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Meeting God & Goddess - Goddess of Creation

Meeting God & Goddess - Goddess of Creation

It is always a beautiful journey when we can talk directly with both aspects of God & Goddess. 

I have not talked about it lately, but the Goddess of Creation is actually the balance of God & Goddess.  People will tap into her in whatever vibration resonates with them.  In doing so, you are always connecting with God & Goddess.

During this meditation, you have the opportunity to see the Goddess’s energy split as if in half where you can her energy at the divine feminine and then the energy of the divine masculine.  This is a chance to see how each is unique, be the flow allows you to be always in the balance. There is a special message in here from God and you can also have the chance to feel their unconditional love and balance.  

They also speak at length about our souls.  This is our divine, infinite self.  This is what makes us unique. This is what is strengthening at this time and more energy of the higher frequencies comes into the Earth. Allow this to strengthen you and allow your own awareness to expand as you integrate both God & Goddess energies. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

I was here during the conversation you had prior to this channel and I did wish to say to all of you that this community has always been very, very consistent. There are a great number that have been here throughout the entire process. There are those that come in when it’s in alignment with them and then they may leave and move on to something else. There are some that may just dabble their toes into this energy and then move on.

Consider that for a moment in your life. How much of your life is spent following a pathway because it perhaps is ever-changing? Perhaps it is nurturing to you or perhaps it just feels good, and so you remain on that pathway.  How often do you find yourself jumping around experiencing different things? Perhaps reading, perhaps meditating, perhaps channeling and everything that you come into contact with has something that is there to nurture and support you.

Then now it’s coming to my awareness that there is yet another group that bounces from topic to topic, or person to person, or group to group because they have a hard time focusing or connecting in with that which resonates with them. I’m sure there are many others that are not even falling within these categories.

So, take this moment. Be present in the moment. Embrace Goddess Light and all that we have here for you. It is truly a group of movement. It is truly something with which you align periodically and in doing so you become a part of what is creating this experience. So be present. Be open and be in the flow.

Take a moment to create that ball of energy or light. You can create it from your heart center. You can pull it from the energies around you. There are many different ways in which you can open up to this alignment. As you work with this ball of energy you can stretch it until it feels bigger. You could kind of compact it down until it’s smaller. Whatever is easiest for you to work with is what is best at this now moment.

So, taking an aspect of that energy; it moves through your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center, and then it goes down into Gaia. It moves out in every different direction. As you anchor within Gaia she is here supporting you, assisting you with all that may be going on and you let that flow come back up through those energy bodies anchoring once more within your heart. You can still send bits of that energy as it moves to your throat, your third eye, and your head center and then it moves upward into the space of your Higher Self.

As you are here, as you are present I invite you to take this moment and look around at what your Higher Self has for you. Perhaps in one segment, you may see tasks that you need to do. In another segment, you may see the influx and flow of your Divinity. Perhaps it comes in as a golden light or a white light, but your Divinity moves within this space so as to anchor closely to you in your everyday reality.

You send that stream of consciousness even further up. It moves up through that strand of energy, that strand that connects you from your human into your Soul. You find yourself arriving. As you arrive you are here and able to merge so that you may blend with your Divinity.

Just as you paid attention while in the space of your Higher Self so too here within your Divinity pay attention to what is around you. It may be that there are aspects of other lifetimes. It may be that it is you living this experience. Understand that your Divinity, your Soul’s essence is your step into infinity. This is where you come so that you may experience, not only this lifetime but your Soul and multiple lifetimes and multiple experiences. Create that open flow and pathway so that things will be easier for you as you move into this space the next time that you return, but for now, you just feel what it is to be as your Divinity and to be in this flow.

I the Goddess walk within this space. I reach out to each one of you. I embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge and twine together, we shift into the All That Is.

Let us speak once more about God and Goddess. I, the Goddess of Creation am linked inside of you, but I also show myself in front of you. It is as if people are here in an amphitheater so that everyone can be comfortable as you find your alignment with me.

I normally communicate with you from a frequency that is in alignment with those of humanity living upon the Earth. As the ascension continues to take place more and more people are shifting their vibration upward. They’re moving their vibration and frequency into that which is in alignment with the 5th dimension, but it is also in alignment with your own divine essence and a higher level of knowledge and awareness.

There was an individual that spoke about another time when I communicated with you in the way I will tonight. It was a great reminder and we thank her. At that time, I mentioned that I was at about the 13th frequency as I came in and spoke and communicated with you. Now I am at a much higher frequency as I speak with you because you are at a higher frequency. That said when Shelly first began speaking to me it was also a different vibration and frequency.

So, throughout the years, be it Shelly or be it the group, whenever there was an ascension that took place I shifted to a higher frequency also. My intention in working with each one of you is to always give you something for which you can reach for and which you can go into whatever it is that supports you fully.

At the time that I began working with Shelly it was around the year 2000. I came across as the feminine energy the Goddess, hence the Goddess of Creation, Goddess Light. It was the time in which it was very important to anchor the feminine energies that reflected God, Goddess, or Source. There were people in resistance at that time, there are people still in resistance. They continue to think of God as masculine energy. But God is not masculine or feminine. God, the All That Is, the Central Sun, that source consciousness that moves throughout this Galaxy, this Universe, and many, many others is both masculine and feminine. It is both balanced and can flow to one or the other as needed.

I represent that energy. I represent as the feminine form. So, you see before you as I transform myself shifting my vibration and energy higher. For some, it is as if I have become transparent. For others, it is as if there is only a white, somewhat sparkling light. Still, others see me as a feminine form of God with human features, etc. However, I am becoming more transparent. There is no right or wrong way in which to discern my energies. Your intention to reach out and align with me is all that you need.

You see coming into this space beside me the masculine form. There are many similarities. However, since this time upon the Earth the majority of humans when they think of God, they think of God as the masculine essence. So therefore, as God walks into this space he appears even bigger than I am. In some cases, more transparent. In some cases, just a pure white light.

As we turn to look at one another I invite you to become aware of the energy that flows between us. I am speaking but I speak for both God and Goddess. I have always spoken for both God and Goddess. So, as you see us facing one another and that flow of energy and light take note of what is happening with the energies.

For some, it is as if we disappeared because we transitioned into such a high light frequency. There’s no longer a way in which to discern our energies. For others, it’s as if we blended and became one and that got bigger. Still, others as God and Goddess look towards one another there is a flow and a movement that is going back and forth. Pay attention to that movement.

As everybody is looking at that energy it begins to have patterns within it. It begins to have sequences. It begins to have something that one might consider DNA. It begins to have something that is a blend of both which in turn is stronger and more balanced. There we go I could feel that wave of energy moving through every single person.  As we come forth to share our love and light with you, I invite you to understand that you have the masculine and the feminine within you. That you have the ability to find that balance within you.

God wishes to speak.

Greetings it is not often that I come into a place in which I need to communicate through words. It is much easier to communicate through thoughts and intentions. However, there were so many that were asking for a message from me that I wanted to respond.

I invite you to look at your life. Look around at your history. Look around at whatever may be happening to you. Look at what might be available around you.

When you consider your religion, no matter what the religion there is always a God. You may have a different name. You may say, father, mother, God, the list is endless. Shift that to the side. Open your heart so that you may feel the flow of I God and Goddess. Feel as each one of us comes into and around you wherever you may be right now.

Can you feel how everything expands? Can you feel how you are rising to a higher frequency? This is your spirituality, your connection with source, and he reaches over to take Goddess’s hand so that the two of them there is an Infinity sign that flows the energy between the two of them, and then that comes out to everybody.

Just as we are infinite soul energy, so are you. Just as we are the complete balance of masculine and feminine, so are you. There may be times when you shift into the more masculine side of yourself or the feminine. However, you are still the balance of all when you focus upon the balance as the Source.

Your Soul is very special it is what makes you unique. Whether you’ve had millions of incarnations or just a few your Soul is the magical form of who you are. It is the source that is directly linked to us and we ever support and honor and love you as the person you are that is from the Soul that you are.

When you get stuck in your everyday life you are stuck within your Ego. When you express as the divine essence, as your beauty, as your uniqueness, you’re expressing as Soul. There are many, many ways in which you have the ability to tap into our presence God and Goddess, but also your own Divinity. Understand that it is so close to you because your Soul loves, honors, respects, and supports you in whatever may be happening in your life. If your Ego tries to tell you differently let it go.

Come back to this moment where Goddess and I merge our energies as one and you see how we expand even fuller. When she speaks I speak. When I speak she speaks. We are merged as one. We shine throughout this Galaxy, throughout this Universe. There has been great unrest that is coming to an end so I invite you to focus upon the many, many ways in which you can express in your life as your Divinity.

Beloved family know that I send forth into each one of you the balanced energy expressed as God or Goddess, or unity, or love, whatever words resonate with you you know who we are.


It is I the Goddess once more. But you see how closely related God and I are. We are but two sides of the coin. So, when some refer to me as God, OK. If you refer to me as Goddess or God as Goddess you were celebrating the creation of Soul. Your Soul and the Soul of everyone are very magical to us. While you don’t come directly from us it is as if you are each a part of us.

OK, I hear that questioning someone. We as God and Goddess create a resonance that moves throughout this Universe, the Omniverse, the Galaxies, whatever it is that is in your segment of the Universe and we radiate out that light as the balance and as the foundation for creating these spaces. There are aspects of energy that create the Souls and so many of you go back such a long time you don’t even know where it began. And it doesn’t matter.

A Soul is a place of sanctuary. It’s a place of light. It’s a place to anchor and support you in your everyday life and there continue to be transitions upon your planet. If people become confused and don’t understand, remember that your Soul is what makes you unique and it is ever present within you.

God and I will release this energy. We merge as one and then we come back down to a frequency that is easier to communicate with you. I don’t even have a number to call that one.

When you first began your journey, you vibrated at a particular frequency and at that frequency, you would encounter other people. You might connect with the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, or other Light Beings. As you consider what it was then and now open to understanding what it is now. You still have your relationships with the Ascended Masters, with the Angels, with the Light Beings but you are now aligning at a much higher frequency than where you first began.

OK, I take that back. If this journey is all new to you then you’re still where you began, but for anyone that it’s been several years – 5 to 10, to 20, to 30, to 40 where you are now and where you were then are two completely different places. It is because of your transformation. It is because the earth is ascending. It is because of a transition that is throughout your Universe, your Galaxy, your Solar System, and everything is intertwined and working together.

When you think of God or Goddess know that we are ever with you. You know that you can call on us and we are here in support of you in all that may be happening within your life. For those where the perception is that we do not show up that is the Ego getting in the way. For those that continuously ask the same question over and over the Ego is getting in the way. If you ask us a question we answer 100% of the time. If you are creating change in your life then it’s hard and awkward to step outside of the pattern that you are accustomed to so perhaps that is why you have that sense of not hearing or being aware, but we are always aware.

I take this moment and I reach out to every single person one-on-one and there is a beam of light that goes from my third eye to yours. Be open to receive whatever messages I may be giving to you. This is your message for you the individual that you are.

I invite you to come back together as a group. This time of connection and communication is always very important. You are supporting one another. You are integrating whatever occurred on the journey and you are sending it into your Earth. So, as you gather, you’ll see coming up within it a Hologram that represents the Earth. Notice how things are transitioning as you look at it. Notice how in some places it’s as if there are sparkles and energy that are being released.

I invite each one of you to send either the message that you received or that strengthened alignment to God and Goddess.  Just send it into this Hologram. The Hologram itself goes out into the Universe. There is the remainder of it that goes down into the earth plane. As it moves through the collective consciousness it anchors within the center of the Earth.

As you are anchoring these energies you are anchoring your own vibration and frequency. It then comes up through all the many layers of the Earth plane. It comes up within each one of you. It comes up into every individual giving them opportunities to know what God and Goddess are to them. You allow the remainder of your energy to flow back down did your Higher Self. It comes back into you in this now moment and takes a moment to anchor all of what this is for you.

During this journey tonight you have the opportunity to work not only with your own energies but with I as God and Goddess. You had the opportunity to receive and infuse into your energy system the balance and the massive expansion that is us and our source energy. As you move through these next weeks and months upon the Earth find your own balance of masculine and feminine. Find what resonates with you and just express that outward to all. You are each a unique and glorious individual.

Beloved know that I am ever within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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