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Why Are Natural Materials Important In Home Design?

Why Are Natural Materials Important In Home Design?

Natural products are not only good for the environment, they can significantly save your financial budget by creating a gorgeous and elegant style.

You've probably already heard about the benefits of decorating a home using natural building materials such as marble, wood, metal and clay.

Chances are, you've also wondered what is considered "natural". This is normal, you are not alone. In the world of decor, “naturalness” is a broad term that encompasses any renewable resource that is extracted from the bowels of the earth for subsequent processing and use.

Read on to find out more about eco-design and why renewable resources are better when it comes to home design. 


There is a separate direction in interior design, the central part of which is ecology. It is understood that all items used to create such an interior are made taking into account the principles of environmental care. This applies to both the production of things and their exploitation. The entire life cycle of an object is thought out in such a way that it is at least safe and, at the most, beneficial for the environment.

Synthetic products and finishes can take centuries to decompose, while their service life is rather short - therefore, such materials are practically not used in eco-interiors. Usually, almost everything in them has a natural origin - it is not only beautiful but also very responsible in relation to the planet and the environment.

Indoor plants are actively used in eco-design. They can be located not only in pots. Even whole green panels and walls are created - it looks very stylish and interesting. In addition, the abundance of plants in the room creates a healthy microclimate and helps to make a personal contribution to the improvement of the ecological situation.

Furniture used in eco-interiors is usually laconic and simple. Here the focus is on the materials themselves, not on the form. In addition, the production of complex furniture requires more resources, which does not quite fit into the concept of sustainability.

One of the trends is using branches and parts of trees in the interior. Such details emphasise the connection with nature and serve as bright interior accents. Decor compositions and pieces of furniture made of dry branches are perfectly combined with walls made of greenery and evoke associations directly related to the philosophy of eco-design - the cyclical nature of life, the need to preserve it, the ability to do something useful right now.

Why you should choose natural materials?

Why Are Natural Materials Important In Home Design?

Renewable materials are durable:

Just think of the heirlooms that were always placed in the most prominent places in the parent's interesting home design. They are probably in relatively good shape compared to the off-the-shelf furniture you bought just a few years ago. One reason for such a long service life of the headset is the structural support made using natural raw materials.

Construction products that have been mined from the bowels of the earth are extremely durable and sturdy. For example, a cork made with tree bark is incredibly resilient (after all, it retains its shape remarkably well after being released from the bottle).

Granite is the hardest and densest natural stone that helps maintain its gloss and resists staining longer than comparable building materials.

Of course, proper care is required to maximise the durability of these elements. While each must be handled according to the manufacturer's instructions, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.  Always remove sand from wood before painting or sealing. Avoid acidic cleaners when wiping stone and metal products in interior design.

Natural products are well suited for areas that are subject to increased wear and tear.

Your home will meet the leading global trends:

Nature has had a huge impact on interior design trends. When it comes to creating a trendy space, using sustainable building materials is the best choice for architects and apartment owners.

Designers are always excited about the opportunity to create products that bring nature to home decor. This means you have a chance to incorporate them into almost every aspect of your home design.

Take a step forward and decorate your apartment with a creative brass bathtub. For a more subtle feel, consider buying furniture made from sustainable fibres. For a minimalist decor, add bamboo curtains to the windows to keep out the midday sun.

Don't be afraid to mix textures. Lightweight parquet flooring will really help bring attention to a large wooden dining table, while metal fixtures bring a touch of glamour to just about any room.

The use of such elements can give an interesting home decor an elegant, fresh and modern look.

Natural elements never go out of style:

Embracing timeless style is key when you want to bring a beautiful and memorable look to your apartment.

Who wants to renovate every few years in the process of changing trends, especially if they change extremely rapidly? Sustainable materials and finishes tend to top the list for an all-time trendy style.

Your first step is to choose the type of cladding that best suits your home remodelling project. If you like the atmosphere of the Mediterranean style, choose clay and terracotta tones.

For a classic modern interior design, consider incorporating marble into your finishes. Those who prefer suburban surroundings know that it is necessary to use wood in the cladding of all surfaces of the room.

Once you decide which material will work best for you, think about how it should be applied in the space. The best choice is to create natural areas that you want to remain permanent for a long time. For example, parquet is a good bet, as are quality furniture and curtains.

Why Are Natural Materials Important In Home Design?

Natural materials give your home a "neutral" personality:

A calm palette of colours and decorations is a significant basis for any modern interior. It is the most exciting element in your decor. You really need it for the success of your creative project. Every room needs a neutral element because, in order to make bold accents in the decoration, it must be sustainable.

Every aspect of an apartment's design that is eco-friendly may have slight and natural differentiation, giving the apartment a lesser identity.

Stone tiles can have an uneven marble surface, which varies depending on the region where the raw material is mined. Likewise, a wood floor will have some imperfections that arise as it grows and develops.

If you're incorporating natural, textured materials into your apartment, then embrace these quirks as part of the design. You can add exclusivity and brilliance to designer furniture with light colouring.

Consider the natural change in the shade of a terracotta floor and incorporate it as an accent colour in your apartment.

You get better quality for less money:

Let's be honest, when people complain about interior decoration, they usually raise the same two questions: the cost of the project and how long it will take to implement the idea.

If you're trying to keep your budget low, consider using remanufactured and renewable cladding options.

Older items made before the problem of deforestation and mass production, were often of a higher quality than the product we receive today.

Because at that time there were larger and healthier plants from which the best product was made. In some cases, for example, mahogany is now nearly impossible to find in nature.

If you search in the right places, you might be able to get these high-quality home furnishings for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Nearly every city has an eco-friendly store that has been converted from antique pieces of furniture and building structures. You just need to know where to look.

Thrift and vintage shops are great places to start your search. Those looking for large quantities of natural materials may want to visit the local historic community or even contact the city's landfill workers.

As far as how to use these things, there is no shortage of options. You can use planks from an old shed to decorate your fireplace or turn your collection of broken ceramic dishes into a creative tabletop collage.

Browse a variety of internet portals for inspiration.

Repurpose old building materials into a new project to get the best bang for your buck.

Of course, the use of renewable raw materials in the reconstruction of a cottage or a mansion has a wonderful effect on the state of the natural environment.

In addition, it will also have a beneficial effect on the financial budget and style. They really have no flaws. 


In modern times, consumers are becoming more aware of the quality of the products they consume. Products that are less processed are better choices for you and the environment.

Since a large number of people add organic whole foods to their diets and purchase non-chemical household products, developing a similar approach to home decorating is the next logical step. We hope that you don't have doubts about whether to follow these tips and tricks. You have nothing to lose.

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