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Does God Care About Us?


I was in Tokyo some time back, talking about God. 

Incredible, wonderful, marvelous discussion. Three hundred-plus in the audience. Not a one of them looked bored, or "out of it." Everybody was paying rapt attention. Many asked incisive, important questions. 

At one point I was describing God in this way: 

"God is not a Super Being in the Sky, with the same proclivities and emotional needs as human beings, including the need for love and for revenge when love is betrayed or not given. God is life's Essential Energy. You might want to call that energy Pure Intelligence. 

"Intelligence doesn't care whether you believe in It or not. It doesn't care whether you use It on purpose or not. If you do use It on purpose, It doesn't care how. It makes no judgment about any this. In fact, It makes no judgment about anything at all. 

"Pure Intelligence wants nothing, needs nothing, seeks nothing. It simply Is. It exists in a way that allows Itself to be used. It does this, it allows this, it makes this possible, by placing Itself inside of Everything. Wherever you look you will find Pure Intelligence. It is at the basis of all things that exist. Snowflakes reflect Pure Intelligence. The tiniest atoms reflect Pure Intelligence. The biggest swath of the night sky reflects Pure Intelligence. The process of life Itself, examined at every level, reflects Pure Intelligence. 

"The energy that I am here calling Pure Intelligence can be used -- is being used -- at every level of life, by Life Itself. You are using this energy, you are focusing this energy, every second of every minute of every hour of every day...usually without knowing it. 

"The fact that this energy exists, and the way to focus it, therefore using it to one's personal advantage, is what I am calling Pure Intelligence and that, I am telling you, is another name for God, and God has no opinion about anything. That is because It doesn't need anything. It is singularly without need, for the simple reason that it is Everything That Exists in Any Form Whatsoever. This includes not only physical things, but metaphysical things as well. This includes all spiritual things, and anything in any form that simply IS...including thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, and, yes, the Black Holes of Space. 

"Think about this. If God is truly Everything That Exists in Any Form Whatsoever, what in the world could God want or need or require? Why would God punish us for not giving God what we imagine that God wants or needs or requires? The answer to these questions is self-evident. It need not be discussed in great detail, because simple logic reveals it to us and makes it clear how we have been held captive by the mythologies of our own culture and its past. 

"The opportunity that lies before us, and before all sentient beings, is to use the Essential Energy of Pure Intelligence in the way in which it was designed to be used. Not all things that exist in the universe can use this Essential Energy consciously. That is, with full self-awareness and with intention. Only those elements of Life Itself that are self-conscious -- that is, aware of themselves -- can do so. 

"I should correct that last statement. Not even all elements of life that are self-conscious can use the Essential Energy consciously. It is not only a question of being conscious, it is also a question of the level of consciousness that a being or a species has attained. For instance, a dog, while highly intelligent, is not sufficiently self-aware (as far as we know) to be able to use Essential Energy with intention. 

"Human beings are not only aware of themselves, they are aware that they are aware, and so have risen to at least the Second Level of Consciousness. This level of consciousness allows sentient beings to notice themselves, and even to notice themselves noticing themselves. That is, we can stand 'outside of ourselves' and watch ourselves doing what we are doing and thinking what we are thinking and saying what we are saying. We can even watch ourselves watching ourselves. We can step back into the hallway of awareness, looking through doorways both forward and backward -- and, according to some, ultimately seeing and experiencing our Divine and Sacred Self." 

When I finished with my comments a man in the back of the room rose to ask what he said was a burning question: "When I first read Conversations with God I was very touched because it allowed me to believe in a God who loved me. Now I am confused. You have just described a God who doesn't care what I do or how my life turns out. I feel desolate after hearing this description from you. This is not what I came expecting to hear today. It is very little short of depressing. Can you help me?" 

Here is the answer that came through me in that moment. 

"The fact that God is Pure Intelligence does not preclude the possibility of God taking the form of a sentient Being. In fact, if Pure Intelligence is the essential energy of All That Is, then it can presumably take the form of any part of that. In other words, 'God' can 'show up' in our lives in any form that is desired. 

"So what we call 'God' can continue to shape Itself as a Being that looks very human, if that is how It feels It would be most understood or most easily embraced in any particular moment by any particular Individuated Aspect of Itself. 

"Indeed, I have come to understand that the energy that is God takes the form of exactly what and who God is showing up for. So it is that, for human beings, God takes the form of a human being. Yet God is not limited to that form. Indeed, God can 'show up' in any form that we wish --including pure, undifferentiated energy--that we can shape into anything that we choose. 


"By using the Law of Attraction!

Now the audience perked up. Suddenly, the pieces were beginning to come together. 

"Before we go on with that," I said, "let's talk about this business of God not caring, and the idea that this means God is not loving. 

"Not caring what we do is not the same as not loving us. I want you to imagine your own children, sent out to the back yard to play. Do you care what games they choose? Does it matter to you whether they play Tag or Hide and Seek or Kick the Can? Of course not. In fact, you would never even dream of impinging on their inventiveness by dictating to them how they must use their play time. 

"All you do say to them is, 'Go, now, and play! Enjoy yourself! And if you need me, I'll be right here. " 

"This is what God says to us. The fact that God dos not care what we do is a sign of how muchGod loves us, not how little! For freedom to be and do and have what we choose is the greatest gift of all. It is the biggest treasure and the grandest gift that God could give us. Even traditional religion teaches that God has given us this gift. It is called Free Will. 

"Love is freedom. The two words are interchangeable. When you love someone you grant them total freedom to be, do, or have whatever they choose. This is true love: to allow each person to walk his path. 

"This does not mean give no advice (God gives us all lots of wonderful advice). And this does not mean release a person to total freedom when they are not ready (as with a small child). But it does mean the granting of freedom in stages, as the being matures, until Total Freedom becomes the gift. 

"When we say, 'I love you enough to choose for you what you choose for you,' then we have truly loved. There comes a time when we let go of what WE choose for a particular individual, and 'give in' to what THEY are choosing--so long as it does not impinge on our OWN freedom. (This can never be the case, of course, with God.) 

"There comes a time when we can say, in love and in truth, 'I don't care what you choose. It is not a concern of mine. I have no opinion. And I absolutely have no judgment. I have a desire, but that is all. My desire is that you choose well, my child. I desire that you choose the highest that you can see, the highest that you can imagine. But this is merely a desire, not to be confused with an emotional attachment or any need. In that sense, I 'do not care.' 

"But I am here for you always. And so, if ever you need me, you need but call, and I will be there." 

"This is what all good parents eventually say to their children. This is what God says to us. 

Again, nods of recognition and understanding scattered through the house. You could see that people were "getting it." Things were coming together in their mind. 

"Now, getting back to the Ultimate Nature of God...I said that God can 'show up' in any form that we wish--including pure, undifferentiated energy--that we can shape into anything that we choose. 

"The Miracle of Life that is God 'Godding' is going on right now, inside of you, this very minute

"Only recently has medical science come to understand something of what are called 'stem cells.' Do you know what stem cells are? They are cells in the body with no particular characteristic whatsoever. They can renew themselves through cell division and can differentiate into a wide range of specialized cell types. They can be transformed or 'coaxed' into becoming cells of any part of the body whatsoever ...including heart or brain cells! 

"Now if God can create something as marvelous as undifferentiated cells in all multi-cellular organisms that can become any body part at all, what do you suppose God can do with Itself

The audience grew silent. 

"Would it be so far-fetched to imagine that God is something like the stem cell of the Universe?

With Love, 


© 2015 ReCreation Foundation - - Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. His With God series of books has been translated into 27 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

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