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Please Prepare For Your Twin Flame Reunion


Twin Flame Meditation

We have a unique opportunity to join with our Twin Flames now.

Are you ready to bring in excitement and passion for your Twin Flame?

We move with the tide of new energy and start on the shores of new beginnings.

Now we may start with a deep breath in and good

And we may release any sound you may be holding in your body

And take another deep breath and allow yourself to move into the music

This is time you have taken to join again with your Twin Flame and make sure there are no distractions around you. Take another breath in.

Since this Guided Visualization is about new beginnings and Joining with our Twin Flame, let’s start this by visualizing ourselves on a white sand beach.

You can visualize yourself standing in the middle of the beach and stretching out as far as you can see is the bluest water you have ever experienced, turquoise and royal blue. Add to this a span of baby blue sky dotted with white morphing clouds. In the far distance mountain peaks are visable.

Go with the feeling of this, it may not be comfortable at first, or you may feel really wonderful

And begin by giving yourself a breath

Connect with the energy of mother earth that warm supportive energy

breath it in from the bottom of your feet

feel how supported you are

let that energy shoot through the top of your head and anchor it into the center of the milky way

And you get a sense of being grounded and supported by Mother Earth

And if you envision yourself as a tree the roots through the sand connecting you to mother earth and this of the tree connect with Father sky through its branches

Allow the sunlight to lift you And breath in this energy through your branches and allow both the energy of mother earth and father sky to join in your heart and you may put your hand on your heart and feeling the energy connect in your your heart from mother earth and father sky feel this energy by putting your hand over your heart Feel the golden droplet of love pulsing and sending a signal to our Divine Compliment Take a deep breath and


Embrace Source Energy

When you come together with your Twin Flame in consciousness, even before any kind of meeting where the Twin is reflected to you in the physical, you begin creating a shared Twin Flame heart.

This Twin Flame heart is a powerful tool for bringing the world back to Love. Anything or anyone placed in the Twin Flame heart is brought right to God, and thus returned to Love.

Creator asks you to commit to coming together in consciousness to build this Twin Flame heart together, before coming together in the physical.

This creates a firm foundation of Love for the relationship on the spiritual level.

Are there any sensations in your body where you feel any discomfort or blocks now release those blocks with a sound wonderful and now that you have moved to that inner environment you can feel the safety of this space creating a wonderful safe environment to explore your Twin Flame Love. Just breath in that safety Allow yourself to feel it. Moving from the top of your head your crown chakra area moving to your third eye forehead area moving to your throat chakra and effortlessly moving to your heart area nd gently moving to your solar plexus chakra and now moving to the base of your spine at your root chakra and you feel this energetic flow moving through all of your energy centers and move through the essence of being held in safety When was the last time you just allowed yourself to be held, to be cradled in love. And so for the next few minutes just allow that and experience being safe and being held and being loved

And as we feel surrounded by the energy of love and as we feel cradled and held in the arms of our Divine Compliment, Our Twin Flame, we know Love is the most powerful vibration

That in love all harmony exists.

And the purity of love allows us to entwine with our Twin Flame and brings great love into our heart.

Visualize yourself rocked in the womb of Divine Mother

Here you are able to see your Twin Flame More clearly.

You are able to recognize your Twin Flame and you are ready to transform to Unity in Love.

Now just take a big breath in and out haaaaaw

These feelings of love are from lifetimes together and the power of love brings us back together now.

Take a few moments and go inward and ask your Twin Flame to deliver a message to you now. Identify the feeling transmitted to you by your Twin Flame. And I will give you a few minutes to do that.

Now that you can see and feel your message from your Twin Flame

what have you garnered today?

And now as you become clear in this message, give gratitude for the combining with your Twin Flame now. You can feel the your Angels your Guides your Masters and the Creator walking with you.


Together you are supported and loved there is so much happiness around you and you are ready to support the reunion with your Twin Flame. As you join together there is a knowing you will never be apart again. Now there is a knowing that love can transform every part of your life. Breath the essence of this love in from the top of your head and feel it going into all your body parts going in through all your body parts the top of your head and go in through the top of your head down your neck to your shoulders your arms your forearms your hands and fingertips going back up your arms to your chest area.

Now breath this love in through your chest area deep into your heart and down through the rest of your body, your organs your stomach your large intestines your small intestine your liver bladder your kidneys all your reproductory organs feel them being filled with love. Continue to allow the love move down your legs your knees your calves into your feet your toes the bottom of your feet, up the back of your calves to your thighs and buttocks area to your spine to your midback your shoulder blades and to the top of your head where we started.

You can trace and feel this beautiful love fill your entire body now focus this love in your brain area filtering through your brain filtering through any old belief systems you are ready to release.

Now we move the love from our physical to our emotional bodies. Now we move this energy from our minds to our hearts allowing this energy of love to move down to our hearts to release any bitterness, resentment, guilt or unforgiving thoughts we have related to romantic love and just breath this in and allow the Twin Flame love to melt away any essences of those energies....Wonderful!

And now we begin to move this love into our etheric body or aura, our spiritual essence and we allow this love to clear any weaknesses around us and we send these weaknesses out to seal any tears or pinholes to rejuvenate this and strengthen it with pure love. We feel all this love in all 4 of our bodies.

We continue to pour the essence of love that fills us from our hearts and we send it outward and outward, entwining us with our Twin Flame and to all the Twin Flames around the World We see an explosion of white light as the reunions continue and Twin Flames link together all over the World This beautiful white light moves through us and around to the others and it spreads over the Earth and it gets bigger and the light is soooo beautiful, all the colors of the rainbow are within it and you are immersed in this light and though it is beautiful there is also a vulnerability about it and you feel a lightness that you have never felt before and you feel the pulse from the pink platinum pyramid.

This is all about transformation. You can see beautiful pink platinum pyramids all around you, surrounding you, inviting you to fully embrace your Twin Flame.

You can feel a sensation pour out of your heart and through your whole body. This Oneness Unity in Love is beautiful. And Oh My God, this Unity Love is for flying. So embrace the vulnerability of the air of the heavens around you and spread these wings and move into whatever new territories are in your heart and I will give you a couple of moments to embrace new wonderful unexplored territories of your love.

Everyone has had the experience we call intuition. It is a knowingness of the heart that bypasses the mind. Meeting in consciousness is the awareness of your Twin in spirit, in your heart, in knowingness.

The Twin Flame energy is so powerful that by focusing on your Twin, calling him or her to you, and sending Love from deep in your heart, you can quickly move into a glorious relationship in consciousness.

Soon you will feel the Twin Flame heart you are building together.

Then, by agreement, you will begin working together with your Twin Flame heart to give Love, not only to each other, but to all of life.

This returns you as a Twin Flame couple to the flow of Creation which is based on giving. What you give comes back to you, and your Twin Flame relationship will grow in amazing ways.


Twin Flames

Metatron, Greetings! Please explain to us the difference between Twin Rays and Twin Flames?

Twin Rays exist an octave above Twin Flames. Twin Flames are capable of individualized incarnate embodiment.

Twin Rays exist an octave above as pure light.

There is confusion between the two, because they are each an aspect of the other.

At the Moment you are created, it appears as a water droplet of pure light which divides immediately into two cells, one male and one female, and otherwise exactly the same in every way. These are Divine Compliments of each other in perfect balance. The first expression of this Divine Creation is a Twin Ray of Light. From the Twin Ray of Light then is born an expression in form. This expression in form of the Twin Ray becomes the Twin Flame. These are the individual forms which have expression in the physical. The Twin Rays express themselves in the Dimensions above the 352nd Dimension. Twin Flames express themselves in the Dimensions below the 352nd Dimension.

If one were in an incarnate body, and "unzipped" its Galactic-Human clothes, and they dropped to the ground, underneath would be the Light Which IS the Twin Ray.

They are the same expression, projected from two different octaves.

twin flames

Cosmic Sex

This is Metatron.

Now we may begin to explore Cosmic Sex. Cosmic Sex is making love with a partner and experiencing orgasms in every energy center. It means having orgasms from the root chakra up to the crown, in successive waves, flowing on and on and lasting an hour or longer. Each couple will experience this a different way, in different degrees. As it is practiced more, more light can build up and be released to share with your partner. This may be accomplished standing up, and holding one another. It may happen lying face to face on your side. Other ways are possible as well, as you practice. This practice is only for two partners to explore Higher Realms together. Both must be prepared and both must be devoted to the development of their partner, with love as the only motivation. If these things are missing, the experience will not be a success.

Penetration is not necessary to have Cosmic Sex. It is recommended you try it without penetration when you begin. This way, you remove your old way of enjoying love making at first. This helps you build the skill of Cosmic Sex and then integrate the two together, only after the skill of Cosmic Sex has been explored, practiced, and there is a deep level of confidence from both partners in the new skill.

Cosmic Sex begins with both partners facing each other and focusing their attention on their partners energy centers. Begin in the root chakra. Feel the emanation of light energy coming from their base chakra. Now feel their base chakra through the eyes in your heart. This is done with ego only as an observer. Feel their energy and feel if it flows freely through the central conduit running from their perineum to their crown. When your partner feels your energy, and you theirs, when these two chakras are free flowing, move up the central conduit to the next chakra. Feel with your heart this energy running through your partner, only when the breathing is easy and their is a resonant connection with your partner, do you move forward. Feel the energy center of the base, sacral, solar plexus, lower heart, middle heart, high heart, throat, third eye, crown, and the etheric celestial, galactic, universal and cosmic chakras. Only allow your attention to go to the next energy center after you have felt an energetic spinning of energy from the other person in their next chakra energy center. You should move forward in unison and wait for the other person to be in harmony with you at each new level. Talk to each other, if needed, to stay in sync with each other on this energetic exchange. You should feel a warmth in your own body as they focus on your energy centers. You will also expect to feel a magnetic pull and heightened energy between your corresponding energy centers.

After you reach the chakra at the crown, allow the etheric chakras to light up and spin, or however you can feel it. Just know it is happening and do not move on until you have sensed this. Start from the front of the heart, and circle around with the chakras above the head, into the back at the heart level. This will fully activate the sun star in the heart, the multi-pointed merkaba, One may at this point, or any time along the way, be feeling intense energy in the chakra centers as the two become one. You may feel explosions of light and you will likely have orgasms in your heart, to begin, and in the other areas of the body, as you practice this more. With Cosmic Sex, it is customary to run up and down the energy centers slowly, and repeat. Cosmic Sex is a deep commitment to fully opening your partner to experience love. It is not about what you can get out of it. It will only be enjoyed if both partners are ready. If you are in this kind of relationship now,and have never tried it, you may feel inspired to do so now. Cosmic Sex is something that is practiced in many Galactic civilizations, where Beings are incarnate in physical bodies. It is practiced on higher dimensions.

twin flame crystal

Children Born from the Light Realm, come into Co-Creation to partners experiencing Cosmic Sex. These children can only come in when both partners agree to stay together to raise them, in a joint partnership of parenting. These children are born out of the heart, not the birth canal. That old way is the less desired way, it is the way it is done in the animal kingdom, not the Kingdom of Ascended Beings. Procreation, Birth, and Sex are still possible the old way, but as these new options are explored, and fully understood, the old ways will fall out of favor.

It will not be easy to set aside old beliefs about swollen pregnant bellies and birth with pain after a long wait. It is almost impossible to believe this can change. It is not necessary to see the whole new process as it works right at this moment. As you are ready, you will understand more and more. Children born from the Light Realm may come in at an older chronological age than newborns gestated to 40 weeks. They come in effortlessly, and this happens with the couple there, on the Ships. It does not happen at the time of Cosmic Sex. There is a gestation period that differs from Birth to Birth. There may be twins coming as well. Each couple and the One coming in talk about the details, telepathically, for gestation, age when born, and timing of birth. Each family will be able to have as many children as they agree to, together. These children may come in to parents who are past the age for birthing the old way. It is not typical, in fact, extremely rare, that a child would come into a single parent. That is an old pattern. These children will come to Twin Flame couples who have prepared to live with a Higher Being coming to Earth now, as a joint venture, born of love.

All of this and more is possible with the new crystalline body. This is what it means to be ascended, the opening of new gifts. The Twin Flame Reunions are happening now, because the infinite love expressed through these relationships will raise the Planet and all on her, up into ecstatic orgasmic joy. This raises the potential possibilities for every man woman and child to desire and explore experiencing more love, more co-creation, and evolved light expressions. These are the experiences of an Ascended Earth.

This love carries us to Cosmic Ascension.



Hello. I would like to speak with you regarding twin flames. What is a twin flame? A twin flame is the other half of yourself. It is part of the creation that was created in the same moment as you. One is male and one is female.

We have a soul contract with our twin flames and when we fell into matter, we agreed with our twin flames that we would spend several lifetimes apart. We wanted to experience separation in many lifetimes and we did this by spending time apart and having lifetimes with other soul groups, but we always stayed connected.

You are never separate from your twin flame. It is part of yourself that you cannot separate from. So if you’re searching for your twin flame and wondering where they are, they are as close as your breath. If you invite them into your heart and if you invite them to communicate with you, you will feel them and you can have a telepathic conversation with them. It would be nice if you ask them their name and get to know them better through two-way telepathic communication.

At this time on Earth, there are twin flames who have incarnated to live together. This has been rare in the past, but is becoming more and more a reality each day. As we open our hearts to the possibility of uniting with our twin flame love, it is through this love that you can express divine love on planet Earth. We can bring in the God creation of love and anchor it in and use this love to expand our consciousness and it affects everything around us.

Now we are coming to the time where we will have First Contact. We will have mass landings of ships because we chose to experience the separation in many many lifetimes apart from our twin flames, this is the time for uniting with twin flames. For anyone who chooses this as a reality, who desires to be with their twin flame, this possibility……

It is possible now for anyone who desires it to reunite with their twin flame in the physical. This reuniting begins on the subconscious level and this is how it starts: Communicating through meditation with your twin flame and developing a relationship with them. Calling to them. Having telepathic conversations with them. This establishes a basis for the reuniting and it’s the beginning. By doing this meditation on a daily basis, it breaks the impediments on the heart to loving.

Due to multiple lifetimes of experiencing separation, there are many emotions which are connected with our love experiences with partnerships through romantic love that are nothing like experiencing twin flame love. By connecting with your twin flame, on the subconscious level through meditation and telepathic conversations, this will invoke feelings of deep love and this experience will cause a person to start to shed off the negative programming that has gone on with other relationships. Romantic relationships and sexual relationships and it will dissolve these impediments to true love. The experience of twin flame love is a complete balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. It is ecstatic, orgasmic joy and it is this experience of love that will enlighten the earth at this time.

Experience…… as the ships land and we join with our mentors and we rid the planet of polluting elements and begin to have clean water and clean food for everybody. In the first 30 or 60 days after landing have everything cleaned up, have those who are needing healing from medical conditions going through the healing process and any of the things that aren’t desired to bring us back into balance. And we start to meet with our mentors and redesign our lives and co-create the dreams that we want to bring into Terra Nova.

As this happens, it will become possible as we raise our self up in vibratory light, it is then possible to meet with our twin flame. These meetings can happen in many different ways. It will happen for each individual in the best way possible for them. In the best circumstance possible. There will be many changes happening as the packages are delivered and we start to co-create the new Earth and new situations will be created that we cannot at this time fathom. The first step in the twin flame reunions is to open your heart for possibility.

For those of you who are living with your twin flame on the planet at this time, as you live lives anchored in duality you face challenges which brought up tests for both of you and your clearing process has been more turbulent than others as you are both a mirror for each other, a perfect mirror. You are twins after all and as we step into the 5th dimensional realities as we ascend. As we clear issues on an individual basis, these twin flame relationships which are incarnate and living together now will become more and more harmonious.

It is very important at this time to co-create the reality you want starting first with your thoughts and the emotions in your heart. And if you have suffered any imbalances that affect your loving relationships at this time, it is important to do the internal work to clear those things now. There are many techniques to do this and if you go within and ask your higher guidance, you will find the right thing that works for you. Clearing and coming into balance it is a prerequisite to having the ability to open the heart to this new relationship.

There’s no need to fear of the timing that this will happen. There is no need to worry that it won’t happen to you. It is available to everyone. You will have the assistance you need to make this a reality in your life if this is your desire. There is a great amount on the systems and one must ask. Ask as you feel guided. Ask your guardian angel. Ask the Archangels. Ask for the help of an ascended master you feel close to. Ask a galactic that you feel close to. Any and all of this guidance is available to you and they are waiting for you to ask and they will connect you with your twin flame and you can have that connection and feel that love in your heart now. It is the precursor for meeting them on the physical.

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