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Major Energy Shift

Major Energy Shift

There’s been a major shift of energy these past couple of months, and everyone has experienced it in their own unique way. You could call it a reset.  It could have manifested as a worsening of a physical condition, or feeling more boredom, more detached, or feeling like you have had enough, and are at the end of your rope.  And in between there may have been more blissed out feelings.

The highs are even higher and the lows, well, let’s just say they can be intolerable.

It may have manifested as feeling like you have moved on in some way but you can’t quite put your finger on how. There may be more confusion, followed by more clarity. There is definitely something very different about you.

There could be more anxiety than usual. Like you want to feel relief about a particular problem, yet you can’t muster up any energy to do anything about it.

Personally, I’ve been cancelling doctors appointments, and my car and my apartment are in desperate need of a good cleaning.

And it’s easy to get triggered by the mind and call ourself irresponsible. And, to the average human that would sound the alarm of being depressed.

But from the perspective of an ascension pioneer, it means, among other things, that the mind is tired, and wants relief. It is tired of being the responsible party for our health, for our financial abundance and our joy.  And, for our enlightenment.

It’s been trying so hard to be the responsible one, but it has come to the end of its rope. It knows that it has been a substitute for the soul. And that now because of the new energies present it must take a back seat. It can’t keep up this charade.

Yet, It has mixed feeling about that.

Sometimes when we feel we are at the end of our rope, and things feel kind of hopeless, that’s our mind screaming that it can’t keep up being the captain of our ship. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are tired of our life here, but our mind is tired of being in charge of our life here.  There is a difference. Because, regardless of what we have been taught, we are not our mind.

Even the boredom is, well, it’s getting boring to us.  We kind of aren’t even interested in trying to get out of it or figure it out.  In our heart, we know it’s part of the process of disconnecting from so much that was our old story.

That sense of passion seems to be elusive. The things that used to interest us are not working anymore. But we sense that there is more. That the passion we have been getting glimpses of comes directly from home.  From our eternal presence.  And we want to hang our hat on that, but our mind is not altogether convinced we should.

Our mind has lost trust in many of the 3D ways, yet It doesn’t have quite the trust in our eternal self and the new way yet.

We have run out of patience with tolerating and compromising. Yet, the mind is afraid to rest. It fears that the one time it just relaxes and allows is the one time it should have been prepared for some crisis.


We have had a hurricane warning here in a Florida for the past couple of days. Fortunately where I live they are not consequential. But even so, when the news puts out the alert, the first thing folks do is rush out to buy water, and other hurricane supplies.

Which is fine, but each year I buy stuff ahead of time and never need to use it. Yet I buy the items anyway, because my survival-oriented mind cautions me with, if you don’t buy them this would be the year you really need them!

Whether it’s water, canned food, or whatever.

So for the mind to just relax…..well, we know it’s not going to happen overnight.  It’s been conditioned to be on alert-mode.  Even those of us who have let go of so much, including so many fears, there is still the old holdout, that says, just in case, we better be prepared.

After all, haven’t the male, mental energies on the planet been the action-oriented protectors and providers for eons of time?

But many of us are finding that that most of our pre-cautionary actions are unnecessary.  That there is no crisis, physically or metaphorically, to worry about.  And to the mind, that’s not always good news.  It feels like its primary role as provider and problem solver is becoming obsolete.

It doesn’t quite understand that it’s being given an incredible gift.  It can now enjoy the benefits of being a part of the eternal self, right here, and rely on that self right now, in this lifetime.   And even beyond.  Because when it integrates with the soul, and the I Am, it becomes the new, crystalline mind.  It becomes a part of the eternal self when the physical body is shed.


Now, admittedly, there is that part of me, and methinks it’s the mind, the weary part of me, that is saying, “Take me, Hurricane.  I’m ready to depart this planet!”

And there’s the heart that’s saying, “Take me hurricane, and clear out all the places I am still resisting my soul, so that I can stay here and feel the joy of home!”

This is not any ordinary lifetime for those who chose embodied enlightenment.  This is an incredible opportunity to create a totally new body of consciousness with the literal integration of the mind, body, heart and soul.

Which all sounds great, who wouldn’t want that?  But it is a process, and it does take time for a conditioned mind to relax enough to allow the eternal self to be in charge and for the mind to then be what it was designed to be, a support for that eternal self.

The mind, the human persona still has a part, and is in fact a partner to the soul.  And we are in the process of, well, to be honest, of figuring out how that all works.

Sorry, but that’s what pioneers do.

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