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Integrating Expanded DNA - Goddess of Creation

Integrating Expanded DNA - Goddess of Creation

We continue to move more and more fully into the 5th Dimension.  Over the past year, there have been many, many different times when there were influxes of energy. 

Some of this came through Solar Flares, some came from Gaia, and others came from direct infusion of Crystalline Energy. In fact, it feels as if since the Solstice in June, there have been one after the other, infusions of energy. 

The Goddess spoke at the beginning of the channel about love and being open to receive. It seems that no matter how much we talk about love, looking through the eyes of love, and expressing love; it is still hard to receive.  This has been very much a part of our past and now we realize that as we open to receive, it actually allows us to give even more.  

When in the All That Is, we stepped directly into the crystalline energy that came into the Earth on August 8th.  This is a very high frequency that can instantly heal anything out of balance or ill.  Once we balanced with the energy, we then had the chance to integrate this frequency into our DNA.  In order for us to live fully in the higher vibration, our DNA needs to expand so as to support all aspects of who we are. This meditation will assist with that integration.

Lastly, the Goddess spoke about the merging of timelines, but also the variations within any of the timelines.  This may seem subtle, but it allows us to understand how much movement with have as we live our lives. This is a powerful time and we have to tools to help make things easier. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

You are in a time of amazing transformation. Even though it may not feel that way to you I would invite each one of you to take a moment and just give yourself the acknowledgment that you are here at this time; that you are a part of this experience and that because of all of you the world has been able to ascend.

This is not a simple transformation. This is not something that was just thought about and then accomplished. You are in a cycle that has been coming on for several thousand years and you are here at the completion, making a clear choice to move forward in this new energy or this new frequency.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

There is a reason why the population of the Earth is higher than it has ever been before. There is a reason why so many of you are awakening to; be it lifetimes, memories, or consciousness that you now realize has always been within you. And that reason is that most of you are here because you wanted to be a part of this, and so many of you have already ascended off of the Earth. Consider that for yourself.

There are many, many different ways in which to look at your life. The interpretation of what is happening in your life is something that is in part a choice. But the interpretation is also something that is entrained within you due to your experiences. This is why at this time it is so very important that each one of you make that choice. That choice to be present in everything that may be happening within your life. That choice to experience many different sides of a reality.

Ultimately, this is about you now standing up for who you are. There are so many of you that in past lifetimes may have been persecuted for doing so, and you are therefore healing that past experience by being fully present and expressing yourself as who you are, not only in the now moment but as life unfolds around you.

Take in a deep breath and breathe out.

I feel such love for each one of you and may that be reflected into your own reality within you. As you breathe in create that ball of energy or light within your heart center. Perhaps it looks green. Perhaps it feels to you as if it’s another color. Each of your energy bodies have various colors associated with them. However, each one of you when you are on your own pathway; as everything rises into the higher dimensions there may be subtle transitions within these.

So, breathe into your heart center, envision if you will, or feel, or sense that ball of energy. You then send it down. It moves through your solar plexus swirling through your solar plexus. You send it down into your sacral energy body, again swirling through that space.

As you connect with your root take a moment and consider your root energy center. This is your connection to humanity, connection to your family, connection to that which is your alignment for all that is happening. You may feel it in every other energy body, but your root is the foundation of it all.

You then send that beam of light from that energy body as it moves down into the Earth. Feel Gaia. Feel how as you are connecting you stretch out in different directions. Let it just anchor you pulling all of your energies down into the Earth so that you’re able to anchor at this time. You let that energy of Gaia flow back up through that column of light. It goes again through your energy bodies anchoring within your heart center until it moves up moving through your throat, your third eye, your head center and it goes up until you can connect with your Higher Self.

Within your Higher Self you may have a perception of things that are happening in your everyday life. If it seems as if there’s a bunch of things that are over and done with, phew, clear it out. If you have a perception of changes you are seeking to make that are not moving anywhere, phew, clear them out. Allow your Higher Self to become a place where you can go and instantly connect to, or align with, whatever you are seeking to create. So, expand your consciousness and be present within this space.

You send that energy and light even further up. There is a thread that connects you directly into your Soul. So, you follow this as it moves directly into the Soul of you, the person that you are. Feel, or see, or sense the massive expansion within this space. If your sense is that it’s just an empty space then create within your imagination an image of a person, knowing that as you see this person and as you merge with this person this is you as your Divinity.

Your Soul is your direct link into God. It’s that direct link into the Central Spiritual Sun. It’s the direct link into the multitudes of lifetimes. So, take this moment to absorb all that is here for you.

I sense that there are certain times when you in your human reality feel as if you either don’t deserve, or you don’t understand, or you don’t think that that could really be you. I would invite you to therefore remove any blinders and see, sense, know who you truly are.

I had a discernment that many of you just shifted upward. Your vibration just rose, and you blended more fully with your Source.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you. I reflect back to you, you the person, you as your Soul and as our energies merge, we shift into the All That Is. Within the All That Is there is a great deal of the Crystalline Energies. It is as if it’s just here awaiting you. For some that can see it may look as if it’s a swirling energy, perhaps white, perhaps clear, perhaps tinted with color. For some that just feel it, open up and just feel whatever messages or perception you are able to receive. If your perception is blank, then create within your consciousness something that looks like a moving cloud and know that is the Crystalline Energy that is here.

As each one of you moves within your space, I invite you to open up your arms, open up all of your energy bodies, and allow for this Crystalline Energy to move within you. During our last time together, we had already integrated these energies and now that you’ve had some time this is an opportunity to move even deeper within.

So, as you open up receive the complete healing that comes with this frequency. It can heal anything that may be going on within you and I’m beginning to hear something that sounds like a heartbeat. This pulsation is the God essence of this Crystalline Energy. You may find that it synchronizes with your own heartbeat. Allow it to move deeper and deeper within you. Take a moment to just consider how all of your consciousness and physicality is just transitioning in this now moment.

As this continues to move within you it begins to change your DNA. You have had multiple different occasions in which we have worked with your DNA, meaning We, God, Goddess, the Crystalline Energies, but this is about you working with your DNA. I invite you to make that conscious choice to expand your DNA that is within you at this now moment so that those additional strands can have the energy moving through them, which in turn will activate them, which in turn will then become more a part of your everyday consciousness and reality.

One of the first aspects of expanding your DNA is that you receive love. You receive love in this now moment. You receive love, not only from you as your Source, but receive love from you as your Ego or as the person in this lifetime. That’s a big step is it not?

Another part of activating your DNA is the integration of these activated strands. Some of you have activated things it never fully integrated. So, it never shut down completely, but it became inactivated. Activate and receive the expansion of your DNA. Allow it to affect the way in which you look at the World. Allow it to affect, first and foremost, the way you look at yourself. Receive and accept who you truly are.

As your DNA expands your aura will expand. Also, it will move to further integrate these aspects of you. That which is your Soul becomes more so a part of you in this moment and moving forward. Take a moment and just consider this swirling Crystalline Energy that you have integrated within you and open your perception to notice any changes that may be taking place.

I invite you to open up your consciousness as if you are opening up what’s around you and ask to receive information about where you will be in three months. As I put that to you many of you see yourself in your everyday life with things happening exactly as they already have been. This is a potential that has a great deal of energy behind it because it is what you have been experiencing.

I ask you to now look three months ahead, and this time literally shift into a higher vibration and open to whatever it is that may come to you. For some, it may still look exactly the same. For others, you may be seeing very subtle differences in you, in your energy, and the energy of those around you. Then still others, they see as if they have made some completely different choices.

When people speak about timelines there’s actually quite a dramatic difference, even within each timeline. Once you begin to pull potentials from very divergent experiences and blend them into one it is even more dramatic. I believe though that this is one reason why so many of you have been feeling uneven, or unbalanced, or so much change in your life. It’s because the merging has taken place but within the timeline there are many different ways in which you can react. I would therefore invite you to consider all of that. We’re going to just clean out whatever was there and then I ask you once again to look forward three months and see what comes up to you.

This time I could see where so many of you are truly stepping into more potentials. If what is coming to your perception is what you seek to have then bring it into you and keep it as something solid or more real that allows you to manifest. Others of you may choose a symbol that represents what you seek to have and then you integrate that symbol within you.

As I perceive each one of you in this experience, I notice that you are integrating even more of the Crystalline Energy, and I see your own energies expanding even further. Indeed, consider the change that you made in but a few minutes. For many of you, the perception is that it’s not real, that it’s just in your imagination. In every manifestation, this is how it begins. I’d like you to be open and receive.

Now look around at everyone else that is here, and as if you’re going from just being aware of yourself look around to whatever may be around you. You are even more powerful than you have ever perceived and when you use that potential that is within you as a means of loving, accepting, receiving; it emphasizes even more.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group. Even as you look at one another you can notice the change. Be open knowing that this is a place where you can interact with others, expressing who you are and then receiving in return. Coming up within this group is that hologram of the Earth. If you wonder if anything is happening just look at this Hologram. This is a reflection of the Earth itself and it is a massive transformation from what it used to be.

Each one of you, I invite each one of you to send your amplified energy into this Hologram. This is another way of infusing the Crystalline Energy into the Hologram. You were also anchoring your own expanded DNA, expanded awareness, and expanded energy into this Hologram. It creates a very powerful energy. You then send that aspect, and it goes out to the Universe. It is activating and aligning with many, in some cases planets and in some cases the ships that are assisting Earth at this time. The remainder goes down into the Earth itself.

This Hologram is like this ball of energy and light that just simply moves through. As it does so it anchors within the center of the Earth. It then kind of reverses and it comes up through all the many layers of the Earth anchoring in that Crystalline Energy anchoring in your own potentials. That which is yours comes up through where you are anchored within the earth plane. It comes up manifesting within you. You feel it as it comes through all your energy bodies, and it expands outward.

You allow for the remainder of your own consciousness to flow back. It moves through your Soul. It moves down through your Higher Self and it moves down into you the human in this now moment. You can feel it. You can know it.

All right beloved family, at the beginning of this meditation we spoke about what a pivotal time this is.  With this next step that each one of you integrated blending with the Crystalline Energy and the All That Is, literally letting it become a part of you and activating your DNA is the next step that all of humanity will be moving through. Be open to receive. Be open for these new potentials that are coming your way.

As I spoke about the differences within even one timeline find that which is the highest light frequency for you to be where your focus is upon, and as you look forward or as you move forward allow for that to not only integrate within you but let it populate that which is in your highest and best interest at all times.

Beloved, know that I am ever within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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