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Resting in the Deep Silence Within

Resting in the Deep Silence Within

Being able to relax and truly experience peace for any length of time these days is becoming increasingly difficult for most of us.

There’s so much craziness occurring in the world. Between threats of food shortages, energy shortages, drought, war, a global financial collapse, strange new illnesses continuing to come on the scene – it’s really challenging to find a sense of peace and optimism about life – or about the future of humanity.

Especially now that there are so many sources warning us about something momentous that may be happening soon. It could be something wonderful – but it could also be something that initially looks and feels really frightening. Or it may end up being a combination of the two.

Whatever it might be, we all have to decide for ourselves what we want to believe or be prepared for. But it does seem as if we are experiencing a build-up to something huge that may impact the entire world sometime before the end of the year.

So, these are times when we really need to discover – or rediscover – a space within us that is deeper than our busy mind and anxious emotions, a space in which we can  experience a sense of peace and balance and trust. We all have this space within us – we just may not always remember it’s there or how we can find it.

Perhaps, as you read my description below of that space, you can begin to experience it within yourself, in your own way. For me, it is essentially a space of deep silence and peace.

The Deep Silence Within

You might find this space by initially focusing your awareness on your body, and specifically on your chest, where you sense your Sacred Heart to be. A real sense of relief can come in when you just shift your focus there, leaving your mind behind.

As you focus your attention on your Heart, a quiet energy will likely begin to sift through you, a letting go…and then, as you take time to fall more deeply into it, you may discover a deep silent space that pulls you in, welcoming you.

This Silence is profoundly peaceful, warm, and safe – you can feel yourself wrapped in a soft blanket of deep security here – it is so relaxing, your whole body just begins letting go. This Silence is way deeper than the space in which your mind and your emotions reside – it’s within your body, and yet it is where you can drop into a completely different dimension, a whole different reality, in which thoughts, concerns and body pain are but a faint echo. It’s a feeling of being Home – your true connection to Source.

There’s a clarity here in this Silence – it’s where you discover the real YOU – the eternal, changeless YOU that is always present, always awake, knowing what is going on. It is silent and still — and yet vibrant and alive.

There is a deep and clear understanding of Reality, of what life is. There is no need for words here; and yet, you can come to understand everything you need to know within this deep place. There is no need to make decisions here – they make themselves, and they emerge clear and definite and right.

As you settle ever more deeply into this sacred Silence, you can feel your body relax more and more; your breath becomes slow and quiet. And as you open to the Silence, it saturates every cell in your body, and you drink in the deep and pure love that resides here. The Silence nourishes you and feeds you – it resets you on your path, where you need to go. It pervades your entire being. Everything you need is here.

There is a profound Love here in the Silence – love for yourself, love for others, love for all of life. You can be aware of the suffering that is increasingly happening for others in the world, and you experience great compassion for them – and yet you yourself are not caught in suffering.

You are like the great Mother, powerful, able to embrace all of humanity with empathic love and understanding.

Within this place of deep Silence in you, you experience the huge expansiveness of who you are – you can feel yourself stretch way out from your body – past the energetic fields of your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies – out into the universe.

You come to know that you are not only a part of the universe – the essence of you is that very essence of the universe. You are Source. What you are is in all of creation – in all Beings, animals, all trees, plants, and rocks – even the Earth herself. And the stars and planets, the sun. You are everywhere in everything.

You realize that you are ancient — an ancient Soul who has known, experienced and learned so much throughout millennia of time. You have traveled through the universe, been  a part of so many experiences throughout the ages.

And you are here now, very purposely, to assist humanity through these times of momentous transformation and ascension into an entirely new reality that’s been called the Fifth Dimension.

You come to know all this when dwelling within this deep, deep Silence within you. Maybe the memories aren’t clear, but there’s a knowing inside you of this truth of who you are – and how important you are to be simply living here during these times. Your consciousness of love, understanding, and knowing of Reality is weaving itself into the collective consciousness of humanity.

And you know that you can begin to live your life from within this deep Silence. You can begin to think and feel emotions and make choices from this place – you can relate to others, you can work, play, and relax. You can create all you wish to create.

Indeed, you can live your life as this sacred Silence – free, powerful, and deeply loving – and know you are impacting the entire world.


About Vidya
As an author, energy healer, and licensed transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has had a passion for exploring the phenomenon called the spiritual journey for over forty-five years.  Along with experiencing her own journey, she has also closely studied it, as well as those of her friends, colleagues, clients, and students. Serving as a unique bridge between the worlds of psychology and spiritual awakening, Vidya acts as a “wayshower” to a wide spectrum of people internationally: from those who are just beginning their spiritual search to those who have experienced profound awakening.
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