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Ascension Report 144: Solar Flash Event And The 99 Portal

Ascension Report 144: Solar Flash Event And The 99 Portal

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with a powerful message heralding great victory to the forces of light.

There are so many cosmic occurrences happening at the moment, and as ever we have so much to share with you – ever-evolving humanity.

We would like that there was once a time when our Milky Way was twinned with the star system of Andromeda, but due to the free will experiment aeons ago, a dramatic split was allowed to occur, whereby many planets and entities in our solar system were allowed to become part of a fallen angelic system.

This experiment was allowed to take place for the last 26000 years, but as all long-count calendars consistently depicted, all of the ancient calendars ended at this window of our time.

These long count calendars were created by our galactic star brethren, who in days gone by have co-existed on this earthly plane alongside humanity, and who passed on information regarding advanced technologies, and the secrets of consciousness.

The Dogon tribe in Africa have recorded accurate depictions of the African tribe’s connection with our Siriun brothers and sisters.

The ancient ones knew that at around this particular epoch that we are in, that Gaia and the whole solar system would come into alignment with the heart of our galactic Sun that is known as Alcione, that resides in the constellation of the Pleiades, and in this alignment, this would activate a solar Flash or solar pulse event which the entire consciousness of the universe would experience as an intense tsunami of God’s love, Grace and all-pervading presence.

It was known that this dispensation, would reactivate all of humanity’s dormant DNA codes switching on the Christ-Sophia divine Union codons that have been stored in the deepest core of humanity’s consciousness.

It was known that this event would re-align and unlock the energetics at the core of our Milky Way, that lower dimensional forces had previously infiltrated, and this momentum would enable the reunion of our Milky Way with the star system of Andromeda thus fully completing this current 26000-year free will cycle.

We have arrived dear ones to the morning of the Age of Aquarius. We really and truly did it. We won the Battle of light and dark. There was never ever any other option, except Victory to the light.

Never before in the history of this earth or indeed this entire Galactic region have we witnessed such an epic transformation of an entire species who are transforming from carbon-based to Kristaline based.

Many of you will be noticing shifts in your physical appearance of late and you will be noticing that you are appearing younger and that the ageing process has definitely stopped for many of you. It is compelling for you to observe these shifts as it empowers these timelines of increased transformation.

The greatest way you can assist your human vessels with this shift from carbon to Kristaline is to deeply and profoundly align with your heart consciousness. Your heart consciousness holds the key to 5th-dimensional consciousness, which is the gateway to full multidimensional consciousness.

The way to stop the ageing process is to stop believing in the false limited narrative of the egoic consciousness which perpetually seeks to keep you separated from yourself and from others.

This Egoic consciousness would have you believe that you are unsafe and that it is imperative for you to stay in your individualised form and resist the merge with your divine counterpart /your eternal self /and all that is.

Dearest ones, please know we are witnessing in this ascension window the Most profuse number of divine Union partnerships ever to have Graced the Earth. This reunification trajectory will last up to the September equinox and will include the 9:9 completion portal date.

Please use this time dearest ones to prepare in Earnest for your divine counterparts- you can do this most efficiently by stating clearly to the universe what you will and will not accept- have vigilant boundaries and stick to them relentlessly knowing that your higher self will test you, and for those of you who pass the test and who refuse to accept any pathetic unsatisfactory crumbs from the universe, please know that you will encounter your divine counterpart in this Ascension window.

For many of you, this person may not be the person who you thought it was as for many that person who you believe is your twin has actually been preparing you to come into Union with your god chosen mate.

The work that we are being called to do in the 9.9 completion ceremony is designed to specifically assist us in this monumental shift from carbon to crystalline based, We are being guided to work with highly advanced Arcturian Ascension technology that communicates specifically to humanities crystalline DNA.

This is a highly auspicious ceremony to be invited to take part in and will assist you in unfathomable ways in keeping your vibration at an extremely high and stabilised level. You will also serve many of your brothers and sisters by coming forward to take part in this transmission as you will be a true template holder of the Ascension vessel of light,

please see below for full details to book onto this transmission

in love and eternal light

Jenji and the white wolf tribe

9.9 completion ceremony

The 9.9 transmission will take place on the 9th of September at 7:17 PM, UK time. In this transmission, we will be working to entirely align the divine crystalline womb with our earthly vessels.

We will be activating all our crystalline eggs.

This is deeply connected to the age regeneration timeline, and please know, we will be deeply empowering the age regeneration timeline.

We will also be sending a huge boost of spiritual support to the divide masculine, who has not been brave enough to mate with his true divine counterpart.

We are going to be assisting in the collapsing of these lower timelines, which are enabling these masculines to do that.

We are going to be sending them a whole load of spiritual support.

This work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and no one has ever been turned away.

There is a bursary fund available. If you are unable to make any contribution, please contact my team and you will be sent a link to make a donation.

Love Jen.

I highly recommend everyone who hasn’t done the transmission to gift yourself this profound everlasting spiritual upgrade.

Please see this link. The feedback has been impossible to process.

The emotions, the insights, the downloads, the goose bumps, the breakthroughs are virtually impossible for me to get my head around.


MataHariji Jennifer - Jen McCarty is a leading luminary in the ascension and twin flame community. She teaches and guides pioneering and  leading changemakers in the spiritual community. Jen experienced a life-changing kundalini awakening aged 21 in the Himalayas in northern India [from] chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. From that moment on, she passed over the threshold from 3D consciousness to stabilising into 5th dimensional consciousness. She is now in her 40’s and has devoted her whole adult life to the spiritual awakening path, mastering many disciplines along the way...Source Here

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