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Throughout The Multiverses ~ Eternal Divine Consciousness Exists

Throughout The Multiverses ~ Eternal Divine Consciousness Exists

Letting go of the concept of time, stepping out of linear consciousness, is the heart of NOW awareness. It is that which is eternal and NOW.

There are many universes and many parallel worlds, the ONE that your are vibrating WITH now, changes in a moment.

Sudden changes are miracles that unfold in the MOMENT through the heart of now.

Your vibration shifts, your thoughts change, your attachments shift, your awareness becomes more consciously elevated through your heart ~ and MIRACLES occur.

There are a multitude of simultaneous experiences TAKING place through your consciousness stream in the MOMENT OF NOW.

When you step out of the programming of “time” you tap into what is real.

What is real is love.

What is real is eternal.

What is the real YOU is the true YOU that is eternal.

When we are aligned and tapped into our consciousness frequency stream, we see and experience all that we are throughout the many dimensions. We see things how they are eternally. We are awakened to the true truth of our Soul, our authenticity, moment to moment. We then as authentic beings are BEING real here now.

Self realized, self aware, aligned, enlightened, evolved, and in perfect Divine Union with our eternal self through OUR HEART ~ reveals our Divine Presence to us AS THAT which flows through us.

As that which gives life to the form of light that you allow to appear as holding your space on Earth. That form is not you. You are allowing it to function; THAT is, the eternal you. The Divine orchestration of the plan for this ONE and many existences. That flows as YOU.

Awakening to the true YOU is part and parcel of the Earth experience and school.

You exist in the higher dimensions and through your heart, you are linking them up as a united frequency of AWARENESS.

We activate you now through your heart.

Aligning, activating, your Heart awareness NOW. In love.


Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian™
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