.

Just let it move through. Let it clear out. There you go.

Feel the essence of what this is for you. Allow the opportunity that you can truly manifest what your heart desires and that it is in alignment with your Soul, with your Higher Self, with your human existence, and within this massive full moon you allow the pulsation of energy of the moon to help to realign whatever particles of energy may best benefit from that.

As was spoken towards the beginning we are coming into the energies of the Solstice and there will be a massive portal opening up that will continue to flood the earth plane with the higher frequencies. Choosing to tap into the energies of this full moon and even though it will be gone you will still have the ability to clear out old beliefs, old thoughts, old relationships, whatever it is that no longer serves you.

These energies are very powerful at this time on the Earth and things will continue to become more and more powerful. What I mean by that is that it can work much more effectively for you in your everyday life.

So, in this moment clear out everything that is here phew, and then as if you were just releasing allow the Universe to send to you what your Soul, what your Divinity, what the Universal Light can offer you that is in your highest and best interest. Ir-regardless to whatever it is that you want open and received the messages, it may be a frequency adjustment, and it may roll down the line and affect all that you see you have been seeking to have. It may also take you on a completely different course. Simply be open to receive and know what that is.

I invite you to come back together as a group. I know the last time there was a sense of the energy being too big to be contained within a group but I could see that there were certain things that this a group of people that listen to this, tap into this, and work with this energy consistently; that there were things that were important for you to have in support of one another.

So, I would ask you to consider a group. You may allow it to be as big as your own perception may be. Some feel it’s huge and massive, others feel it is small. Together look at the Earth itself as it comes up within this Hologram. Because you were open to receive what this is infuse your own clarity that you received from connecting to your unconscious. As you send your clarity into this Hologram it creates this massive impulse of energy.

You as a collection of souls a way more powerful than what you realize. You do have an amazing ability not only to create change for yourself but to create change for the World. We never force anyone to do anything, however as this change is made available then there are those that are sliding into it unconsciously and it is allowing them to create changes perhaps of which they do not comprehend but this is how energy works.

As this is completed there is that stream that goes out into the Universe. It is anchoring with various mother ships, with various ports and portals in the Universe. The remainder comes down into that Hologram and it goes down into the Earth. As it does so it merges with the energy of the Earth and it is clearing out some of the confusion that has been rampant upon the Earth. It is clearing out the Collective Consciousness that may still be stuck in old energy. Then it goes down into the center of the Earth into those crystals that make up the core essence of Gaia. You can see or perhaps notice how they are becoming so much more activated than what they were in the past.

As it anchors these energies of opening the unconscious so that you may become more aware that merges in with the energies that are available upon the Earth. These come out, it’s as if it sends out in concentric circles in every direction and it comes up to the layers of the Earth.

Your own energies are coming up within you from where you are linked with Gaia. It is also going wherever it may need to go for those open and ready to receive. For those that may not be quite ready, it still remains as a vibration in energy.

You allow the remainder of your own energy to flow back down within you and as you once again take that deep breath in breathing down into your heart center, opening up, take a moment and consider how you feel. Consider if there is more available around you.

Be present in your life. Be openly active and create the life that you seek. Tap into this full moon no matter when it is. Tap into this full moon and any other and allow that energy to illuminate and expand all that is present within and around you.

Here you are living your life. Do you feel as if you live your life in a routine? Does it feel as if everything is just do this, then this, then this, then this without any true connection to whatever those tasks may be? I invite you to find that balance or alignment within you that truly allows you to connect with your intuitive self and also connect to your unconscious energies so that you may release whatever blockages you are unaware of, and so that you may open to the vast majority of potentials that are here for you. There is always an opportunity available to you and I invite you to receive whatever that may be for you.

Beloved I am ever with you and within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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