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22 Signs of Spiritual Transformation

22 Signs of Spiritual Transformation

Let’s get this one right out of the way.

The world is not out to get you, and you’re not crazy. Going through a spiritual transformation can be a turbulent experience, especially if you have no grounding in any of the knowledge that surrounds it.

The spiritual awakening process of transformation can be hard and lonely if you don’t know what’s happening to you. Who do you relate to if all your friends and family are the conservative types? How do even begin to bring up the changes you’re going through?

It’s a tough one to grapple with.

But your spiritual awakening doesn’t need to be a chastising experience. It can and should be a time of discovery and expansion. If you know what you’re going through isn’t a mental break, you can learn to ride the waves you’re experiencing into a more exciting phase of your life.

Here are some of the most common signs of spiritual transformation:

1. Your World Seems to be Falling Apart

Nothing lasts forever.

When events in your life start shifting at a rapid pace, it can feel like you’ve hit a terrible streak of bad luck.

But the whole idea of transformation is that things do change.

And if you’re going to allow new experiences into your life, you need to let go of the old to let in the new.

It might not appear like it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to you when a long-term relationship ends, or lose your job without warning.

But these can all be catalysts for huge leaps of spiritual growth.

2. You Become Apathetic Towards Things You Used to Love

When you’re going through an awakening process, you can go cold on a lot of the things that matter to you most.

It can be incredibly disconcerting and make you question whether you’re entering into a state of depression.

Hobbies and interests that you’re passionate about can lose that their sheen almost overnight. It can feel as though nothing matters to you anymore.

Occupying this in-between state of rejection and finding new meaning in your life can be a very lonely time.

3. You Become Extremely Sensitive to Violence on TV, Film and the News

You never quite realized just how much violence has become a normalized part of our lives.

You may love watching gritty crime films full of stylized ultra-violent scenes meant to shock and awe. But you reach a point it’s no longer entertainment to see people harmed.

It’s vacuous.

There is no glory in the act of it or satisfaction in witnessing it.

You’re far more interested in media that is going to enrich your experience as a spiritual being having a human experience.

4. You’re Naturally Led Towards Exploring Spirituality

As the dense energies continue to fall away, you’re drawn to more spiritually themed pursuits.

For a lot of people, it involves reading spiritual or self-help books that speak to them exactly where they are at in that moment.

It helps answer some of your biggest questions about the nature of life, and serves as a catalyst for further exploration.

Which, of course, usually leads to more reading, meditation and deep diving on several sub-niches of spirituality such as healing, developing psychic abilities, and so on.

5. You’ve Woken Up to The Deep Inequality in The World

You may have never been interested in social issues.

But all of a sudden, your eyes are wide open to the imbalance that exists all over the world.

You see the Pope sat on a gold throne preaching togetherness, while billions of people struggle to survive on a dollar per day.

You start to question the social stratification, and why we need to operate under a system where there always has to be haves and have nots.

How can we live in a world where the top 1% control over 50% of the world’s resources?

6. You Reject the News and Mass Media

Every time you turn on the news, you’re met with a barrage negative news stories that sadden you to your core.

The same thing day in and day out.

You realize the world of politics involves do what I say not what I do.

You very quickly come to see the mainstream news as a propaganda machine for the rich and powerful. There is no impartial reporting.

You hear the stories they want you to hear from the angle that will best serve their agenda, and you see right through it all.

7. You Want to Help People and Be of Service

Your attitude shifts from a mindset of self-centeredness to a strong desire to help others.

You cease to be the most important person in your life, and you view yourself more as a performer within a grand stage play.

This feeling spreads throughout your entire life and becomes a core part of your spiritual development.

And you get a massive kick out of it.

The more you give, the better you feel. So the more you continue to be of service in any way you can, giving as much of yourself as possible – sometimes to the extent of burnout…

8. You Care Less About Material Possessions (And More About Experiences)

If they ever were important to you in the first place, they’re even less so, now.

You become more in tune with your needs instead of your wants and desires.

Updating your iPhone every year, having the latest clothes and being seen to keep up with the latest trends – it’s superficial.

It’s a race you’re no longing willing to run, throwing all of your energy at the accumulation of more stuff.

The gathering of experience holds more value to you than pieces of molded plastic.

9. You Let Go of Instant Gratification and See the Long Game of Life

Life becomes less about the here and now and what you can have in this moment.

You see that the real rewards come from committing to a path and sticking with it until completion.

You see the bigger picture, and that you’re on a spiritual journey which is infinitely more gratifying than anything you could lay your hands right now.

You intentionally seek out experiences that will challenge your intellect and offer you something practical you can apply your life.

10. You Don’t Resonate with The Same People Anymore 

It’s often said that friends are seasonal.

And it’s never more apt than when you’re going through an intense spiritual awakening.

If your social circle is particularly conformist, you might find sharing your experiences with them hastens a lot of people giving you a wide birth

But even if that isn’t the case, once the veil has been lifted, you can see just how much the company you keep has been limiting your progress all these years.

11. You Want to Spend More Time Alone

Naturally, you’ll want to spend more time alone with your thoughts – for various reasons.

If you’re experiencing fluctuations in your mood, you might not feel like being social.

But you’ll also realize that time spent alone doesn’t make you lonely.

You come to truly value your own company.

Many of your favourite pursuits may become solitary, such as reading, meditating or putting plans in place to create a better life for yourself.

You become a lot more independent and mindful of what you spend your time on. It’s an investment that you don’t want to see wasted.

12. You Receive Signs from the Universe

You’ll notice small occurrences guiding your actions that are happening with greater and greater frequency.

At first, you may write them off as coincidences.

But you soon learn that there is no such thing.

You realize these are signs from the universe that have been intentionally placed in your path to guide you towards the next step in your development.

Chance encounters, recommendations, messages on billboards are all subtle signs that are there to provide you with confirmation and affirmation that you on the right path.

13. Number Synchronicities and Repeating Number Patterns 

Seeing recurring numbers may have been one of the catalysts that woke you up out of your sleep-state and kick-started your spiritual awakening.

Many people report seeing 10:10, 11:11 and triple numbers on a regular basis.

Then they start progressing from 111, 222, 333, 444 and wonder why they’re encountering them all the time.

They serve multiple functions…

From getting your attention, providing reassurance, confirming that you’re on the right path and much more.

14. You’ll Seek Spiritual Guidance

When you’re deep in the throes your awakening process, it’s not unusual to seek answers that will make sense of what you’re experiencing.

Once you do you get a handle on your spirituality, you may feel drawn to having a psychic reading, visiting a medium, having a past life regression or even consulting with a spiritual teacher.

When you get on the path though, it’s important to use your discernment and not swallow everything that comes your way.

15. You’re Drawn to The Process of Self-Healing

Once you begin shedding the old layers of yourself, you realize just how much baggage you have to clear.

But it doesn’t weigh you down.

You’re inspired by the changes that have manifested in such a short time. So much that you start funnel as much of your energy (and money) into taking care of yourself as possible.

Reiki, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Beyond Quantum Healing, Crystal Healing, and many other modalities all have a magnetic pull on you.

16. You Want to Talk Less About People and More About Concepts and Big Ideas

Talking about other’s shortcomings is a waste of your time and energy.

You create the world you experience with the energy you project towards those closest to you.

So the thought of putting others down to elevate yourself comes off as juvenile and completely inappropriate.

There is no integrity or gain in it for anyone. You want to build people up, not tear them down.

You want to know what’s happening next…

Where and how can I apply yourself to start making real, longstanding and positive change in the world?

17. The Idea of Working All Day to Make Someone Else Rich Makes You Cringe

If your spiritual transformation hasn’t already involved you quitting or being fired from your job, you may already be plotting your exit strategy.

Once you’ve had your eyes opened to how much energy you’re expending to make someone else’s dream a reality, you soon realize you could be doing so much more with your talent – not for yourself and the world at large.

You no longer want a job; you want a passion and something that will bring true soul fulfilment.

18. You Want to Spend More Time Outdoors and In Nature

Time spent indoors makes you feel stuffy – like you’re locked away in a box.

Long, rambling walks have much more of an appeal than they used.

And you’ll take any opportunity to get outside and be in nature.

You’ll have a heightened sense of awareness for the elements and the wildlife in and around your local area.

You may even open yourself up to the subtle energies of nature spirits and other unseen energies.

19. Your Compassion for Other’s increases

There might have been a time when you would walk past a homeless person and feel they’ve brought their situation upon themselves.

After your awakening process, you can see that anyone who is need of help is worthy of help. And these people are victims of circumstance because no one would choose such a life.

No one should be left behind.

And may even be drawn to volunteer work.

You’ll stop seeing confrontations with others as an attack on you and realize you are not the cause of their problems and develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding.

20. Your Intuition Increases Dramatically

Whereas you might have been indecisive before…

You’ll slowly feel your intuition increasing to the point where you instantly know what the right decision is for you in any given situation.

You learn that all your best decisions are rooted in your heart space.

You see through the illusions of others and the lies they try to spin.

Nothing can hold you back from achieving everything you came to do on your spiritual journey – as long as you trust in your intuition

21. You Start to Really Clean Up Your Diet and Lifestyle

Eventually, you’ll turn your attention from what you’re ingesting on the mental and emotional level to what you’re consuming, physically.

If you haven’t already, you may look at your diet and feel it needs a complete overhaul.

The processed foods and even animal products may all have to go for you to achieve the ultimate spiritual transformation of cleaning the body, mind and soul.

22. You Face Several Long Challenges in Short Space of Time (The Dark Night of The Soul)

Spiritual transformations aren’t always a walk in the park.

If you’ve been ignoring the signs from the universe, you could be jolted into a series of intense paradigm-shifting events with little to no warning.

But even if you’re not, going through the dark night of the soul is not an uncommon experience

You may have what feels like anxiety and depression, but just know that it’s a natural part of the purging of your old self.

Do These Signs of Spiritual Transformation Validate Your Struggles?

Maybe you already knew most of this besides a few points here and there.

But if you’re new to spirituality or have even come across this post by chance, – or synchronicity – you might be in the middle a huge ‘aha moment,’ right now.

When you’re so wrapped up in the work, eat, sleep, repeat cycle of modern life, it can be hard to pull yourself away from your more ‘practical’ or ‘real-world concerns.’ The idea of a spiritual transformation might seem like the stuff of fantasy fiction.

But if any of what’s been said above speaks to you, how much longer can you realistically deny that something beyond your comprehension might be at play?

Maybe you already noticed you were changing and didn’t give it a second thought. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones and had a more gradual awakening process.

All of the above could have easily been written off as part of your maturation process or a particularly challenging time in your life.

But what if you didn’t?

How much can life throw at you before you question whether ‘it’ has plan for you?

Whether you have had a spiritual transformation or not doesn’t matter – not one bit. I’m not trying to convince you of anything other than your ability to question your experiences.

All I’m suggesting to you is, “What If?”

What if there if you have a purpose you haven’t yet realized?

What if someone, or something, or some source is trying to wake you up?

What if?…

Sam Booomer
Sam’s work as a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner has led him to dedicate his life to helping other’s raise their vibration and embrace the best version of themselves. If you’re ready to explore yourself more deeply than you’ve thought possible, to release old traumas, and finally connect with your life’s purpose – you can. If you’re ready to take this incredible journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-mastery, I’d love it if you’d join me, and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

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