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Resurrection ~ Your Rebirth Now

Resurrection ~ Your Rebirth Now

We transform, create miracles and help those on Earth shift not through linear methods or through the many ways ~  that you might think we do.

WE see and know everything as Vibrating Light Frequency.

We see consciousness and its form at its frequency of Light vibration ~ at its highest level. That is, the level of CREATION.

The specific frequency of light that forms to look like what you think is a picture or a solid reality, is only your perception of what you think you see.

The lower the vibration of those that are observing anything, the denser and more solid is its appearance.

As conscious vibrating LIGHT Ascended Beings, we exist at the cosmic level of awareness, that encompasses, the resurrection of BEING, the Divine Marriage, the complete rebirth of the consciousness of Being to its highest level of purity as an eternal Being of vibrating Light frequency ~ consciousness.

Gaining anything based on and through the 3D state of consciousness (density) as the observer, is a lower vibrational attachment to form, at its densest levels. The response is more denseness.

Attachments to security, to plans, to having to make sure of anything, creates an almost unsurmountable mountain, to which you must let go of, even it escalates, in its perceived power over you.

All of that is simply your resistance to trust the pureness of the heart and the moment. To be willing to let go of your old ways, is the priceless jewel that overcomes the perceptions that pervade the densest frequencies. 

The resurrection may take place for you, without the so called dying of the form process.

The attainment of such levels and ascension, requires mastery of your mental, emotional and physical bodies. So that the pureness of you, becomes the only observer. That pure observer has no attachments, only lives in purity, only knows itself as SUCH.

The eternal Cosmic God Self, The Ascended Master.

Who went through the Earth program and completed it, as such.

Letting go of your old ways, more-so the hanging on to them, is the cause of all of your perceived suffering and separation.

The most profound Light of Being, in its purest form, is The Divine Aspect, that went through the lower levels and came back in union consciousness ~ as its true light, free and pure.

The resurrection that we speak of, takes place as a spontaneous response to the purest levels of LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS attainment ~ amidst the lower frequencies and dimensions, that one appears to be embodying.

WE administer the consciousness of this LIGHT ~ and its full attainment as a resurrection of Being, to all those that are ready, it is purely given.

The power of this is beyond what you think it is.

It is the attainment of the highest conscious levels of light.  In which, you were well trained, to attain.

Let go now to more of your old ways of thinking.

Open your heart WIDE ~ to the unknown, embracing the fears that accompany this letting go and open wide.

This is the place, the sacred meeting ground, of which all crossroads merge. Revealing the purity of the those that are part of this now. To awaken and open more. Through the Heart, and here we are, and so it is. In LOVE.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, we are Love.

This is THE Resurrection, the Rebirth, the Ascension, the shift of the dimensional awareness, while here on EARTH.


Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian™
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"Life is an echo, what you send out comes back."

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