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Twin Flames & Divine Union With Mary Magdalene & Jesus Christ

Twin Flames & Divine Union With Mary Magdalene & Jesus Christ

In this transmission, I would like to share about the architecture of coming together as two souls.

Some of us call it twin flames or soul mates relationships. I would like to now focus on any appellation at all but rather ask two questions: what is really going on within the quantum when two souls come together and how does that help us activate the next layer of our romantic connection in this lifetime?

Usually, I share about subjects that I have already embodied myself for quite a while so I can talk about my experience.

But here, it is different as I am not in a divine union myself. So, I have been postponing sharing on this subject for quite a while even though I always get asked questions like these:

“What are twin flame relationships?”

“What does it mean to be in a relationship with another person?”

“What about our karma and soul contracts?”

I have not embodied these codes of divine union myself

I always thought to myself that I am not in a relationship so I can’t really talk about it. It went like this until I received the same question once more and the answer that came to me on a soul level was completely different this time. 

The answer was that I can talk about the architecture and embodiment of divine union by simply connecting to two of my great friends in the quantum. 

So, for the purpose of this transmission, I was able to bring in Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ to share on this subject from their perspective. 

They will be speaking through my channel as one as I receive their infinite wisdom on what it means to be in divine union. 

A divine union is a relationship of the highest quality and standard that we can find on Earth and also all the other relationships that are in-between on other levels.

The architecture of the oversoul network

The architecture of divine union, twin flame and soul mate relationships comes from an understanding of what it means to be a projection of an oversoul network. 

An oversoul network is a big frequency out there in the quantum. This oversoul network has many different projections. We are one of these projections. Our oversoul network also has projections in alternate realities and in other places on Earth.

When one oversoul network comes close to another soul network, it means that there is going to be an exchange of information, therefore, we can receive extra information. Two oversoul networks choose to come together to exchange data and help with individual evolution.

We can learn, grow and evolve.

Collecting information for our evolution

Remember that the biggest purpose for all life frequencies in the quantum is evolution. We exist because we are here to learn, evolve and grow. We do this by collecting information, collecting data.

When two people come together for an exchange of information, it could last 5 minutes, 5 months, 5 years or 50 years. Through this exchange, they are going to give each other keys. They will trigger certain reactions in each other so that they can start to understand more about what it means to feel love. 

When people interact in an exchange such as a romantic relationship, they give each other the opportunity to trigger reactions which offer the opportunity for each other to grow and to open their hearts more. 

When we are ready to open our hearts and ready to spend more time with someone regardless of the reactions they trigger, this is how the exchange of information happens.

This is an opportunity to love.

Each person has their own unique triggers and reactions in a relationship, triggers that happen from the new information they receive which they will need to process to evolve.

Sharing relationship information with our oversoul

There is always information that comes from above us from the oversoul network and then we share information upwards back to our oversoul network. 

Each person in the relationship will continue to collect information from one another. One partner may share that it is so unfulfilling and miserable to be in a relationship and to be a mother, that there must be more to life and their purpose. 

These emotions and belief systems will continue to be shared over and over again. 

This means that the information that gets sent to the oversoul network is that being in a relationship on Earth sucks, it’s very hard and even being a parent isn’t fulfilling.

Because these two people are in an unfulfilling relationship the other person will be sending the same type of negative, limiting information to their oversoul. 

How the oversoul networks decide to reconnect two soul projections

When their next life comes, the information that comes down is going to be about Earth. Let’s say this is their second projection into this realm so they now come with certain information about being on Earth. 

All of this data that they come with is about how hard and unfulfilling relationships are.

So, if these two people meet up again in their second life, having a positive and uplifting relationship may not necessarily be easy. 

Their sovereign oversoul networks each have a free choice (there is no force or control to do anything) to decide to connect again and ask if these two souls have a chance to improve and evolve by shifting the data to create an uplifting relationship. 

The oversoul networks can see that these two projections that have come together are compatible. There is the potential to have a happy and joyful relationship for a long time.

And so, the oversoul networks come together.

Most humans right now need a lot of healing when it comes to relationships

When they come together again, are they going to keep repeating the same dynamics that are embedded within their cells from the previous incarnation? Or are they going to start anew, from a higher perspective?

We also have information and data in our cells.

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Most of humanity right now is pretty messed up when entering a relationship because we carry data from our past lives but also our ancestors. 

We have a ton of data in our cells that are very low vibe and full of control templates, hardships and challenges. 

People continuously say how hard it is to be in a relationship. 

But is it supposed to be? Are relationships on Earth meant to be hard? Or is it because we keep on perpetuating what have been challenging relationships for aeons? 

Relationships aren’t meant to be hard

Life on earth is not meant to be shitty, full of suffering. 

All of this happens because of the current dynamics of the matrix system, but we are shifting very fast! So, relationships, divine union in 5D, is in for a big change of dynamic.

Soul Contracts and healing in relationships

When you come to think about twin flames, soul mates and so on, please delete ‘contract’ from your vocabulary. The idea that we have soul contracts prevent us from stepping fully as an individual into our sovereign uniqueness.

It literally binds us to other souls because of vows, pacts and actual contracts that we supposedly signed when we were not even in physicality. This is not freedom!

Our oversoul network would not do this to us before projecting us onto Earth. 

The only thing that happens is the dance of the oversoul networks coming together to exchange information so they can shift and heal traumas that may have happened in past lives together, or with other people. 

Compatibility in divine union

When two people come together again in a new life after spending many past lives doing a lot of work on themselves, the compatibility of these two projections will be very high.

Each person will have a large number of keys of evolution to give to each other so when they meet, the evolution of their oversoul network will be huge. 

The dynamics of relationships have changed

When two people meet again with this connection, they will get together and fall in love. But the difference is that the dynamics of relationships have changed now. 

In the past, we would have been in a relationship for quite a while before having to work on it, but now it starts straight away. This is why it is becoming more challenging to date people as these keys of evolution are exchanged at an accelerated rate.

How do we know if someone that we meet is compatible?

Strong sexual attraction

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene share with us that we will find that straight away there will be this magnet effect where the two people are pulled together. 

This means there is sexual attraction and if they start communicating, these two people will realise they have many things in common. They look together in the same direction, and they have the same standards in life.

When we come into the dynamic of divine union, strong sexual attraction is one of the main ingredients to look for. 

It doesn’t mean we have to have sex with everyone we are attracted to but if the sexual attraction is very deep then a dynamic of divine union might be present. If there isn’t much connection on that level on the other end, it might not be the most aligned match.

Meeting of the minds

There also needs to be a meeting of the mind. These two souls need to be able to talk together forever and feel at home. 

Feelings of safety 

There also needs to be the dynamic of feeling safe in divine union. Sometimes humans need to work on this because of our thorns, their wounds. But deep in the pit of our belly, we feel so good sitting in silence with this person that we feel our inner being awake and happy!

Looking in the same direction

The last ingredient for divine union is that the two people need to be looking in the same direction. 

The codes that each person has are complimentary (not exactly the same). They find each other interesting and surprising and a wonder due to their unique sovereignty but there are also things they have in common so they can create something together. This is looking in the same direction for their future. This is a powerful binding ingredient for a relationship. 

If these four ingredients are there, then you can start entering into more serious dating with someone and you may start entering into a beautiful long-lasting union.

The power of communication from the heart

There could be challenges that arise around people in a relationship opening their heart and communication. They may be good at communicating with others, but when they are in a relationship somehow, they feel more guarded and less safe to open up. 

This is because of their past. It is through open heart communication that two souls open up and exchange information. 

This is because of the profound connection of heart to heart frequenciesof love and respect through sound frequency and the frequency of words.

If each person has the intention of exploring the relationship with the other person, then the relationship can continue to grow and evolve for a certain period of time.

Checking in that you are each still on the same path 

When two souls come together, it is important to regularly and honestly check in with the other person to make sure they are both still looking in the same direction, are they still choosing to walk the same path, are they still enjoying life?

Divine union relationships will have challenges of course but it’s not necessarily needed, this belief is from an outdated 3D template of relationships. 

5D templates allow us to have relationships that are much less challenging where it is easier to heal and alchemise and consciously choose to stay or go.

If the challenges are of lesser importance than the love and the desire to continue to journey together and the compatibility is high, then it means the relationship is supposed to continue. 

People often stay in relationships for the wrong reasons

Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ share that people stay in relationships because they believe it is a twin flame relationship or in divine union so they must stay together.

There is nothing more erroneous than this!

There are no soul contracts

There is never a contract signed coming before coming to earth that says two people must stay together for your whole life on earth. 

No divine frequency from God Source would ever allow that, our soul would never do this to us!

When to know the relationship is complete

When we come to a place in a relationship where we realize we don’t feel in love with the other person, or where there is verbal, physical or energetic aggression – these are signs that the relationship might be complete. 

If the challenges are there constantly and you don’t see yourselves growing old together any longer if you feel bored and are asking the question, why are we together? You are not happy, and you are allowing each other to enslave each other. 

This is why you are together. It is to free each other. The last key becomes courage to stand up for your freedom, for you!

This is about finding strength and courage in the self to say no more. 

“I reclaim my sovereign power now! I reclaim my freedom, joy, abundance and the whole that I am! I am going to end this relationship and I’m going to figure it out.”

Toxic ‘twin flame’ relationships

The vast majority of people are in toxic relationships thinking that they are working on healing a twin flame relationship. 

This is going to trigger a lot of people and that’s okay. If you are reading this and it is triggering you, it is probably because this is you. 

Be clear on the state of the relationship

Are you happy? 

If you’re not sure, take out a calendar and put a yellow dot on every day that you felt fulfilled and happy in your relationship. Put a red dot on each day that you did not feel fulfilled in your relationship.

If you are not sure what feeling fulfilled in your relationship means, then it means you are not fulfilled. You will know if you feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship.

If you aren’t sure, then it is a red dot day!

After 3 months, observe the calendar and give yourself a reality check on the state of the relationship. 

Go within yourself and ask yourself if you want to try more with this person? Do you see yourself ageing with this person? How does your body react when you think about leaving this person or staying with this person?

Tune into the intelligence of the body

Ask your body!

When you are sitting with this person, does your body close up, do you feel smaller? This is toxic. And it is time to leave. 

Even if the person you were with is a really good person and would never want to hurt you, your body knows and will tell you.

Do you have in yourself the desire to continue to try? 

Maybe see a therapist? Try open heart communication? Check-in with what they want. Be courageous! Try something new together, have a project, fun, adventures, anything that will spark the relationship!

You are much more powerful and creative than you think you are. There are many ways to bring up the conversation and so many ways to find solutions if you want to stay.

Maybe this journey to find the solution will give you even more keys to your own evolution. 

The relationship revival

There are many relationships that can be saved by having the heart connection revived. 

This can be done by starting a conversation that acts as a wake-up call to your partner about how the relationship is and how you are both feeling in the relationship, but you don’t want to lose each other. 

The alchemy of passion, connection, of choosing each other now can then fire again. This has nothing to do with past lives together or ‘soul contracts’ to be together till we die. 

No, it is feeling ‘at this moment, I choose you again because I love you and at the end of the day when I wake and fall asleep, I just want to be by your side. In my heart, I know it.”. 

This can reignite a new level in your relationship where you come even closer together!

The Foundational embodiment we need in divine union

Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ share that we must keep working on ourselves when we are in union. 

Find all of the places within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual structures where you can love more.

When you hold yourself fully and are fully present, it does not matter if someone is there by your side or not because you are complete already! 

Therefore, when you are in a relationship it doesn’t matter what the other person is going to say to you when you are having a difficult conversation. 

Any triggers, projections, gaslighting and so on will not affect you. You will stand for yourself and have much higher standards. 

You will simply not allow this kind of behaviour in your field. 

Reclaim yourself, hold yourself to a place where you feel so complete that you don’t need anyone. 

Are you ready to reclaim your soul sovereign power to feel fully complete in yourself? My Soul & Soul Mission Alignment mini course will help you boost your intuition, confidence and inner knowing of your purpose on this planet.  

The keys between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene

When Jesus and Mary Magdalene came together, they birthed new realities together. They each had reached advanced levels of mastery, so they came together to birth new worlds very quickly.

When they first came together, they were excellent friends and began working together. Jesus helped Mary Magdalene to speak in public at a time when women had no voice. 

Mary Magdalene was sitting next to Jesus as an equal which was unheard of or never seen before. She was a master herself transmuting huge amounts of frequencies by speaking in public next to Jesus as an equal.  

He gave her massive keys of opening up divine feminine Christ Consciousness on Earth

Mary Magdalene gave Jesus so much love and affection so that he was able to go through the intense journey that he knew was going to happen with someone by his side supporting him on all levels. 

She was able to activate such high levels of ecstasy through their lovemaking that Jesus was able to activate his Ka body to a level of mastery that allowed him to become immortal.

Co-creating in a divine union 

There is always a blend of working through density and being able to co-create together. 

Co-creating together doesn’t necessarily mean you create a business and do all these things together. 

Co-creation could be having children together or activating travels around the world or moving to a new place to open new doors. This is creating adventure, fun and joy. 

For others it could be exploring new pleasures in life, perhaps in the form of sexual fantasies, beautiful intimacy and sensual experiences through physical touch, food and wine that they have never had before. This is an experimentation with the pleasures of life. 

For others, it may be about bringing their vortexes together to create a foundation, a business. These are foundations of service to others. They compliment, uplift and encourage each other in this area and into service individually and also together.

Relationships in 5D 

When we are fully anchored into 5D frequencies, relationships will be very different! 

There will be unions that are formed from a young age where these souls are together for their whole life effortlessly. Two kids will come together and be inseparable from that moment on. 

There will be no problems or density around wanting to explore other pathways and people.

Then there will be other people who come together for say 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or 15 years and then one day they consciously realise that their relationship has come to completion mutually. These people separate consciously with so much love and respect for one another. 

People may choose to take vows to stay together, but it will be very different. There will be no contract of staying together till death parts us and we must stay together through pain and misery. 

The way we evolve will change

Union will be different as people are working on understanding the awakening process. Therefore, we are moving away from templates of contrast and evolution through suffering to evolution through following our heart desires.

If we have a heart desire to spend time with someone for 1 day or for more than 1 lifetime, then this heart desire will simply keep us there effortlessly. 

Don’t close yourself to the potential of loving again. 

Love is all there is. 

How could we possibly prevent ourselves from loving again? By doing this we enslave ourselves to lifetimes of suffering and of feeling deprived of the first primal force of the universe: Love.

We must learn to keep the door open; we must remain present for the self and take time to grieve, heal and process our wounds and traumas. 

The cocoon of joy

The union of two souls comes through the frequency of joy. The frequency of joy will act as a cocoon of healing. There will be challenges within this cocoon but the joy that having the other person in our field provides is so big that it’s going to cushion all else. 

All of the challenges that the relationship is going to face will be stabilised by knowing deep within our hearts that we are happier in so many ways because the other person is there.

The cocoon of joy is also there to tell you that more keys need to be exchanged. Ask yourself, ask your heart and soul what the keys are that need to be exchanged with this person. How can you show up more for yourself and for your partner?

Relationships are frequencies that are birthed through union

When we come together with another soul, we birth a relationship. This relationship becomes a frequency within itself. 

It is important to nourish the self, nourish the other person and also nurture the relationship in itself. 

The divine trinity

This is two souls coming together that birth the relationship. 

Look after yourself, look after your partner and look after the relationship and you will all blossom in this beautiful cocoon of joy continuously giving each other keys of evolution until you feel complete.

And remember, divine union is always a free sovereign choice of coming together for a certain period of time to exchange information.

Cendrine is the Founder of Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University, a new pathway of spiritual evolution, running online worldwide. She is also a Trance Channel to the 9D Arcturians Council, an advanced psychic and an ascension and mission mentor. She was born awake and learned to embrace the journey of self-empowerment through experiencing many contrasts in her life. She always knew she came to earth for a very special mission that would shift humanity forever. That deep inner knowing was her anchor as she experienced the many waves of living a human life in the 3D Matrix. Now, her mission templates and soul alignment are fully activated so she can share a new body of work with all her students and fellow humans. These revolutionary teachings are here to completely regrid the earth and establish the templates of the neo-humans, anchoring a new wave of human evolution in Love, Freedom, Abundance and Connection. This body of work is channeled and co-created with her Galactic team. She shares many codes in her free offerings, fulfilling her heart calling to serve millions of souls in the ascension process. The most advanced teachings are shared in her University, where she trains Light Leaders, Healers, and Channels. She is a mother of two daughters, loves exercising and swimming in the sea even when it’s very cold, chocolate and coffee, and closing her eyes, dancing in the quantum with her Galactic team, earth elemental friends and her three dragons.


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