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The Energies of February 2023 ~ Sacred Union

The Energies of February 2023 ~ Sacred Union

This new energetic month of February represents the threshold that leads us into the most significant month of this year 2023, March, which is a portal to a higher consciousness, for all who are ready to jump into this new harmonic timeline.

As you know the conflicts over consciousness continue, for we are after all within a dual universe, and this eternal balance between opposites shall exist. 

However, there are many other advancements achieved towards the rehabilitation of the Earth's fabrics, and therefore the possibility of continuing with the inner work of DNA reconnection, that is allowing us to reclaim our sovereignty. 

As we transit this threshold, we are invited to leave behind everything that does not nurture our soul, if we wish to align with it, as this new harmonic timeline neutralizes all opposite frequencies. A 9 universal month that indeed confirms the end of a cycle. A cycle that began by awakening to who we truly are, healing all that was fragmented, and beginning to unify polarities to regain unity consciousness. 

As I always say, we are forever ending/beginning anew within this eternal cosmic spiral. For we never end, on the contrary, we are just beginning to discover the many realms that exist within Creation and its Infinite Wisdom.

Number 9, symbolizes the phase where many are at this time, a stage for us to be wise, move inward, and focus on our inner Light - Truth - to walk among the shadows until we reach the new shore, using only our inner oracle to navigate through our current reality. In truth, we need nothing more than discerning which way is aligned with our God Self, and which one does not serve a higher purpose. And even if the path of solitude is not always easy, it is essential to listen to our inner Divine Guidance, before giving birth to this new reality, in which, we have already a higher aspect of us dwelling in it.

This is a month for us to focus on unity,  gratitude, love, and compassion, as it is very important to bring more illumination, higher understanding, and above all, neutrality into what we are witnessing, and that we cannot change, but we can wrap within Divine Love. 

February offers us the opportunity of hierogamy, which is the sacred marriage of both our feminine and masculine essences. An essence represented by the 2/2 portal, at the beginning of the month, together with the many other energies, such as Piscean ones, that will help us into this inner unification process. 

A month of conscious co-creation with the benevolent energies that surround us, and with everyone that we choose to create something that will benefit All. It is a month of cooperation, of inner synthesis, and a month that offers us the opportunity to master our relationships, although if we have not yet unified all aspects within ourselves, we will continue finding the same separation in our relationships. 

This new energetic month's portal is a very important one to work with the body and continue linking the human with the divine self, for when March comes, it will be a massive infusion of energies, helping us to escalate within this endless spiral of Creation, and we need to be prepared, mentally, emotionally and physically to navigate in totally different waters. 

Astrological Events

February is a busier month, astrologically speaking than January, as it begins to take us into a more active phase, after contemplating the many opportunities that lie ahead of us. We begin this nine universal month by welcoming the 2/2 portal. A portal that will help us unify the aspect of us that are still in separation and that we need to synthesize before we can move into further stages of our ascension journey.

Number 2 as you know represents duality as well as the embrace of two opposites but equal aspects of Creation. Number 2 holds a frequency of synergy, cooperation, and integration. The feminine and harmonious vibration of the number 2 is well represented in the tarot by the High priestess, sitting between the light and the darkness - represented by the two pillars of Solomon's temple - as a passage to other realities and Higher knowledge.

A portal that represents the female aspect of us, and that invites us to embrace its counterpart, to be able to live from a unified space. A frequency that will be also represented and supported, at the beginning of the month by Ceres, which also means femininity, fertility, and the aspects of us that create from within. 

Inner synthesis is not possible if we have not yet worked on soul retrieval, as it is the first step toward further integration. This is why Guides invite us to co-create with the energies of February to unify all of our soul's fragments.

There are many who are very devoted to their ascension path. However, they have not yet realized the need for soul recuperation, as an essential part of our evolutionary journey. Therefore, they still reside in the confusion that not being unified causes, as well as the disconnection from their Divine Self, for it is not until we first bring all of our soul fragments to our current self, that we can begin the inner work of conscious reconnection. 

A balance that this month will invite us to create in our relationships, for they are the first ones reflecting our inner state of being. Many times if there is soul disconnection, what many searches constantly is a partner that completes them, fantasizing about past lives, or the so-called twin reunions. 

However, when we have unified polarities and are liberated from illusions, walking on our soul's authentic path, we do not need anything or anyone to fulfill our voids, for we feel whole, grateful, and in joy. If there is the possibility for us to reunite with an equal, it is a blessing, and if not, we continue feeling whole within, for we no longer see relationships as a way of completion, but as an opportunity for growth, healing, and expansion. 

Polarities are always going to be a constant, for we are always going to be dual beings. However, we are here to master both as equals, and the many energies that accompany us, at the moment, are going to facilitate this inner work. 

As I previously shared, we begin the month, on February 3rd, by having Ceres retrograde, for those who resonate with slow motion phases, together with Pallas, another feminine aspect of Creation, doing the same on February 16th. 

Both are feminine essences that together with the masculine ones from the Full Moon in Leo, and many others that surround us, at this time, are offering us the opportunity to balance both essences, bringing unification within, and in the outer, for without unity, we cannot link ourselves and bodies to the Divine. 

The essence of the asteroid Ceres is the one of the universal mothers, a nurturer, a caretaker, and an unconditional lover. It represents all these feminine archetypes, helping us to commune with our sacred sexuality and feminine essence, which together with Venus is going to be of great assistance for the ones working on polarity synthesis, and feminine healing, for our Venusian family is helping many to remember their mission as feminine healers, as well as planetary one, at this time. 

It is a month in which all the planetary forces remind us of the importance of taking care of ourselves, as within all the distractions of our daily lives, we may fall into old patterns as not taking proper care of our bodies, and needs, and be more focused on others, on the outside than in ourselves first, for we cannot give from an empty space. 

The beginning of February is a very important phase for us to work on unity, feminine healing, as well as creation and seeding, for we are all in different phases. An inner work that will be reinforced by the masculine and powerful essence, of the Full Moon at 16 degrees Leo, on the 5th of February. Leo invites us to reconnect with our heart, where true strength resides, to be able to overcome any challenge that we may be experiencing. 

It is with Leo that we have now the opportunity to balance the masculine, and hence, the ego self, through clearing egoic's aspects such as narcissism, pride, anger, and disempowerment, among many others, retrieving the original essence of Leo, which is one of empowerment, loyalty, strength, although not for that lack of humility, self-confidence, and Will, to be able to distill old patterns and step into our true path.

This Moon offers us a time for us to clear our heart center, as it is not until we regain self-love and confidence, as well as forgiveness that we can master unconditional love, and become sovereign empowered beings.

During the Moon, we have a fixed square between the Sun in Aquarius, the Moon in Leo, and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in Taurus. This gives us the opportunity to break free from what keeps us in a low frequency, repeating old fixed patterns in our minds, and lives, that impede us to embrace who we want to be and our potential.

Dissolving habits and fixed thoughts, and opening our heart centers to embrace Divine love, is going to be the most important invitation from this Moon, and the rest of February's events, at the end of the month, for all who are willing to move into their hearts, thinking, feeling, and living within divine love, at every single moment, for it is easier said than done, as it requires tremendous self-discipline and devotion living from the heart.

On February 11th, we have Mercury entering Aquarius. This is a soothing frequency for us to work on bringing mental releasement and liberation into our mental bodies. This is going to help us immensely, if we are working to free ourselves from human illusions, old beliefs, and anything we are trying to let go of. 

This essence brings mental flexibility, for us to flow and be open to new truths, for there is always, a higher truth, as we continue to evolve, a new level of it that we are now ready to appreciate and embody. Indeed, a very important energy that if used wisely, could help us work on self-sovereignty at all levels.

On February 18 the Sun enters Pisces. We now pass to the invisible realms of Pisces, where we illumined ourselves, regained higher wisdom, and begin to walk towards the depths of our being. A time of miracles, which is nothing but the conscious alignment with our God Self, and a time for us to leave an old cycle, of false beliefs, and disempowerment, behind, beginning to walk toward the Light of who we truly are. 

One of the lessons that Pisces offers us is the ultimate transcendence of all the old mental programming and beliefs that we used to hold within, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore the one who has already discovered all the aspects of himself, integrating all the challenges/lessons required to embody a higher level of awareness that will make Him see the Truth, instead of the old illusion in which He was immersed. 

Now that we have seen what is beyond our human senses and crossed the illusory veils, we are ready to embrace a new way of living based on authenticity, integrity, and compassion, attributes that can only be mastered in the physical.

We end the month with two important planetary alignments, that again involves Jupiter, for this is a month of expansion in many areas: healing, manifestation, soul recuperation, and re-connection.

A few days later, on February 20th, we too have a New Moon at 1 degree Pisces. Pisces, rules intuition, compassion, and devotion to service, which is more emphasized by Neptune as it is one of its rulers. With Pisces comes freedom, and the completion of a cycle, in both the micro and the macro, as it is also happening on the Planet, and as this month remind us with its nine universal frequency. With Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, endings come, and hence new beginnings for there is a moment in which both co-exist, at the same time. 

It is precisely from this timeless and spaceless moment, that we have the opportunity to create a new phase or to get attached to an old timeline. It is with Pisces that we begin to remember our true origins, clear karmic patterns/agreements, purify ourselves, and achieve personal enlightenment. 

It is with Pisces that we learn how to merge opposites - our mother/feminine and father/masculine aspects - and how to finally ascend after having passed through the rest of the zodiac signs, carrying all its wisdom, from all these past experiences. When we reach this stage we already hold the proper wisdom required for us to leave all behind and step into a new state of being. With this Moon, many will begin to contemplate a new life, choosing to no longer look back on what can no longer be energetically sustained. 

On this same day, we too have Venus entering Aries. Venus, the feminine aspect of us, together with Aries, ruled by Fiery Mars, which represents the masculine, is a wonderful combination for us to dive deep into our passions, in what brings us joy and excitement, discovering new horizons and ways to create and live our lives. An alignment that will to help us balance our feminine and masculine essences, something very present during this month. 

This is also an opportunity for those experiencing challenges in their soul reunions, to rekindle the passion, and above all to look for new ways of being intimate, as intimacy is not just about sexual desire, but about recognizing the wonderful soul we are co-creating with, in new ways, that we may have forgotten or not seen before. It is a time to focus on what keeps us united with those we love, finding new ways in which we could continue traveling with them.

A few days after the New Moon, we have on February 23rd Saturn semi-square Chiron. This is going to signify a massive healing influx for us to continue breaking free from fixed thought patterns. Saturn is about order, structure, and everything that is fixed in essence. However, Chiron's essence comes to soothe Saturn's strong views of reality, helping us to heal our rigidity and our human sense of linearity, which is what creates fixed beliefs that impede us to embrace higher truths. 

We end the month with another powerful alignment on February 26th, Jupiter quintile Pluto. This is a very important aspect as Jupiter helps us expand our power, regaining personal sovereignty to begin taking responsibility for our healing journey, physical life experience, and everything that we still need to reclaim, for we are the only authority of our bodies and lives.

We have ahead a wonderful month for us to begin creating, consciously, what we will expand the next months of the year. March is the most significant month, so to speak, of all the year 2023, as we have lots of important astrological events, especially Saturn in Pisces, which is even more important for those who will experience their Saturn return, and many other events that will denote the beginning of a cycle, a free sovereign one for all who are ready to act as conscious and hence, responsible beings.

I wish you All a loving and wonderful February, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

Natalia Alba : Is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master, even though, she prefers to heal in her unique and personal way guided by her Unified Self/Guides, using crystals and sound healing therapy, as she considers that studies help us to expand ourselves into our journey of self-mastery and assistance to others but nothing external can give us the wisdom that we already possess within. Her services are based on the Guidance she receives from her Unified Self and Spirit Guides, which comes from the same Fountain of Love and Light of All That Is. Giving you the messages you need to evolve and keep discovering more about your life path as well as your Soul quest/mission. She also helps you to realize where you are at the moment and what can be shifted for the betterment of you own self and human experience, so you can be able to transform your present moment to create the future you are eager to experience as well as giving you some direction to get to where you want to be by solving and transcending the troubles that are impeding your happiness and natural soul evolution.

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