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Embracing Vulnerability: A Path to Spiritual Connection and Transformation

Embracing Vulnerability: A Path to Spiritual Connection and Transformation

I’ve been binge-watching an old TV. Series on Netflix called Psych, which is funny, light, and entertaining. But typically, there is so much action and pursuit of something or someone and so little stopping and smelling the roses along the way.

Feeling Vulnerable

But doing that would require being open to receiving, feeling, and sensuality, which are primarily the feminine energies. This openness is at the very heart of our ascension process. And that openness makes most people feel vulnerable.

Many of us have been shut down because of our history of being so hurt, emotionally and physically, when we allowed ourselves to be open to love. And not just in this lifetime. (It’s a galactic story.) And so now that we are required to open up to spirit, to our own divine self, to open our hearts and our bodies, we are reluctant.

I know for myself, I have been shut down to a degree, not trusting that love…since the love I had experienced has been conditional for the most part.

I experienced a couple of traumatic events which helped to initiate a deeper connection with my soul, because I found myself up against the wall with really no other place to go. But up to that point, I said, no, thanks, spirit, I’m just fine here…I can take care of myself. I’ve done it this long. No, It’s not the most fulfilling experience, but at least I’m not at risk of being abandoned or worse!

Why would we want to risk an unrequited love, when our history speaks for itself in that department? Or if we did allow that love from someone, we paid a pretty hefty price for it.

The Small, Bold Group

There are a few of us on the planet who have chosen to be the first to walk out of our prison cells, leaving behind the safe and predictable and walking into the sunlight. Choosing our freedom. We have a history of being the first to go through these experiences. We are kind of ‘single-minded’ that way. Kind of adventurous.

But along the way, we got a bit lost and didn’t want to feel that pain, so we said no to spirit, kind of yes, then no, because we are still programmed to feel the hurt and humiliation.

Years ago, while I was talking to my mother, I raised my hand to just put on her shoulder, and she quickly recoiled as if she was going to be struck. At that moment I knew she had some pretty bad experiences in her childhood. She never talked about any of that. And it’s not a personal story, is it?

Being Open

If you are experiencing feelings of being vulnerable more than usual, consider it a good sign. It means you are opening even more to your soul and it’s bringing up old feelings that no longer serve you.

Let’s use an example. A woman opens herself up to her lover, physically and emotionally. In that moment you could say she is totally vulnerable. That moment has been immortalized in art, music, film, and books as a sacred moment, a powerful moment. In that moment, she is allowing the man to become one with her and to receive him with abandon and trust.

Now, we do not need to go into all the ways that can go and have gone wrong…that’s also been sung about and written about, and Hollywood has endless movies. But, the point is, that’s what’s required of us as we open ourselves up to our soul.

And in that moment, the mind’s fears and need to be in control spoil the experience of joy, of ecstasy as we unite with our beloved partner. Those thoughts of not feeling worthy of not trusting. A buzz-kill, to say the least. Because our soul is in total love with us unconditionally. No agenda, no expectations. And that’s because our divinity (which our soul is a part of) is already fulfilled, already in love with itself, and doesn’t need to control or demand anything in return.

In fact, our divinity wants to bring to us our heart’s desires, to take care of all our needs. And we all know how that feels when we are in that space and things fall into place for us in a synchronistic way. Guess who is in charge of that? Not so much our mind. It’s a co-creating with the expansive part of who we are.

So how do we get to more of that trust that our soul just wants to love us unconditionally?

Feeling Good For No Apparent Reason

The first requirement is to be o.k. with just where we are at, with where our human self feels stuck. To be gentle with that part of ourselves that doesn’t seem to get it. Because then that acceptance begins to move the stuck energy. For myself, I feel that part of me, that human part, is like a little girl who feels lost. I will offer her my hand and reassure her that I’m here for her. She is just who she is.

Meanwhile our human self really needs more tangible experiences of feeling our soul in our body so that it can begin to trust that this relationship isn’t just all talk.

How Do I Want To Feel?

The next step is to ask, how do I want to feel at this moment? Take a few very deep, deliberate breaths. Don’t worry if you are nowhere near these feelings, but decide how you would like to feel. Write it down if that feels good, or say out loud, and choose whatever you want:

I want to feel good. I want to feel expansive. I want to feel excited by life, I want to feel carefree. I want to feel cared for, I want to feel playful, I want to feel fulfilled. I want to feel sensual. I want to feel good in this body!

And then let it go. You can go back to feeling anything you were feeling. And then you will notice that in not too long a time, you will begin to feel better, more inspired, more joyful, for no apparent reason.

Your Senses Open Up

Have you noticed in those moments of feeling so good for no apparent reason…other than you just wanted to feel good, that your senses open up, and you may even feel a body-wide tingling or rush of energy? It sometimes feels like you are ‘stoned.’ Sometimes it feels so good you want to jump out of it, it’s almost too good. It can feel very sexual. For some people, their soul enters their body through their feet and moves slowly upward, for others it may start in the crown and move downward, and for some it may come in through the Sacral chakra, through the sexual organs.

In those moments, you are allowing your soul in, and it’s sharing its love for you. A love with no expectations, no agenda, no price to pay.

Just Allow It

So, could allowing our soul in be as easy as just allowing ourselves to feel good? Isn’t it more complicated? Don’t we have to figure out our issues, process our feelings, and heal ourselves first so that our soul will deem us worthy of its presence? That’s like saying that our gallbladder or our lungs are not worthy of our heart pumping blood into them.

So we have figured out that feeling good gets us aligned with our divinity in a profound way, and from there, we begin to see it reflected back in our daily experiences…but now we’re getting that feeling good, feeling sensual, is reason enough. Because it feels so damned good to feel good! (And it’s why not feeling good has become so damned intolerable.)

It Feels Good To Feel Good. What A Concept!

There are those who are searching high and low for the ‘secret.’ How to improve their lives, how to feel fulfilled, and there are seminars and books and programs….all for the most part pretty complex, engaging the mind. Because the mind loves complexity, doesn’t it? Otherwise, it feels kind of left out. Like it’s asking, “What am I, chopped liver?”

So, our pride may take a hit because it’s not in control here. It’s back to that feeling of vulnerability, isn’t it? It’s the feminine energy of allowing and receiving. It’s seen as a weakness. And yet, without it, we are not going to feel the fulfillment that is our birthright. Oh, we can choose to leave this planet. That is also honored. And on the ‘other side,’ it’s so much easier to access those feelings because our human personality and all its conditions are not interfering.

But if we want to experience the ecstasy of our soul and our divinity with us here, we know what’s required. You don’t need to figure it out, or heal yourself first, or wait. It’s available right now and your beloved is just waiting for you. And, your divine self is totally into you!!!


A.I. Art by Maria Chambers

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