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You Are A Seed From The Creative Source

You Are A Seed From The Creative Source


Only those who are unaware of the Divine Plan are afraid. In fact, unaware isn't even the word, because each incarnate soul has all the information about who they are in their subconscious.

The veils of forgetfulness are part of the Divine Plan for this School of Souls. It enables the soul to experience new lessons in each incarnation, as if it had never experienced anything similar in its past lives.

This current incarnation is the last under the veils here on this Planet of Trials and Atonements. You feel it even if no one tells you, because your soul knows. It has had access to the entire program for the Earth and its humanity, from the beginning to the end of the Cycle of Duality. Even before your first incarnation here, you read this program and had no difficulty understanding it.

You knew that you would have unlimited support and that crossing this long road of life would depend only on you. Your choices would determine which obstacles you had to face in each incarnation. It even seemed too easy! And indeed it is. The apparent problem exists only because we have limited consciousness in the Third Dimension while the soul is in physicality.

The Divine Plan for the Earth and its humanity is so extensive and diverse that our consciousness, still limited by the veils, cannot understand it. But it would be enough for everyone to know that it cannot be changed by anyone who has access to our planet.

For many thousands of years, the extraterrestrial entities of the Non-Light have tried to seize power over our planet and its humanity. Even if you don't remember, before you accepted the Terran experience, you knew that the Fallen Angels were still active in this quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The aim of these evil entities was to dominate and rule over ascending worlds and prevent the souls there from ascending. We have already mentioned that all of this represented the tireless interplanetary wars, especially in this Orion Arm, to which our Solar System belongs.

Even the forces that oppose the Light, however incomprehensible to a limited human mind, are also part of the Divine Plan. I mentioned this in a post here a few years ago.  Allowing the presence of these evil races on Earth would provide an opportunity for them to redeem themselves and get back on the path to the Light.

So the presence of such entities on Earth, despite bringing more trials for the souls incarnated here, has also raised the level of experience they have undergone. Nothing is in vain! The Divine Plan makes infinite opportunities possible, but it never loses control of its flock. This is the guarantee that each soul received with their Earth Project.

Someone has already said: "Oh, why didn't they tell us this before?" I can answer that here: because you always knew; you just couldn't remember. This is also part of the Plan. As we are in our last experience in matter, before the end of the Cycle of Atonement and Testing, our consciousness is gradually freeing itself from the veils of forgetfulness, thus enabling those who awaken to begin to remember and understand the Creator's Plan.

Obviously, those who will not ascend do not need to recover their original consciousness, as they are not yet ready to finish their journey. They will continue learning in worlds that are still worlds of trial and atonement, just as they have been here on Earth up until now. All within the perfection of the Divine Plan.

Understanding the Divine Plan frees the incarnate soul from all fears, all traumas and all difficulties. Yes, that's right! Liberated, once the conscience understands that nothing and no one can change your own plan in each reincarnation. Otherwise, life in matter would become a lottery, where everyone's fate would depend on luck.

The Divine Plan allows each soul to have the free will to choose, in each situation, in each moment while incarnate, and in each period between lives, that is, on the Astral Plane while disincarnate, to draw up their own project for the next incarnation. This is also part of the Greater Plan. So we can say that you are the Divine Plan in miniature. You are that piece of the puzzle which, without it, would be incomplete.

To sum up today's topic, you only need two things: TRUST AND DO YOUR PART. If you have confidence, almost all difficulties will cease to exist. And if you do your part, your ascent will be assured. Contrary to what we have been led to believe for eons, nothing and no one can prevent individual ascension. Nothing and no one can change the Divine Plan. Nothing and no one can change your own individual Incarnational Plan.

Remember that the Non-Light creates nothing. It only creates obstacles so that the Light doesn't reach a certain point, and so a shadow appears. And a shadow is simply the absence of Light. Light up your surroundings! Light your way! Light the path of those who walk beside you! Darkness can do nothing against the Light, because in the Light it simply doesn't exist.

The only thing the Dark can do is frighten you, and even then, only if you let it. Or is the fear of the dark that is so common in many people not just a metaphor for the fear that the Darkness has instilled in humanity over the centuries? The threats they are still trying to impose on the incarnate are nothing more than a futile attempt to delay their final departure from Earth. No one but yourself can change your Individual Soul Plan, let alone change the Divine Plan for humanity on Earth. Trust! When many are no longer afraid of the dark, the Darkness will no longer exist here.

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!


Translation by CrystalWind.ca


Vital Frosi 
Vital is a cultured man. He speak sPortuguese, Italian, Spanish, Veneto dialect and is studying English and French. He knows a lot about History and Geography. He is always up to date and follows everything that happens in the world. He doesnt't like parties. A man who believes in love. Who believes that life is only worthwhile when shared. A man who claims that the woman is the reason for everything, as she is the generative source of life. It all depends on how we conduct our actions. But most of all, we need to fulfill our mission in this lifetime. Find the path of Light, which will lead us to our ascension.

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