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Finding Balance in the Struggle for Control

Finding Balance in the Struggle for Control

Mind, Soul, and the Human Experience.

Control.  We all want it in our lives.  Whether it’s to control our finances, our health, our relationships, or even our thoughts and our actions.  We try to control how others see us and feel about us. We are always trying to exert control, even if we are unaware of it on a conscious level.

But we discover early in life that the control we seek is elusive.

Our parents tried to control us, and we felt helpless under their domain. We grew up fighting for control of our space and our autonomy.  Our freedom to control our lives was paramount.

Those who are religious feel controlled by God and are told that they must follow a set of commandments in order to go to heaven.  Talk about ultimate reign over others.

We believe we control what we have for breakfast and who we marry.  But on a deeper level, many of our choices are being directed by other factors: For example, we may think we picked a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife because they were fun to be with, or other factors, but on an unconscious level we may choose a partner that brings up all our old, unresolved issues.

There is a saying that we marry our mothers or fathers.

Philosophers and psychologists have written about how important it is to control our own domain, and the rest will take care of itself. But that is not so easy in practice.

Finding Balance in the Struggle for Control
A.I. Art by Maria Chambers

The World Outside Our Door

Not only do we want control of our own lives, but we want to control what is happening to us vis a vis the outside world, including the government and all the things out there that feel so unsafe to our well-being.

This includes wars, civil unrest, inflation, extreme behaviors, and changing weather patterns. It seems we are living in a world gone out of control.

The Mind And Its Role

The human and its mind were designed to navigate this time and space reality.  The mind believed its job was to protect the human. Because the human lost touch with spirit, with its own soul over time, it felt it had to control things, to push and fight for survival on its own.

Consequently, the human feared losing that control and how that would impact his life. 

Those going through the awakening are discovering that our lives seem to unravel, and the control goes out the window… that it doesn’t work.  Not that it ever worked that well, but now that spirit is integrating with its human, it is time to relinquish that control over to her.

And if not, it hurts.  It will cause more discomfort.  

The good news is, as the veil thins between spirit and human, a balance is struck between the mind and soul.  The mind isn’t tossed out, with no control, but it’s guided by the soul in its decisions in life.  And the soul is capable of guiding the human to the highest and best for him.

We discover that feeling ‘out of control’ can also be a wonderful experience, much like the human orgasm, the feeling of bliss as the mind allows the soul to be present. As a musician, I often felt my soul taking over as I sang and strummed my guitar.  We can feel that presence when we dance, paint, walk in nature, or when we laugh.

Finding Balance in the Struggle for Control
A.I. Art by Maria Chambers

But it takes time for the human and the mind to trust in her, to see that things flow much better when the control we are so familiar with is let go of. 

The awakening purges old stuck energies (things that no longer serve the human) in the body and the mind, and that can create what feels like chaos.  That is just part of the process. To the mind, that feels like more loss of control.  It feels like it is not doing its job of protecting the human. But the mind can be comforted by the soul’s vast knowing that all is well. That there is a purpose to the chaos and that it will get easier.

It takes a courageous soul to go through the awakening.  It is a process fraught with the unknown and what feels like life turned upside down.  It is a major shift in consciousness taking place and one the mind isn’t prepared for.

But know that your soul has your back, and whatever you may be experiencing is perfect for you.  It leads you to one truth: That you are an eternal soul having an amazing human experience.  And it will just get better and better. You can trust that.

Finding Balance in the Struggle for Control
A.I. Art by Maria Chambers

So that the mind can feel comforted, I have enumerated the major points in this essay:

  1. Desire for Control: We all seek control in various aspects of our lives, such as finances, health, relationships, thoughts, and actions. This desire for control is often unconscious.
  2. Early Realization: Early in life, we come to realize that the control we desire is challenging to attain, particularly when our parents attempt to exert control over us.
  3. Religious Influence: Some people feel controlled by religious doctrines, with the belief that they must follow specific commandments to reach heaven.
  4. Unconscious Choices: We may think we make choices independently, but unconscious factors often influence our decisions, even in selecting partners who resemble our parents.
  5. Struggles for Control: Philosophers and psychologists have emphasized the importance of controlling one’s domain, but practicing this is not straightforward.
  6. Control Over the World: Beyond personal lives, we desire control over external events and circumstances, such as government actions and global issues that affect our well-being.
  7. Human Mind’s Role: The human mind was designed to navigate the physical world and protect us, especially as we lost touch with our spiritual side. This fear of losing control impacts our lives.
  8. Awakening Process: Those undergoing a spiritual awakening discover that attempting to control everything doesn’t work and relinquish control to integrate with their spiritual selves.
  9. Balancing Mind and Soul: As the spirit and human aspects merge, a balance is found between the mind and soul, with the soul guiding decisions in life.
  10. Feeling ‘Out of Control’: Letting go of control can lead to positive experiences, akin to moments of bliss and creativity when the soul is allowed to take the lead.
  11. Trust and Transition: It takes time for the human and mind to trust this new way of operating, but they eventually recognize that things flow better without excessive control.
  12. Purging Old Energies: The awakening process involves clearing old, unhelpful energies from the body and mind, which may initially create chaos and discomfort.
  13. Courageous Awakening: Going through the awakening process is challenging and involves embracing the unknown and a shift in consciousness that the mind may not be prepared for.
  14. The Soul’s Support: The essay emphasizes that one’s soul is there for support, and all experiences are perfect for personal growth.
  15. Eternal Soul Experience: The ultimate truth is that we are eternal souls having a unique human experience, and things will improve with time. Trust in this process
Finding Balance in the Struggle for Control
A.I. Art by Maria Chambers

Five Steps We Can Take to Help in This Process

  1. Embrace Spiritual Awakening: Understand that awakening involves relinquishing excessive control and integrating with your spiritual self. Embracing this transition can help reduce the fear of losing control.
  2. Trust the Balance Between Mind and Soul: Recognize that a balance between the mind and soul can guide decisions in life. Trust in this symbiotic relationship and its ability to lead you to the best outcomes.
  3. Appreciate Positive ‘Out of Control’ Experiences: Understand that relinquishing control can lead to positive and profound experiences akin to moments of bliss, creativity, and self-expression. Embrace these moments as valuable and liberating.
  4. Learn from the Chaos: Accept that the awakening process may involve chaos as old, unhelpful energies are purged. Realize that there is a purpose to this chaos, and it is part of the journey toward self-discovery and growth.
  5. Develop Self-Trust: Over time, work on developing trust in your own inner wisdom and in the guidance provided by your soul. Recognize that, even without excessive control, things can flow more smoothly and align with your highest good.


A.I. Art by Maria Chambers

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