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How Powerful Initiations Fast-Track Our Evolution!

How Powerful Initiations Fast-track our Evolution!

We are Doing Much More Than we Realize.

When earth's major ley lines grow in size and strengthen in power, they trigger and clear anything that is not in alignment with those higher energies. This can cause a spiritual and existential crisis, ego death, and put us through a grist mill. Once the process is completed, it also raises the initiate up to a higher form of their original self.

We are stronger for surviving this process, going through the spiritual fire. We become more compassionate, more loving, and we embrace our vulnerabilities as strengths. It brings out a profound honesty and authenticity and we drop our masks. In these times, we are being pushed past our physical, emotional, and spiritual limitations, and we are growing brighter in the knowledge that we can handle way more than we thought we could.

All this was revealed and experienced while we were traveling along England's powerful Michael and Mary ley lines. I could not have planned the events that happened on our pilgrimage. I did not envision the huge transformation we would grow through. It was out of control and yet completely spirit guided. We were well taken care of every step of the way by our collective group and by all those amazing unsung heroes around us. It was a profound process that I will be unpacking for a very long time.

This was the process of our recent pilgrimage to anchor our love into Mother Earth by sending this love into the Rainbow Serpent Dragon ley line, a.k.a. the Michael and Mary ley lines that run the entire length of Albion (England). By the time we all boarded our flights to begin our journey we already knew that the dousing community in England had discovered that the ley lines had grown in width and strength in several areas of the Michael and Mary ley lines. This really excited us and gave us confirmation that this trip was very important for us to carry out. (Find out more about ley lines at Stuart Dow's group on Facebook - "Earth and Comic Energies Alignments, Leys" and/or another group I like called "Ley Lines and Earth Mysteries".) The planetary astrology was challenging for sure and we were blessed to be co-guided by our long time friend, Marcus Mason, who is an astrologer and is very knowledgeable regarding the ley lines (heavenandearthcommunity.co.uk) And we also traveled through 10 powerful portal days in the modern Maya based calendar, (download a free Mayan calendar here, www.alunajoy.com/calendars.html ) Magnetic storms were happening daily and were intense. And then we felt the huge shift in the energy of the divine feminine when the only Queen we have ever known passed away in her beloved Scotland. I heard she was a Druid, as was Mary Queen of Scots. I find that interesting.

Now I could tell you about all the crazy unexpected events, happenings, and things that we experienced. But I don't think that matters, and it is a long story. But I do want to share what we learned.

When we started out in Bury St Edmunds garden and Ancient Abbey, we learned that ley lines work a lot like the strings on a deeply toned cello. When we walk on these ley lines, or any sacred place, we vibrate this cello, and when we make harmonious tones by our presence and intent, it makes all the other ones vibrate as well, known as sympathetic strings. Literally all of earth is connected and vibrates through a network of ley lines. Most leys are unmapped and still a mystery for us to discover. There are the two major ley line arteries, the plumed serpent ley line (Sedona and Mt Shasta in the United States, and Palenque, Mexico etc.) and the rainbow serpent ley line (Lake Titicaca in Peru, Glastonbury in England, Uluru in Australia), and then there are all the branches and little tributaries of ley lines that flow across the earth. The energy moves like a sweet flowing vibrational honey. What is changed on any ley line will certainly cover the entire earth in a short amount of time.

While traveling on the Michael and Mary line, also called the rainbow serpent ley line, we were intuiting we might learn what it would be like to move beyond duality and judgments, separation, opinions, beliefs, perspectives, and labels. We were also seeing evidence that we are beginning to move into multidimensionality and into spherical time. We were certainly beginning to feel the loss of keeping track of time and reality become more fluid, but it was also much less predictable from a linear mindset. We also quickly began to work as one body, together. It was a beautiful community spirit. I thank spirit everyday for our groups.

We were only on the journey a few days when the challenges began to hit. We had already grounded into the heightened ley line energy at Bury St Edmunds, the Rollright Stones, and the Glastonbury Abbey Lady Chapel. The energies were beginning to do their work on clearing us out. We were being readied to express a deeper level of love than we ever have before. Some of us went through some pretty heavy duty energy crucifixions, and we wondered if we were going to make it to the next day, or if we were going to lose our minds. As soon as the process was over, we almost forgot the pain we were in and felt cleansed and cleared and placed into a higher frequency. But I have to tell you it was no easy process. It was really hard work to let it burn through us like it did.

And throughout our time on the land, at each sacred site, we all experienced very different things, but yet we never compared or judged anyone for their experience. We all felt that this was becoming a model for how the world should work in the future. No prejudice, no divisions, just supportive loving community. And I really don't even know how to explain it. But because we were lucky enough to live it while we were together, we know its pulsing in the ley lines right now under your very feet. And maybe many of you out there who are reading this have been experiencing this already. We really felt that our souls learned something our minds could not contain. In fact, a lot of our trip was like this. Where our experience was beyond our limiting minds, but our spirits and our hearts really felt the transformation and uplift. I know if we felt this profound transformation, it means everybody can and will. And that means you reading this right now. All we need to do is open the heart, be present in each moment, breathe, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. So if you feel like you're going to lose your mind these days, or your ego is burning into ashes at your feet, it is something to celebrate. Know that the phoenix does rise up and there is a way through this time, and it will be worth the journey. I have absolutely no doubt.

Then the Queen passed away, and things started getting really interesting to witness. The way the country felt changed almost instantly. It felt unmoored, rudderless, and confused. There was a feeling that new unknown territory had just arrived, and the collective was feeling a bit lost to know what to do next.

(I know many have varied views regarding the Queen. I am asking this post to be respected and that there be no negative comments. They will be removed. Please join me in coming from a higher place of non-judgment, unity in diversity, and from a state of witnessing this event from a broader perspective.)

I could feel the ley lines begin to quake. We began to feel this shift triggered the divine feminine to rise up stronger than ever. This is the rebalancing of the male and the female, in nature, in all life throughout the collective, in the earth and in the energy ley lines circumnavigating the earth. This balance has been out of sync for a very long time. The divine feminine is called to rise up and realize, own, and live from their true worth more than ever before. The divine male is being called to stand up to the plate and to be vulnerable so as to break through their heart blockages, become emotionally mature and to be present. This rising is a necessary rebalancing. Some will rise up and take on this challenge. Others will try to go back to the hamster wheel of familiarity and safety. But we also know there is no going backward to a life that we once lived and felt safe with any success. Those days are over.

One thing we learned deeply as this pilgrimage progressed, was that it really takes courage, tenacity, and most of all deep vulnerability to achieve this next step in our evolution. Feeling vulnerable is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. We literally don't feel safe in our skins and our primal survival program can run amok, and the ego will struggle with vulnerability's power to strip us bare, down to our original blueprint. This was the first trip ever where I felt quite vulnerable myself. I think I cried most days at one point or another. I think because I was so raw and vulnerable, it might have helped others to have the permission to go to this highly transformational place as well. Again it is no easy process. It's flat out scary and painful. But it is work that comes with great satisfaction once you're through the process. I've also learned that if we are comfortable, we are probably not growing or evolving. And don't we always try to avoid feeling uncomfortable at all costs? But on this pilgrimage there was no way to avoid feeling vulnerable, and we had to redirect and re-organize from scratch, sometimes on a moment to moment basis. When everything seemed to fall apart, it all fell together. And yet we were so completely taken care of by spirit each step of the way. We were, in fact, very very safe.

On this pilgrimage I noticed was I was receiving messages in a subtly different way now. I knew this was coming for the last few years, but it was still a surprise to see this. In the past, I would read from memory (history) anchored in that site. I was now seeing glimpses that I felt were alternate realities and timelines. They were feeling quite tangible and real like they were in present time. The veils are thinning between realities and dimensions, but also between the past, present, and future timelines. This is what we might expect more of as we move forward into multidimensional reality and spherical time. Things are certainly not going to be as we had planned, or foreseen with our limited minds or egos, and our future could be filled with some very surprising turns of events and manifestations.

There was one point where we noticed that we were past the challenging phase of our pilgrimage. We all got to breathe a sigh of relief, and started noticing how much we had been altered through this process. It felt weird to have a day without a challenge that needed to be solved. But it wasn't until we came to the day we visited Men-An-Tol and Boscowan-Un where we entered a beautiful phase of our journey and into a really gorgeous, clear, high frequency energy. We all said our intentions and prayers and went through the round healing stone. It is the only one like it in England. It's known for its healing qualities. And I certainly felt like I had stepped into a new phase of my life at this point. One of our sisters noticed that the anchor stone shook when I passed through the round stone. All I know is I had some pretty heavy duty intentions to what I wanted to manifest from this point on. One of the biggest lessons that had been coming up for our all women in our group was understanding and owning our true authentic value and allowing ourselves to live unapologetically from this knowing. Marcus was our only male in the group, and he held the space for us beautifully as we processed.

Then we went onto Boscowan-Un. This is an amazing stone circle nearly hidden by bramble and is still very active with the local druids in the area. It also had an incredibly sweet clear energy on this day. There is an intentional leaning stone that we think might point to particular stars, but no one really knows. We had been stripped and emptied out of the past, our Chalice had been emptied and purified, and now we were being flooded with new frequencies. I just know when I left the site I started feeling more like myself and beyond. The group was noticing their changes within. I think my favorite wisdom received from any site on this journey was from Old Sarum, in the Lady Chapel, and the original site for Salisbury Cathedral.

We tuned into the remains of the altar of the Lady chapel. It is such a sweet energy there. As we sat and allowed the wisdom to rise I had a another flash. It was something I didn't expect to see either, as I had been there before. We were seeing quaking in the Mary ley lines since the Queen departed this world. It felt like a huge rearrangement of the energy was taking place. But here, in this flash, I saw the queen's energy enter the ley line. It sort of blew me away. She was adding her energy to the divine feminine ley line and with all she learned while walking this earth. She was no longer hampered by the constructs and limitations of the 3D world. She was going back to The One.

Then a message came for us. We are a greater and more pure and powerful energy than we could even assimilate with our mere minds. We really don't know who we are at all, and most of what goes on in our silly minds and lives is not the truth, yet we think it is. This presence of the truth of who we really are is protected from our contaminating minds and egos. So we go through life doing so much more than we actually realize.

I could see we had added our energy to the ley lines just by being there with love and gratitude in our hearts. But also there was a huge immeasurable layer that we were not even aware of. So much goes on with our soul presence that we have no clue is happening. This is something we ALL do - and you reading this do too! We are way beyond who we know ourselves to be.

Because we do these powerful things unknowingly, it is what actually creates the inner push to wake up. Why would anybody want to wake up anyway? When we know our lives will be turned inside out many times over. It is because deep inside, buried in a very safe place in our soul, we unconsciously react to the energy and knowledge that we are way beyond this mere lifetime and this crazy 3D world. We are grander, wiser, limitless, selfless and totally connected to the core energy in nature itself. We are the energy of the earth, the planets and the stars and even universes within universes. This is our actual reason for taking on a life, to feed and anchor this energy physically.

And isn't it wonderful that this knowledge or awareness of our unlimited vastness is protected inside of us so we can’t contaminate it with all the worldly nonsense, like our human ego, our dreams and wounds that we collect over time. Just knowing that walking the earth, and going where we are called, and following our hearts, we do this work that is beyond anything we could have imagined with our own minds. It's never been about what is in our mind, and what we think we know , or who we think we are etc. The mind is always a part of the contaminated past. The mind only stores what we have learned, its not the pure presence of our soul. We are beyond our own self knowledge. . .because there is no self. There is only a presence of life that we are a part of. We are ONE.

We literally add our life force to ley lines. And it seems some even anchor their energy into the ley lines after we pass on from this world. And maybe we will too. The original weavers anchored these ley lines before life existed on earth. And now it looks like we have always had a permanent connection to these ley lines. From energy we came, and back to energy we will go. And I felt like no matter what I have gone through in this life, the massive losses, the betrayals that destroyed my trust, the heartbreak that shattered my heart, over and over again. . . it all looks so small and insignificant, and a such a small price to pay compared to this powerful flash on that grassy remains of a medieval Cathedral.

And then, it came to our last day. Anybody facilitating groups in sacred sites know that the last day is usually a waste. Everybody is already thinking about going home, their flights, what is waiting for them when they get back etc. Simply, they are just not present. This was not true with this group for the first time ever. We stayed present and connected to the very last moment. It was so satisfying for me to see how we bonded and connected, and came from a space of supportive unconditional love we had grown into so quickly. We could already tell we had changed dramatically. There will be a lot to unpack with this journey.

A lot of things we learned that we didn't learn in our minds, but went straight to our hearts. We will allow it to percolate, knowing that when that wisdom and knowledge is needed it will be available to us at the moment we need it. And isn't that the way spirit works anyway. In the moment, totally present and vulnerable, knowing we don't know much about anything at all. And maybe that's the way it is supposed to be. We felt catapulted to the next level in our personal evolution. And for this I'm very grateful.

There is wisdom in knowing the difference between traveling to ruins to grab the fruit, or to be on pilgrimage to sacred sites to fertilize the earth. When you come with the intent to give love, we receive so much more. And I know if you're reading this now you are already bathing in this energy too. And I'm just needing to say simply allow the process. All it takes is to just be present and vulnerable with an open heart and the mind disengaged. And when we do this we have everything else we need. . . it is already inside of us.

I really appreciate your wonderful Heart Donations, especially while I continue to reboot my entire range of offerings to fit within the new frequencies. I am making progress! I made a choice to focus on the messages I receive and future pilgrimages, rather than doing things that usually pay my bills . . . for now anyway. So if you are in an abundant place, any donations are always helpful. I appreciate any support for this work … Please go here


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