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No More Tolerating, Settling, and Compromising

No More Tolerating, Settling, and Compromising

Remember when we were little our guardians would guilt us into eating our spinach or our carrots by reminding us that there are starving children in the world?  And, if we were complaining about a situation, a well-meaning friend would tell us they have it much worse off.  That we should appreciate what we have.

And I’m sure most would agree that appreciation is a good way to shift our vibration.  To appreciate and enjoy what we do have.  It’s one of the tenants of the Law of Attraction.  Many people have overcome hardships and handicaps to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.

But, for those of us at the later stages of embodied enlightenment, that is no longer going to work.

In 3D, we tolerated a lot of things.  We tolerated bad relationships, unfulfilling jobs, financial lack, bad behavior from others, and many physical conditions.  We adapted and adjusted.  Even to the point where we convinced ourselves we were ok with it.  Other people seemed to adjust to adverse conditions, and go on with their lives, why shouldn’t we?

And, especially those of us who processed emotions in our own mind and body for the collective consciousness.  We wanted to take on more and more to be in service to our human family.

But, we notice that as we become more aware, more conscious, we can no longer do any of that.  Not the tolerating, or the processing.  We can no longer compromise our joy, our health, or our financial abundance.  We can no longer make the fear and the sadness and the self-doubt a significant part of our life.  It just won’t work where we are going.

And it’s exactly why things in our life appear to be falling apart.  We are in the process of releasing all the old, tired issues and patterns that kept us stuck in tolerating and compromising.

As Master creators, we are not always the most patient folks around.  This confuses many on the awakening path, because they can’t understand why they feel things they deem are not very ‘spiritual.’

But it’s just physics.  It seems the closer we get to our creator self, the more aware of our consciousness we become, the more we realize how limited this environment has been, and we recognize just how limited our mind and body are.  At least, the old, carbon-based mind and body.

So our tolerance level drops considerably.  Which may confuse our mind, because weren’t we taught to settle in life?  To accept the crumbs?  To be grateful for the small things?  Like manifesting a parking space, or finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk?

But our standards for a joyful life were pretty low, weren’t they?  And we are beginning to see that truth now.  We can no longer be dishonest with ourself.  We are no longer that human who put up with (fill in the blank).

it’s scary, because we can no longer fake it.  We can’t pretend that certain people are not boring, or not incredibly one-dimensional.  We can’t be that old self without being incredibly uncomfortable.

And that extends to our physical body.  We can’t pretend that a physical condition is tolerable.  That we can just live with it.  That will no longer do.  Not if we intend to embody our eternal self and stay here on the planet.  It’s no longer a matter of how well we adjust to limitations.  It’s a matter of do or die.

Unless we experience the joy of health or financial abundance and flow, (which can come in unexpected ways, and it doesn’t mean stockpiling money in the bank), we will not want to stay here.

Not all reading this will agree with that last statement.  But, we are all at different places in this transformation.  We are all unique and will experience this in our own ways.

But it’s important to not be hard on ourselves if we are feeling even more frustrated with whatever we find ourselves dealing with,  it’s natural at some point in this process to expect health, and to expect a flow of resources.  And to expect to feel the joy of our Soul.

We are not novices.  We didn’t just fall off the ascension turnip truck.  We have been working toward this lifetime for a very, very long time.  So to settle for crumbs, for second or third best….seems ludicrous.     Not very Masterly.

At a certain point, if you are serious about being here, about staying here on the planet, you are going to want to feel the exquisite nature of your Soul, and you want that reflected back to you in your physical life.

And, you want to trust that whatever you are going through, it’s in preparation for that experience.  Not to mistake it for what feel like a perpetual and continual process of discomfort.

At a certain point you have the wisdom to know that you deserve to have life serve you, to have your own energy serve you.  That any resistance to that truth will be extracted out of you, by you.

That the joy will override that resistance.  It’s where many of us are now, where we are being carried by the part of us that has the wisdom, and that will never settle for a so-so experience.  The confusion comes because in the meantime it may feel uncomfortable, and even downright miserable at times.

But the crysalis of the butterfly, before it emerges, can feel quite uncomfortable, especially the closer it gets to its inevitable transformation.  There are things going on that are not always scientifically understood.  Only guessed at.  But there is no denying that something is happening and it’s quite miraculous, and yet oh so natural.


So, allowing, it’s a word that’s bantered around a lot in this process.  What does it really mean.  What are we allowing exactly?  We are allowing all of it.  The emotions of fear, sadness, hopelessness, doubt, anger, impatience, boredom.

We are allowing the joy.

At a certain point, we become aware that this process is in full swing.  That we can’t really do much about it.  We wanted this.  But, we can allow it by releasing as much resistance as we can as the human.  And in the allowing that’s what we are doing.

The temptation to try to figure it out doesn’t fare well any more.

So, if you are feeling more and more like, “damn, I am not going to suffer anymore!” allow that feeling in.  If you feel like you need to raise your standards of what a Master’s life should feel like, and look like, then do so.

Gone are the days of tolerating, settling, and compromising.


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