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Welcome to the New Timelines - July 2023

Welcome to the New Timelines - July 2023

Hi My Friend,

It’s such a blessing for me to connect with you in this way!

Wow has the Intensity Meter been turned up a few notches these last few weeks!

Are you feeling it?

So many of us have been graduating from timelines we’ve outgrown. And without skipping a beat, we’ve been launched into new ones, at full speed ahead.

Adjusting to New Timelines

At first, many of these new timelines may make us feel as if we’ve taken steps backwards on our journey into greater personal expansion.

This can feel disheartening, especially if you’ve been putting a great deal of time, energy, and dedication into creating your highest vision for your life.

This “going backwards” feeling can show up in several ways. It can happen due to the stirring up of old, unresolved emotions that still need to be addressed and healed. It can also show up as feeling stuck, as if situations in your life are at a standstill.

If like many people, you have experienced any of these feelings in the past few weeks, know that it’s just part of your integration process with the new timelines you’ve entered.

Often when these kinds of experiences show up, it’s actually a confirmation that great expansion is occurring. They allow us the chance to take a closer look at our inner lives, and to make the appropriate adjustments, so as to align with the kind of reality we’d like more of.

Awakening Waves of Change

Have you noticed the amplification of unusual weather patterns and seismic activity lately? How about the global unrest?

At first glance, these situations can generate trepidation, especially for those still living in a paradigm of fear. However, those who consciously make a choice to live and operate from their hearts can clearly see the powerful undercurrents taking place.

So, what is really happening?

For a very long time now, the foundations of our global society have predominantly operated on patriarchal principles. If allowed to continue, these principles, combined with the mind’s forgetting the Soul’s true Divine nature, abilities, and purpose, would have eventually created a world entirely motivated by control, separation, and fear.

Instead, the patriarchal system we’ve lived under for so long is crumbling. We can clearly see this happening all around the world. All systems and ideologies operating in a covert and selfish way, without integrity, will no longer be able to continue operating.

The reports coming from these systems may try to convince us that things are only getting worse, pointing to the political unrest and climate changes taking place.

But this could not be further from the truth.

The changes taking place are confirmations that the collective consciousness and our Earth herself are awakening to higher states of consciousness.

These changes are a result of the cleansing effect that is supporting our move out of the old paradigm and into the new one.

The new awakening waves of change are actually sacred activations that our Souls called forth long before we entered this paradigm. These sacred activations are quickly moving us to live and breathe from the heart.

These energies are asking us to think less, and to feel more.

They are magnifying our ability to love more. They are also guiding us to embrace, honor, and listen to with our intuition.

Our intuition is the way in which our Spirit communicates with us. When we are following our intuition, we move back into being the powerful Creators we have always been, back to a place where nothing can ever hurt or harm us in any way.

Intuition is not to be mistaken with instinct. Instinct, though beneficial at times, is more about survival. If we always choose to operate from survival mode (motivated fear), then the mind begins to believe it is disconnected from the Spirit.

Being in survival mode at all times also puts a great deal of stress on our emotional and physical bodies, which leads to an imbalance in our state of well-being.

That’s why things like meditation, mindful breathing, exercising our creativity, prayer, showing gratitude, and taking time to rest are some of the most important things we can practice at this time, because they strengthen the mind’s connection with our Spirit.

Once this connection is strengthened, we start to allow our intuition to guide us on our life’s path.  

Divine Surrender

This time we are in right now is asking us to move into a place of Divine surrender.

The idea of surrendering has nothing to do with giving up anything. In fact, giving up and surrendering are completely different vibrations.

Divine surrender simply means we are able to release all that hinders us from living in the natural flow of life where we are able to create our greatest lives.

Many of us who have been hanging on for dear life in the current energetic climate are literally being pushed to our breaking point, so that we can finally come to a place where we completely surrender.

If we are someone who is still identifying with our story and our past experiences, or what society has told us we should be, then we may still be holding onto the old fear-based world.

In this vibration, there is still great struggle. If we are in this space, let’s be willing to give ourselves full permission to let go and surrender all the doubts, worries, fears, and resistance keeping us there.

Let’s allow ourselves to enter our very new, miraculous life.

It’s here, and it’s waiting for us.

It’s important to note that living from a place of surrender does require some practice and intention. The more we practice living our lives from this space, the more it will become second nature to us.

Seeing Through the Eyes of the Universe

For those who have consciously made the choice to surrender, there’s some major magic happening right now. We are gifted with the opportunity of remembering that our outer and inner sight are indeed the eyes of the Universe.

In return, we are actually beginning to see the world in a brand-new way. The veils have completely lifted.

When a newborn baby comes into the world, he or she sees magic and wonder in every person, place, thing, and experience.

The only difference is that their mind is not fully developed enough to digest and comprehend it all the way we adults can. With all that we have learned and remembered about ourselves and life itself (which mostly comes through lifetimes of experience), we are now able to look at everything with childlike wonder as we take in all the beauty and splendor around us.

At the same time, we are able to see through our magical eyes with an expanded awareness and wisdom that can only come with experience. Every single experience we have gone through, no matter if we deemed it good or bad at the time, is what has led us to this miraculous moment in time, where we are able to see the magic in everything.

This is what it means to see through the eyes of the Universe!

Allowing Everything to Be New Again

As we start to see through the eyes of the Universe, many of us may notice that everything becomes new again.

Energetically, many of us are feeling called to see old friends we have not seen in a very long time.

Some of us are feeling a pull to visit our hometown or locations we grew up in, which we may have moved away from a long time ago.

This pull can also be to locations and geographical vortex points we may not necessarily have been to in this lifetime, but rather in a previous lifetime.

Others feel guided to resolve any unfinished business from their past. If we feel a pull to do any of these things, that is part of the “everything is new again” energy happening right now.

A big part of the current “everything is new again” experience is creating a massive collective healing for our world.

We are being guided to go back to those times and locations in our lives that may have become a distant memory, and are being asked to shift any old or outdated beliefs around them that we may still be carrying.

By doing this, we are able to heal them, and actually bring them into our present moment, where we can have a brand-new perspective on them.

With this new way of looking at our past, we no longer allow it to hinder us in any way. In fact, we can now easily move forward and create the miraculous life we have always known was possible for us.

A Collective Emotional Cleanse

Right now, we are individually and collectively being asked to let go of the recycled stories we once created for ourselves, which have prevented us from being fully in our power.

Some of these stories may include:

  • The idea that we or anyone is lacking in any way, and believing we or they are less than, broken, victims, not good enough, or unworthy
  • The idea that we need approval that comes from outside ourselves, or that we need something or someone outside of us to fulfill a desire
  • The idea that we have to put ourselves last
  • The idea that only other people are blessed and lucky 
  • The idea that we only have one soulmate or twin flame
  • The idea that money and spirituality are separate, and that it’s wrong for a spiritually aware person to experience financial abundance
  • The idea that we have to keep hiding and playing small
  • The idea that we must be hard on and criticize ourselves and others
  • The idea that we are unsafe, and have to live in a world where life is about survival of the fittest 
  • The idea that we are separate in any way from anything, for any reason 

These energetic patterns we have carried for ourselves and our ancestors are coming up to the surface now, to be released once and for all. As mentioned earlier, this can feel amplified now. It leaves many people feeling as if they have lost their sense of self.

That reaction is simply the mind’s way of protecting itself, so just know that it’s normal. We are loved and supported through everything in ALL ways, even if our mind may not recognize it right away. 

The key ingredient to moving through this time is to simply remain flexible with ourselves, others, and the world around us.

This will allow us to surf the energy waves much more smoothly. 

The Kooky Meter Turns Up a Few Notches

You may have noticed that the “Kooky Meter” has been turned up a few notches all around. You may even find yourself participating in that!

Because we are all so unique in the ways we experience our realities, it’s important to understand that not everyone processes us in the same way.

When referring to the “Kooky Meter,” the word “kooky” in this case has nothing to do with most standard definitions. 

In most dictionaries, there is an insinuation that when someone is “kooky,” they are lacking something in some way.

In most cases, it would be a lack of good sense, or being out of one’s mind.

If this is the correct definition, then being kooky would actually be quite a beneficial thing to tap into, because it moves us out of the mind (and its limitations) and into the heart, where it’s easier to connect with our core essence.

However, the kind of “kooky” I’m referring to here is when a person is so stuck in their mind that they begin to imprison themselves into thinking that the circumstances around them actually decide who they are in the world.

They begin to fall into the mindset of survival and victim consciousness. Many of us are noticing that this type of “kooky” behavior is coming to the forefront in abundance, and making its presence known. 

We may not have noticed this kind of kooky to this degree before in people (family, friends, colleagues, even strangers), because it’s usually managed or hidden well, even throughout an entire lifetime for some.

Don’t take it personally, even if their kookiness is directed at you.

Because the energies we are in right now are just NOT going to allow this type of kooky to continue for much longer, it’s looking for a focused outlet to reaffirm to itself that it’s still the driver.

This energy prevented us from being our truest selves for too long. Yet the tide has turned, and there’s no looking back. 

In the case of this kind of kookiness, tough love is necessary.

Tough love is not to be confused with being judgmental, mean, or intentionally hurtful in any way.

Tough love does, however, mean we remain steadfast in choosing to embody who we are in all circumstances, to such a degree that in time, others are empowered to align with who they really are as well.

Some manifestations of tough love include: 

  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Letting go of the need to fix or change others
  • Releasing ourselves from responsibilities that have kept us co-dependent
  • Expressing ourselves freely, honestly, and openly in a mindful manner—speaking up
  • Offering an emotionally balanced compassion, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and others
  • Stepping into our power by choosing to be authentic
  • Taking care of our well-being
  • No longer sitting on the sideline of our lives, but taking positive action when needed, and sharing our full gifts with the world 
  • Making peace with and releasing relationships that no longer serve our greatest good 

The heightened energies we are navigating through right now are intense, but they are serving a greater purpose to help refine and evolve humanity.

It may feel otherwise at times, however things are moving forward in Divine order, exactly as they are meant to. 

We are all in this together! 

Till next time,

With love,

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