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A Floating Grass Billboard That Can Suck Pollution out of Filthy Rivers


How does one clean the Pasig River? A group of creative people found an unlikely solution: they put up a floating billboard.

The billboard is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It is made of Vetiver, a perennial, non-invasive grass often used to treat wastewater and stabilize landfills and garbage dumpsites. The plant can tolerate high levels of nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals, absorb toxic materials and help reduce pollution even in water as dirty as Pasig river.

The message of the billboard spells hope: CLEAN RIVER SOON. It is also a warning for people to think twice before throwing rubbish into the water. Based on research, a Vetiver system like this can clean 2 to 8 thousand gallons of water per day.

The floating billboard made of pollution-reducing Vetiver was mounted last February 2014 through the combined efforts of Shokubutsu Hana, The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Vetiver Farms Philippines and TBWA\SMP.

Visit the first-ever billboard of its kind in the country at Estero San Miguel in Sampaloc, Manila and help spread the message.

Personal care brands create products that cleanse the body. Little do consumers know that a lot of these products are made from chemicals that might harm them.

Shokubutsu Hana, a personal care brand from the Japanese company Lion, believes in healthy beauty brought about by the restorative power of nature.

Hana sought to communicate their message in a medium that speaks best to its consumers. But seeing that there are no available channels that fully translates HANA’s message, the brand created its own.

On February 2014, HANA mounted the first ever ‘Water Billboard’ in the Pasig River. The billboard was made of a system using Vetiver plants (Chrysopogon zizanioides), which can clean up to 2-8 thousand gallons of water per day. Made to float on water, the billboard didn’t just communicate HANA’s message – it actually cleaned wastewater in the rivers where the billboard was placed.

As more water billboards are under way, HANA provided not only a clean message but also a clean future.








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